We are an Montessori-inspired,educational tutoring service for ages 5 to 13.

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We input content and discuss and make connections to take it deeper. We choose works to practice independent learning as well as basic skills, we apply knowledge and provide output. All different levels, all have access to the same rigorous content.

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Valentines STEM activity and pink and red yogurt parfaits! Celebrated a little late but Happy Heart Month! We have moved from push and pull talking about force and moved into learning about the heart. Arteries and veins push and pull blood in and out of the heart! ♥️👨🏽‍⚕️🧑🏼‍🚒

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December spirit week ended with mug exchange and a hot cocoa bar with fresh cookies they made. We then shared treats with our favorite nursing home and sang them carols and our anthems! ♥️


If you are ever interested in the philosophy of the service we provide this book is it. We have a copy at the haven in our foyer if you are interested in reading it!


The time is coming where will be taking commitments from our current cubs and filling spots with new cubs. If you are interested in a spot for your kiddo. Right now we are looking at ages 4.5 to 8 years old.

If you have a 9 to 10 year old please reach out as well. We are working on extending the Haven’s curriculum into this age group.

Spots are limited. Please share.


Getting Ready for Break!

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Our current unit of study is Mount Rushmore. We have studied why the presidents are chosen. We have finished George Washington who founded our country and freed us from Britain and Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson was chosen because he expanded the 13 colonies through the Louisiana Purchase sending Lewis and Clark to explore. They actually followed the Columbia River to the Pacific Ocean. Today we visited the Pacific Salmon Center at McNary Dam. The kids explored, watched, and made connections to content.


Thank you for your service Veterans!


Every morning we check in with our chameleon and share what we’re are feeling and why with the group. One of our cubs put in a sad this morning and when I asked she said I am sad because I was so worried that you would just miss me too much this weekend. 🥰

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Project based Monday! They finished their final draft last week and got to create art that went with it. They experimented with water color and oil pastels!


Mrs. Amy just nailing these math talks! Cubs love them! She is able to differentiate to all levels!


Everyone is smart in their own way! Spectacular gift I received today! 🦁 ❤️


Project Based Monday! They are working on editing and setting goals for their 2nd draft. They chose animals from a different country and are writing an informative essay!


Travel vision boards came to life over the last two days. Cubs got to see where their destination was located in the world! ❤️🌎

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We are focusing on hard work this unit and one of the things cubs earn points for is picking works during work time out of their comfort zone. Really striving for kids to love learning and challenging themselves.

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Cub's will be coming home this month with an order form for sweatshirts. We have crew next sweat shirts personalized for adults. Take a special look at the lion🥰 The red one is available for youth and adult sizes. They are $40.00 a piece and all proceeds go towards a new bigger safer long-lasting playground. Your cub, grand-cub, or niece/nephew-cub will have info soon!


Starting off Geography with a bang 🌎🎇

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We were once again honored to support Brenda Carpenter and her friends in Adomyon, Kenya. Our pictures will 100% be going to fill these classrooms with chairs, desks, chalkboards, and all the things a classroom will need. We are also starting geography and Brenda showed the kids pictures and told stories about her visit. The children had wonderful questions about Kenya. My favorite being asking if they were happy? And her explanation of them having a joy amongst not having all the things filled my heart. She will be returning in January and we are excited to see the progress and do our part in Students helping students.

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Celebrating our social skill achievement. We focused on being a cub this month and what that looks and sounds like. They earned points in work choice time and bonus points in whole group learning time which leads to how many toppings they get to choose! They rocked it! 🍿 🎥 ❤️ 🦁

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Project Monday! Started with a bible study in Genesis. Moved on to reading an article about Christopher Columbus. They then picked out key words and were to make a poem out of it. They ended up trying to make a song!

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Collaboration Day! Creating Travel Vision Boards and Cub Club featuring their favorite stuffie!


Observations Charts, Inquiry Charts, and Travel Vision Boards

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Went to apply and expand some Shrub Steppe knowledge today. Thank you REACH museum for having us!
When you are reaching goals, maybe it’s okay to let loose?!??
Interdependence in the Shrub Steppe
Finishing up force and moving on to an extension of more force and energy for February!
A couple glimpses, our cub anthem the preamble of the constitution, and 50 states ❤️
Feliz Navidad
Kids got organized football today! 🏈
Mrs. Amy just nailing these math talks! Cubs love them! She is able to differentiate to all levels!
Starting off Geography with a bang 🌎🎇
Launch Week to Geography

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