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Aleto Undergraduate Forum - AUF

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Photos from Aleto Undergraduate Forum - AUF's post 30/12/2023

Great Aleto Students.
Today some Aleto students accompanied me to the end of year celebration of O Éla Obo Ewiiwii Aleto at the Aleto primary school field.
The group has been a pivotal support of Aleto students, helping students in various ways.
God bless Aleto
God bless the group
God bless AUF

Comr. Emmanuel Amadi Adaji
Executive President
Aleto Undergraduate Forum(AUF)


Vote for commitment , capacity & leadership .❤️

Vote comrade Sunday olai ejire for president Aleto undergraduate forum..


Comrade Sunday olai ejire for president ✊
AUF decides 2024 .
A visionary leader .


‼️ *Egberé oku nsa aleto* . My name is *SUNDAY OLAI* *EJIRE* . A one time PRO of this great forum . I am vying for the position of the president . Aleto undergraduate forum. I have been deeply committed to this organization and its mission. when I was still the PRO I was able to deliver all I promised ❤️. I work by side with the president ✊ for all the success his administration has achieved . *I can proudly say I have been one of the best male *executive* *comr Adaji Emmanuel Amadi led exco 2022/2023 had* .* I saw the vision the administration had & I know the forum is set to birth , success , leaders & & a better aleto youths /ambassadors. I believe my experience and skills make me the best candidate for the job..... Thank you. COMRADE SUNDAY OLAI EJIRE for president

Photos from Aleto Undergraduate Forum - AUF's post 27/12/2023

Yesterday the Aleto Undergraduate Forum executives and some students headed by the President paid a courtesy visit to the palace of HRM. King Dr. Philip Osaro Obele.

We presented to him his copies of our magazine, his personalized AUF rally Polo and a framed picture showing him as our grand patron.

The King was so pleased with the progress of Aleto Undergraduate Forum this year. God Bless Aleto, God bless the King, God bless Aleto Undergraduate Forum

Photos from Aleto Undergraduate Forum - AUF's post 27/12/2023


Photos from Aleto Undergraduate Forum - AUF's post 25/12/2023

22nd December, Aleto Undergraduate Forum - AUF Convention rally!



Thank you aleto students . For the support . The love was massive .❤️❤️ . It was a successful convention .


_It is with great pride and excitement that the *Aleto Undergraduate Forum* unveils our Man of the Year, a figure whose contributions and impact have left an indelible mark on our student community._

_*This individual embodies the spirit of excellence, leadership, and resilience, serving as an inspiration to us all. His dedication to making a positive difference has not only set a benchmark but has also ignited a spark within others to strive for greatness.*_

_In addition to celebrating our Man of the Year, we are thrilled to present the *inaugural edition of our magazine[first of its kind]*. This publication *encapsulates the stories of visionaries, innovators, and change-makers who have shaped our world*._ _*It is a testament to the power of human potential and the remarkable journeys that lead to success, even as students.*_

*This is a reminder call to come join us celebrate the uniqueness of excellence at its peak*

Signed ✍️
*Comr. Emmanuel Amadi Adaji*
Executive President, AUF

Comr. Okulu John Ogbe
Director of socials, AUF


*It is MORE than a slogan*❗️; it is our compass, guiding us to excel academically, dream boldly, and confront challenges with resilience, creating a legacy of strength and purpose."


"Navigating the transformative bridge *From Students To Visionaries*, our shared ethos of *'Rising Stronger, Reaching Higher'* propelled beyond conventional boundaries. We the *Aleto Students* have learnt to stand at the nexus of knowledge and ambition, ready to influence and innovate in ways that redefine success."

*“We harnessed the collective power of aspiration, innovation, and unwavering resilience. By setting our sights higher and embracing challenges, we transformed into visionaries, united by the conviction that each hurdle is an opportunity to rise stronger*. *Our Journey* exemplifies not just academic achievement but a relentless pursuit of excellence, forging a path where every setback becomes a stepping stone to greater heights."

*This is an official invite to the general public to come join us celebrate the uniqueness of excellence at its peak*

Signed ✍️
Director of Socials
Comr. Okulu John Ogbe

Executive President
Comr. Emmanuel Amadi Adaji


Get pumped, students! The AUF convention, "From Students to Visionaries: Rising Stronger, Reaching Higher," is coming. It's all about fun, growth, and excitement. Get ready for an awesome time of empowerment and inspiration!


Dear Esteemed Students,

As we step into this new month, I want to extend my warmest wishes to each and every one of you. May November be a month of growth, learning, and fulfillment for us all.

In our roles at the Aleto Undergraduate Forum and within the NAES National, we have witnessed the incredible potential within our community. Together, we have achieved milestones and made lasting impacts. Let's carry this momentum forward.

Let's approach this month with renewed energy, embracing challenges as opportunities for growth. Remember, we are a community that thrives on unity and purpose. Together, we can achieve greatness.

Wishing you a joyful and productive November!

Warm regards,

Sen. Emmanuel Amadi Adaji
President, Aleto Undergraduate Forum
Senator, NAES National

Mobile uploads 24/05/2023
Photos from Aleto Undergraduate Forum - AUF's post 08/04/2023

First of all, I thank God for a successful congress. I must commend and appreciate my executives for all there efforts since our inauguration. Also thank my fellow students for coming out for the congress. Today we made some appointments into vital offices, during our election the office of Director Of Socials and Financial Secretary were empty so we also made appointments into those offices after a clear scrutinization by my executives and I.
The following people were are appointed
Comr. John Okulu
Comr. Favour David Ngofa
Comr. David Nwafor - Chairman
Comr. Ate Ron Okerewa - Secretary
Comr. Nyimenka Obele - P.R.O
Comr. Samuel Mbie - Member
Comr. Nyimenka Adaji - Member

Comr. Ochindo Saloka - Chairman
Comr. Favour Ngochindo - Secretary
Comr. Favour Mbadee - P.R.O
Comr. Israel Oluka - Member
Comr. Wisdom Adaji - Member

Comr. Angela Amenya - Chairman
Comr. Favour Nkajima Richard - Secretary
Comr. Favour Nwafor - P.R.O
Comr. Victoria Ebie - Member
Comr. Dominion Gomba - Member

Comr. Hamilton Lordy

1)Comr. Favour Oluka
2)Comr. Chu Joshua Friday.

Thank you.

Comr. Emmanuel Amadi Adaji
Aleto Undergraduate Forum - AUF


Egbere Oku Nsa Aleto
Good day dear Aleto student. We hope you are doing fine.
We want to inform you of a very important congress meeting holding on Saturday 8th March by 10am Prompt.
Agenda: Appointments and formations of committees
Venue: Aleto town hall.
We hope to see you there.

Comr. Olai Ejire

Comr Emmanuel Amadi Adaji
Executive President
Aleto Undergraduate Forum


Happy birthday, Hon. Ngiate Aforji Samuel, Emeritus President, Aleto Undergraduate Forum. This is a special day for us because it is also special for you. We want you to know that you are a great leader and deserve the best in life. In addition to being a great leader, you are also a great friend. You deserve the best.

Comr. Emmanuel Amadi Adaji
Aleto Undergraduate Forum.

Photos from Aleto Undergraduate Forum - AUF's post 27/12/2022

Aleto Undergraduate Forum went on a visit to our Royal Father HRM KING DR PHILIP O. OBELE JP and who also doubles as a Grand Patron of our association and The The King of Eleme Kingdom to present to him a award of honor and Almanac for his immense support, love, contributions, advice and transforming guidance towards the growth of our association.
We also Thanked him for the major role during our just concluded annual Convention.

God bless Aleto Undergraduate Forum .
God bless Aleto.
God bless Eleme L. G. A at large.

Photos from Aleto Undergraduate Forum - AUF's post 26/12/2022

Special thanks to, HRM King Dr Phillip O. Obele JP, Chief Hon. Engr Aforji Igwe Obey PhD, Rt Hon. Daniel Jima Chumu, Barr Cyrus Egbe, Barr Chumu Friday Obuzor, Hon. Onorwi Ngofa, Mr Nkporon Ngofa, Hon. Nwosu Ngofa, Engr Ejire Nwolu, Dr Benjamin Osaro, Chief Fred owate, all my senior elders in Aleto, all my Brothers, Sisters, Friends, Elders and fellow comrades. for all your support in my administration, I’m grateful, and God bless you increase you always.
Special thanks to my elder council chairman, Elders council members and Elders.
Special thanks to all the students y’all the real MVP’s of the day.
Special thanks to the management of Heamedla Hotels and suites.
Aleto Undergraduate forum hosted her 2022 convention rally and seminar /Dinner night!
Creating academic awareness in Aleto, we truly delivered the REBRAND of which we promised and as each year goes by, the numbers keep increasing, we pray 2023 we have more numbers than this! Amen .
God bless everyone that came out for both the rally and the seminar /dinner night.

Highlights of our Dinner and seminar night.

Comr. David Nwafor

Photos from Aleto Undergraduate Forum - AUF's post 26/12/2022

More photos!!

Photos from Aleto Undergraduate Forum - AUF's post 26/12/2022

Photo speaks!
The Aleto Undergraduate Forum convention rally!

Photos from Aleto Undergraduate Forum - AUF's post 24/12/2022

The hall is ready, start coming to Heamedla hotel now!!
The biggest forum dinner date is about to start❤️


Convention!!!!! convention

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