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Welcome to our Cedar View Academy homeschool page! Follow along with us on our homeschooling journey!

Operating as usual


Our book list for bee week! 🐝

And...that's a wrap for our first year of homeschool! 💛 The boys and I have loved every minute of it and Grayson is already giving me a list of the things he wants to learn about next year!

We are taking a break and will be back in a couple weeks with our end of year party!


Matching closeup pictures of pollinators! 🦋


Bee word tracing! 🐝

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Grayson picked a spot next to our pollinator garden to hang his bee house! 🏡

The wooden frame is filled with various sized cut bamboo shoots to give the bees a cozy space to live!

Pretty soon, the space within the fence will be filled with all sorts of native wildflowers!


Pollinator number match activity 🐝

Photos from Cedar View Academy's post 09/05/2024

Honeycomb paintings from homemade bubble wrap stampers! 🍯

I cut out some cardboard and bubble wrap hexagons for the boys to paint yellow. They stamped these onto some paper to create a honeycomb pattern!

They used their fingers to make little yellow bees throughout the honeycomb and I added some black details with a marker!


A color in the letter "B" activity 🖤💛

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A honey bee sensory table! 🐝🍯

I filled our wooden Ikea tray (that fits perfectly into our Flisat table!) with some corn and black beans!

I gave the boys some scoops, bowls and our cute felt bees in honeycomb set! They had so much fun playing with this!

Gray took it upon himself to separate what he called the "honey" (corn) from the black beans! Jesse liked to fill his silicone honeycomb and play with the soft bees!


Bees and pollen counting activity! 🌻🐝

Grayson chose a number and then counted and put the correct amount of pollen on the bee's legs!


A bug's home wooden puzzle! 🏡

The babies love a good puzzle and this one is so cool! It has a picture of where each insect lives underneath a real picture of the insect on the puzzle piece!

Photos from Cedar View Academy's post 08/05/2024

Spring themed matching and tracing worksheets! 🐛


One of the wasp nests on our property was knocked down and torn apart by some kind of animal last year (🐻?!)

I saved a big piece of it for my boys to check out! We also took an up close look at a real yellow jacket specimen in resin!


Spring count and clip cards! 🌷


We've officially planted our pollinator garden for the year! I chose wildflower seeds native to our state that include:

🌼 Baby's breath
🌼 Bachelor button
🌼 Poppy
🌼 Wild cosmos
🌼 Black eyed Susan
🌼 Lupine
🌼 Coneflower

And much more! Last year, the garden was teeming with bees and butterflies and the flowers were gorgeous!

Here is a picture of our cosmos last year!

Photos from Cedar View Academy's post 07/05/2024

A honey bee's life cycle exploration! 🍯

I made some nomenclature cards with real photos of each stage so that the boys could get a better understanding of how each one looks in real life!


Spring number tracing with dry erase markers! 🐞

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A bee-autiful wooden puzzle for baby Jesse! 💛🖤

Photos from Cedar View Academy's post 06/05/2024

Busy bees making all sorts of fun creations with play dough! 🐝

Photos from Cedar View Academy's post 06/05/2024

Our shelves this week are filled with all sorts of un-bee-lievable projects and activities! 🐝😅

Photos from Cedar View Academy's post 06/05/2024

Bzzzzzz...it's bee week! 🐝

In continuation of our exploration into our super important pollinators, we're learning about bees this week!

We started the week off with a giant honey bee life cycle and sensory exploration table! The boys used their sense of smell, taste, touch, hearing and sight to investigate all things honey bee!

Some of the things to discover on our table included:

🍯 a piece of honeycomb to eat! Did you know that the entire honeycomb is edible? It was very tasty!

🐝 a couple bars of beeswax to touch and smell! We talked about all of the different household products that can be made from beeswax.

🍯 honey to taste! Specifically clover honey. We talked about how bees can make different kinds of honey depending on which flowers they collect their nectar from!

🐝 pollen to shake, smell and even taste! We learned that certain bees have pollen baskets on their fuzzy little legs that they use to carry pollen back to the hive. They harvest and store pollen to be used as food by the colony!

In addition, the boys learned all about the life cycle of a honey bee, how bees pollinate plants, how honey bees make honey, how their hives are managed and about the various roles the honey bees fulfill within the colony!


Caterpillar update #5! 🐛

Some of the caterpillars have started to form their chrysalides! A few are still working on them and we will transfer them into the butterfly net once they are done!

They will spend 7-10 more days completing their transformation into adult butterflies. Once they emerge as beautiful painted lady butterflies, we will feed and observe them for a few days and then set them free!

Photos from Cedar View Academy's post 03/05/2024

Butterfly wing symmetry project! 🦋

The boys made giant paint splotches on one half of a piece of paper and then we folded them and pressed down. We unfolded the paper to reveal a beautiful colored pattern that is the same on both halves!

I cut out a butterfly shape from their artwork and we added some antennae. They had so much fun with this and learned more about symmetry!


Our book list for the week! 📖


Butterfly wing symmetry match up! 🦋


Caterpillar update #4! 🐛

We've had our class pet caterpillars for over a week and they have grown to ten times their original size! We are expecting them to hang upside down from the lid and harden into chrysalides any day now!


An ethically sourced real butterfly specimen in resin for the boys to study! 🔍

This is a beautiful common tiger butterfly native to India.

Photos from Cedar View Academy's post 02/05/2024

Planting seed bombs next to our pollinator garden! 🌼

The boys made seed bombs last week that are filled with aster, zinnia and cosmos flower seeds! Grayson is watering them everyday!

Photos from Cedar View Academy's post 02/05/2024

Butterfly suncatchers! ☀️

We made these fun suncatchers from colorful popsicle sticks, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, toilet paper rolls and translucent colored plastic!


Close up pattern matching cards 💐


Caterpillar update #3! 🐛

They are eating a ton and getting huge! There's a lot more silk webbing in there as well as "frass," or caterpillar waste!

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