Sublet Doctor - 分租达人

Sublet Doctor - 分租达人

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We are Malaysia No.1 Coliving Club & Academy🌟 我们指导房产投资者/房东,如何利用“分租模式“ 来得到稳定的租金收入
We helped thousands of Property Investors maximising their Property Investment, Increasing their Rental Yield and Achieve Positive Cashflow for their properties.

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We're incredibly grateful for Atiqah, one of our elite members, who has generously shared her experience, journey🛣️, and the valuable lessons she's learned since joining our community. With access to all our resources, Atiqah has been able to achieve💪her coliving milestones, one by one! 🚶‍♀️🏠

After listening to our two days of free online courses, you know the answer 🎉: If you want to become a good real estate investment expert or a carefree landlord, don't hesitate to contact us to find out how to join our elite group! 👉🏻 Https://


Be like Eric, from paying from his pocket money to earning Positive Cash Flow every month!

Do you want to learn how to make money from subletting your space? Do you want to join a community of like-minded people who share their homes and lives? If yes, then you should sign up for our 2 Days FREE online workshop: "Coliving Intensive Masterclass" 🏠👥

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Happy Chinese New Year to All Sublet Doctor Friends And Family! 🧨🎇🧧🎉

May the year of Dragon let it’s fiery breath light up the pathway of happiness, wellness, and wealthiness! 🐉✨⚜️



你是否想要做分租,但是想找租客祝你的单位租房时怎么打广告都没效到最后只能降低租金亏着出租出去呢?😰🤕 做Sublet Doctor的精英会员,其中一个好处就是我们会教你原来出租房间原来也有不同技巧打广告让你更有效快找到租客!🤩

听完了我们这两天的免费线上课程都知道答案了啦🎉 如果你想成为一位优秀的房产投资高手或成为无忧无虑的房东别再犹豫联系我们了解怎么进入我们的精英群吧!👉🏻 Https://

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2023 Highlight : Sublet Doctor’s Elite Member Annual Dinner & Awards Night PT 3 🍽🥳🫱🏻‍🫲🏼

Our main objective for our Annual Dinner would be for our members to create NETWORKING with one another, best believed that 90% of the members who came are all strangers to each other, but once they sat down, conversations of experiences, sharings, discussions all come flooding in 🤩🎙🫱🏻‍🫲🏼 Thank you for all our elite members who were willing to take part in this networking session and we are able to see and feel you guys had really a wonderful night with each and everyone. ✨


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Our first back to back physical Sublet Experiential Tour for our Chinese & English Elite Members in 2024 🥳 Our members have surely enjoyed learning new knowledge while having hands-on practical activities to enhance their skills in managing their own coliving rental unit so that they are able to provide premium services to their own tenants 🤩✨🏡

If you’re interested in joining this community to being great achievements for your property investing or sublet business, you are welcomed to join us tonight for our DAY 1 “COLIVING INTENSIVE MASTERCLASS” FREE WORKSHOP :

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2023 Highlight : Sublet Doctor’s Elite Member Annual Dinner & Awards Night PT 2 🍽🥳🫱🏻‍🫲🏼

Together as a community, we strive to achieve great results together by helping each other. And throughout the whole 2023, we have selected these Top 12 members to award them for their generous contribution to the community and also took their step to achieve their goal 🏆✨ And we hope and anticipate for even greater things to happen in this year 2024! 🫱🏻‍🫲🏼🤩


Thanks all 120 amazing members who turned up to our Live Coaching session today with special invites from EasyRenz 🔥 Susan kept praising the enthusiasm of our community and how it’s such a different experience compared to other session she has done. Our SD community members memang always power 💪🏻


2023年我们收集最多的问题就是:分租装修要花多少钱??🛒😰💸 会不会比整间出租更贵?今晚有时间的话,不妨来参加我们的免费线上培训了解更多吧!🤫



A small recap of yesterday's DAY 1 of Coliving Intensive Masterclass🧑‍🏫Using the V.A.S Triangle Model to make you have the ability to set up a premium coliving unit ✨

If you’ve missed out on yesterday's DAY 1 of our free workshop, fret not cause we still have A LOT of insights to reveal TONIGHT for DAY 2 of "Coliving Intensive Masterclass"! Come join us tonight to know how to gain access of all the insights, toolkits and community for your sublet business, :

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2023 Highlight : Sublet Doctor’s Elite Member Annual Dinner & Awards Night PT 1 🍽🥳🫱🏻‍🫲🏼

It was definitely a fruitful way to end our 2023 and anticipate exciting plans for 2024 as a community during our Annual Dinner last December. Good food, excellent networking, and many inspiring testimonies and experiences were all shared during that night! 🤩🙌🏻

If you’re interested in joining this community to being great achievements for your property investing or sublet business, you are welcomed to join us tonight for our DAY 1 “COLIVING INTENSIVE MASTERCLASS” FREE WORKSHOP :

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A splendid way to start off 2024 🥳 Congratulations to all our new elite members who have just completed their Sublet Business Codex workshop, where they have finished two full days of immersive learning on the art of subletting, creating extraordinary coliving spaces for tenants and fostering a vibrant community. Here's to turning knowledge into remarkable results. 🌟


Queen room with attached bathroom.. Anyone? 🤔😆


Happy 2024 to all Sublet Doctor Elite Members and Friends! 祝所有Sublet Doctor精英会员和朋友 2024 年快乐! 🥳🎇🎊

A big appreciation to everyone here for being a part and a contribution to this community throughout 2023 ⭐️.
非常感谢这里的每个人在 2023 年参进了这个社区和做出了贡献⭐️。

May this new year bring greater plans, achievements, success and a good life to all of us. 🔥🫱🏻‍🫲🏼


Dear all Sublet Doctor Members and Friends,

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and have spent a splendid holiday! May this Christmas season bring you happiness and wealth to end your year well 🎄❤️


我们2023最后一场共居分租复习班免费课程就在今晚!大家今晚一定要一起进来听听分租5大迷思到底是什么🤔 就好像这里的第一迷思:做分租不容易找租客?😵‍💫

📅 20 Dec 2023 (Wed)
⌚ 8:30pm-10pm
👨🏻‍🏫 Zoom Link:


120 of our passionate Sublet Doctor Members has come together learning how to use AI Tools to UP their marketing game! 🔥

It’s 2024 in just a few weeks time.. We have to keep ourself updated and sharpen our saw constantly to stay ahead of time and triumph over the market 💪🏻 If you snooze, you LOOSE!

This is why Sublet Doctor has never stop growing together with our members by constantly learning, experimenting, innovating and adding values back to our community. 🚀

We are not just a “workshop”, where you come and go. We are a full fledge membership and community.. Malaysia No.1 Coliving Club and Room Rental Academy 💪🏻

Sublet Doctor is gonna be Bigger, Better and Bolder in 2024🔥🔥


Truly a day to remember.. Our first Sublet Doctor Annual Member Dinner & Award Night 🌟

What a way to commemorate the year 2023 with this momentous occasion where 70 of our members attended from all around Malaysia. We exchange ideas, get to know each other better, awarding & celebrating successes, and sharing our big plans moving forward with the community 💪🏻🙌🏻 Big thanks to all our fabulous members who have attended the dinner. Next year we will get a bigger place to accommodate more people 🥰

After the dinner, when I get into my car.. it suddenly strikes me of how far we’ve come. From nothing to now having close to 600 members in the community in 2 years time. I’m truly grateful and touched by all the amazing people who have been supporting us throughout the journey. This wouldn’t be possible without our wonderful Sublet Doctor Members too! 🙏🏻❤️

Look forward to a Bigger, Better & Bolder community together in 2024! 🎉🤩

Coach Andrew


We’re so thankful for Jason, one of our elite member who has been willing to share so much of his experience, journey and how much he has learned after he has become our member and had access to all of our resources so that he’s able to achieve his coliving milestones one by one! 🌟🏢🔑

If you’re interested on joining our elite membership to gain access of all the insights, toolkits and community for your sublet business, come join us tonight for our DAY 2 “COLIVING INTENSIVE MASTERCLASS” FREE WORKSHOP :


“Andrew.. I’m a little lost and stuck now.. can you help point me to the right direction? 🥺”

Shirlene texted me one day.. feeling kinda stressed as she bumped into some hiccups and not sure what to do next.

I know I have to go meet her at the unit and give her some guidance. We spent about an hour plus going through the priority list and how to proceed next. After that I can clearly see her smiling from the bottom of her heart and feeling much more relieved. I’m glad the session gives her the confidence and clarity to move on. 🥳

Sometimes all we need is just a little bit of guidance and pointing us to the right direction, at times some gentle push is needed as well so that we keep moving. 🕺🏻

😣I have been in this situation before, feeling stuck and unsure how to move on.. However I’m glad I had good mentor and supportive people around me who is always there shedding some light and pull me out from the sinking sand. 💪🏻

I remember Shirlene said this to me at the end of our session: “Now I know what I don’t know”. Yes.. sometimes we felt stuck because we truly don’t know what we don’t know. If we could have just someone to give us a nudge, push us to the right direction.. That would make a world of difference for us. It applies to our life as well as our businesses.

I hope you have that someone in your life when you needed them ❤️ Have a wonderful week ahead 🙌🏻

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Perks of being our elite member : Having the privilege and advantage to visit iBilik HQ where they are the Malaysia’s largest coliving eco system FOR FREE! 🤩🔑🚨

We’re thankful for our members who took their weekend time to come and join us to get more data insights and enhance their learning skills by knowing how to incorporate smart devices and integration system to manage their sublet units much more easier and time efficient!

Congratulations to 5 of our members who got to win some of iBilik’s items and take it back home!! 🏡💙💛🖤

Photos from Sublet Doctor - 分租达人's post 09/12/2023

Had a fruitful visit to one of our Sublet Doctor member’s factory, producing high quality cabinet to property owners for more than 17 years 💪🏻❤️

Christine, the factory owners shares some golden nuggets and insights on the various details, finishing & installation of the cabinets. Things that only experienced industry insiders would know. 🤫

There are many contractors, renovators and vendors out there.. How do we determine if they are good? 🤔 Here are 5 observations you need to pay attention to:

1. Their experiences and past work they have done.
2. Whether they consult you by putting themselves in your shoe and only recommend solution that is beneficial to you.
3. Whether they will say “NO”. You hear me right.. if they say yes to everything you say without filtering much, you need to be cautious also. They might just say yes to get you to pay quick. Ended up over promise and under deliver.
4. Good supplier or vendor will REJECT you. Yes… they will reject you if they find that you are not a good fit to the solution or the level of service they provide. Because they would rather not serve you than giving you false hope and can’t match your expectation.
5. They have vast knowledge on the subject matter, able to share with you all the mistakes and traps you should avoid.

Have you ever encountered any issues or problems with your vendor before? Come share your stories here👇🏻


Massive thanks to our Outstanding Sublet Doctor Member - Jordan for his selflessness and generosity in sharing his amazing Sublet Journey.. 🙌🏻 Uncovering secrets of how he rented out 3 rooms in 4 days time with just 4 viewings! That’s 90% closing rate 🔥🔥 He also shared how he only uses RM1K capital to generate RM1.2K profit monthly! ROI within 1-2 months! 😱

Congratulation once again 🎉 We are very proud of you and look forward to hear more of your success stories! 👏🏻👏🏻

This is what our community is all about, we learn, we share, we encourage, we inspire 🌟 If you are interested in joining our Sublet Doctor Member Community, why not join our 2 days FREE workshop to get started first 🤩 :




In just less than an hour, Sublet Doctor will be having a Live Coaching Q&A Session #003 exclusively for our members TONIGHT at 8PM! 📋🧑🏻‍🏫

This live Coaching Q&A Session is to help our members here to answer and guide all your questions and challenges you are facing in your sublet journey, we even have invited one of our members to share their experience on their own sublet journey so that other members can learn from and encourage each other . 📌📝

BUT, this is only for our Sublet Doctor’s Elite Members community 💡 Take an action to message us if you are interested about this big community 🌟


We have such an informative sharing last night where we have Dr Charles and a special guest to uncover the secrets to purchase 3rd & 4th properties at 90% loan! 🤩🏢🏘️ We're so grateful to have these 101 members to take their time to learn with us yesterday. ❤️

If you are interested in knowing all these strategies to become a successful property investor, join our Property Wealth Creation Group to receive more updates on our property sharings :


WOW.. so much values, insights and trade secrets are spilled during our BiWeekly Live Coaching session exclusively for our Sublet Doctor members! Special thanks to our rising Star Member - Jason for generously sharing his journey of how he took only 1 Month & 7 Days to Fully Reno & Rented out all his rooms! 🎉🎉
From RM2500 house rental to now collecting RM4000 every month! 😱We are so happy for him 👏🏻👏🏻
Stay tune for our next Live Coaching session for even more exciting insights that will give you Unfair Advantage over other competitors 😎 Sorry guys.. This one for members only 🙏🏻


想要开始做分租赚现金流,但是不知该从哪里开始😣 我们将揭晓分租转型的完整3大(R)秘诀给大家,就会开启一些想法来起步做分租啦 !💡


Photos from Sublet Doctor - 分租达人's post 21/11/2023

Sublet Doctor is having a ICE+FIRE property workshop on 25th November 2023 at 9AM-5PM! 🧑🏻‍🏫🏢💰

This workshop is all about how to have a solid kickstart in property investment FOR BEGINNERS! 🏃🏻So if you are someone who is fairly new to property investment and would like to learn how to venture in this direction,or if you are already a beginner property investor but you’re still struggling to find the right strategy to kickstart in your investment journey, THIS WORKSHOP IS DEFINITELY FOR YOU.🤩


Date : 25th November 2023 (Sat)
Time : 9AM - 5PM

Join our Sublet Doctor Property Wealth Creation Facebook Private Group to receive the zoom link registration 💫 :

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We're incredibly grateful for Atiqah, one of our elite members, who has generously shared her experience, journey🛣️, and...
Be like Eric, from paying from his pocket money to earning Positive Cash Flow every month!Do you want to learn how to ma...
Happy CNY 2024! 新年快乐🧧🎉
你是否想要做分租,但是想找租客祝你的单位租房时怎么打广告都没效到最后只能降低租金亏着出租出去呢?😰🤕 做Sublet Doctor的精英会员,其中一个好处就是我们会教你原来出租房间原来也有不同技巧打广告让你更有效快找到租客!🤩听完了我们这两...
2023年我们收集最多的问题就是:分租装修要花多少钱??🛒😰💸 会不会比整间出租更贵?今晚有时间的话,不妨来参加我们的免费线上培训了解更多吧!🤫通过参加目前开放的2天线上培训,你将学会如何筛选出可靠的租客,避免租金拖欠,以及维护你的物业,让...
A small recap of yesterday's DAY 1 of Coliving Intensive Masterclass🧑‍🏫Using the V.A.S Triangle Model to make you have t...
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空房出租 VS 装饰好的房间出租,哪个会比较快租出去和可以收到高租金呢?🤔🤩💰✨ 听完了我们这两天的免费线上课程都知道答案了啦🎉 如果你想成为一位优秀的房产投资高手或成为无忧无虑的房东别再犹豫联系我们了解怎么进入我们的精英群吧!👉🏻 Htt...