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For mother Earth #DRRM #DRRMTraining #DRRMinHealth

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For mother Earth #DRRM #DRRMTraining #DRRMinHealth

Increase in salary of Public Teachers is way to possibilities. Well, we just wait this to happen.

Clamoring for increase. Is it possible by 2024?

K-10+2? What's this all about?

Revision of the K-12 curriculum

Report on Basic Education

Insights on learning camps

Philippines Education System Plans

PBB update

ART IS PART OF OUR LIFE. Keep making best you can and creative in your own way. Credits to the owner of this video 📷 📸

C.I #teacherlife #teacherjob

A moment to cherish #tributesong #TributeToParents

An inpiring teacher and vlogger sir Jerrick Channel #teacherlife #teach #teachergiftserjob