Bulsho kobciye primary and secondary school

Bulsho kobciye primary and  secondary  school

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Asc fursad shaqo banaan school bulsho kobciye
Qeybtiisa celasha biyaha gaar ahaan xafada qoor suul waxaa ka banaan macalin madada computer ka shuruudaha waa in uu ka soo shaqeeyey computer ka uuna deganyahay deegaanka celasha biyaha wixii faafaahin ah kala soo xiriir number ka hoos ku qoran 0615244419 ama Gmail [email protected]

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Asc aniga oo ah maamulaha school ka bulsho kobciye waxaan halkaan Hambalyo uga dirayaa ardayda school ka qeybta caafimaadka oo maanta u fariisteen imtixaankii ugu dambeeyey maadada pharmacology waxaan leeyahay guul iyo gobanimo Ayaan idin rajaynayaa dadaalkiina halkaas ka siiwada


Types of nutrition

balanced diet must contain the right proportion of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and meat for complete well being. These food items are the best source of the seven vital nutrients that support physical and mental health.

Typically, the nutrients include fats, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, dietary fibres, minerals and water. These elements offer nourishment to the body and protect it from major diseases.

Hence, it is imperative to know the essential types of nutrition and their function for a healthy lifestyle.

Let’s begin the process by understanding what is nutrition and its types first.

What Is the Meaning of Nutrition?

Nutrition is the physiological process of acquiring energy from food sources for growth and metabolic activities. The body starts absorbing these nutrients as digestion begins.

Typically, there are two major categories of nutrients, namely micronutrients and macronutrients.

The micronutrients, such as calcium, iron, vitamins, etc., fall under this category. These nutrients extend components required for the metabolic activity of the body. They also repair and build the damaged tissues to support the organs.

Macronutrients are the crucial energy source in the body, which is produced by breaking down food items. Compounds like proteins, fats, and carbohydrates are considered macronutrients.

Technically, the body is incapable of producing most nutrients. For instance, the body can not produce fat-soluble compounds like vitamin E, which works as an antioxidant. Therefore, an individual needs to consume vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin E to fulfil the requirement.

To understand the concept better, one needs to list down how many types of nutrition are available first. The types of nutrition are segregated into two categories, namely, autotrophic and heterotrophic.

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