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An alternative to the "midlife crisis" 15/11/2023

Can we make aging aspirational? Excellent food for thought for those 40 and beyond...(3 min to be inspired)

An alternative to the "midlife crisis" Midlife doesn't have to be a scary time, says entrepreneur Chip Conley. In this short yet profound talk, he takes inspiration from the natural world to reframe our 40s, 50s and 60s as a transitional stage that's full of grace and beauty — and urges us all to make aging aspirational.

Photos from The Viral Things's post 04/12/2022

I cannot resist such cutie pie critters! Which ones your fave? I’m leaning towards porcupine 💗🦾😻


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This is how Crypto can go...we have to jump in and get busy failing.


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Vetter token 29/09/2021

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NRGY is Defi, Decentralized and What You Wanted Beurax To Be — 100% In Your Control! 19/03/2021

The DeFi space is so successful because no one is holding your crpto and you're totally in charge. You're 100% in control. See how our team is working in the crypto space and how you can plug in with strong support to WIN big!

NRGY is Defi, Decentralized and What You Wanted Beurax To Be — 100% In Your Control! We can build you a marketing funnel with your affiliate link - just reach out...Reach out to me to learn more about the NRGY project, or on any of the other ...


How to build your team?
Attracting the ideal prospect works best for me - so I'm sorting for the people I want to work with vs chasing or convincing anyone and everyone to join me which = desperation, dragging across finish lines, and likely unsuccessful partnerships. There's just much more ease and efficiency when you're specific.
I'm attracting people who are...
- dedicated to growth and personal development and know that's the source of success and take responsibility for it.
- opportunity seekers and crypto specifically
- may already be marketers or have exposure to some forms of marketing, like online marketing or perhaps even done a little network marketing.
Fearlessly speaking about who's ideal, brings much better prospects to you.
So much better!


You DO attract people like you...with similar mindset, beliefs, values, speed, etc. so the more you speak directly in what your posting (your content, videos, chats) to those who already know what you're talking about AND who are already doing it (instead of to those who need lots of attention and education) the easier it will become for you to get the bigger FASTER results -- LOTS easier. You'll be moving IN SYNC and you'll 100x leverage your time and results.


Here we go! the bull run is starting again.
You can learn how to earn ETH/ Ethereum every day.
ETH is the second largest crypto behind BTC/ Bitcoin.
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Consistency is key!
Small actions taken daily - with a good attitude - over time to create big results is the 'Slight Edge' philosophy that gets you to your goals.
Stay in action! doing the daily mundane stuff that moves you towards momentum!
The key to success is easy if you consistently show up and never quit!


Calling all early adopters! Who else got into Bitcoin and Crypto early on and took a chance on something NEW and largely misunderstood -- that is now on the verge of becoming a mainstream asset class?!!! Or perhaps you WISH you had - would like to get in now - have no idea where to start - what coins to buy - and all that confusion.

The good news is that these are exciting times!! I've been patiently waiting...since first dipping my toe in the water back in 2017 at the last bull run when Bitcoin hit $20k. Then in early 2018 many of us investing together, lost crypto due to making some mistakes with scammy programs that crashed as the bear market ('crypto-winter' some have called it) took over until recently into late 2020. Lessons learned!!

Now we're much smarter! The bull run is back again as Bitcoin has approached $60k in the past month and my previously meager portfolio is up 400%. The expectation is crypto will move significantly higher in 2021 - so it's certainly NOT too late to get in.

Honestly, I never would’ve thought my decision to get into the crypto space would have led me to where I am now. I simply followed some simple expert advice - remained patient to stay the course - just hold and wait - trust the process.

It takes some courage to stay the course, even when listening to all the expert advise out there. Questions abound...where to start? Which coins? How much? When to get in, when to get out? It can be very confusing, and a little nerve racking.

So here’s the deal... you don’t need to be super aware or even that knowledgeable of crypto to get involved... if you have the right support and guidance.

The key has been joining forces with an already well-establish team that has banded together not only to invest in crypto but actually GENERATE it - specifically Ethereum. ETH is the second largest crypto right behind BTC.

It's inspiring to share how powerful this really is. And guess what? Ethereum (ETH) is set to 3x by summer, maybe even more. This is a perfect time to get in.

Connect with me via messenger if you’d like to learn more and I’ll send you a video that our team leaders have created to show you how we generated 12,000 ETH in 3-months ... do the math… it’s shocking, I know. This is a serious opportunity!


Your most successful lead capture pages will have the right messaging that help you dominate in the biz opp space. Speak directly to marketers and people aspiring to become marketers who are already trying to make money online. Then your promotions already have the perfect audience.

Everyone can do this!! and our team is creating marketing funnel pages and built-in value that will position you as the expert!

Example (notice how the messaging attracts great prospects):


YES! Pat yourself on the back - give a big high 5 to the mirror for being in the game — whatever yours may be! Whether it's learning internet marketing, crypto currency, painting, you name it... proudly embrace your efforts and don't stop until you reach the mastery you desire.

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