Kensho 2017

Kensho 2017

*"KENSHO 2017"is the official page of SKCET's KENSHO team A National level Technical Symposium .*

Operating as usual

Timeline photos 22/03/2017

One day to go....


Mca department
Safik and karthik develop kensho app
The app will provide you information about the events and results of each event in department wise

Timeline photos 21/03/2017

From the Arsenal of Epiphany here are the Teslanians from the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering of Sri Krishna college of Engineering and Technology with unique and mind Blogging events.
We are in immense pleasure to be a part of 2017.



Photos from Kensho 2017's post 21/03/2017

It's never too late to shoot another goal... ⚽

The Mechanical Department of SKCET invites all the FIFAholics for the FIFA'16 knockout tournament!!

Date: 23/03/2017
Venue: CAD lab, Mechatronics block, Skcet.
Time: 9:00 A.M onwards

On spot registration only.
Registration closes @ 10:30 a.m.
Joysticks will be provided.. Please try to bring your own joysticks...
- event co-ordinators

For further information,
Contact : Vijay -7418468303
Sheril - 7373083533

Timeline photos 20/03/2017

A tech fun event which is based on dbms and ds
A queries from dbms and ds program with fun quiz..
Participants with min 2 members Max with 4 members

Timeline photos 20/03/2017

The projecto is a event where the students can display their projects and they can prove their technical mind.
And technical skill
Rules : only one round ,need to explain the project with ppt,and can display their working modal ,each team maximum 2 members,time limit 10 mints.
For display your working modal need to come with your own laptos


Hey folks,
Here we go...
We "The creators of CRIADIOS T16" are back with a Rocking Teaser of our new Grand techfest ''KENSHO T17'', a fest with all our departments of SKCET together.
Let this AV add up to the Jubilance of our Fest and be the 'letter A' to all our mystic Celebrations... 😎



⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ 👿💀Gamers at play 💀👿⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️
⚔️🔫Bartling enemies 🔫⚔️
🛡️🕴️ Defending the bosses🕴️🛡️
🚘🚗 Smashing the cars 🚗🚘
⚽️🎮 Mastering moves. 🎮⚽️

"It's time to accelerate your adrenaline pump "

Folks get ready

Exhibit your battling skills in the Armageddon🛡🏹

Welcome to Kensho

⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️Present ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

Timeline photos 19/03/2017

We imagine💭, we immensely imagine,
We design💻, we distinctively design,
We implement📝, we innovatively implement,
We envision🔮, we empoweringly envision,
We create📟, we ceaselessly create,
We AUTOMATE, we awe-inspringly AUTOMATE!

Sri Krishna college of engineering and technology,
whole heartedly welcomes each one of you to be a part of all our competitively fun, informatively vibrant events:

Automate things
Quizzly bears
Line Seguidor
Knock your thoughts
Domino effect
Metal foot
held in accordance with our technical treat, "KENSHO 2017"! 🎇🎊🎆

This is a call to all the imaginators, designers, implementers, innovators, envisioners, creators, or in short, this is our call for you, the enthusiasticly passionate engineers!

Come join us, not only to be the jack of all trades, but the masters of them too!

Timeline photos 18/03/2017

Googler is an event based on image finding competition. It consists of 3 rounds through which winners are selected.
Maximum 2 Participants per team.
• Round 1: prelims– (Online exam)
• Round 2: Image finding – (Tool finder)
• Round 3: Google Search – (Finding the topic)
• Topic will be given on spot.
• Judges decision is final.


Hey folks,
Here we go...
We "The creators of CRIADIOS T16" are back with a Rocking Teaser of our new Grand techfest ''KENSHO T17'', a fest with all our departments of SKCET together.
Let this AV add up to the Jubilance of our Fest and be the 'letter A' to all our mystic Celebrations...

KENSHO TEASER T17 | SKCET | SYMPOSIUM | MARCH 23 | TECH FEST Hey folks, Here we go... We "The creators of CRIADIOS T16" are back with a Rocking Teaser of our new Grand techfest ''KENSHO T17'', a fest with all our depar...

Timeline photos 18/03/2017

Tech chat ( sound for your ideas )
Everyone to come up with the right ideas. It is something that is to think about so the right tone is set. Express the agreeing and disagreeing from the hot seat.
The event comprises of 3 rounds:
Two per team
Round 1: connections
Two per team.
Connect the picture to get a technical word
Round 2: Find the lips
A person should lip the word. The other with the
Headset Should find the word.
Round 3: Debut( finals )
Express the agreeing and disagreeing ideas.

Timeline photos 18/03/2017

In this fast forwarding era, perfection is the prize! Can you bring a different dimension to a world where everything exists? Can you picturise independent systems, can you implement them, and can you accurately automate them? Then come award the world by automating things, and we shall reward you with exciting prizes!

Timeline photos 18/03/2017



*💸Dhiluku dhuttu💸* :

Are you another typical lone wolf 🐺 ? Your talents hidden ⛓ and Your Energy Unleashed?🛡Challenge yourself against the tick of the clock ⏳ and feel the Thrill in the air 🚀 ! Show us what you got within you 🌋 and Win a hell lot of Exciting prizes 🎉🎁!! Come as a Lone wolf 🐺 or a Wolf Pack 👬👭 and take your trophies 🏆 back home !!! 👈

Contact 📲: 8144161999

Timeline photos 18/03/2017

A chance to amplify yourselfs!
Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering proudly present the following events in
We gladly invite you all to participate in the events

Timeline photos 18/03/2017

In a domino's store, eating is an unavoidable chain reaction! A chain reaction you'd never want to miss! But you foodies are also amazing techie's. The never ending event of eating must definitely have piqued your scientific curiosity. Thus comes into frame, the domino effect! If the organised chain of one event following another gives you goosebumps like never before, and you have a flair for putting together well organized time driven chain reactions, come flaunt your skills of perfection and creativity in "The domino effect"! Come get a step closer to quenching your never ending thirst for innovation!

Timeline photos 18/03/2017

"Questions are more important than answer. Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for future. One who ask non- stop questions in all these circumstances .Come to Kensho. Test your Knowledge."

Timeline photos 17/03/2017

"In any project , the most important factor is to believe it will success . The best way to predict the future is to create it. To fabricate your ideas into real world we provide a dais of enthusiasm to showcase the value of time spend by yourself that resulted into a product ."

Timeline photos 17/03/2017

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistake
Design is knowing which one to keep...

Timeline photos 17/03/2017

Students who would like to participate in games like DOTA 2 and Call of Duty, pre-register by contacting any one of the event coordinators as this would help with the matchup timings.
You can also register directly on the event day held on 23.03.2017.
Rules for the games:
1)5v5 Single Elimination Bracket.

Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare:( 5v5 || 4v4 || 3v3 )
1)Each round lasts for 10 minutes and the team to score the maximum points wins the round.
2) Final winner is selected by best of 3 format.
3)Single Elimination Bracket is followed.

NFS Most Wanted:
1) 4 players Race against each other in a LAN party and the winner advances to next round.

FIFA 2017: (1v1)
1)Single elimination. Player to score the most goals within limited time wins.

EVENT Co-Ordinators:
Mohanavel I - 8608027972
Kowshik Sharan S -8148256184

Timeline photos 17/03/2017

*Kensho team* proudly presents *Logique* conducted by the department of computer science and engineering.
" Logic gets you from A to Z
Imagination gets you everything".
Come on amigos , the platform is ready for you to display your logical skills...Whack your brains to find out the treasure that lies within.

Timeline photos 17/03/2017

For the serious quizers here comes the Lord of all quiz. The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering in association with 2017 presents Brains Electrified This event is not a general topic quiz competition. But questions will be based on Electricals and Electronics only.
Round 1: Connexion
This round is the connexion game event where the connections questions will be based on EEE.
Only 5 teams will be selected for the next round
Round 2: Snakes and ladders
This is a snakes and ladders game. Rolling a dice, snake bite are present to check your luck and knowledge. For each number u step on, you have to answer correctly to move forward.
Student Co-ordinator: Ms.Lavanya/9003992677


When entertainment is sought, we bring the best of it!!

The computer science department of SKCET proudly presents you "📱MOBILE GAMING", at kensho-17, the biggest technofest of Coimbatore.

Come & show how big of a gamer you are!!

Timeline photos 17/03/2017

‘Computer Aided Design’ made a revolution in the construction world.
Bring out the techie inside you.
Seize the screen with unbelievable models.
Come and build the futuristic models in a extremely motivating environment.

Timeline photos 17/03/2017

Idea leads to Innovation. Innovation leads to development.
Let them fly high.
It's time to renew the world.
Non structo conferencia completely focuses on Innovative ideas.
Step on the stage, spread your talents and ideas to every young engineering minds.
Let your thoughts break through the laws in Creative and Innovative ways.

Timeline photos 17/03/2017

“Eyes are the extremely pixelated cameras” that grab each and every moment crisp and clear.
Create an awesome feast to all the eyes by putting your ideas in posters.
Let your feast be something relevant to civil engineering.
Let your thoughts splash through posters

Timeline photos 17/03/2017

Bring your grey cells to party as kensho is back again with its flagship quiz.
Far from classroom rote, this quiz is about the world of technology.
Get ready for the roller coaster ride into intense world of technology.
The technology growing at such an alarming rate, facts and figures just keep adding up.
To match the influx of this homogenous amount of data, we need a brain that’s sharp as a razor.
And the quest for the search of this perfect brain ends at technical quiz.
With wide array of questions from numerous technical topics, this is one event which will breach the boundaries of your technical lore.

Timeline photos 17/03/2017

“You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get them across, your ideas won’t get you anywhere” And here is the platform to unleash your ideas.
It is an event to present your paper on structural concepts of civil engineering.
Take up the challenge to drive your genius ideas and understanding.
Who knows, this could be your first step to fame and glory.

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college?

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Hey folks,Here we go...We "The creators of  CRIADIOS T16" are back with a Rocking Teaser of our new Grand techfest ''KEN...
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OFFICIAL - KENSHO 2k17- flashmob SKCET
When entertainment is sought, we bring the best of it!! The computer science department of SKCET proudly presents you "📱...
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