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Sussex Coexist Society

We are Coexist Society, a society setup to promote understanding and community between people of all

Operating as usual


Today our team volunteered with Sussex Homeless Support who work around the clock to help make the lives of homeless people in Sussex slightly easier. Every Sunday they open a street kitchen which is always open to new volunteers and donations. Getting out there, chatting to the homeless people, and the charity volunteers made us realise that sparing just a few hours really can make a difference to the wonderful charity, and the people it is helping. If you're ever at a loose end on a Sunday, get down there, meet the people, and contribute! Nice work guys 👍


hello friends! come join us for a cute afternoon of rounders and interfaith mingling :)


Come and join us upstairs in the common room, Falmer House for biscuits and Coexist chat until 2pm!


Thanks for coming to chat today at Fresher's Fair. See you 6pm next Wednesday for speed faithing in Falmer bar. A fantastic way to meet like minded people of faith, or of no faith! We can't wait to meet you all properly :)


With the end of teaching last week marks also the end of the current committees running of Coexist Society.

We want to thank all of you who attended and supported us this year to make this one of the best years for Coexist since its founding with record turn-outs and a plethora of great events. None of this would of been possible without you guys or the work of our great committee so thank you all :D

I would also like to again introduce the new committee who will be taking over Coexist from now into the next academic year;
Presdient: Heidi Eggleton
Treasurer: Maya Perkins-Boone
Events Coordinator: Nikki Barnett
Events Coordinator: Gila Sheldon

Referenda | Sussex Students' Union 30/04/2018

This week there are several important referendums coming up which we urge people to have their say on. This includes should the SU continue to support BDS policy, and should the SU oppose Prevent both of which are incredibly important issues that will have a real effect on lives of many at Sussex. So please have your say and vote!!!

Referenda | Sussex Students' Union If you have any problems voting please email [email protected] as soon as possible so we can resolve these for you.

Campus Leadership Scheme | CCJ 03/04/2018

Do you want to promote interfaith and coexistence at university but don't know how or where to start? or are you looking for a way to improve students experience and relations between students on campus?

The Council of Christians and Jews' (CCJ) Campus Leadership Programme gives you an opportunity to receive help, mentoring and resources to promote interfaith relations at the University.

The programme is open to people of any faith or none and having done this programme this year myself I would highly recommend it CCJ are a great organisation, and this is a great cause to get involved with so if your interested visit their website for more information:

And if you want to get involved either comment below or message me and I can send over the form or else keep any on the website for its release :)

Campus Leadership Scheme | CCJ Campus Leadership Scheme Our Campus Leadership Programme puts students at the heart of interfaith. CCJ is giving students the opportunity to become a Student Leader on their campus at a time when interfaith at university has never been so important. After an Interfaith Training Residential we will p...


We would like everyone to welcome and congratulate our new Treasurer

Maya Perkins-Boone, Treasurer;
"As an Anthropology and International Development student, coexistence is important to me. Not only is it something I aim to learn about in my studies, but also plays a big part in how I live my life. Always having had an interest in other cultures, and ways of life, my own spiritual journey has developed from Atheism to gradually becoming more and more intrigued by religion, spirituality, how it impacts society, and the people within it. Coming to numerous events put on by the Coexist society over the past year has taught me a lot, and has only furthered my interest to learn about this area.

University is often the first time in peoples live where they begin to mix with cultures and religions they have never come across before, and often begin to gain the freedom to start exploring new ways of life for themselves. This is why I think it is so important that societies like Coexist offer a place for socialising, discussion and fun where people can celebrate what makes them, them, in a safe, friendly and accepting environment. Educating ourselves, and mixing with people from all walks of life is something I truly believe has the ability to shape the world for the better, so we can do away with discrimination and come together over our similarities.

Moreover, the opportunity to become a committee member is a fantastic way to develop my organisational, and fundraising skills, which are beneficial to all ways of life. To coexist society, I would bring a friendly inclusive personality, with commitment to bring people across campus together to think about coexisting, in new and exciting new ways!"


We are happy to announce and congratulate the new Coexist Society Committee! who will take over from September 2018 from the current committee. The new committee people, roles, and manifestos are;

Heidi Eggleton, President;
"I'd like to be involved in Coexist Society as I love interfaith, I met rajmohan Ghandi at an interfaith event in London and fell in love with it. I'm not religious, however have done a lot of peace building work with the ex bishop of bath and wells, I love building bridges and reflecting on the importance of religion in development, community and peace building. As someone who isn't religious, I find it important to discuss and create events and discussion around interfaith. I love learning about new faiths and meeting new people and gaining their insights on many topics"

Gila Sheldon, Events Coordinator;
"As events coordinator I want to widen the participation of those within the university and within Brighton in general. There are some amazing religious communities the society has the potential to create special relationships with.
I want to help create an open and pluralistic space that everyone feels welcome in regardless of there belief and view point."

Nikki Barnett, Events Coordinator;
"I think as one of the members of the coexistence society team I could offer huge amounts of enthusiasm, passion and ambition, as someone that has a keen interest in not only other religions, but the creation of community and expanse of values and experiences through them. As a member of the society I would promise to listen to all ideas, as well as create new ones, and bring my experiences of being someone that is religious that grew up in a religious diverse place to the society. I also have experience working with lots of different faith groups, as in 2014 I took part in an interfaith project in Glasgow where I helped to produce an event with people of lots of different faiths that showcased the strengths of each religion involved. Some of my ideas for the society include running an interfaith 'speed dating' event,running potlucks between the religious societies, and joining up with other societies such as Femsoc."

Photos from Sussex Coexist Society's post 21/03/2018

Thanks to everyone who came along to the Introduction to Hinduism, Sikhism and Buddhism Event yesterday & made it such a huge success!!! Amazing speakers followed by a brilliant Q&A... 🌟🎉✨💛


POSITIONS NOW OPEN!!! Coexist are looking for current students to apply for the positions of:
2 x Events Coordinators

This is a great opportunity to help promote understanding and cooperation between people of all faiths and none on campus, and looks great on any CV. No prior experience needed and open to everyone regardless of faith or none, or if you've attended every event or none all that is required is a dedication to promoting Coexistence.

If your interested and want to know more then message us on Sussex Coexist Society page. To apply send a small paragraph why you would fit this role by 12th March to [email protected]


Thanks again to everyone who came to our Global Coexistence Quiz on Tuesday! Due to your amazing turnout we raised an amazing £70. 26 for WaterAid UK!

Mucho love to the Italian Society and the the Coexist Comittee and well done again to our fabulous winners!

We look forward to seeing all your beautiful faces again! 😘😘


Hey all please take a minute to sign up as a member on our SU page below it costs nothing, only take a few seconds and lets us apply for more funding to throw bigger and better events for all of you

All you need to do is;
1. Login
2. Go on Coexist and click add membership to basket
3. Click view basket
4. Click proceed checkout (won't cost a thing!)


Hello everyone and welcome to the new Coexist society page and we get to start off on a high with news that our and Italian society's Coexistence quiz last night managed to raise £70.89 for WaterAid!!!

So thank you to everyone who helped us raise so much money for such a good cause 😁

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