Periti's Piano Music School

Periti's Piano Music School

The school is for any youth who wants to learn and understand piano music in relation to Samoan church form and style. The piano music school was first established in 2012 by the church choir director and pianist - Vaetoa Periti Tauapa'i.

Its purpose was to produce knowledgeable pianists for the church and youth choir. However, the school mission and vision of installation did not come true because it was later closed in 2013 due to the low number of students who attended the school. Although this small musical school has not been functioning for nearly three years now but the mission and vision of its installation in the first pla

[02/02/17]   New students:
Tolutasi Ioakimo.
Katerina Falute Fonofaavae.
Epi Taleni.

[01/30/17]   Students enrolled into Beginner Level:

George Peleti
Muimuivale Samusamu
Tauapai Sopoaga
Tauapai Tauapai
Pona Simi
Faamaile Simi
Tali Samuelu
Tofoi Tauapai
Timo Sa'u

[01/30/17]   Learning the music of ideas

[01/28/17]   School Director:

Vaetoa Periti Tauapa'i was self taught in music and piano at first before he was enrolled into June Ryans School of Music. He was educated there for only four months by some of the well known pianists, Asopogisa and Sa'u Palauni Seumanutafa. Tauapa'i later joined Sa'us private school to finish some of his lessons. He did not complete all the levels but has topped Samoa College music year 10 level in 2010, year 12 level in 2011 and year 13 level in 2012.
He sat both Samoa School Certificate and Pacific Secondary Senior Certificate Exams and scored grade 1 for music. Some famous music teachers like Jerome Sapolu, Alalatoa Mao Fuimaono and the late Tusipepa Levesi played a huge part in the Directors life. They were role models to him as he journeyed towards where he is now in music.
It has been, almost, eight years of his service as choir director and pianist for the Congregational Christian Church of Samoa in Lalovi Mulifanua. Tauapa'i has written nearly 100 church hymns including psalms and some has been taught in and sung by Lalovi church choir and other Samoan choirs around the world.

Namulauulu Dr Paul Pouesi and the late Rev Elder Dr Ioselani Pouesi were his favourite Samoan Composers. Their musical works inpired him to achieve his goals and live his dreams.

He is a simple person who aims to help and assist people who are keen to learn about music

[01/28/17]   School syllabus is divided into Three categories:
1. Performance
2. Composition
3. History & Research

Each category consists of two parts:
1. Theory
2. Practical

[01/27/17]   " O le musika o mafaufauga loloto e faaosofia e le Agaga o le Atua".

The music of deep thoughts is inspired by the Spirit of God

[01/26/17]   The school provides lessons in piano music in relation to both Samoan and European styles. We will mostly follow the content of some English books for notes and exercises. Church hymns will be later introduced into classes for practical work.

The school is organised into 9 levels or grades. All new students must start from the Beginner Level and then continue to next if he or she pass the requirements set for each grade. The school program is set for two terms per year. Each term have 10 weeks.

The school will start in February 14th this year. Students must be enrolled and registered first before attending the school. The school fee is $20 per term with a non-refundable registration fee of $20.

Please contact me for further information regarding enrolment and registration processes.
Phone: 7724865
Email: [email protected]

Thank you.

Periti Tauapai,
School Director/ Head Instructor.

[01/26/17]   For people who wants to learn how to play piano and understand music, enrol now. The registration fee is $20.

For further information please contact Vaetoa Periti Tauapai through the phone number 7724685 or the email [email protected]

[12/31/16]   O loo ua amataina nei le faatinoga o le aoga ta piano mo i latou e fia maua lea agavaa. E manaomia lou resitara muamua ina ia mafai ona ulufale i le aoga.

[08/05/16]   School Program:

There are two terms and each term consists of 10 weeks of usual academic work and 2 weeks of mid-break.

The first term is from February to June and the second term is from June to October.

The total hours of program per term is 60 hours ( 6 hours per week; 2 hours per day)

Monday, Wednesday and Friday are the days we have classes from 3.30pm - 4.30pm in the evening.

The registration fee(non-refundable) is $20and the tuition fee per term is $20. If student withdraw from course within the first two weeks of term, he or she will get full tuition fee refund. Otherwise, half of tuition fee is refunded.

There are 9 levels/classes a student must go through in order to graduate:
Grade One.
Grade Two.
Grade Three.
Grade Four.
Grade Five.
Grade Six.
Grade Seven.
Grade Eight.

Student should spend at least 6 hours a week on class lessons.

Grading System:
A+= 90% - 100%
A = 85% - 89%
A- =80% - 84%
B+= 75% - 79%
B = 70% - 74%
B- = 65% - 69%
C+= 60% - 64%
C = 55% 59%
C- = 50% - 54%
F = Fail ( 49% or below)

A student with an A+ grade will be considered to transit to next level.

There are 10 weekly assignments: Each weekly assignment consists of 5 piano and 5 theory lessons. Each lesson is worth 10% and each weekly assignment is worth 10% ( average total of piano and theory lessons).
The Final mark is worth 100% (10% x 10 weekly assignments).

Mandatory Requirements to Pass:
A student must :
1. get 5% or more in all lessons (piano and theory)
2. get 5% or more in all weekly assignments
3. have a total of at least 50% mark in final.
4. attend all classes.

For further information, contact the administration office through email [email protected] . Otherwise, see the school director Periti Tauapa'i.





Lalovi Mulifanua

Opening Hours

Monday 15:30 - 17:30
Wednesday 15:30 - 17:30
Friday 15:30 - 17:30
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