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Who says art needs to be contained on paper?! 🥰🥰🥰
100 Languages of Children❤️
Play mud ✨✨✨✨
Math Reggio 💥💥💥
Imagination made real😆💚
We are having our fourth annual Postcard Exchange. Join other schools around the world and send them a postcard and learn about where they go to school. Our groups will be around 8-12, and you have until October 15th to send them out. If interested in joining in the fun, sign up here, we will only be adding new member for a few more days.
Mình thích một bài chia sẻ này về Reggio. Context quan trọng nhưng không cần quá cầu kỳ, phức tạp. Điều quan trọng là cách tiếp cận với các bạn nhỏ, và để các bạn có quyền tự do, khám phá và thể hiện ra sao. Phần phản hồi của giáo viên như trong bài viết cho thấy các thầy cô giáo theo cách tiếp cận Reggio khá là vất vả để tìm hiểu, đáp ứng các nhu cầu đa dạng của trẻ, và quan trọng nhất là tính kiên nhẫn. Ở nhà có 2 bạn nhỏ thôi mà đôi khi mẹ cũng thấy nản rồi. Rất là chia sẻ với các cô :-)

All about Reggio Emilia Approach

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SEL. For those of you confused about what social-emotional learning is, this is it. When children have a teacher who role models this, the world will be a better place.
Miss Sue😊
“It's never been more important than now to teach these values to our youngest humans.
Early Childhood Education is a key to peace.” Thank you


Our toddler-preschool room.


Love this advice from child advocate Phyllis Fagell ❤️

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This is such a great visual of co-regulation. Of course sometimes your child won't want to be held and don't force it. But if we can stay calm, meet the feeling not the behaviour then co-regulation can happen. When we hold our child there is a physical change. Their nervous system will mirror ours. We just have to wait for the fire to go out.


The rights of children are paramount to us as educators. The ECA National Conference 2021 will help you examine children's rights from all angles and will inform and challenge your ways of practice. Join us in Brisbane (6-9 Sep). Book now:

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