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RMIT Vietnam Leadership


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[EMERGING LEADERS PROJECT 2017C] #rmitstudentlife It's not about what you are able to see from these following celebs. It's about what you are unable to see from them. Join us at: For more info: *Remember to use your RMIT email to register ✅Deadline of application for HAN campus: 24/10/2017 ✅Deadline of application for SGS campus: 04/11/2017

RMIT Leadership Vietnam is run by RMIT Student Life Division. We are here to support and provide RMIT Student Leaders with many formal training, project work and leadership event which help enhance and boost our students’ leadership skills.

Our programme includes a handful of events such as: Leadership Book Club Student Leader of the Month Emerging Leaders Project (ELP) Student Leadership Recognition Awards (SLRA) Online Leadership Training Courses, L.E.A.D (Learn, Engage, Aspire, Develop) Program and so much more! To find out more please contact us. E: [email protected]

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What are you reading in this upcoming holiday? 📖

This month, Student Life's Leadership Program bring you another book on leadership: "𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗢𝗡𝗘 𝗧𝗵𝗶𝗻𝗴" 𝗯𝘆 𝗚𝗮𝗿𝘆 𝗞𝗲𝗹𝗹𝗲𝗿 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗝𝗮𝘆 𝗣𝗮𝗽𝗮𝘀𝗮𝗻.

Want to discover your ONE thing? 👉 Get your actionable tips from the book to 𝙡𝙚𝙖𝙙 𝙖 𝙡𝙞𝙛𝙚 𝙤𝙣 𝙥𝙪𝙧𝙥𝙤𝙨𝙚 and 𝙖𝙘𝙝𝙞𝙚𝙫𝙚 𝙜𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙩 𝙜𝙤𝙖𝙡𝙨 as a leader. 👊


As RMIT students, you can borrow the book at RMIT Vietnam Library, or you can get a copy at:

📌 Tiki bookstore:
📌 Amazon:

Join the Leadership Book Club and chat about the book:

Who's reading with us this month? 🖐

#LeadershipBookClub #ReadWithStudentLife


Students who completed 3/5 sessions of L.E.A.D Training Series - LeaderShift, your certificates are ready to pick up!

📩 Check your email and come to Student Life Office to receive your L.E.A.D Certificate of Participation!

We hope that the L.E.A.D Online Training has provided you valuable knowledge to sharpen your leadership experience and that this has been a great experience for all!

#RMITLeadership #LEADTraining


Student Leaders of the Month Anh Thu, Tuan Nghiep and Anh Dung had a cozy lunch with Professor Mathews Nkhoma - Head of School of Business and Management, Mr. Glen O'Grady - Director, Academic and Student Services and Ms. Trang Le - Senior Manager of Student Life on Saigon South campus today in recognition of their achievements.

The students shared their leadership stories and learned from RMIT Vietnam Leadership Team on how to become better leaders as well as the importance of building structures and system in leadership.

Congrats, leaders! ✨💐

Melbourne International Film Festival | The Leadership


If you're an RMIT student living in Melbourne, don't miss your chance to watch The Leadership Film which is now available online at Melbourne International Film Festival 68½!

Directed by Ili Baré, THE LEADERSHIP follows Homeward Bound CEO, Fabian Dattner as she leads an international group of 76 scientists on an Antarctic voyage for leadership training. As the women's deeply personal stories of workplace gender biases are revealed, Dattner's own leadership is tested.

See more here:


As 76 scientists on an all-women leadership trip to Antarctica discover, gender inequality in STEM is just the tip of the iceberg.

Leadership Training Semester 2, 2020

Leadership training "Transform your leadership in the new normal" with Mr. Warren Eng (Leaders Create Leaders) was hosted in the Club President Forum - Semester 2, 2020 to help students strengthen leadership mindset in the new normal.

Leadership training "Transform your leadership in the new normal" with Mr. Warren Eng (Leaders Create Leaders) was hosted in the Club President Forum - Semester 2, 2020 to help students strengthen leadership mindset in the new normal.


Congrats to Nguyen Anh Dung to become the July's RMIT Student Leader of the Month!

🔹 Student's name: Nguyen Anh Dung
🔹 Major: Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management
🔹 Latest leadership role: Leader of RMIT Student Ambassador Team (Group 2) in Saigon South Campus

🔹 Achievements:

- Former President – Mini 4 Wheels Drive Club (M4WD Club) collaborated with RMIT English Department to organize game during Teen Explorer program.
- Former President of RMIT Board Games Club.
- Winning group in the City Challenge Ho Chi Minh City 2019.
- Organizer of the charity trips to Phan Sinh, Francis Shelter, Dong Nai Province with Student Ambassador Team.

🔹 What does being a student leader mean to you?

Being a student leader means you become a role model for others to look up and improve themselves. For me, as a student leader, I supported other students as well as gave them inspiration and motivation to make their dreams come true.

I have come to realize that there is no best way to lead but if you show the passion in leadership, people will follow you.

#RMITStudentLeader #StudentLeaderOfTheMonth

"Student Leader of the Month" is a monthly recognition for students' leadership through campus involvement, leadership activities, volunteer or community service. Learn more about the recognition program here:

💪💪 L.E.A.D Online Training is coming to an end in just 02 DAYS!

With the successful delivery of 3 online interactive courses:

1. Emotional Intelligence: An edge for leaders - 22 July
2. Effective Problem Solving - 29 July
3. Conflict Resolution Techniques - 5 August,

We have journeyed through half of our program with remarkable results.
There are still 2 more Linkedin Learning courses for everyone to attend

4. Digital Leadership:
5. Body Language for Leaders:

Completion of 3 out of 5 courses will earn you a Completion Certificate. Don't forget to submit your E-certificate in the link below for us to verify your completion by 12th August 2020


🎉🥳A big thank you from us organizers here at RMIT Vietnam Leadership and we wish you all knowledge and health!

#RMITStudentLife #LEADTraining #LEADershift


Mr. Andrew Le is the Director of Business Development of Crestcom VietNam with a 10-year experience working at managerial positions in America, where he also obtained his Master of International Business. Mr. Andrew’s 13 years of devotion to the educational profession, for both corporate clients and university students, speaks volumes for his excellence and expertise.

Fancy assessing both his theoretical knowledge and practical experience in handling conflict? Join our “Conflict Resolution Techniques” to gain valuable insights from the top expert.

- Date & Time: 📅 August 5th ⏰ from 2 pm to 4 pm
- Register through:
- L.E.A.D Info Package:

#RMITStudentLife #LEADTraining #LEADershift


Ms. Hoang Ngoc Bich, Chairman of Global Leaders/Crestcom Viet Nam and Management Training Specialist, brings with her 24 years of expertise in training for high-level personnel & executives of various top companies. Ms. Bich has received numerous recognition for her influence and excellency, namely the Top 50 most influential women by Forbes Vietnam.

Join us on the "Effective Problem Solving" session to familiarize yourself with different ways to effectively tackle a problem.

- Date & Time: 📅 July 29nd ⏰ from 2 pm to 4 pm
- Register through:
- L.E.A.D Info Package:

#RMITStudentLife #LEADTraining #LEADershift


RMIT Activator Vietnam Future Founders Competition 2020 is open for all RMIT students who are passionate about building their own start-ups and need support to turn their ideas into reality.

Mentorship, funding, friendship, new connections are all on the line; however, the real prize is walking away with an actual knowledge and hands-on skills on entrepreneurship.

If you have an idea and would like to get involved don't hesitate to apply now:

Deadline for registration: 23:59 Wednesday, July 29th, 2020.

#studentleaders #startup #opportunity


Ms. My Holland, CEO & founder of EQuest Asia, is a passionate advocate of workplace happiness and mindful environment. Ms. My's specialization in multiples disciplines like Emotional Intelligence, Neuroleadership, Positive Psychology empowers her to bring joy, productivity and motivation to her community. She devotes her time speaking at international conferences, writing, coaching and consulting global clients. She has made her mark as one of the top EQ leaders in both Australia and Vietnam.

Fancy meeting and learning more from Ms. My Holland? Make sure you register and join us on the "Emotional Intelligence: An Edge for Leaders" session:

- Date & Time: 📅 July 22nd ⏰ from 2 pm to 4 pm
- Register through:
- L.E.A.D Info Package:

#RMITStudentLife #LEADTraining #LEADershift

L.E.A.D Leadership Online Training Program 2020 booth locates right at the heart of RMIT, at 3A station of Beanland canteen. 🤩🤩

Our promotion booth provides everything you need (information, flyers, and direct face-to-face support) to take that first step of becoming an influential leader. This booth is the result of dedication and wholehearted support from Enactus RMIT Vietnam - Saigon South campus.🥳👏👏

Pay us a visit to find out more about L.E.A.D and show your friends some love to receive amazing gifts.🤙🤙

We are ready to welcome you at Leadership Book Club today!

Come drop by! 🌟☕️📖

3PM - Room 1.3.33 (inside Beanland library)


The Learn, Engage, Aspire, Develop (L.E.A.D) program is designed to provide comprehensive leadership training to RMIT students, volunteers, student organizations who have made a significant contribution to the RMIT Community and stood out as potential future leaders.

Upcoming leadership training:

⚡️ Emotional Intelligence - An edge for leaders - 22 July
⚡️ Effective Problem Solving - 29 July
⚡️ Conflict Resolution Techniques - 5 August

✅ Online courses every Wednesday, Week 4 to Week 6, 2pm - 4pm.

📌 L.E.A.D Program Info Package and registration:

Are you ready to transform your leadership to the next level? Learn with experts, shift your mindset and L.E.A.D now!

#RMITStudentLife #LEADTraining #LEADershift


Congratulations to Ngoc Linh to become this June's RMIT Student Leader of the Month!

🔹 Student's name: Doan Ngoc Linh
🔹 Major: Professional Communication
🔹 Current role: President of RMIT Event Club - Hanoi Campus
🔹 Fun fact: Linh went to an RMIT seminar with family when she was in 9th grade. Right at that moment, she marked RMIT as a dream university. She has been to many RMIT Experience Days and the love for RMIT has continuously grown in her until now.

🔹 Achievements:

- Member of MB Crew Dance Club of Le Quy Don - Dong Da High School (2016-2018)
- Representative speaker of Red Cross Vietnam in the Winter Exchange Program to Japan (2017)
- Volunteer of Moot Court Vietnam (2018)
- Volunteer of IRON Run project (2017) to raise awareness about the disabled community.

🔹 What does being a student leader mean to you?

I believe a student leader is an individual who is responsible for presenting his/her belief and vision about revolution. As being a student leader, I would like to grow as an inspiration and motivation for others to walk on their own paths and pursue their ultimate dreams.

RMIT Event Club is also very successful for the viral "RMIT Tik Tok Time" campaign with nearly 8 million views and 600.000 likes, which awarded the "Best Online Project" in RMIT Vietnam Student Life HN's Student Club Program.

#RMITStudentLeader #StudentLeaderOfTheMonth

🎯 Know an inspiring student leader who is impacting RMIT community? You can nominate them here:

Catch us on "Chat with Student Leader" Facebook Live session this week, where My from Student Council will share her experiences with #RMITLifeOnCampus.

✅ Don't forget to tune in 𝘁𝗵𝗶𝘀 𝗦𝗮𝘁𝘂𝗿𝗱𝗮𝘆, 𝟭𝟭𝘁𝗵 𝗼𝗳 𝗝𝘂𝗹𝘆 𝟭𝟭:𝟬𝟬 𝗔𝗠 to have a friendly chat with My about schools, leadership and upcoming student events!

#RMITStudentLife #ChatWithStudentLeader #FacebookLive

Coming Up: Leadership Book Club Meet-Up

Join us for a discussion about leadership books "The Leader Who Had No Tittle" by Robin Sharma and "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen Covey.

Bring your favorite books to the session, share your #leadership key takeaways, and how you’ve taken them into your life. Tea will be served and gifts are reserved for some of the best sharing.

You will also be introduced to some of the best leadership books in the library.

Register at:

#RMITStudentLife #LeadershipBookClub

Student leaders who have got an idea to tackle waste management and recycling issues in South/Southeast Asia, and wish to turn your ideas into action, you now can sign up for the Circular Innovation Jam 2020!

Finalists will enter into an online support program with RMIT Activator Vietnam for 4-6 weeks of idea refinement.

Spread your ideas and make an impact! ♻️

#IdeasIntoAction #RMITOpportunities

Got an idea to improve waste management and recycling in South/Southeast Asia? ♻️🤝 Join the Circular Innovation Jam and build a prototype plan of action before 30 June 2020!

You will be supported by our experienced mentors from RMIT Activator Vietnam during this journey to the $5,000 prize!

👉 Read more and apply here:

#wastemanagement #recycling #prototype #RMITactivator #JAM

Always believe in the difference you are making.

Step up. Take action. Lead.

#Leadership #Growth #WisdomWednesday


Fully online platform, available and free to current RMIT students, RMIT Micro-credentials will help you navigate your ways and start building skills with experts. Secure your place on Micro-credentials with various leadership and skills development courses.

Some of RMIT Student Life's recommended #leadership courses (which only takes you less than 4 hours):

📌 Defining U:
📌 Resilience and Adaptability:
📌 Leadership and Decision Making:

Full details of 🌟 FREE 🌟 courses here:

#RMITCreds #Leadership #BuildingSkills


Congratulations to Ha Tuan Nghiep to become the May's RMIT Student Leader of the Month!

🔹 Student's name: Ha Tuan Nghiep
🔹 Major: Logistics & Supply Chain Management
🔹 Current role: Program Tutor (Logistics) & Workshop Leader (Accounting)

🔹 Achievements:

- Champion of the Nielsen Case Competition 2019
- Workshop Leader for Accounting (2019)
- Co-run the 12th International Conference of Asian Shipping and Logistic in 2019
- Co-author of the book chapter: “Role of logistics service providers in the supply chain”.
- Volunteered in the 2011 Soccer Program for international students hosted by the Brunswick Council, Melbourne, Australia.

🔹 What does being a student leader mean to you?

"I believe a leader always endeavors to develop his/ her team members as much as he/she possibly can" - Nghiep shared.

In semester 1, Nghiep has been active in supporting around 20 students in studying online and more than 300 students since 2019 in different majors, working with Student Academic Success. He has a great influence on his peers as a supportive and knowledgeable team leader. "Nghiep often led other members through assignments or personal problems. Additionally, he is always willing to help other students in any way he can", one of his teammates shared.

#RMITStudentLeader #StudentLeaderOfTheMonth

🎯 Do you know an inspiring student leader who is impacting RMIT community? You can nominate them here:


Semester break is coming and the weather is starting to change so let's together grab something to read! ✨

A book for June introduced to you is "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen R. Covey.

📌 Reasons to read?

✔️ Among the most influential personal development books of all time.

✔️ Over 25 million copies in 40 languages have been sold throughout the world.

✔️ A personal and professional guide that shows student leaders the tools of independence and interpersonal leadership.

📌 What you’ll get out of it: You’ll be a better leader, a better time manager and more effective team player.

📌 Where to get the book?

You can borrow the book at RMIT Vietnam Library or purchase it at your favorite local book store.


Join RMIT Leadership Book Club:

In this month's book pick "The Leader Who Had No Title", Robin Sharma shared one self-leadership secret: to be and give your best everyday.

What have you learned about leadership in this book? What are your favorite lines?

#LeadershipBookClub #ReadWithStudentLife


The "Leadership Mindset In Difficult Times" webinar took place online last week and attracted nearly 100 RMIT students, staff and external guests participating.

Discussion topics included leadership qualities, leadership mindset in the times of crisis, what leaders should do in difficult moments as well as necessary skills young leaders should prepare for success in the future.

Missed the session? Below are some of the key takeaways:

Needed responses in crisis:

🔹 Acting with urgency
🔹 Communicating with transparency
🔹 Responding productively with missteps
🔹 Engaging in constant updating

Mindset for the future:

🔹 Agile: Be flexible and quick to adapt
🔹 Humble: Listen and accept that you can be wrong
🔹 Resilient: Uncertainty is normal but be resilient
🔹 Critical thinking: Don’t worry about the problem, solve it

As Mr. Thang Huynh - Founder of Lead The Change shared: "No-one will believe in you unless you do", you are the choices you make in any circumstances.

Thank you participants for your great enthusiasm and engagement and our amazing panel: Dr. Burkhard N. Schrage, Dr. Seng Kok, Mr. Huynh Cong Thang and Ms. Cecile Saidi for the leadership inspiration you shared to RMIT students & community.

#Leadership #Webinar #LeadingInDifficultTimes

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Ho Chi Minh City?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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