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[11/15/19]   Beginner = B1
Elementary = B2
Intermediate = C1
Advanced = C2

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Shakespeare rap

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Hello everyone ! Welcome to MMT Chinese class again !
Today we are going to learn two measure words "副 fù" and "辆 liàng ".
Lets look at the first two pictures, a pair of glasses and gloves . We usually use "副 fù" on them.
/////////////////////////// { glasses —— 眼(yǎn)镜( jìng); gloves—— 手(shǒu)套(tào)}.
一(yī)副(fù)眼(yǎn)镜( jìng)//a pair of glasses;
一(yī)副(fù) 手(shǒu)套(tào)//a pair of gloves.
Some students might ask can I use 双(shuang) here?
No, normally we dont use 双 here.And just remember thats how we say it, we dont have a reason for that.
Now look at the next three picture. a bike , a motorbike and a car.
{bike— 自(zì)行(xíng)车(chē);motorbike—摩(mó)托(tuō)车(chē);car— 汽(qì)车(chē)}.
一(yī)辆(liàng) 自(zì)行(xíng)车(chē)// a bike;
一(yī)辆(liàng)摩(mó)托(tuō)车(chē)//a motorbike;
一(yī)辆(liàng)汽(qì)车(chē)// a car.
Lets look at the character "辆" which has a part "车 chē" which means vehicles . So we use “辆” on most kinds of vehicles ,such as cars ,trains , trucks, bikes , motorbikes,and metros.....
Hope you like today's class.
Here is your homework : Review all the measures which i taught last week and today, take totes and remember all of them, try to practice . Any questions,pls leave your comments below, I will answer you when i see it .
and also if you like my lessons, pls leave your comments as well ^^
Thank you !!

A mandarin (Chinese: 官; pinyin: guān) was a bureaucrat scholar in the government of imperial China, Korea and Vietnam.
comes from the Portuguese mandarim (spelled in Old Portuguese as mandarin pronounced [ˌmɐ̃n.ðaˈɾĩn]). The Portuguese word was used in one of the earliest Portuguese reports about China.

[09/23/19]   one month vs one year
un mois vs un an
Một năm và một tháng

[09/21/19]   【科普】英文Mandarin源自葡文Mandarim ,係十六世紀初葡萄牙人对對明國官員的稱呼。源自馬來文menteri(朝臣、部長),絕非甚麼「滿大人」的音譯😊,當時滿洲人尚未入關,中原還是大明的天下,而且當時滿洲族仍稱女真族,滿洲族之名是皇太極改後金國號為清時一併改的。

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🌺No conjugations: each verb only has one form, and for that matter: no irregular verbs
🌺 No tenses: use of particles to express if an action takes place in the past, present or future. Again, the verb form never changes in function of the tense
🌺No articles: no such thing as ‘the’ and ‘a’, no le/la, no der/die/das
🌺 No plurals: quantifiers before the noun, or simply the context, will make clear whether we are talking in singular or in plural
🌺No gender: no masculine, feminine or neuter words
🌺 No declensions of adjectives by number or gender: just like nouns, adjectives never change
🌺Fixed sentence patterns, no inversion: fixed pattern of subject - verb - object

[09/12/19]   Chinese song
天下有情人,大约在冬季 enjoy it!

“Language is the road map of a culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going.”
‒Rita Mae Brown

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Norwegian language proficiency levels:
- A1
- A2
- B1
- B2
- C1
- C2
- native speaker
- understanding Windir lyrics

[09/08/19]   深夜放毒 shēn yè fàng dú
深夜 shēn yè middle night
放毒 fàng dú poisoning
=Share photos of cuisine with friends at midnight

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吃苦 chi ku = in a hard period

Learn how to count in Mandarin.

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[09/01/19]   🇵🇭Peking University slammed for giving scholarship to non-Chinese-speaking Filipino🇵🇭

Last week, Peking University, one of China’s top institutions, found itself in a heap of backlash (in Chinese) after it offered a full scholarship to a Filipino student to enroll in its prestigious medical school. The generous scholarship, which is estimated to be around 470,000 yuan ($66,350=PHP 3.46million), sparked intense criticism after internet users discovered the foreign student couldn’t speak any Chinese and would need to spend an extra year taking language classes before officially starting her study.

Guess what language is this?

Nowadays, there are so many ways to get yourself exposed to real life, up-to-date English with all modern technology in place: podcasts, YouTube videos, streaming video and video-on-demand platforms, like Netflix or Amazon Prime, or any other one of the same type. You can get ton of useful stuff from the Internet! And, of course, a good old method - reading books in the original, which are available in paperback in many places of the world, or you can buy an electronic version online. Students of B2 level and higher must do a lot extensive listening, watching and reading on a regular basis, choosing things that they are really interested in. Encourage your students to attend various speaking clubs with native speakers, or to find an opportunity to communicate in real life situations online.


开 kāi: to open
门 mén: door
见 jiàn: to see
山 shān: mountain

opening the door and seeing the mountain
coming straight to the point
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A teacher of English as a second language tries to teach his students — from all over the world — about the 4 C’s (communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking)to work as they thoughtfully and intentionally worked together to revise our core values, vision, and mission statements.They are incredible! ♥️♥️♥️

#Cambridge #B2First #C1Advanced and #C2Proficiency

Studies have shown that, of all the factors contributing to language proficiency, vocabulary size is by far the single most significant factor.

[08/16/19]   Pronunciation Tips for English language
2.Echoing and Shadowing
4.Stressed? Unstressed?

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