Jizo Guardians

Jizo Guardians

A project that helps children increase their creativity, save environment by creating crafts from abandoned materials We are environment magician teams that brings about children and teenagers fanastic shows in recycling.

Shows that supply ideas to reuse, recycle matterials and make green life


Give A Shift About Nature

after Leave dish, the #wheat dish become viral :D
what if we can make #reusable dish from our food waste, argi-waste ? :]]
the producer just need a right machines, right funds to make a shift! :O

Here's to a plastic-free future!


World Economic Forum

Would you shop in a#Recycled mall?

Swap-shop. Read more: http://wef.ch/2yfiCF7


Happen Films

redesign sustainable food system for alll

This story among many others will be included in our new documentary Living the Change: Inspiring Stories for a Sustainable Future! Find out more at https://livingthechangefilm.com

us15.campaign-archive1.com 20/07/2017

Grow Your Life Inc. - Social Permaculture Institute

Là một doanh nghiệp xã hội, Học Viện Nông Nghiệp Thuận Tự Nhiên, sứ mệnh của Grow Your Life Inc. là khơi gợi cảm hứng, giáo dưỡng và ươm tạo các thế hệ công dân ưu tú và hệ sinh thái nông nghiệp, lâm nghiệp bền vững, an lành.

us15.campaign-archive1.com Grow Your Life Inc là một doanh nghiệp xã hội giáo dục Nông nghiệp hữu cơ Thuận Tự Nhiên cho Việt Nam. Chúng tôi khơi gợi cảm hứng và đào tạo những công dân tốt tạo nên thay đổi, kiến tạo lại hệ thống Thực Phẩm Bền Vững.

us15.campaign-archive1.com 20/07/2017

Grow Your Life Inc. - Social Permaculture Institute

Welcome to Grow Your Life Inc - Social Permaculture Institute
We develop Social Permaculture courses for families and young change makers to learn about Science of Nature Gardening, Sustainability Accessibilities.
We believe YOU can help us, work with us to tackle every issues in #FoodSecurity

us15.campaign-archive1.com Grow Your Life Inc. is a social enterprise aim to educate Permaculture Principles for Vietnam Sustainable Agriculture. We inspire and accelerate FoodSecurity change makers.


Southeast Asia Globe

Kudos Cambodia when u see #treasureintrash

A collection of up-and-coming fashionistas is carving out a sustainable niche by turning rags to riches


Vivienne Westwood


Inspiring project travel around the world to connect waste entrepreneurs, waste pickers

[FR] The Gold Diggers Project, le projet qui retire la cape d'invisibilité de ceux qui transforment nos ordures en or : les collecteurs informels de déchets (ou "#wastepickers" pour les bilingual) !

Ils représentent 1% de la population mondiale et contribuent chaque jour à augmenter nos taux de recyclage, à préserver nos ressources et à lutter contre la pollution issue des déchets.
Pourtant, ces super-héros de l'#économiecirculaire, sont généralement victimes d'ignorance et de répression par les autorités municipales, et de rejet de la part de la société civile.

Au travers de 12 pays, j'irai à la rencontre d'organisations de wastepickers ayant réussi à obtenir de meilleures conditions de travail, et d'acteurs qui montent des projets inspirants pour faciliter la coopération ou l'inclusion du secteur informel dans les schémas de gestion de déchets.

Le voyage débute en septembre 2017 !

Pour en savoir plus : https://www.thegolddiggersproject.com/
Vidéo de présentation : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPm5feKr-p0


[ENG] The Gold Diggers Project, the project that gives visibility to those who turn our trash into gold : wastepickers !

They represent 1% of the global population, and contribute to increase our recycling rates, to preserve our natural resources and to fight against waste pollution.
However, these superheros of #circulareconomy are generally victims of ignorance and repression from local authorities, and rejection by the civil society.

Across 12 countries, I will meet wastepickers' organizations which could get better work and life conditions, and local actors who carry out inspiring projects to help the cooperation or the inclusion of the informal sector in the solid waste management schemes.

The trip begins on September 2017 !

To learn more about the project : https://www.thegolddiggersproject.com/
The presentation video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPm5feKr-p0

#reuse #socent #sensetour #worldtour #biffin #chiffonniers #changemakers #sustainable #recycle



Great địa #recycling

Taiwan has a brilliant way to get people to recycle more.


Healing Forest

Then why we cut off so many forests?

Learn how forests have the ability to heal people. Please share and help spread some healing. For more info visit: healingforest.org


OLIO - Share More, Waste Less

I'm frightened whether I have a micro plastic in a fish I had this morning.....

1 in 4 fish contain plastic, which humans then eat. This can't be good...


ATTN: Video

Great initiative:))

People are teaming up to fix stuff instead of throwing it away.

Like ATTN: Video on Facebook.



This video will make us rethink about our consume habits. Be the conscious consumers, by buying fairtrade and organic products, be the part of #greeneconomy #sharingeconomy.

Do you really know what it takes to make your jeans? #ReclaimFashion



Recycling and humanity

A group of women in Tennessee, who call themselves "The Bag Ladies," are taking old plastic bags and turning them into mats for the homeless to sleep on. Some were sent to Louisiana to help those who lost their homes to flooding.

Read more: http://via.wgntv.com/la27r

www.makesense.org 23/08/2016

Act now for Jizo Guardians on MakeSense.org!

To help children and families have great experience in countryside life and educate Organic Farming, Permaculture as well as help local farmers direct-sale their farm products, nature learning courses, develop community tourism for local ethnic groups, Jizo Guardians develop an app calls " Farmer+" - an Airbnb for local farm tourism and permaculture offline learning. FarmerPlus can be a global scale project in Food Security and Environment Education solution.
This Sep 3rd, Make Sense London gang will help Jizo to pass this challenge : How to design agrotourism product in Europe and American market?" By very creative workshop name #HoldUp ;)
( Tiếng Việt)
Để giúp cho trẻ em và gia đình có thời gian tuyệt vời tại miền quê, trong nông trại Hữu Cơ, cũng như giúp các nông dân Hữu cơ có thể bán trực tiếp mà không cần thông qua trung gian, Jizo Guardians phát triển ứng dụng tên " FarmerPlus" - cho phép người dùng chia sẻ hình ảnh,dịch vụ của nông trại cho khách làm vườn, học Nông nghiệp Thuận Tự Nhiên. FarmerPlus cũng ứng dụng được cho du lịch phượt, du lịch cộng đồng tại các vùng dân tộc. Nhưng sứ mệnh chính của FarmerPlus chính là thúc đẩy sản xuất Nông nghiệp Hữu Cơ, giáo dục Môi Trường qua mt digital marketing cộng đồng!
Ngày 3/9 này, #MakeSense London Gang sẽ giúp dự án này của Jizo vượt qua thử thách: " Làm sao để thiết kế sản phẩm app vượt qua được các tiêu chuẩn khắt khe của thị trường Âu và Mỹ cho NNHC?" . Chúng ta sẽ cùng nhau phân tích và giải quyết vấn đề bằng kỹ thuật #HoldUp do MakeSense phát triển. ;)

www.makesense.org How to design agrotourism product for Europe and America market?



120 amazing social business in Asia :]]]

MediFree, one of our collaborative projects with KreLab, is listed as one of the Top 120 social enterprises to watch for in Asia!

We were also shortlisted to the next round of DBS-NUS Social Venture Challenge Asia 2016.

We thank every one for their comments and feedback. :)

Please continue to support us as we push towards the vision of helping those less-fortunate people who need medical equipment but can't afford them for their daily lives.

#medifree #medicalequipment #savelives #helpsociety


Permaculture Magazine

#FoodForest preserve regenerative future while feeding the hunger

Does forest gardening really work? Bryn Thomas explains how and adds some fascinating facts!




Kudos Jizo Team is in the list of 100projects to fight for climate change on over the world.
#JizoGuardians, which the mission of educating #Recycling and Permaculture for young people in Vietnam, is trying our best to film-making, recycling class, and meeting food entrepreneurs to connect all in a circular economy table! :3
What is our ambition? - that is to #RegenerativeCity in a Food Forest and Permaculture gardens, :) Zero Waste living style!
Vote for us follow the link, so that Jizo can spread our words in Paris this year!


100projetspourleclimat.gouv.fr http://100projetspourleclimat.gouv.fr/en/projects/106-jizo-guardians


On the day World Hunger Day, it's time for us to remember the victim of hunger, the poor that are living lack of fresh water, fresh food. We will remember the cancer victims who getting seriously ill or poisoning by poisonous food and medicine, polluted water and air. We will remember the victims truckling with waste from food, from waste farming and unsustainable food production. We will remember millions of children eating fast-food everyday as their only food..We will remember and THINK ABOUT!
We will think about millions of local farmers, environmentalists, biologists, scientists are fighting against GMO ghosts, fighting for Organic food production and #EatLocally
We will think about thousands of food entrepreneurs are trying their best everyday to do research, business traveling, co-creating solutions for #Sustainable Food systems, and a #Food4all, #CircularEconomy and #SharingCommunity.
We will think about what we can do together to make change!

On that day, we will remember, and we will think about the problem that our wrong food system are having; we can come out 10ideas/person and together- we co-create solution. That solution we co-create will inspire the next step of a food entrepreneur. That solution can change one of us to be #ChangeMaker and #Developer of Food innovation.

With Make Sense #FoodSecurity Tribe, we can do it!On behaft of Make [email protected] Tribe, i'm calling for action, for food entrepreneurs to meetup and share me your difficulty having! We are here with you, using the community power to build up, scale up bigger impact, your impact!

www.makesense.org 25/05/2016

Act now for Jizo Guardians on MakeSense.org!

Act now for Jizo Guardians for Permaculture Research Institute in Vietnam. :)

www.makesense.org How to find collaborators to create a permaculture education in Vietnam?



[Apprendre l'Agroécologie en Inde] : Chaque année #Navdanya propose des cours intensifs d'un mois : " A- Z de l'agroécologie et les systèmes agricoles biologiques" . Le prochain cours aura lieu du 15 Septembre au 15 Octobre 2016.

Voici le film : http://bit.ly/1SHONNh
Plus d'info : http://bit.ly/1qVooF9


Jizo Guardians

Permaculture is more than Organic Farming. It's natural care, human care and fair share organic production

Design approach to #FoodSecurity.

pacific-edge.info 08/05/2016

David Holmgren: design approach to food security

Design approach to #FoodSecurity.

pacific-edge.info David Holmgren says cities can feed themselves…


Great waste management innovation in India. Congrats

#India #Wastecollectors #IT

I Got Garbage team has developed a cloud-based IT platform that enables tracking of waste collection, segregation and flow of waste from households. The project envisages to provide waste collectors smartphones to garner data on amount and type of garbage generated in each household and how it is processed.


The FLOWER 06/05/2016

Let's discover the flower world from Upcycled materials.
And guess what are those actually made of? :]]]]]
Can you imagine how interesting it will be if we put them into movies?

Let's discover the flower world from Upcycled materials.
And guess what are those actually made of? :]]]]]
Can you imagine how interesting it will be if we put them into movies?

The Insect world 06/05/2016

let's discover the Insect World made of recycled materials.
Can you guess what actually those are made of? :)

let's discover the Insect World made of recycled materials.
Can you guess what actually those are made of? :)

boredpanda.com 24/04/2016

22+ Shocking Illustrations Reveal How Animals Feel By Switching Them With Humans

These photos are really shocked!

boredpanda.com Imagine a parallel universe where animals were the dominant species, and they treated us like the human race treats them. Pretty scary thought right? Well that's the theme of this shocking series of illustrations.


Upcycled toys story

www.ideapod.com 08/04/2016

People Who Appreciate Nature Are Happier, Healthier And More Innovative

Let's live under a tree to be the best success :))

www.ideapod.com There’s nothing quite like being deep in a forest, completely separated from the touch of humankind. It provides an inexplicable sense of tranquil...


A detour of Upcycled Teaching ads in my Mom's school. :)
So creative and amazing her students made upcycled models for Kider Garden classes!
However after being passed the school exams, these models are being left behind...
I'm trying to make them into Stories and FILM making :)



🌟Create your social startup concept during a four hour workshop? That's the goal of SenseFiction: Check-out the list of event below!🌟

🎉This Saturday, more than 20 cities will organize their own SenseFictions during the WorldWide SenseFiction Day with the aim to create a 100 social startup concept to solve social or environnemental problems. 🎉

Which topic would you like to work on during this event ? Comment on this post and share with us the problem that keep you up at night you want to solve !

Register and join the mob'! :) :
👉Toulouse: SenseFiction #Toulouse : créez un concept d'entreprise sociale
👉Paris: SenseFiction Paris #WW SenseFiction Day
👉Marseille: SenseFiction Marseille #WW SenseFiction Day
👉Lyon: SenseFiction Lyon #WW SenseFiction Day
👉Phnom penh: SenseFiction Phnom Penh
👉Quito: SenseFiction Day Quito
👉Milano: WW SenseFiction Day Milano
👉Beirut: #Beirut Worldwide Sensefiction Day
👉Mexico City: WW SenseFiction Day CDMX
👉Casablanca: #Casablanca World Wide SenseFiction Day
👉Lima: SenseFiction Day #Lima
👉Dakar: #DAKAR WorldWide SenseFiction Day
👉Maastricht: SenseFiction #Maastricht === 3x3 Challenge
👉Amsterdam: SenseFiction Amsterdam #WW SenseFiction Day
👉Manila: SenseFiction Manila - Design a Social Startup!
👉London: London Worldwide SenseFiction Day
👉Ho Chi Minh: SenseFiction Ho Chi Minh city
👉Kathmandu: Kathmandu SenseFiction
👉St Cyr L'Ecole: https://www.makesense.org/fr/user_events/2403
👉Brussels(04/04): Sensefiction - Smart Mobility
👉Jakarta(09/04): SenseFiction Day, April 9, 1-6pm
👉Saint Louis (09/04): Event coming soon!

Let's spread the world with innovative ideas this Saturday!



Meet Thy!
Co-founder of a startup promoting permaculture, vegan and zero-waste living style in Viet Nam, she felt in love with the MakeSense community in 2015.

Since then, she facilitated 2 Hold-Up creativity workshops to mobilize citizens on solving challenges of social entrepreneurs.

➡ With Henry they will host SenseFiction Ho Chi Minh city on April 2 for you to prototype your own social startup during WorldWide SenseFiction Day.

➡ Stay tuned, Saigon will soon take action for #FoodSecurity: https://medium.com/social-impact-for-all/what-is-food-security-and-why-does-it-matter-in-asia-2fce7965ef3d#.e758tdpyv

Thanks 350.org!


Story of recycling class

The #Introducingme of Jizo Guardians in Vietnamese version. :)


Story of recycling class

The INTRODUCING ME of our project in Vietnamese version :)

boredpanda.com 03/03/2016

Old Books Repurposed Into Paper Cups And Saucers By Cecilia Levy

Old books repurposed into paper cups and saucers

boredpanda.com Cecilia Levy has found a novel use for old books and comics. Instead of throwing them out, the Swedish artist transforms them into beautiful works of paper art.

Videos (show all)

A detour of Upcycled Teaching ads in my Mom's school. :) So creative and amazing her students made upcycled models for K...





Ho Chi Minh City
Other Education in Ho Chi Minh City (show all)
Võ Đường Phi Lâm - Bình Định Võ Đường Phi Lâm - Bình Định
27 đường CN6, Phường Sơn Kỳ, Quận Tân Phú
Ho Chi Minh City

Võ Đường Phi Lâm - Bình Định Trực tiếp giảng dạy: võ sư Nguyễn Ngọc Thơ Đ?

Tài liệu y học- ykhoaonline Tài liệu y học- ykhoaonline
Đại Học Y Dược Thành Phố Hồ Chí Minh
Ho Chi Minh City, 225555


Stellar Vietnam Stellar Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh City, 100000

Manabie Vietnam - Recruitment Manabie Vietnam - Recruitment
TNR Tower, 180-192 Nguyễn Công Trứ, Phường Nguyễn Thái Bình, Quận 1.
Ho Chi Minh City

Một ngày tuyệt đẹp nhỉ ? Chào mừng bạn đã đến với page thông tin tuyển dụng của Manabie Việt Nam :)

Du Học - Định cư Dream Works Du Học - Định cư Dream Works
Toà Nhà Win Home 18A Nam Quốc Cang, Phường Phạm Ngũ Lão, Quận 1, Tp. Hồ Chí Minh
Ho Chi Minh City

Du học Hàn Quốc Du học Mỹ Định cư Canada YOUR CHOICE, YOUR FUTURE. DreamWorks - Nơi giấc mơ là hiện thực. UY TÍN - CHẤT LƯỢNG - NHANH CHÓNG - ĐẢM BẢO.

HAAC - Câu lạc bộ Thiên văn nghiệp dư TP.HCM HAAC - Câu lạc bộ Thiên văn nghiệp dư TP.HCM
No. 1, Pham Ngoc Thach Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1
Ho Chi Minh City, 700000

Câu lạc bộ Thiên văn nghiệp dư TP. Hồ Chí Minh - Ho Chi Minh City Amateur Astronomy Club (HAAC)

Mầm Non Bách Việt - Chắp cánh tài năng trẻ Mầm Non Bách Việt - Chắp cánh tài năng trẻ
1092 Kha Vạn Cân, Phường Linh Chiểu, Quận Thủ Đức
Ho Chi Minh City, 70999


Rumlee 333DsMax Rumlee 333DsMax
Quận 7
Ho Chi Minh City

Chuyên Dạy 3ds max. 3ds max quận 7. 3ds max tp Hồ Chí Minh.

Đào tạo Bartender Chuyên Nghiệp tại SIM Đào tạo Bartender Chuyên Nghiệp tại SIM
Số 6 Phan Đình Giót, Phường 2, Quận Tân Bình
Ho Chi Minh City

Trường Nhân lực Quốc tế đào tạo các khóa học Bartender chuyên nghiệp: - Pha chế thức uống - Pha chế rượu - Barista - Bartender chuyên nghiệp

Tôi Là Ayper Tôi Là Ayper
Ho Chi Minh City, 70000

Cộng đồng AYPer - Sân chơi của những bạn trẻ dám theo đuổi đam mê : )

207/38 Ba Thang Hai Str, Phường 11
Ho Chi Minh City, 70000

DMC IELTS, previously known as Dynamic IELTS, is founded by enthusiastic and dedicated teachers who have had years of giving IELTS training. Our mission is to bring values to those who aspire to sharpen their English skills.

BossEnglish.vn BossEnglish.vn
53/1 Đường 494 Phường Tăng Nhơn Phú A Quận 9
Ho Chi Minh City, 700000

Đào tạo Tiếng Anh lớp nhỏ 6 - 8 học viên/lớp, lưu loát trong vòng 1 năm. Học 1 lần là thành công cả đời