DGM Vietnam - Dangerous Goods Management

DGM Vietnam - Dangerous Goods Management

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DGM Vietnam is specialized in all aspects of safe transport of dangerous goods (ICAO/IATA/IMO/ADR). Moving any hazardous materials, by any mode of transport, requires expert know-how and services to ensure that national and international rules, regulations and requirements are duly met. DGM Vietnam provides professional services for packing, documentation, storage, training, consultancy and logistics of moving dangerous goods, safely and efficiently.


How to select the correct Proper Shipping Name? - DGM Network

Another tips working on Dangerous Goods - How to select the correct Proper Shipping Name

dgmsupport.com According to transport regulations, dangerous goods must be assigned to one of the Proper Shipping Names shown in Dangerous Goods List of the applicable transport regulations such as ADR, ICAO-IATA DGR, IMO-IMDG Code, RID or 49 CFR.

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Lithium metal battery to be forbidden on Pax aircraft - message from ICAO

The ICAO Dangerous Goods Panel (DGP) last Friday formally decided to prohibit the carriage of lithium metal batteries as cargo on passenger aircraft. This decision has still to be formally ratified by the ICAO Air Navigation Commission (ANC) and the ICAO Council. That process is expected to take place at the ANC in May and Council in June.

The consequence of the DGP decision is that, unless the ANC or Council decide otherwise, lithium metal batteries of all types, when shipped by themselves, will be forbidden on passenger aircraft as cargo as of 1 January 2015.

To implement this the ICAO DGP has made changes to the provisions in Packing Instruction 968 that will among other things no longer allow freight forwarders to consolidate shipments of “small” lithium metal batteries prepared under Section II of PI 968. I will provide a copy of the report of the ICAO DGP-WG/LB/2 meeting, that will include the detail of the changes as soon as the report is available.

It was clear from the ICAO DGP Meeting that this is just the first step in looking at the risk posed by shipments of lithium batteries of all types.

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IATA Training

We have also been working with new partners in few strategic markets to deliver the IATA learning solutions:

Hongkong Association of Freight Forwarding & Logistics Ltd. (HAFFA) - Hong Kong
IFORMS – France
BsGoodS Luxembourg & DGM Academy S.A. – Luxembourg

Be awaken of dangerous goods! Safety always first!

Lithium-ion batteries have caused 140 mid-air incidents in last 20 years!


The Safety Data Sheet (SDS): Hazard Comunication Element - DGM Network

Tips to work on SDS for DG cargo here!

dgmsupport.com Safety Data Sheets – SDSs – are an important and well-known element of hazard communication. Every day thousands of SDSs are asked for those agents involved in dangerous goods activities in order to check storage conditions, proper classification or personal protective equipment (PPE).

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For excepted quantity label

DGM Poland Sp. z o.o.


We are pleased to share with all of our latest award. IATA has recognized DGM within the Worldwide Top Performing Dangerous Goods ATS. The top performing award means that DGM has been listed in the worldwide top 5 Accredited Training Schools.

This is the third consecutive year that DGM has received this prestigious award, which recognizes the excellence of our IATA-DGR training programs in the air transport industry.


Ensuring Safety, Transporting Hazardous Materials by Air 1997

A must watch "Ensuring Safety, Transporting Hazardous Materials by Air 1997"

Department of Transportation Video RSPA/USDOT Ensuring Safety: Transporting Hazardous Materials by Air This video describes the basic procedures for transpor...

How many DG labels could you count?

Outer package for Radioactive

Do you know the different of these two labels?

What Hidden DG seen clearly from this picture, and which reference you can find this hidden DG ?

[03/10/14]   Did you know that…
DGM is one of the world’s largest Dangerous Goods total services worldwide provider.

"Combination Packaging"

We are offer IMDG Training Class too. For more information, visit our website

[03/03/14]   Take responsibility for your safe work environment. Have the strength to do the right thing every time even when it’s seems easier not to.

For the safety of transporting DG, this show how complicated just for the packaging material. Remember UN number is mandatory!

"Pirates of the Caribbean" or "DGR Class 6 - Toxic Label"?

5 marking requirements that you should take note of.
• The markings should be in English
• The markings should be durable
• The markings should be placed on a contrasting color background
• The markings should not be covered up or obscured by other attachments or labels
• The markings should not be attached next to other markings that could limit its effectiveness

[02/24/14]   Proper markings and labeling on shipment containers are mandatory for shipping a hazardous material. Note that packages with improper or incomplete information will typically not be delivered to their destination. This could also subject you to fines or imprisonment.


How It's Made: Steel Shipping Drums : HowStuffWorks

The steel shipping drum was invented in the late 19th century for the oil industry as an alternative to the leaky wooden barrels of the past. In this minisode of How It's Made, find out how today's leak-proof steel shipping drums are created.

DGM offices supply equipment for handling dangerous goods and hazardous materials to protect your staff in case of incidents and accidents when certain activities such as pouring liquids or decanting powders, granulates or other solids need to be performed.


Did you know?
that there is a new Lithium Battery Guidance Document for the transport of Lithium Metal and Lithium Ion batteries. Revised for the 2013 Regulations


Dangerous goods are often indicated by diamond-shaped signage on the item, its container, and/or the building where it is stored. The colors of each diamond in a way have reference to its hazard i.e.:
Flammable: RED. Because fire and heat are generally of red colour.
Explosive = ORANGE. Because mixing red (flammable) with yellow (oxidising agent) creates orange.
Non-flammable Non-toxic Gas = GREEN. Due to all compressed air vessels being this color in France after the World War II.
France is where the diamond system of HazMat identification originated.

The 10 Commandments of Workplace Safety
1. Always be responsible for the safety of yourself and others.
2. Always remember that all accidents are preventable.
3. Always follow company rules, regulations and procedures.
4. Always assess the risks. Stop and think.
5. Always be proactive about safety.
6. Always deter from situations you’re not trained to handle.
7. Always manage the lift.
8. Always be prepared.
9. Always practice good housekeeping.
10. Always take the safest path. Never take shortcuts

If you are dealing with dangerous goods on a regular basis, here’s an important reminder that you should always keep in mind.
“When opening newly received chemicals, you should immediately read the warning label to be aware of any special storage precautions such as refrigeration or inert atmosphere storage. “

[02/15/14]   When dangerous goods are involved, their right classification is the first step to manage them safely.
DGM provides services from chemical tests and analysis to (Material) Safety Data Sheet preparation or classification according UN criteria.


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How many class 1 (Div 1.3 G or 1.4 G) has been spent for her today?
Happy Valentine Day!

“No project, no matter how critical, is worth a lost finger, a blinded eye, or tragic loss of life. When safety becomes the primary guideline for progress, all parties reap the rewards of a job well done and done safely.”

Always remember Safety first when you working with DG cargo.
How about a safety vest with our DGM logo on?

As you start the work week, allow us to leave you with a simple reminder.
“Life did not begin by accident. Don’t let it end as one.”

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