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Training- Management - Representation Event - Sustain Events - Exhibition - Outsourcing Innovatives products & services for events, staging, exhibition, architecture.

What we do: Advise, create and manage major projects in event, design, exhibition and sponsoring. We bring creativity and top organisation to ensure success by providing the highest standards in project management and event Production.

Mission: We promote innovative Services & Products for Event, Stage Exhibition & Architectture. We work directly with services providers & manufacturers.

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A bit more of sharing about Event Industry by Thierry Tombelle

Workshop Event is on now
Speaker Thierry Tombelle

"Meet n' Learn" Networkshop

The free registration for our Networkshop "Working in Event Industry" is almost closed. Make sure to not miss it!
Last chance to register today to make sure to join us this Tuesday at Belgo Pub-D3
Program and registration here:
Or directly with Ticket Box: Unique “Meet & Learn” Networkshop. To meet and connect with others, to learn and share new skills. You are an individual, student, professional, you are interested to know more about working Events and Entertainment industries, join this special “MEET & LEARN” Networkshop.

How to work in Event Industry ?
All what you want to know about a career as Event Manager!

Don't miss this unique opportunity to join this "Meet'n Learn" Networkshop for Free.
- BELGO Pub Le Ngo Cat-D3-HCMC
- Tuesday 13/10 fom 17h30
Great Content and Finger Food
Registration (Limited free seats):
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Few seats left for our "Meet'n LEarn" Network
join us at Belgo Pub this Tuesday (13 oct.) from 17h30!
Free registration here:
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Training as factor of success For Event Industry

How training can help you to startup faster and take the lead when business will be back.
Great Article with key inputs for Event and Entertainment professionals...
Khi các hoạt động kinh doanh hoạt động trở lại thì việc đào tạo sẽ giúp bạn khởi động và dẫn đầu trong ngành như thế nào?
Đào tạo sẽ giúp bạn khởi động và dẫn đầu trong ngành sự kiện khi các hoạt động kinh doanh trở lại sau mùa dịch. Đây là một bài viết thú vị với những yếu tố quan trọng dành cho các chuyên gia về Sự kiện và Giải trí. How is training essential to keep competitive Attending professional conferences, seminars, and workshops have positive impacts on business professionals. They open doors to new opportunities, build new skills, improve productivity, create professional relationships, and the incentive to pursue more...

Hospitality: How Experiential Can Boost Your Sales

The latest issue dedicated this week to Hospitality and Event pros to boost their booking.
Read more below (English/French/Viet)
#hospitality #hospitalitydesign #hospitalityindustry #event #eventplanner #eventdecor #eventprofs #eventdesign The necessity to offer unique Experiences to customers Back on past newsletter, few words about solutions for hospitality industry. Because in addition to COVID19 Pandemic, one of the major challenge of Hospitality is the very strong competition with mass tourism currently at a standstill beyond and...

How Design can create WOW effect for your events?

How to make any event unique and successfull, we tell you more here (eng-fr-viet)...
#events #design #designer #designinspiration #eventdesign #eventdecor #eventplanner Why Design is essential for successful events Special events exist through emotions and experiences for senses. The more you talk to emotions and five senses, the more the event is memorable and successful. People participate to event because they expect to be transported out of their daily life and...

Creativ’ International & E-Nov8ight Singapore expand together in SE-Asia

Time to design your events and impress your guests with real creative and stylish furniture and props. Now available to rental from our base in HCMC and Singapore. Get our full catalogs here...
Contact us now for your next event in Vietnam, Singapore and SE-Asia
Đã đến lúc mang đến các sự kiện với thiết kế độc đáo và ấn tượng cho khách hàng của bạn với đồ nội thất phong cách và sáng tạo. Hàng có sẵn cho thuê tại TPHCM và Singapore. Xem catalog sản phẩm tại đây.... Liên hệ với chúng tôi
#events #eventdesign #weddings #exhibition #conferences CREATIV' INTERNATIONAL and E-NOV8IGHT gather to expand their Rental services from Vietnam and Singapore. We particularly excited to announce the association of our both companies. Thanks to this strategic partnership we now expand together all our services in Vietnam and Singapore and South Asia wid...

Internship Opportunity

Want to Joint Creative Event Industry, check this out! Great opportunity for an Internship in Event Industry Expert in international standards Event and Entertainment, Creativ' International is developing Training Programs for Event and Entertainment Industries professionals. Based in Ho Chi Minh City, we offer a position to a motivated Intern to join a...

Strategic Parternship with HTS the expert in high-end Hospitality Management Hospitality Team Services and Creativ' International together We are enthusiastic to announce a major strategic partnership which open up new and exciting possibilities for developing our services together for the benefit of our customers. Therefore, it is with pride

Newsletter - June 2020

For almost 4 months now, between virus, confinement, social distancing, the "Corona Virus crisis" has brought us into an exceptional and totally unique situation. We suffer all the heavy consequences personally and professionally as well. The short term is not encouraging, particularly for industries working with the public such as events, entertainment, hotels, culture, tourism among others, and some will not survive ...
but let's be optimistic, solutions exist but they require to rethink our ways of doing, to review our procedures and our mentalities and above all to open our minds to new approaches to build our difference.
This is what we did at Creativ 'International. We took advantage of this very special period to work on imagining and implementing new solutions for after COVID. For example, developing new services such as skills sharing with our training and coaching workshops; propose new uses and applications and markets for our products; started discussions with colleagues companies to establish strategic partnerships to be stronger together.
Dare to be different.
It is thanks to this ability to get out of our habits and our comfort zones, to focus on quality rather than quantity, to be more creative, that we see the future as a great opportunity. It is not a matter of reinventing the wheel but it is time to look towards new ways of doing things and new directions.
In our areas of expertise, this is how Creativ 'International can support you: Work with you to imagine solutions which will help you to develop new opportunities with your audiences.
Discover some of our suggestions in this Newsletter and the next ones and contact us immediately to prepare the After, Now. Hospitality: the need to offer real Experiences to customers. In addition to social distancing, one of the major concerns of Hospitaltity is the very strong competition with mass tourism currently at a standstill beyond.

How to partition spaces easily with Style

Great idea to rearange spaces!

#inflatable #creative #event #interieurdesign #greenevent THE NECESSITY OF PARTITIONING THE SPACE The current Crisis requires, at least for a time, to reconsider our approach to space. If Open-Space has long been the model to apply, its limits are now obvious in the situation. The lack of space and "privacy" makes you feel "confined" despite the absence of...


Hãy sáng tạo, thông tin và thông số kỹ thuật Liên hệ với chúng tôi.
Ms Lana (Phuong) 091 494 11 00 (Viet-Eng) / [email protected] Khi ý tưởng thành sự kiện lý tưởng Trong tình hình kinh tế sau đại dịch, yêu cầu về sức khỏe được nâng cao kèm theo các quy định mới thì việc tổ chức sự kiện với trạng thái mới là không thể tránh khỏi.

CRISTAL SPHERE, Creative idea for Social Distancing

Hãy sáng tạo, thông tin và thông số kỹ thuật Liên hệ với chúng tôi.
Ms Lana (Phuong) 091 494 11 00 (Viet-Eng) / [email protected] Make it a real experience We have no choice to deal with after lock-down and new sanitary regulations. The challenge now is to imagine new solutions to keep people, clients, guests safe and sure but make it creative, fun and why not experiential. Inflatable can

Event and Entertainment Industries, The “After-Covid”

Some After-Covid Suggestions for professionals... I read and hear everywhere about the necessity for the event industry to "reinvent" itself after the COVID-19 crisis, to imagine new ways to bring people together, celebrate, create events that we speak. I don't believe in any miraculous idea which would be the long-awaited solution to the current


A great opportunity of exciting projects for serious and motivated entrepreneur and intrapreneurs.
Une super opportunité de projets excitants pour entrepreneur/se and intrapreneur/se serieux/ses et motivés/es. HOW THE COVID-19 MIGHT BE A GREAT OPPORTUNITY OF CHANGE. Looking for co-founders and partners to develop existing start-up projects. The Pandemic might have change the professional situation for some. Maybe it's time for change! First consultancy services in event

Drive In Rebirth, the Right Time?

A great and simple idea! DRIVE-IN MIGHT BE AN ENTERTAINMENT SOLUTION With the actual situation due the world pandemic, Entertainment industries are suffering big losses of the lock-down. As some countries and cities begin to release their citizens, we can see the rebirth of this old style entertainment. For Event Producers,...


"The distance between your dreams and reality is called action." Don't waste time waiting, every morning when you wake up you have a new day to take action !!! GET WHAT IT TAKES TO BE A TOP SPECIALIST! Freelancers, Event Producers, Agencies, Sponsors, Brands, Marketing Team, Students, Learn the essential competences, develop your style, improve your skills!

Let’s do it! I do it! U do it! We do it!

Inflatable tents from Airspace System to support COVID-19 crisis

In case it can help, Airspace System offer fast solutions and low budgets support for those who are in needs...
Share, it may be helpful for someone in your network.
Open to any suggestions, don't hesitate to contact us! How to help in the global Crisis: The actual COVID-19 Crisis generate a lot of dramatic situation for all. Facing this situation is a daily challenge for authorities and individuals as well, but also for both big and and small corporations. Facing the high demand of safety

CORONA VIRUS, How to make it Profitable?

Time is tough... But is it a reason to give up?
Some may seat and wait better days, we definetly prefer to keep proactive et prepare the future!
Les temps sont durs.... Mais est-ce une raison pour abandonner?
Certains vont s'assoir et attendre que ça se passe, nous préférons rester proactifs et préparer l'avenir!
Quả là thời gian khó khăn... Nhưng đó có phải là lý do để từ bỏ?
Một số người có thể ngồi và chờ đợi những ngày tốt đẹp hơn, còn chúng tôi chắc chắn tiếp tục giữ thế chủ động và chuẩn bị cho tương lai!
#Motivation In these particularly difficult period and above all uncertain times, we do not give up and remain fully operational. The team use to work remotely, all our suppliers and partners are operational even if we may have to undergo some delays due to possible reduce staff sometimes or for shipments which...

Ligeo Lighting deco system

Architecture, Events, Clubs, Interior Design, Retail, imagine a lighting system than you can design anytime, any how even in 3D...
Ligeo unleash your imagination as never before! Sustainable, reusable, highly functional LED lighting, colorful, DMX Control, etc.
Feel free to change designs as often as you wish.
information: [email protected] +84 (0) 941 50 2020 (En-Fr) / +84 (0) 914 94 1100 (En-Vi) UNIQUE, CREATIVE, RESUABLE There have always been two sides to the lighting industry, decorative and commercial lighting. Unfortunately, there’s very little in between. The decorative lighting is designed for homes, bars or other similar situations. These lights create atmosphere and set accents b...

Newsletter-feb. 2020

The last edition of our Newsletter is now on line.
Perfect time to discover new products, unique and rare.
thank you in advance for your Likes and don't hesitate to share with your friends and networks... Specialized Services Products Wholesale Consulting Services Green Products Sales Project Supports Event Production NEW PRODUCTS Mojow Sofas Exclusive, designed in France, selected by prestigious Museum shops, the most unique inflatable sofa ever. Learn More Ligeo Lighting Modular &

It's the last day of the year 2019. And coming countdown tonight. Are you ready???!!!!
We wish you all the best, wealth and health and lots of luck in the year of 2020.

Exploring the Inflatable Cube Dj playing...

Just few hours more... Are you readyyyyy!!!!
#yamaha #ravolution2019 #empirecity #inflatable #eventspace

🔊We are doing rehearsal now at Empire city!
Can't wait to explode 💣tomorrow night with all the fans. We are happy to be a part of the Ravolution this year with hightlighed Cube Inflatable mobile space for your DJs😎🎧🎵🎶
#Yamaharavolution #musicfestival #Inflatable #musicevent
For more information of Inflatable system:
[email protected]
Hotline: 0914 941 100

Its coming the most expecting event of the year! XMAS!!!!
What are you planning for amazing and exclusive events in town?!!
Inflatable mobile decoration & spaces can be excellent ideas
Can be applied for:
- Event - Exhibition - Activation
- Gala - Wedding - Vip Party
- Lounge - Bar - DJ booth
*** Pictures for suggestion of use only
👉More information and consultance please refer
☎️hotline 0914 941 100
📩[email protected]

A magical dinner in a Transparent Polycarbonate Dome!
The last special restaurant didn’t really come from a food brand – but Amex still promoted its new Platinum Card product through a dinner with views. In fact, the restaurant was called that: Dinner with a view.

An innovative installation of transparent polycarbonate domes in Toronto and Montreal.

For your own Inflatable projects in Vietnam, contact us at

Inflatable show-lighting up the Dome - Kid's day at Nguyen Hue street

Sài Gòn 6 tháng khô 6 tháng mưa.
Để tổ chức sự kiện an toàn trong mùa mưa nhưng vẫn muốn có không khí ngoài trời, giải pháp của bạn là gì?
Chúng tôi có Airspace system!
Giải pháp không gian di động cho sự kiện bất chấp thời tiết. Hãy liên hệ với chúng tôi để được tư vấn hoặc tham khảo thêm tại website:


Video clip of the night. Airspace showcase was honored to welcome CCIFV guests.

🔥 French Tuesday #3 is back!
And what is better than basics for this month? Come on our rooftop for a casual aperitif! 🍻

It was our honor to be main Sponsor for CCIFV event at An Phu Cutural Center on 26th March 2019.
We were glad to welcome 150 guests at the reception of Our First Airspace Showcase.

Our Story

What we do: Creativ' international promotes innovative equipments and services for Event, Staging, exhibition & Architecture: - Import, export, Sales, Distribution, Rental - Representation, Business developments, Clients qualification, Projects management - Technical Consulting and auditing: Hotels, Resorts, Clubs, Bars, museum, congres center, exhibition, etc. - Event Engineering: public, corporate, cultural, Galas, Mice, Shows, trade fairs, exhibit booths, etc.

Founder and developper of : - Airspace System Rental: Air Flow Tents & Venues with Style, Inflatable products design. - Tentsion: Tension Fabric, Stretch Tents, Shades & Canopies. - Stage pro Center: Specialized high-end staging equipments as Stagemaker, Prolyte, Brown Innovation...

We are also consultants and representatives for any kind of event, exhibition, creative project in Vietnam and Asia. We bring creativity and top organisation to ensure success by providing the highest standards in project management and event Production.

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Ho Chi Minh City?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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AIRSPACE RENTAL, Inflatable Sofas Collection with Style
The Shell, Airflow Dome to rent, Vietnam




Bitexco Financial Tower, Suite 46, 2 Hai Trieu Str., D1, Phuong Ben Nghne
Ho Chi Minh City
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