International School Saigon Pearl, Ho Chi Minh City Video April 29, 2021, 9:24am

Videos by International School Saigon Pearl in Ho Chi Minh City. International School Saigon Pearl (ISSP) is a world-class, purpose built international elementary school for children 18 months to 11 years

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International School Saigon Pearl

International Week Celebration

EY1C class' activities

ISSP's Tet 2021 recap

ISSP - What have our alumni been up to?

Emma's lantern making workshop
Don't worry, Ms. Emma will help you finish your lanterns for this Moon Festival!

Mr. June's class
"Pink is for boys only? No, pink is for girls too!"EY4 students are making lanterns with Mr. June. The lanterns will be ...

Jenni's music class
Learning about traditional music instruments from Vietnam with Ms. Jenni. Today's instrument: T-rung!

Ms. Roisin's class
Ms. Roisin placed us into small groups with different activities. Look how much we enjoy with our classmates!

Ms. Diane (KGD) is showing students what to do with their writing folders. Green means ready to share and red means I am...

Recess time with James!
Why is recess important? It gives teachers the opportunity to observe children's social skills and cognitive development...

Tug of War
Shanez and Adam are playing Tug of War with their Grade 2 students!

Phuong An & brother dance
Another creative dance performnace from Phuong An - EY4 and her brother. Thank you for inspiring us Phuong An!