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Providing Drama workshops for schools, businesses, adults and children around South East Asia

Saigon Players

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to work with a lovely and talented community, we love working with Saigon Players and we’re sure you will too!

Casting Call!!!
We are still in need of actors and production staff for our upcoming shows:

For our Rocky Horror Night (26th & 27th of October),
we still need:
- "Transylvanians" - these characters dance and interact with audience members
- backstage crew- to help with props, dressing up actors
- tech crew- to help set up/operate projectors and sound system

For our British-style, comedy-musical, The Snow Queen (1st or 2nd weekend of December, adapted from the Hans Christian Andersen story and the animated movie, Frozen) we still need:
- male actor to play "Kristoff"- an ice seller
- male actor to play "Sven the Reindeer"
- male or female actors to play 3 "Evil Goblins"
- a female actor to play "the Forest Fairy"
- members of the chorus to play minor roles like "the King", "the Queen", "villagers" "Santa Claus", "Santa's Helpers"

For our original, suspense-drama, Best Laid Plans (19, 20, 26 & 27 January 2019), we still need:
- female actor to play Charlotte: American girl 20s to early 30s, obnoxious, chatterbox, doesn’t even let people answer her questions, just keeps talking. Stereo typical “California girl ““like, oh my God.”
- Paulo: Man, twenties to 30s, any sort of European ancestry, supposed to be from Brazil, but that can change, must be able to do a European accent.
- Cuong: Vietnamese man. 20s to 30s, must speak English. Charming, likable.
- Police 1: older Vietnamese man. No English required. Preferably someone who looks intimidating.
- Police 2: Vietnamese, twenties to 30s, much less threatening than the other cop. Must speak English. Likable, nonthreatening.
- Thugs: two tough guys, Vietnamese, only one of them has a line in English. Very short. It will all be physical acting for them. Just need to storm in, act tough.

Email [email protected] if you'd like to audition for any role or if you'd like to be part of the creative/production teams.

Thanks all!

Less than a week to go before our classes start and some places remain! Don't miss out on this great opportunity!

Get in touch now to sign your child up for fun, skills based classes for children of all ages!

Message us on Facebook or at [email protected]

May 6th - June 10th

Sundays at Dancenter in Thao Dien

Little Stars (4-6): 8am - 8.30am

Rising Stars (7-11): 8.30am-9.15am

Super Stars (12+): 9.15am-10am

Classes are 150,000VND per session (100,000VND for Little Stars)

Kids Drama Classes in Thao Dien!

Term 3 is approaching, sign your child up now for fun, skills based classes for children of all ages!

To book, message us on Facebook or at [email protected]

May 6th - June 10th

Sundays at Dancenter in Thao Dien

Little Stars (4-6): 8am - 8.30am

Rising Stars (7-11): 8.30am-9.15am

Super Stars (12+): 9.15am-10am

Classes are 150,000VND per session (100,000VND for Little Stars)

[03/31/18]   A new set of adult classes begins tonight at The White House in District 2, 5pm - 7pm.

The new set of classes focuses on improvisation, making connections with your audience and confidence in performance.

The class in 100,000VND per session

We hope you'll come along and check it out!

[03/29/18]   Kids Drama Classes in Thao Dien

Our Term 3 dates are here, sign your child up now for fun, skills based classes for children of all ages!

To book, message us on Facebook or at [email protected]

May 6th - June 10th

Sundays at Dancenter in Thao Dien

Little Stars (4-6): 8am - 8.30am

Rising Stars (7-11): 8.30am-9.15am

Super Stars (12+): 9.15am-10am

Classes are 150,000VND per session (100,000VND for Little Stars)

SDP Online

Our website is here! The front page features at-a-glance information of our current classes and how to get involved, you can also explore to learn more about SDP and our services. Enjoy! Below you can find a list of all current work, if you want to book a space in our classes email us at [email protected]

[03/25/18]   Big news for Term 3! Stay tuned for details...

SDP Saigon's cover photo

SDP Saigon

Come and have fun with us! All experience and ages welcome! Also check out the amazing Playwriting Workshop!

For actors and writers!
A. Weekly Acting Classes- we are moving the next Saigon Players' Acting Workshop to the 31st of March and it will only be a 3- week program.
Course Title: Clowning: Improvisation and Connection.
31 March
7 April
14 April
Venue: The White House, Hem So 4, Nguyen U Di, Thao Dien, District 2
Time: 5 PM to 7 PM
Fee: 100,000 VND per session
Time: 5 PM to 7 PM
Please message us at [email protected] if you are attending.

B. Our Saigon Players' Playwriting workshop starts tomorrow, 22 March, 7 PM. There are 2 more slots available!
Venue: The Hive, 94 Xuan Thuy, District 2
The second session is on 24 March, 1 PM also at The Hive.
Fee: 300,000 VND for 22 March session only
500,000 VND for both 22 and 24 March sessions
Please message us at [email protected] if you'd like to join!
Thank you!

[12/07/17]   After the fun of term 1, we're excited to announce the dates for our kids drama classes in Term 2!

The 11 week term begins on January 20th - February 10th then after the Tet break we return on March 3rd - April 14th.

Classes take place in the great facilities at Dancenter Thao Dien, every Saturday for students from 5-11 years old.

Students will build confidence and communication, learn new skills, make friends and most importantly have lots of FUN!

The cost for the term is 2 million VND,

To book your child a place or for more information please contact us at [email protected] or message us via Facebook

Hope to see you there!

[10/14/17]   Last class before half term!

An entertaining hour of drama fun, get your kids along to give it at try!

2.30pm - 3.30pm: 5-7 years old
3pm - 4pm: 8-11 years old

Come on down or send us a message here or at [email protected]

[09/20/17]   Hi All,

There are still places available in our 5-7 and 8-11 drama classes. If you would like to sign your child up please message here or at [email protected]

After an exciting start to the term with new faces and returning students we'd love to have you along to share in the fun!!

[09/16/17]   Today is the day!

There are still a few places available on our classes today:

5-7 years old - 2-3pm
8-11 years old - 3-4pm

Come down to Dancenter today to enroll your child on our 9 week term (with break for October half term), a great opportunity to develop their confidence, communication, make new friends and have lots of fun!

The cost for the term is 2 million VND

If you have any questions please message us here or at [email protected]

[09/09/17]   Reminder: No class today. Have a nice weekend!

[09/08/17]   Hi All!

We are sorry to say there will be no class this weekend due to circumstances beyond our control.

We will begin the term on Saturday 16th September, if you would like to sign up your child for either of our classes:

5-7 year olds - 2pm-3pm
8-11 year olds - 3pm-4pm

Lets us know by sending us a message here or at [email protected]

[09/06/17]   The new term for SDP kids Drama classes starts this Saturday at Dancentre Thao Dien. We still have some spaces in the following classes.
Update - unfortunately the classes will not start until next week - Saturday the 16th September.
Age 5 - 7 (2pm-3pm)
Age 8 - 11 (3pm -4pm)
If you would like to enrole your child, or would like some more information then please get in touch with us via our page or e-mail us on [email protected]

[09/05/17]   4 days to go!!

To register your child, or for any more information on our fun and exciting weekend Drama classes, message us here or contact us at [email protected],

Don't miss out!

[08/31/17]   9 days until the start of Term 1!!!

Students learn the basics of Drama in a fun and friendly environment, working together and with plenty of chances to express themselves. There are still places available in Little Stars (5-7) and Juniors (8-11) but they are limited!

Don't miss out! Send us a message or email at [email protected]

[08/10/17]   Very excited to announce our dates for Term 1:

9th September - 14th October
4th November - 2nd December

Classes take place on Saturday 2pm - 3pm and 3pm - 4pm at Dancenter, Thao Dien

Our classes cover students from ages 5-11

The cost for the 11 week term is 2.5 million VND (discounts available for returning students)

If you would like to register your child for the classes you can contact us here or at [email protected]

[07/27/17]   Huge congratulations are in order for my LAMDA students, all achieved "pass with distinction". I'm immensely proud to have worked with such talented and hard working young people and this represents a just reward for their endeavors!

[07/17/17]   Hello All! Hope you're enjoying the holiday! We'll soon be releasing our term dates, if you're an existing SDP parent or would like your child to join us then watch this space!

Please enjoy the pictures from our first production, The Iron Giant from the Junior Class, we had a great first year and we're so excited to see what year two will bring! Take care and enjoy the rest of your break!

[05/25/17]   Hi all! Apologies if the move last week caused any confusion, here is the schedule for the final three classes:

May 27th: Dancenter
June 3rd: Imperia
June 10th:Dancenter

On the 10th I will take the kids upstairs to warm up then invite you all up to watch the performance, we should be done by 2.30 at the latest. Of course I'll send a reminder closer to the time,

See you on Saturday at the Dancenter!

[05/20/17]   Reminder for parents and students:

Dancenter is closed today, class will be held at Imperia apartments, come to the lobby at the front of the building and I'll met you there!

[04/28/17]   Hello All! No classes tomorrow so have a lovely long weekend!!

[04/18/17]   Term 3 has begun! Our classes (5-7 and 8-11) will be working towards their shows, if you'd like your child to take part in a production a couple of spaces have become available in both classes. If you missed out on a space last term or would like to be a new member of SDP please get in touch here or at [email protected]

[04/14/17]   Tomorrow sees the beginning of Term 3! Students will be working towards their performances at the end of the term, we're very excited to see what these talented young people will accomplish!

For any information please contact us here or at [email protected]

[04/01/17]   Hello All! After an incredibly successful and fun Term 2, SDP are delighted to announce our Term 3 dates:

15th April - 3rd June (excluding 29th April for National Holiday)

Term 3 is our show term! Classes will be creating theatre for family and friends to enjoy!

If you'd like any more information or to reserve a spot, please contact us here or at [email protected]

BIS Performing Arts on Twitter

Had an incredible time at FOBISIA, a huge thank you to BISHCMC, Bromsgrove Bangkok and all attending schools for the amazing opportunity and fantastic experience! Also another thank you to Leon Bown for running the classes so deftly! “Hector from @SaigonSdp leading a Grotowski workshop at Drama FOBISIA. BIS students are fully immersed. #BISHCMC”

[03/04/17]   Classes will be going ahead as normal today, the amazing Leon Bown will be covering the classes, I'm sad to not be there but I'm sure you'll have a fantastic time!

[03/03/17]   Very excited to be in Bangkok for the FOBISIA festival providing workshops! A huge thank you to FOBISIA for the opportunity and Bromsgrove School for hosting this amazing, 15 school event!

[02/09/17]   Chúc mừng năm mới to our students and parents! We hope you had a relaxing Tet holiday and we're looking forward to seeing you on Saturday for our Spring classes starting again!

[01/19/17]   Week 2 of our Spring Term and there are a few places still available on our courses:

1 place in 5-7
2 places in 8-11

So if you would like to confirm a place please don't hesitate as we close applications following Saturday's classes. Contact us at [email protected] to book your child's place!

[01/11/17]   Good evening! This Saturday is the start of term 2 for SDP, there are still a couple of places available in the 5-7 and 8-11 classes although registration closes next week, so if you would like to secure your child's place then please contact us at [email protected].

As a reminder class times are as follows:

5-7: 2pm - 3pm
8-11: 3.15pm - 4.15pm

At the Dancenter Thao Dien

Look forward to seeing you all then!

[01/01/17]   Chúc mừng năm mới from SDP to you! We hope 2016 treated you well and wish you a happy, healthy and successful 2017!

[12/25/16]   Merry Christmas from SDP! We hope you have a wonderful time with family and friends while enjoying your well-deserved holidays!

[12/12/16]   Our first term has come to an end! A big thank you to our students and parents who've made our start such a pleasure, enjoy your holidays and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

For places in our classes: 5-7 and 8-11 beginning 14th January, please contact us at [email protected]. Spaces are available at both ages but places are limited so contact us soon to avoid disappointment!

[11/21/16]   Following a successful start to our program, SDP are excited to announce their next term of classes and our new 8-11 class!

Our term runs 9 weeks from 14th January - 24th March (with a break for Tet) every Saturday.

5-7 2pm - 3pm
8-11 3.15pm - 4.15pm

We will work on developing confidence, teamwork and Drama performance skills, and we will also start to prepare for the performances in the summer term.

The course is 2,500,000VND but if you book your child’s place before the end of December you will get a 10% discount, and there is a further 10% discount if you are a member of the Dancentre.

To book your child's place contact us at [email protected], there are only limited places so please get in touch to avoid disappointment!

[11/07/16]   Hello all! We have closed registration for this term after two very exciting weeks to begin our program, however we will be announcing our new class structure for after Christmas later this week so keep an eye out for details. A big thank you from us to all of you for your interest and support!

[10/28/16]   Our 5-8 class begins tomorrow, 2pm-3pm at Dancenter and we have a few places left, if you are interested in signing up please contact us at [email protected] to confirm a place. Our 10% discount for early booking ends tonight!

[10/24/16]   5 DAYS TO GO!! Our new class for 5-8 year olds running 29th October - 10th December begins on Saturday at the Dancenter, 2pm - 3pm. If you are interested or would like more information, please contact us at [email protected]

[10/10/16]   We are now taking booking for our new class for 5-8 year olds running 29th October - 10th December. Places are very limited so to avoid disappointment please contact us at [email protected] to reserve a place.

[10/07/16]   Our final taster session for ages 5-9 is tomorrow, 2pm-3pm at the Dancentre, we still have some places left so if your child would like to attend let us know at [email protected].

Hope to see you there!

[09/27/16]   Due to the weather this evening and the flooding, the taster class will not go ahead. We will hold the class at the same time next week.

[09/27/16]   Tonight is our final Tuesday taster session for the 13+ age group! If you are interested in attending please email us at [email protected] to register and claim your spot!

7.40pm - 9.00pm at Dancentre, District 2

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