Salem Healthy Coffee - Cafe Nói Tiếng Anh

Salem Healthy Coffee - Cafe Nói Tiếng Anh

Salem Healthy Coffee

Hòa trong không gian yên tĩnh và thư giãn tại Salem Healthy Coffee và cảm nhận - Cafe healthy - Nhân sâm Hàn Quốc - Cơm văn phòng theo ngày với Kim Chi Hàn Quốc

Ăn Chay Vì Sức Khỏe

️🍀 Fanpage giới thiệu Ăn Chay Vì Sức Khỏe rất hay các bạn nhé !

Fanpage giới thiệu các món ăn chay tốt cho sức khỏe mọi người:-)

[10/25/18]   Salem thông báo hiện có English club miễn phí được tổ chức mỗi tối thứ 6 tại địa chỉ 27/6 Đường Số 36, Hiệp Bình Chánh, Thủ Đức. Có thầy từ America hướng dẫn. Cơ hội cho các bạn thực tập tiếng Anh



☀ Chương trình cộng đồng ý nghĩa, gây quỹ hỗ trợ học nghề cho người khuyết tật !

⏰ Thời gian:
Từ ngày 24/06 đến ngày 25/06 năm 2017

🏠Địa điểm:
Trung tâm Yoga Trái Tim Vàng
465 Nơ Trang Long nối dài (53 Bình Lợi), Phường 13, Quận Bình Thạnh, TP. Hồ Chí Minh

📖 Thông tin chi tiết chương trình xem tại:

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#FuNet #TraiTimVang #PhatPhapUngDung #NhaBut


FuNet sàn thương mại điện tử lớn nhất và đầu tiên cung cấp thực phẩm an toàn, sạch và các sản phẩm, dịch vụ tốt cho sức khỏe, tinh thần, tôn giáo và tâm linh.

[05/21/14]   Which ideas below do you agree with? Which do you disagree with? Why?
1. Before making a decision it is advisable to :
a. Write down the pros and cons.
b. Take a long time.
c. Have a sleep or a rest.
d. Consult a horoscope.
e. Consult as many people as possible.
2. If a choice has cost you a lot of time and money, stick to it.
3. Rely on the past to help you make a decision.
4. Reduce all decisions to a question of money.
5. Be totally democratic in group decision-making.

Ai ăn Kim Chi ko :D

Hôm nay Ghiền Kim Chi tiếp tục nhận order nhé cả nhà.
Kim chi cải thảo: 75k/ký. Liên hệ 0907 668 697 hoặc nhắn qua facebook.
Phí ship các quận 1, quận 3, B.Thạnh, P.Nhuận: 10K/đơn hàng. Free ship từ 2 ký trở lên.
Phí ship các quận còn lại: 20K/đơn hàng. Free ship từ 3 ký trở lên.

Ghiền Kim Chi

Sau những ngày chờ đợi háo hức, cuối cùng Ghiền Kim Chi cũng chính thức ra đời, nhưng cũng chỉ bắt đầu ra mắt chứ chưa khởi động. Ngày 3/5 đến Ghiền Kim Chi sẽ cắt băng khánh thành để cho ra đời những mẻ kim chi chua chua cay cay giòn sần sật. Ghiền Kim Chi đảm bảo đúng chất lượng cam kết. Không sử dụng rau củ Trung Quốc, bột ngọt và chất bảo quản.
Hôm nay bắt đầu up cho các thực khách những hình ảnh sống động thực tế mà Ghiền Kim Chi đã từng bấm máy .
Kim chi cải thảo: 75k/ký. Call 0907 668 697.
Phí ship các quận 1, quận 3, B.Thạnh, P.Nhuận: 10K/đơn hàng. Free ship từ 3 ký trở lên.
Phí ship các quận còn lại: 20K/đơn hàng.
Free ship từ 4 ký trở lên.
Để đảm bảo thực khách luôn được thưởng thức kim chi tươi, Ghiền Kim Chi sẽ chốt đơn hàng vào mỗi 5h chiều hàng ngày để chuẩn bị chu đáo cho mẻ kim chi giao vào ngày hôm sau
Cảm ơn mọi người ủng hộ và đóng góp ý kiến nhé.

[01/23/14]   TRUE vs FALSE

a) If you eat a polar bear liver, you will die. Humans can’t handle that much vitamin A.

b) A full head of human hair is strong enough to support 1 tons.

c) Honey will only spoil after 30 years.

d) Blind people see blackness.

e) Cats sleep for 70% of their lives.

f) The most popular first name in the world is John.

g) The king of hearts is the only king without a moustache on a standard playing card.

h) Most lipstick contains fish scales.

i) No piece of square dry paper can be folded more than 14 times in half!

j) Porcupines sink in water.

k) The sentence "The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog." uses every letter of the alphabet.

l) The longest recorded flight of a chicken is 13 seconds!

m) Camels have 2 eyelids to protect themselves from blowing sand.

n) A hippo can open its mouth wide enough to fit a 4 foot tall child inside!

o) A cockroach can live several weeks with its head cut off - it dies from starvation!

p) You're born and die with 300 bones.

q) The state of Florida is bigger than England!

r) Your heart beats over 100,000 times a day!

[01/15/14]   Why do we kill our own unborn children?

“Abortion” means the medical procedure to kill a baby before it is born at the request of the baby's mother.

Abortions are commonly performed by doctors and health workers in a hospital or clinic. In the past abortion

was considered to be murder and was a punishable crime. Then in the 20th century some countries changed their

laws and made abortion legal during the earlier months of a pregnancy. In more recent years medical science has

progressed and tools like ultrasound allow people to see clear pictures of the developing baby in the womb. This

detailed medical information affirms the fact that abortion is in fact the killing of a true human life.

In Vietnam approximately 1.5 million babies are killed by abortion every year1

head of the HCMC Sub-department of Population and Family-Planning, stated that 20% of the Vietnamese

women who kill their babies are 15-19 years old, which means about 300,000 Vietnamese teenage women per

year have an abortion2

in Southeast Asia and is the 5th highest in the world3

1. Abortion is killing. Do you agree that abortion kills a human life? Why or why not? Is such killing always evil?

Are there any exceptions? How should we help mothers who are considering abortion?

2. God creates life. Consider the following description of pregnancy found in the Bible. What is God's role in

pregnancy? What does this imply about abortion?

. In 2013 To Thi Kim Hoa, the

. Ms. Hoa said that Vietnam's abortion rate among young women is currently the highest

, and it continues to increase.

For you [God] formed my inward parts;

you knitted me together in my mother's womb.

3. We kill our children because we serve self-made (false) gods. In some ancient cultures people killed their

children and burned them as a sacrifice to please their gods. Are we any different? To what “gods” do we

sacrifice our children? What do we love more than the life of our own children? What do we fear more than the

God who will punish murderers? Explain the following author's analysis, and say why you agree or disagree:

“You desire and do not have; so you kill.” We kill marriages and we kill unborn babies because

they cut across our desires; they stand in the way of the our unencumbered self-enhancement. And we live in a

culture where self-enhancement and self-advancement is god. And if self-enhancement is god, then the One who is

at work in the womb shaping a person in his own image is not God and the assault on his work is not sacrilegious,

but obedience to the god of self4

[09/25/13]   Topic tonight (Wed-25-Sept) at Grace Cafe Saigon


Remorse: a feeling of sadness and being sorry for something you have done.
Beyond: further away in distance (than something).
Cancer: a serious disease that is caused when cells in the body grow in a way that is uncontrolled and not normal, killing normal cells and often causing death.
Influence: the power to have an effect on people or things, or a person or thing that is able to do this.

1. Suppose your family has three members: your mother, your brother and you.Your mother is so old, and she loves each of her children so much. Your brother who is living far away from her has cancer, and you & your mother are heartbroken. Later on, he dies. You are so worried that if your mother learns that news, it will be influence her health. One day, she asks you for news from the brother. What do you do?
a. Tell your mother that he is still fine.
b. Tell her the true news.
c. What else could you do???

[09/04/13]   Topic tonight (Wed-04-Sept)

Sluggardliness vs. Diligence
Read the passages on the opposite side of the page then answer the questions below.

1. Sluggardliness
(a) Lifestyle. Describe Lazy Larry and Sluggardly Sally. Give examples of what their lives might be like. Use ideas from the given passages.
i. Work
ii. Relationships
iii. Thinking & Attitude
iv. Life Goals
(b) Negative results. What negative results often come from being sluggardly?

2. Diligence
(a) Lifestyle. Describe Diligent Deirdre and Hard-Working Harry. Give examples of what their lives might be like. Use ideas from the given passages.
i. Work
ii. Relationships
iii. Thinking & Attitude
iv. Life Goals
(b) Positive results. What positive results often come from being diligent?

3. Personal Application: What about you?
(a) Have you ever “learned the hard way” by experiencing some unpleasant results of laziness?
(b) What are some current areas of sluggardliness in your life? What are the causes? What do you need to do in order to pursue diligence in these areas?
(c) What are some current areas of diligence in your life? Have you always been diligent like this? What motivated you to pursue diligence in these areas? What do you need to do to maintain diligence in these areas?
(d) What are some things you'd like to share with others to help them stop being lazy and pursue greater diligence in life?

[08/28/13]   Topic today (Wed - 28 -Aug)

Moral Dilemmas

• Railway: the metal tracks on which trains run.
• Tempt: to make someone want to have or do something, especially something that is unnecessary or wrong.
• Wound: a damaged area of the body, such as a cut or hole in the skin or flesh made by a weapon.
• Unconscious: in the state of not being awake, especially as the result of a head injury.
• Reward: something given in exchange for good behaviour or good work.
• Grateful: showing or expressing thanks, especially to another person.
• Wicked: morally wrong and bad.
1. You once found a large sum of money at a railway station. Some people might have been tempted to keep it. If you had a low income and lots of bills to pay, this might be quite a temptation. You saw the owner’s information: his plane ticket was among the papers. What do you do :
a. You think that the money is the gift in your situation so that you keep it for yourself.
b. You keep a half of the money and give back to the owner the rest.
c. Find the owner through the information in ticket to give back to him.
d. Give to police, asking them to give back the owner.
e. What else do you do???

Timeline Photos

English club at new place

[08/17/13]   Hi all, from next Mon, 19 Aug, Salem English Club will be moved to Grace cafe Saigon, at 6/5 Nguyen Huy Tuong, 6, Binh Thanh (beside The gioi di dong, 26 Phan Dang Luu)

[08/17/13]   Hi friends, from next Monday (19-Aug) Salem English club is moved to Grace Cafe, 5/6 Nguyen Huy Tuong (beside The Gioi Di Dong at Phan Dang Luu). Still 3 days per week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday. See you all there.

[08/16/13]   Can we get 500 likes this week?

[08/15/13]   Come on Friday to practise English with Edgar :))

Topic today : "Moral Dilemmas - What would you do?"

Lighthouse English Club

Chủ đề Thứ Hai 12/08/2013


Salem Cafe /19:00 - 21:00

Timeline Photos

Racers are here, singing a US song

Topic today: Fear Factor
1. What are some of your worst fears? Eg: heights, spiders, speaking in public, animals, numbers etc. Why are you afraid of these things?
2. How do you react when you face them?
Come to know more at Salem Coffee

[08/08/13]   Hey guys, come this night to join with US team.:)) at 7:00PM

Who wants to join?

[08/06/13]   Wow, got 400 fans page today. Great :))

Try to get 400 likes page this week :D

Very nice meeting this morning, the team with students

[08/02/13]   Speaker đã trở về, tối nay thứ 6 gặp lại mọi người trong English Club nhé.
Note : Sáng này mai thứ 7 (ngày 3-8) có 1 team volunteers from US sẽ đến giao lưu với các bạn tại Salem Cafe lúc 9:00AM. Rủ cả nhà qua tham gia nhé.

Lighthouse English Club

Chủ đề Thứ Hai 05/08/2013


Salem Cafe /19:00 - 21:00

[07/31/13]   Topic today : (Thứ 4 ngày 31-7)

My Heart is Where My Treasure Lies


Abundance of possessions: You own (you have) more things than you need.
Yield: Give, produce
Harvest: Crop. Example: the corn in a field on a farm.
Surplus: Extra
Demand: Ask for something and insist.
Treasure: Something precious with high value
Moths and rust: Moth = insect similar to a butterfly – eats material. Rust = red coating on old metal.
Devoted: Loyal, commited to something with love.
Despise: Hate
Ideal: Your idea of what is perfect.
Mansion: Big luxurious house.
Shallow: Not deep. In this case it means: thinking that is superficial and not caring for others.

Lighthouse English Club

Chủ đề Thứ Hai 29/07/2013


Salem Cafe /19:00 - 21:00

Xem bài dịch:

[07/26/13]   Sorry các bạn, speaker mới gọi cho ad ngày mai speaker có việc phải đi xa xì gòn nên sáng mai mình English Club off. Thành thật sorry

[07/25/13]   Thứ sáu này nghỉ nha các bạn. Gặp lại sáng thứ 7

[07/23/13]   Hi friends,
Ngày mai sẽ có thêm speaker nước ngoài join english club với mình. Welcome all. See at Salem Coffee

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