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Is it better to book a cruise from Vietnam to Cambodia when you arrive ?
Hello "Learn Vietnamese language". My name is Snehal Kamble and I am Recruiter at Lionbridge, India. Lionbridge is an international company for localization and linguistic expertise. We are looking for Vietnamese speakers to participate in our language research project! The tasks can be done from the comfort of your own home, all you need is an Android device or any computer that can use Chrome browser with a microphone. All the recordings will be anonymized, and your personal information will never be shared. The compensation for the first task is 24 USD and the task duration is approximately 2 hours. For more information you can contact us at [email protected] Your participation is greatly appreciated, SIGN UP today!
Are you bilingual? We are hiring interpreters for the area of Dayton and Cincinnati. Flexible hours and build your own schedule! Message me for more information or apply today at
Hello everybody :-) i started to learn Vietnamese. is there any website like this one to learn Northern pronunciation of ALL combined vowels and consonants ? like this one for Chinese Pinyin :

Teach Vietnamese Online - Price: $4/hour Share FREE Vietnamese lessons Share Vietnamese travel experience

Cambridge Reading Test - The Growth of Bike-sharing Schemes around the World

In this lesson, you can learn about Bike-sharing Schemes around the World. There are many new words that you need to take notes to English/ Vietnamese by yourself. Vietnamese and English are included in this article. Enjoy it! Although he thinks it is strange that a city like Amsterdam does not have a successful bike-sharing scheme, he is optimistic about the future.

Tuyển tập truyện ngắn Doraemon - bản tiếng Anh

I uploaded Doraemon's story for people, who want to learn English by reading. Multi-files were added into one PDF file, so it will be easier for you to enjoy this story. The new files will be updated in this link. Enjoy it! Đây là bộ truyện tranh Doraemon phiên bản tiếng Anh có điểm khác biệt so với các trang web khác là mình gom các tập riêng lẻ lại với nhau, chia thành

Cambridge Reading Test - The Importance of Children's play

A lesson from IELTS Cambridge 14 with a video clip, which has Vietnamese and English subtitles for you guys to learn language by yourself. she found that children with greater self-control solved problems more quickly when exploring an unfamiliar set-up requiring scientific reasoning


Trong loạt Video này bạn sẽ được hướng dẫn sử dụng phần mềm Autocad và ứng dụng của Autocad trong khai triển nội thất. Hãy theo dõi kênh của mình để cùng học nhé các bạn.

Trong loạt video clip này mình sẽ hướng dẫn cho các bạn từng bước sử dụng Autocad từ căn bản đến nâng cao, và áp dụng vào khai triển bản vẽ nội thất. Các bạn...

Cambridge Reading Test - Collecting as a hobby

Cambridge 12 - Collecting as a hobby
I translated this lesson into Vietnamese, so you can use it as a reference to learn English or Vietnamese by yourself. Nếu bạn nghĩ về việc sưu tầm tem bưu điện như là một lý do tiềm năng - hoặc có lẽ, kết quả của việc sưu tầm có một giá trị giáo dục.


I translated this article into Vietnamese for people, who want to learn English or Vietnamese by themselves. You can read the English version link at the end of this article. I hope you guys find it useful for your learning purpose. Coronavirus đã chứng minh đây là thời điểm cho Chính phủ liên bang suy nghĩ sáng tạo và hành động nhanh chóng hơn để triển khai dịch vụ băng thông rộng.

British pilot coronavirus patient says thanks to Vietnamese doctors

Good news to read today:) The patient said that he felt much better and thanked Vietnamese doctors for their dedicated care to save his life over the past time.

Do you know where is this place? It's nearby my workplace.

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Cambridge Reading Test - The Cork

Learning English and Vietnamese through this lesson about Cork. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to leave a comment here. Over 60% of cork then goes on to be made into traditional bottle stoppers, with most of the remainder being used in the construction trade.

Cambridge Reading Test - Collecting as a hobby

In this lesson: Cambridge Reading Test - Collecting as a hobby. You will learn English and Vietnamese by learning about collecting stamp. I hope you enjoy it. Nếu bạn nghĩ về việc sưu tầm tem bưu điện như là một lý do tiềm năng - hoặc có lẽ, kết quả của việc sưu tầm có một giá trị giáo dục.


A video for you guys to learn English or Vietnamese.
I hope you feel it's useful


Mừng 2020 phát tài phát lộc.
Tiền vô xồng xộc, tiền ra từ từ.
Sức khoẻ có dư, công danh tấn tới.
Tình duyên phơi phới, hạnh phúc thăng hoa.
Xin chúc mọi nhà một năm đại thắng.

Do you know where is this place?

Do you know where is this place?

Phú Quốc, Việt Nam

I'm going to Phu Quoc on next week with my company, therefore I share this video for you guys to see how beautiful it is. So if you have never been there, let take a trip now.


Where to eat and drink

Banana Mama
Catch a breeze on this rooftop bar on the tenth floor of WMC Tower in District One. This is a perfect beach escape (is that sand between your toes?), as you recline back on the painted white wood chairs layered with colourful pillows. This laidback escape just had its soft opening at the end of last month. Reviewers have commended this rooftop as boasting the best views of the city, with great food and cocktails to enjoy throughout the night. The signature “Banana Mama” cocktail has dark rum, malibu coco, fresh pineapple and more among the mix that makes it to the list of summer drinks. The food menu itself features burgers from Marcel Gourmet Burger “Le Smash” and “Le Smokey” that sound filling and pair well with the venue’s soft opening drink menu. Although less than a month old, this rooftop bar already feels like the perfect escape for part of our July Directory.

Location: 10th floor – WMC Tower – 102 ABC Cong Quynh, Ho Chi Minh City

Dim Tu Tac
Dim Tu Tac is a must-go for any Cantonese cuisine fan out there. It seeks to bring contemporary Cantonese cuisine and classic Dim Sum to Vietnam. At each of its four branches, you will experience the Cantonese culture not only through the food but also the space of the restaurant. The menu itself features over 200 Cantonese dishes prepared by a team of professional chefs from China. A visit from Dim Tu Tac is not complete without ordering the classic Steamed Shrimp Dumpling, Braised Whole Abalone, and Peking Duck. Finish your meal with a glass of Hong Kong style milk tea. Definitely look out for its monthly specials; each branch will have its own. Come to any of Dim Tu Tac’s locations to enjoy the Cantonese vibe in the heart of Saigon!

Location: 55 Dong Du, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Lai Day Refill Station
The name itself seems to beckon us to come by again and again, so we’ll give it a rating of 4.5/5 for creativity. Echoing the name, the mission of the store is to cultivate a sustainable and green lifestyle in all of its customers. The 5R slogan — Reduce, Re-use, Recycle, Repair, Refuse — not only calls for the use of recyclable items, it also educates on the importance of rejecting consumerism in place of treasuring and repairing what we already have. Lai Day introduces a new way of shopping, BYO (Bring-Your-Own bottles or jars), to refill on your favourite products without relying on the traditional single-use plastic shopping bags. Lai Day also offers a range of home care and personal care products with the same philosophy of environmental friendliness.

Location(s): 83 Xuan Thuy, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City
100 Ha Huy Tap, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City

Sol Kitchen & Bar
After several months of construction, Sol Kitchen & Bar recently held a soft opening at the end of June. Now, customers can spend a Saturday evening in Sol Kitchen & Bar’s airy dining area, characterized by its high ceilings and sophisticated design. Known as a Latin American escape in Saigon, Sol Kitchen & Bar serves Latin American cuisines from Mexico, Argentina, and Peru, such as elotes, empanadas, chorizos, tostadas, and ceviche. For those craving churros or other Latin American desserts, Sol Kitchen & Bar is the place to go. Their menu’s signature desserts include churros, conchas, and apple roses. If you’re not looking for a full meal, Sol Kitchen & Bar also serves cocktails and other drinks, making it the perfect place to relax and catch up with friends on the weekend. Make sure to review their reservation guidelines and place a reservation ahead of time for a smooth dinner date.

With its recent soft opening in June, SUGAR has attracted many sweet lovers for its unique take on desserts accompanied by a chic atmosphere. SUGAR proudly serves housemade baked goods including baguettes, croissants, and danishes. In addition, this sweet location also has unique takes on their coffee drinks such as the Palm Sugar Macchiato. For those early birds out there, SUGAR is an ideal spot to grab a fresh baked tiem while enjoying a balcony view of the busy District 1. Grab some friends or family to try their unique Tiramisu, the signature dessert at SUGAR.

Location: 100 Mac Thi Buoi, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
(By Vietecera)

When the Vietnamese learn English. I can't believe it. :))

When the Vietnamese learn English. I can't believe it. :))
They just made it for fun, don't take it too seriously.

Learn Vietnamese

Do you like to learn Vietnamese like in this video?

Antique Market Area

Antique Market Area is located at 311/27 No Trang Long Street, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City - High Coffee Minh Officially operated from 2013 until now, every week.





Although the expansion of the Vietnam craft beer industry is changing the face of the country’s drinking culture, many brands still cling to western concepts. What constitutes a truly Vietnamese craft beer is yet to be defined. So, building a brand identity that everyone can relate to has proven to be a true challenge.

While some breweries embrace western-style approaches to strategy and branding, there are others, like Rooster Beers, who have rebranded and shifted their marketing and branding campaigns to better align with Vietnamese culture. For Rooster Beers, what started out as a brand imbued with lots of western humor, has become one with a localized approach to introducing craft beer to Vietnam. One major component of this is the need for a dual language approach—an asset that’s helping Rooster Beers resonate more with Vietnamese consumers.

In order to understand more about Roosters Beers’ redirection, we sat down with their team and their rebranding partners, Rice Creative, to dig deeper into their anti-craft, craft beer brand, as well as the philosophy that helps them keep their brews classic, simple, and clean—and made with the highest quality ingredients possible.

Vietnam craft beer: Rebranding for the local market
Starting from the beginning
Michael Sakkers, Rooster Beers’ co-owner and CEO took us back to the very beginning: “I started out selling my beer at Sanchos on Bui Vien, but it didn’t even have a name yet,” Michael opens with a laugh. It was an unexpected call from BiaCraft’s co-founder Tim Scott that convinced Michael to start a proper company and get a logo for his craft beer.

“At the time, I was living in Can Gio with roosters running around everywhere. I didn’t know the national bird of Vietnam but it certainly should be a rooster, and that sparked a thought. I like to keep things funny so the first name I came up with was “Phat Rooster,” Michael remembers.

The wake-up call
“I took Tim’s advice and began thinking more about branding. I typed in ‘rooster logo’ on Google and found some images and slapped them together myself. Then things picked up so fast I never had the time to go back and change it. Later, I found out that logo I’d used was from a Western European football team, and I realized it had to be changed.”

The next step was to find someone to create a proper logo. “I found a graphic designer based out of London to help me come up with something original. The first logo was this stylized angry rooster. I knew nothing about branding at that time, but understood we eventually had to rethink our strategy and image.”

Refining the vision
“Our sole investor, directed us towards Rice Creative. They were the new agency in town and everyone was a fan of the work they did for Marou Chocolate, so we scheduled a meeting,” explains Michael.

“I’m extremely passionate about the philosophy behind my beer. We only use the highest-quality ingredients but make it a point to keep our prices low.” Because of that, Michael’s philosophy around Vietnam craft beer is different than most other breweries in town. “My vision isn’t the same. I want to keep things simple. All I care about is making classic, excellent quality craft beer,”

In the beginning, Rice Creative was apprehensive of the project, but soon saw that Michael and his team were out for something different than the other Vietnam craft beer companies in the market. “We think of ourselves as an anti-craft, craft beer brand, and Rice quickly got it and took it to a whole new level.” Reflects Michael.
Finding a new concept

Mark Bain is the design director for Rice Creative and worked to make Michael’s vision become a reality. Rooster Beers is about making mileage beer that is easy to drink, timeless, and universal. “Because of that, I refer to their concept as “normcore” Bain explains.

Although the brand already had its own ethos there wasn’t a clear focus yet. “Basically, Rice stalked me for three months picking my brain. They even spent a night at the brewery, we hung out and I kept explaining my vision and how we were separate from the rest of the pack,” Michael says.

Gradually Rice Creative connected with the concept of simple, quality Vietnam craft beer. “From the beginning, Michael bluntly stated that his craft beer was very traditional. That meant no adjuncts or obnoxious complexity. It is straight to the point,” Bain explains.

The irony in that is Michael is also the producer for most BiaCraft beers. If you know their beers, you’ll understand Michael has also been making distinctly complex, fruity beers for BiaCraft. “Considering the simplicity of Rooster Beers, most people would be surprised to learn that I’m also the main contractor for BiaCraft,” Michael shrugs. “It’s a funny thing being adamantly opposed to fruit in beer but making the best fruit beers in town, try Bia Craft’s Berry Wit, and you will see what I mean.”

Becoming a Vietnam craft beer brand
“From the beginning Rooster Beers had this populist mindset. Vietnam loves to party on the street. When you drive around and see a big group of people sitting on little plastic stools there’s often a pile of empty cans under the table. As I understood the vision, it became clear that Rooster wanted those cans to be theirs. That is what really turned our heads,” Bain shares.

By keeping their craft beer simple and inexpensive, it has potential to become a standard beer for the local market—which is a big step away from what most of the breweries are doing in Vietnam. “Considering Vietnamese drinking culture, this philosophy felt appropriate. Rooster Beers was shifting to a more Viet-centric angle, which not a lot of players in the industry were doing,” Bain elaborates.

The first part of the rebranding process included a big audit. “Rice had to persuade me into dropping the word ‘phat’ from the brand because I really wanted to keep an element of humor,” Michael reminisces. Rice presented him with a PowerPoint presentation that said they needed to “cut the fat.” That caught me off guard. But the next slide stated that the word “phat” needed to be cut from the brand name. “Once I saw the second slide I said, ‘damn it!!’” Michael laughs, “but it also made me realize that the brand needed to align more with Vietnamese culture, using English is fine as long as we understand how it is interpreted by our target customer. And ‘Phat’ wasn’t the only thing not cutting it.”

The design philosophy
The new design and typeface are intentionally classic, unlike the first logo which had a stylized look and feel to it. “Looking back, the original felt more like a tattoo,” says Michael. At that time, Rice wasn’t so critical of the logo as they were more concerned about changing the brand name. Once that was agreed upon, reconfiguring the design and coming up with some attractive merchandise was next on the list. They released coasters, raincoats, hats, and T-shirts, all in dual language to help represent the ethos of the brand.

“The new brand needed to have longevity. We wanted something that looked like it could have already been around for twenty years. This fit with our philosophy of aspiring towards a classic look and feel,” Bain explains.

“We looked at Rooster’s competitors and thought it was strange other brands were using ‘Hollywoodization’ to sell craft beer in Vietnam. It wasn’t relevant. We wanted to get away from ‘craft.’ Our solution was to embrace conventions from classic beer designs like Budweiser. It’s symmetrical and iconic, and that’s when we started referring to it as ‘normcore,’” Bain says.

It’s common for graphic designers to receive criticism when a font or typeface forgoes the flashiness for something more traditional. “But that’s the typeface we wanted. It’s beautifully straightforward and intentionally generic. It’s not exclusive and it sticks with you. Going classic was a calculated move,” says Bain.

But the final logo for Rooster Beers took months to develop. Although Rice Creative ultimately designed it, Michael even had his mother draw up a few sketches to see whether she could come up with something generic for the logo to match the typeface.

“I didn’t want my mom to actually make the logo but it was great input. It was extremely challenging since it had to be generic enough that it wasn’t stylized. It needed to be serious and have an attitude, without being emblematic of anything too western,” Michael nods.
Rooster Beers
The Rooster Beers team hopes to take their new brand around Vietnam, starting with local vendors like Circle K.
The future for Rooster Beers

Now, Rooster is hoping to make a big impact on the local market. The Rice Creative rebranded cans of Rooster Beer will hopefully be all over Saigon. “Right now we’re just beginning our journey into local expansion. We want every street vendor in the city to be selling our cans and I’m confident we will succeed,” Michael concludes with a smile.
(By Vietecera)

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Do you know where is this place?
Phú Quốc, Việt Nam
When the Vietnamese learn English. I can't believe it. :))
Learn Vietnamese
Antique Market Area
Vietnam Discovery - Bảo tồn voi Tây Nguyên




1489 Nguyen Van Linh Street
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TRUNG TÂM ANH NGỮ IELTS MASTER - TRƯỜNG QUỐC TẾ ERC 4B Lê Quý Đôn, Phường 6, Quận 3,TP.HCM Hotline : Ms.Chinh – 01679.594.598 chinh[email protected]

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