The Hippo class at Bee House Kindergarten

Hippos looking very colorful yesterday 🌈

[05/23/18]   Dear Parents I know most of you were told yesterday but just a reminder to please send in your child's colour clothes that they are wearing in the show tomorrow . Thank you :)

Ro - Red
Han - Red
Bach - Yellow
Kala - Yellow
Sea - Pink
Anna - Pink
Titi - Green
Linh - Purple
Bee - Purple
Vinh An - Orange
Judo - Blue
Rafi - Blue
Khai Huy - Yellow (or any birhgt colours )
Pot - Yellow (or any bright colours )
Gun - White



Five Little Speckled Frogs | Nursery Rhymes | from LittleBabyBum!


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I Can Sing A Rainbow - Rainbow Song


I Can Sing A Rainbow - Nursery Rhymes. Does this song bring back memories of your childhood. Let us know in the comments below. SUBSCRIBE to our channel for ...

[05/22/18]   I apologise that my camera on my personal phone still isn't fixed so I have not been able to take photos. How ever we have been very busy practising our dance for Thursdays show and the hippos look great.
A few of you asked me for some of the names of the songs we do in class so you can play them at home so ill try and post at least one a week :)

Welcome back after the long weekend.
We have a new friend who joined us today and we practiced our fine motor skills by treading around the shapes.
😊 🎉

Letter T today, talking about leaves from different trees and rubbing them using crayons and paper. 🌿🌳🌱🌴

This week is letter T so we had a lot of fun cleaning our Toys with old Toothbrushs. Everything was super clean when we finished :)

Special treat today. 🎸 🎶 Everyone loved it, we had a sing song. Great way to start our Monday. We then decorated our tiger masks for letter T.

My camera is still broken so there hasn't been much photos. Here are some we manged to take of last week. Letter A and some music 🎶

This week is all about letter A. 🍏 🛬 ➡
Today we colored Apples inside letter A using markers. Great start to our Monday 😊

[04/13/18]   This week my camera is broken all the photos are coming out blurry so please be patient until I can get it fixed. Thank you :)

Today we learned all about shadows and how we can make shapes using the light. So we went outside we noticed our body's shadow in the sun ☀

Yummy treats all the way from America 🇺🇸 thanks Pony and Rafie :)

Letter S and finger painting 🎨

Vietnamese was a LOT of fun today. How cool are our birthday hats 🎂 🎩 ☺

Also a big thank you to Trân Trang Thy for this wonderful gift to share with the friends. 😋 🍥 🥔 😋

Fun Friday ⚽. Today we learned all about Irish sport, Gaelic football. The ball is heavy and made from leather which gives it a different shape and feel for the hippos to practice their hand to eye coordination. 😊 ⚽ 🎉 🍬

Some fun water experiments today and explaining how some clouds are full of rain ☔☀ 😊 ☔

We love celebrating birthdays in hippo 🎂 🎉 😊 🎉

Monday madness 😊

Easter hunt today. 🐰 🥚 🍫 🐰 🐥 lots and lots of fun 😊

Hippo relaxing before bed 😴

Letter Y

We made some Easter eggs today. 🥚 🎨 🐰 🐥 🥚 🎨

Some Tuesday fun

Photos from Hippo's post

Photos from Hippo's post

Teaching my kids about my Irish national holiday which is celebrated around the world on March 17th ☘

Some aerobics

Making cars for our monthly theme of transport 🚙

Monday morning lessons

Learning the difference in sizes and weights. Big/small heavy/light and our letter of the week is Vv.
🌸 😊 ⚽



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