Company Of Grace, Ho Chi Minh City Video December 28, 2016, 10:02pm

Videos by Company Of Grace in Ho Chi Minh City. 1. Started by a person with a disability. 2. Managed by local staff with disabilities. 3. To help other with disabilities have a brighter future.

One of the action songs that the christmas team presents to the children

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One of the action songs that the christmas team presents to the children

amazing grace
The christmas team singing amazing grace in vietnamese and english

Company of Grace Childrens Shelter project

English classes started after the Vietnamese New Year.

A contribution to the Riding bicycle for a great cause to raise fund to help build a shelter for disadvantaged children ...

This is pretty much summed up how we roll everyday!!!

This is how Mr. Van tackled the 2,7 km Can tho bridge!! Well done mate!!

Can someone have a go at guessing who this determined rider might be? Enjoy the video and the traffic in Vietnam for tho...

Mr. Van, one of our riders is practicing it hard to get his body ready for the ride from the Mekong Delta back to HCMC n...

This is Mr Co, he is a champion. Co is our graphic designer, here he is practising hard for the 200 km "Cycling for a Gr...

This September, our 4 staff with disabilities will ride a 3 wheel bicycle from Mekong Delta to HCMC about 200 KM to rais...

Sorry for the delay, but here it is, this is a tribute to our Christmas, 2013 folks!!! It was a great a Christmas enjoye...

The Mid-Autumn Festival, COG 2013
We would like to send our appreciations to those who have supported and helped us to make this year Mid-Autumn festival ...

20 August 2013 02:44
Our 2nd Anniversary dinner! Happy 2nd Birthday, COG!

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Company Of Grace

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