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Operating as usual


We opened the first office in Singapore!


We had conducted the seminar of "Understand Vietnamese Consumers To Win In Digital Era" to share our findings through the researches. . Thank you very much for all the participants.


We moved to the new office!! The address is the following

2F, 62A Pham Ngoc Thach street, Ward 6, District 3, HCM City, Vietnam


Press release- Cross Marketing Thailand employs Q&Me for their field service activity 01/03/2017

海外ビジネス相談会 in 東京 | SWBS

3月10日に中小機構様が主催する「海外ビジネス相談会 in Tokyo」。当社CEO黒川が「200の調査を通じて分かったベトナムビジネス成功の5つのポイント」と題した講演を行います。皆様是非ご参加くださいませ。 01/03/2017


「2017年3月14日ベトナムセミナー」のお知らせです。当社CEOの黒川が下記セミナーに登壇いたします。皆様是非ご参加くださいませ。 ベトナム関係者が7社登壇するセミナーです。オフショア開発、ベトナム進出、現地マーケット、不動産投資、人材活用にご興味がある担当様は必見です。


Asia Plus was shortlisted for the final startup pitch at e27 in Thailand 20/11/2015

Echelon Thailand Startup Launchpad: 5 startups that want to change the game

Asia Plus's research service "Q&Me" was shortlisted for e27 LaunchPad Thailand Startup Launchpad will showcase the 10 most promising startups from the region at Echelon Thailand 2015 on November 26-27 17/11/2015

29 startups in Asia that caught our eye

Q&Me is featured as "29 startups in Asia that caught our eye" by Tech in Asia. Here’s our newest round-up of the featured startups on our site this week.


Asia Plus was shortlisted for the pitch battle at Tech in Asia Jakarta 2015. 06/11/2015

Clever market research app makes brand surveys fun and rewarding

Asia Plus is featured on Tech in Asia! Q&Me is a mobile app for market research, and it comes with a twist. What if you were rewarded for participating in surveys, and could create your own?


Asia Plus participated Hatch program in Hanoi for Q&Me advocation 19/05/2015

Web Programmer / Engineer (PHP) job - VietnamWorks

Now we are hiring the Web engineer. If you are interested in working with us, please contact [email protected] or apply through the link below. VietnamWorks - Web Programmer / Engineer (PHP) - We are the start up company from Japan that manage the online marketing research service of QMe, We are looking for the passionate and creative programmer who could. (EN) 09/04/2015

귀하의 비즈니스를 위한 베트남 시장조사 | Q&Me

We opened our Korean page for Q&Me today. Contact us in Korean as well! Q&Me는 귀하의 비즈니스를 위해 최고의 베트남 시장조사 정보를 제공합니다. 저희의 최첨단 온라인 서비스를 통해 베트남 소비자 트렌드를 찾아보십시오.


We had the seminar of "Vietnamese view of Japanese and Korean culture" with great success.


CEO, Kengo Kurokawa, made presentation about "Understand Vietnamese youth in depth" in M2 seminar 03/02/2015

M2 - Marketing & Media Network | Online Registration

Our CEO, Kengo Kurokawa, will present about "Understand Vietnamese youth in depth" in coming M2 seminar on Feb 11th (wed). Join us for February's “M2 – Marketing & Media Network” event for people interested in advertising, digital, marketing and media. Our event will include speakers who are experts in their industries who will each speak for 15 – 20 minutes, with a moderated question and answer session. We’ll have netw…




Asia Plus Inc. has summarised the survey about "Facebook trend in Vietnam". Facebook is no doubt the most popular and important communication tools in Vietnam. The chart is summarised in infographics for easy look! 07/11/2014

Marketer Kurokawa Kengo

Kengo Kurokawa, Asia Plus Inc. CEO, starts writing articles to Brands Vietnam Profile của Marketer Kurokawa Kengo trên Brands Vietnam - Kengo Kurokawa là nhà sáng lập kiêm CEO của Asia Plus Inc. Asia Plus Inc. là công ty từ Nhật Bản nhưng tập trung vào thị trường Việt Nam. Kengo thành lập công ty vào tháng 1 năm 2014, sau khi trải qua vị trí Marketing ở các công ty như Sony v… 30/10/2014

海外起業家が語るベトナム進出セミナー セミナー

Our CEO, Kengo Kurokawa, will conduct the seminar in Japan, for those who are interested in launching business in Vietnam. Nov 19 (Wed).

当社代表の黒川賢吾が11月19日(水)に東京にてベトナム進出セミナーを開催いたします。ベトナムビジネスにご関心のある方は是非ご参加ください。 起業支援総合ポータルサイト「ドリームゲート」。起業・独立・開業したい方を成功をサポートする起業支援のエキスパート、経営革新のスペシャリストが多数在籍しています。無料オンライン相談や面談サービスなど、年間相談6000件の実績があります。 21/10/2014

Cool japan among vietnamese

Asia Plus has release the survey about "Cool Japan for Vietnamese people". The report is available on slideshare. How does Vietnamese recognise Japanese cultures. What cultures are they interested and what Japanese food do they know? Here is the full report of Vietnamese v… 30/09/2014

Q&Me - Vietnam Market Research for Your Business

Asia Plus Inc. has conducted the survey as to "social messaging app usage in Vietnam". Please visit the link below. Q&Me provides superb Vietnam market research for your business. Discover Vietnam consumer trend and insight through our leading-edge online service. 29/09/2014

倍速で伸びるベトナムEコマース市場 :Net Insider:VentureNow(ベンチャーナウ)

Our CEO, Kengo Kurokawa, has posted the article on Japanese webzine VentureNow. 今回はベトナムのEコマース事情及び「ベトナムのアマゾン」と言われるベンチャー企業について紹介します。ベトナムのEコマース市場は、0.23兆円程度。日本の15.9兆円と比べると1.5%程度とまだ非常に小規模です。 12/09/2014


Kengo Kurokawa, CEO of Asia Plus Inc., made the presentation at the seminar in Japan. The link is the slide he had used. (in Japanese). ベトナムで海外起業してわかったベトナム消費者市場とベトナムビジネスの可能性 09/09/2014

コーヒー大国ベトナムの二人の起業家 :Net Insider:VentureNow(ベンチャーナウ)

Our CEO, Kengo Kurokawa, has posted the article on Japanese webzine VentureNow. ベトナム、というとコーヒーを思い浮かべる方は多いかと思います。生産量世界第二位のコーヒー生産国であるベトナムにはコーヒー屋さんが本当にたくさんあります。ベトナムに旅行をして、コンデンスミルクの入ったベトナムコーヒーを飲まれた方は多くいらっしゃるかと思います。 27/08/2014

Asia Plus Inc. CEO blog

Our CEO, Kengo Kurokawa posted his latest blog (EN) (JP) Kengo Kurokawa. Founder / CEO of Asia Plus Inc (, start-up company providing Web... 25/08/2014

「6日でFacebook1万Like獲得できた」 in ベトナム :Net Insider:VentureNow(ベンチャーナウ)

Our CEO, Kengo Kurokawa posted his article on Venture Now (article is in Japanese) 今回は東南アジア新興国のFacebook状況について、僕の経験も含めて触れたいと思います。当社は、ベトナムでのオンラインマーケットリサーチサービス「Q&Me」を8月21日にスタートしました。ベトナム進出を検討される方向けに、より手軽に且つ廉価にベトナム市場の情報を伝える仕組みを提供したいと思い開発しました。


Thank you! Our Q&Me panelist has reached to 10.000 in 6 days! 22/08/2014

Giải pháp sales - marketing trực tuyến cho doanh nghiệp Việt Asia Plus, công ty tiên phong trong lĩnh vực mạng thông tin doanh nghiệp chính thức đặt chân vào thị trường Việt với hai gói giải pháp mới: Tascade và Q&Me.


We had the press event to introduce our strategy and key products - Q&Me and Tascade. 21/08/2014

Q&Me - Vietnam Market Research for Your Business

We start our Vietnamese market research service, "Q&Me" for those who would like to have better understanding in Vietnamese market. Q&Me - Vietnam Market Research for Your Business 15/08/2014

Q&Me - Khảo sát nhanh, nhận tiền ngay

We launch the new service named "Q&Me". Join us to answer exciting surveys to win exciting rewards!! Kiếm tiền trên mạng thật dễ dàng chỉ với vài phút đồng hồ làm khảo sát. Đăng ký và làm khảo sát để nhận ngay tiền thưởng và hàng ngàn phần quà hấp dẫn khác


Tascade (English) - Retail and Promoter Management

Our Tascade video on Youtube reaches 25000 Views (in total of English, Japanese and Vietnamese)!! Tascade is the new business communication service that links up the team no matter where you are, through its effective information sh... 29/07/2014

【Interview】アジアの拠点と直接つながる社内SNS!「Tascade(タスケード)」 | Techable(テッカブル)

Our CEO, Kengo Kurokawa, had an interview with Japanese news site, "Techable". ビジネスの場で、スマホやクラウドシステムが一般的になった現在。アジア新興国に拠点のある日本企業にピッタリの多言語対応・社内向けSNSがあるのをご存知だろうか? 株式会社Asia PlusのCEO、黒川賢吾(くろかわけんご




Tascade is the new business communication service that links up the team no matter where you are, through its effective information sharing, knowledge management and opinion sharing.

Q&Me is a dissimilar research service that helps you understand Asian consumers a lot better. By providing various researchs including online focus group, you'll have instant access to their lifestyle.



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Toastmasters Toastmasters
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Toastmasters Junior is an English speaking club founded by Student Pioneers of Broward College Vietnam.

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