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Educationusa Vietnam

EducationUSA is a global network of more than 400 advising centers supported by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs at the U.S. Department ...

Department of State. EducationUSA centers actively promote U.S. higher education around the world. In Vietnam, the EducationUSA Advising Centers are parts of the Public Affairs Sections of the U.S. Embassy in Hanoi and the U.S. Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City. EducationUSA centers are staffed by professional advisers, many of whom have first-hand experience because they have studied in the United States themselves or they have received State Department-approved training. EducationUSA services include: - Offer accurate, unbiased, comprehensive, objective and timely information about educational institutions/opportunities in the United States through one-on-one advising, emails, phone calls, the internet, group advising and workshops. - Provide internet resources and publications on various topics, such as: Accreditation Admissions Scholarships/Financial Aid Standardized Tests Student Visas Find-a-School Search Engine Pre-departure Orientation All of our services are free of charge. To set an appointment, please call (08)3520 4610 or email [email protected]. We encourage you to utilize the resources and reference materials available at

Geography Bee 2014 - Preliminary Round

Sắp đến các chương trình hàng tuần về du học Mỹ sẽ cập nhật trên Facebook @The American Center - Ho Chi Minh City và cùng với nhiều hoạt động và chủ đề phong phú khác. Bạn nhớ follow 2 kênh này để biết các cơ hội mở mang hiểu biết và tham dự những hoạt động bổ ích và thú vị nhé.
Hiện giờ đang có 2 cuộc thi là Geo Bee và essay contest "Discover America" : . Các bạn học sinh sinh viên giỏi giang năng động trổ tài đi nhé! Speaker: William Hale, U.S. Consulate Summer Intern For the first time, the Nation’s best and brightest will get the chance to show their knowledge of US Geography. Participants and contestants will be tested on their knowledge of US landmarks, State Parks, States, Cities, and many other natural fe…

U.S. Consulate General - Ho Chi Minh City

Chương trình tuần này tại The American Center - Ho Chi Minh City rất phong phú, dành cho mọi mục tiêu: mở mang hiểu biết về văn hóa đời sống, luyện tiếng Anh hoặc chuẩn bị du học. Tận dụng mùa hè rảnh rỗi để tham gia nhé!

Mời các bạn ghi lại lịch chương trình tuần này. Câu lạc bộ đọc sách ngày mai, thứ ba 15/7, lúc 5g chiều sẽ là chương trình cuối cùng do cô Jaclyn hướng dẫn. Hãy đến tham gia và liên hoan chia tay Jaclyn nhé. Hẹn gặp các bạn tại AC!.

Book Club Activities
Tuesday, July 15, 2014, 5:00 PM
Speaker: Jaclyn Luo, Consulate Officer
Come join Jaclyn in discussing “Rikki Tikki Tavi” by Rudyard Kipling

Native Americans
Wednesday, July 16, 2014, 2:00 PM
Speaker: Joe Freeman, Consulate Officer
One of the most familiar symbols of the United States are Native Americans. However, they are often seen in stereotypes or as part of history. There are nearly 600 tribes in the US, with a wide variety of religion, culture, language and traditions. Come find out what real Native Americans are like, and how they live in the 21st century.

American Road Trip
Wednesday, July 16, 2014, 5:00 PM
Speaker: Jeffrey Itell, Guest Speaker
Join Jeffrey Itell for a mystery American Road Trip. See America like you've never seen it before. Figure out where we are and win a prize!

How To Be Successful Studying at a Community College in the U.S.
Thursday, July 17, 2014, 2:00 PM
Many international students who do well academically in home country struggle in U.S. schools due to cultural differences and lack of understanding of the American learning environment. Christina Nguyen, an Associate Director from Bellevue College will be giving a presentation on how to succeed in U.S. community colleges. She will give an overview on the important things to consider in order to choose the right school, how to achieve academic success at a community college and prepare for university transfer. She will use real life examples to highlight how you can overcome the many challenges outside the classroom.

Activities in English
Thursday, July 17, 2014, 5:00 PM
Speaker: Chris Helmkamp, Consulate Officer
Come practice English with Consulate Officer Chris Helmkamp.

Scholarships and Financial Aid - Tips on Getting Scholarships from Highly Selective Colleges
Friday, July 18, 2014, 2:00 PM
Finding financial assistance for study in the U.S. is a daunting task. This information session, featuring four Vietnamese students who just successfully secured high-value scholarships to competitive colleges and universities in the United States for the academic year 2014-2015, will discuss the tools and tips to success in getting the scholarship of your dreams.

R-MC :: Scholarships for New Freshmen


Most awards range from $14,500 to $21,000 per year ($58,000 to $84,000 over four years) for students entering in fall 2014. The program recognizes students who have demonstrated the highest levels of academic achievement and leadership. Awards are renewable for up to a maximum of four years, provided the recipients maintain the required grade point average. All applicants to Randolph-Macon College are automatically considered for a Presidential Scholarship or Dean's Award, but you should apply to the college no later than February 1.
For more information, please visit: Randolph-Macon's signature academic scholarship program for new students is the Presidential Scholars Program. The program recognizes students who have demonstrated the highest levels of academic achievement and leadership.

U.S. Consulate General - Ho Chi Minh City

Quá tuyệt để kết thúc tuần! Hip Hop Music in America @ The American Center - Ho Chi Minh City

Thứ sáu rồi! Mời các bạn cùng đến AC lúc 2 p.m. hôm nay để cùng tìm hiểu và trải nghiệm về thể loại nhạc Hip Hop nhé.

Hip Hop Music in America
Time: Friday, July 11, 2:00 p.m.
Speaker: Sean Thompson, Consulate Officer

Grandmaster Flash. The Beastie Boys. Public Enemy. NWA. Tupac. Nas. Jay-Z. Kanye West. Do any of these names sound familiar to you? Of course they do – they are all famous hip hop artists! Come to the American Center on Friday, July 11 at 2:00 p.m. to hear Sean Thompson talk about the evolution of hip hop music in America.

We will learn how the hip hop genre began in urban America, was used as a form of political expression, and then gained mass market appeal. We will also look at the lyrics of one of the best rap songs of all time together. Hope to see you there!

The University of Toledo - Scholarships and Financial Aid

The University of Toledo offers two admission scholarships to qualified international students. You will automatically be considered for all of these awards by submitting a completed admission application. For international students with an F-1 visa and a passing TOEFL score who have the equivalent of a 3.0 or higher cumulative average.

International Student Scholarship
Offered to new undergraduate international students who are entering the university as an adult, transfer or directly from high school who have a minimum grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. The scholarship covers the out of state surcharge for the 2013-14 academic year.

Sister Cities Award
The Sister Cities Award is guaranteed to new undergraduate and graduate students enrolled for a minimum of 15 credit hours per semester whose permanent address is within one of the Toledo Sister Cities/Regions at the same time as application.
For more information, please visit: The University of Toledo offers two admission scholarships to qualified international students. You will automatically be considered for all of these awards by submitting a completed admission application. A completed admission application includes the application for admission, all official academi…

K-12 Intel Galileo Challenge - Everest Education Survey

Cơ hội cho các bạn học sinh cấp 2,3 yêu khoa học: dành vài phút để giúp trường bạn trang bị Galieo board do Intel tài trợ và một chuyến tham quan nhà máy Intel nào: Web survey powered by Create your own online survey now with SurveyMonkey's expert certified FREE templates.

The 12 Most Unique College Courses In America

The 12 Most Unique College Courses In America Every college in America boasts that one life-changing class with that one legendary professor. If you’re lucky enough to be in such a class, you surely drink the professor’s Kool-Aid and think, “I’m gonna tell my kid about th...

50 States Series: Top Campuses Worth Traveling For | The FlipKey Blog

Ấn tượng đầu tiên nếu bạn có dịp tham quan các trường Đại học ở Mỹ là sự đa dạng, từ cảnh quan đến con người. Mỗi trường một vẻ đặc sắc riêng, kiến trúc phong phú, nhiều trường mang đậm dấu ấn lịch sử, đặc thù tự nhiên của địa lý vùng miền hoặc là một bảo tàng nghệ thuật sống động. Hãy cùng làm một tour qua 50 ngôi trường ở từng bang nước Mỹ để xem bạn có chọn cho mình một địa điềm ưa thích nào không nhé! 50 States Series: Top Campuses Worth Traveling ForFor Travelers"Best of" ListsFeatured PostLatest PostJun 18, 20140 10307For impressionable youths lucky enough to be receiving a secondary education, choosing the right place to call home for the next four years is a major decision. Since college is "…

Cơ hội để du học sinh Việt làm việc cho Boston Consulting Group

Cơ hội công việc cho du học sinh Việt Nam ở Mỹ: Boston Consulting Group đang tuyển dụng một số vị trí, rất phù hợp với du học sinh Việt đã và đang học tại Mỹ. Thông tin chi tiết: Open position: Associate in Training July 1st, 2014 at 5:00pm Position: Translator Reports to: Consultant team Job Summary: The Translator works closely with internatio…

How to Succeed in College

Here's a great opportunity for a free course to learn more about how to get the most out of college, especially perfect for gap year students and those on their way to the US to study this Fall! How to Succeed in College is a free online class taught by of University of Kentucky

Bachelor Degree, Master Degree, MBA Program, Doctor of Business Administration (DBA): CIBU -...

Apply now for a $5,000 scholarship if you enroll and pay your tuition in full by the Fall Quarter!
Now is the time to earn your degree. Our CIBU Scholarship Reward Program can help make your dream of a better future a reality.
At California International Business University we are dedicated to providing an education that helps you to succeed in your career. We encourage you to pursue scholarships as a way of helping you to finance your education.
CIBU Scholarship Reward Program
CIBU is awarding twenty scholarships to career focused and success driven bachelor, masters, and doctoral students. Apply online before the fall quarter to be considered for one of the twenty awards:
(20) Scholarship worth $5,000 for degree students who enroll for the fall quarter.
For more information, please visit:

- We are located in downtown San Diego, California
- CIBU offers an affordable tuition fee
- No GMAT required . CIBU has own Focus English program
- CIBU is not a mass market educational institution. We serve students who want reasonable service, professional and courteous treatment, and professional education. Students who choose CIBU will benefit from steady interaction with faculty and staff members. Our faculty and staff are real people with real-world business experience. CIBU offers a specialized educational program leading to a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), a Master of Business Administration (MBA), a Master of

U.S. Consulate General - Ho Chi Minh City

Tuần này toàn những chương trình vui vẻ tại The American Center - Ho Chi Minh City nè các bạn:

Các chương trình hay của tuần này đây nhé các bạn. Bạn nào hâm mộ nhạc Broadway thì không thể nào bỏ qua chương trình Tony Awards của cô Anna vào trưa mai nhé. Cùng Uncle Sam và Nữ Thần Tự Do mừng ngày Quốc Khánh Mỹ tại AC vào thứ tư, với snack, nước giải khát và nhiều trò chơi thú vị. Vào thứ năm hãy đến cổ vũ bạn bè của mình thi đấu vòng chung kết của Spelling Bee và nghe "bật mí" về một cuộc thi mới với phần thưởng cũng hấp dẫn không kém nha các bạn.

Tony Awards
Tuesday, July 1, 2014 from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Speaker: Anna Dupont, Consulate Officer
Attention all Broadway Fans! As promised, we will be screening the full 2014 Tony Awards show at the AC. Join us this Tuesday, July 1 at 2 pm to relax and enjoy the Tonys on the big screen.

U.S. Independence Day
Wednesday, July 2, 2014 from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Speaker: William Hale, U.S. Consulate Summer Intern
Have you ever wondered why American’s celebrate July 4th every year? Come join Mr. William Hale, our U.S. Consulate Summer Intern, on July 2nd at 2 pm and learn a little about American Independence. There will be soda and snacks with a bunch of fun activities. Come join and help celebrate America’s favorite holiday.

Spelling Bee 2014 – Second Round and Final
Thursday, July 3, 2014 from 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM
Everyone come support your friends as they compete for the trophy!

EdUSA/American Center Writing Contest Kick-off: America - Land of Dream
Thursday, July 3, 2014 from 3:30 PM to 4:00 PM
Do you want a free Ipad mini or Ipod? I’m guess the answer is Yes! All you have to do is enter a piece of your writing on the subject: America – Land of Dream. Essays will start being accepted July 2nd and you will have until August 1st to turn in your essay to the American Center. Show off your writing skills and be reward this Summer!

18 Things You Need To Do To Be Happy In College

For those who attended our PDO last Friday and all U.S.-bound students this fall: great ideas to find and keep balance in your life while you are in college!! College students have a lot to deal with. Between balancing academics and social life, searching for summer internships and managing stress, “happiness” tends to fall by the wayside. But being happy should still be a major priority in col...

EducationUSA - Study in the USA!

Check out our EducationUSA video friends! Are you interested in studying in the USA? If not, you will be after watching this great new motivational video!

University Scholarships for Tuition-Free UoPeople

University of the People is dedicated to opening access to higher education around the world for all qualified individuals otherwise constrained access. UoPeople has succeeded in cutting down almost the entire cost of higher education. All it ask its students to cover is the cost of exam processing at $100 per end-of course exam.

For those who cannot afford these minimal fees, the University provides a variety of scholarships designed to meet the unique needs of its international student population and enable students from all over the world, regardless of financial status, access to online, accredited academic studies from an American university.
For more information, please visit: If you are looking for a scholarship because you cannot afford the nominal fees UoPeople charges, please review this page for available scholarships.

Eastern Michigan University: Admissions

Several options are available to students from around the country and world to help finance your undergraduate studies at Eastern Michigan University:
The National Scholars Program (NSP) Scholarship - Renewable award which pays the difference between in-state and out-of-state tuition (approximately $15,000 per year). Open to incoming freshman and transfer students with a 3.0 or higher cumulative GPA on a 4.0 scale. To be eligible, you must be admitted as a non resident for tuition purposes. Transfer students must have completed 30 transferable credits prior to admission for eligibility. Students are automatically considered for the NSP at the time of admission based on the GPA used to make their admission decision. Students must be admitted by the priority deadlines in order to be eligible.
For more information, please visit: Eastern Michigan University Education First

16 Things That Surprised Me When I Moved To America

Điều số 9 đúng là "nỗi niềm" của khá nhiều du học sinh Việt ở Mỹ ;)
Cuối tuần vui nhé cả nhà! Here are a few pointers for foreigners on what you'll encounter in America.

U.S. Consulate General - Ho Chi Minh City

Kick-off cuối tuần với 2 chương trình về nhạc và phim nào!!!

Các bạn ơi, đừng bỏ lỡ cơ hội thưởng thức và biểu diễn chung với Mr. Geoff Bishop và ban nhạc vào chương trình chiều nay nhé. Sau đó, các bạn có thể ở lại đến 5 p.m. để xem buổi chiếu phim về LGBT luôn. Thứ sáu rồi, thư giãn thôi!

World Music Day
Time: Friday, June 20, 2:00 p.m.
Speaker: Geoff Bishop, Consulate Officer

World Music Day is an annual festival held in over 32 countries around world on June 21st. On this festival, both professional and amateur musicians perform their music on the street along the night. Come to the American Center to join Mr. Geoff Bishop in a mini music jam where you can show us your talents.

LGBT Film Screening
Time: Friday, June 20, 5:00 p.m.
Speaker: Chris Helmkamp, Consulate Officer

Bỏ Facebook đi, 19 trang web này sẽ giúp bạn thông minh hơn! - VietAbroader

Bạn có đủ "dũng khí" lội ngược dòng Facebook ? :) Sau đây là danh sách 19 trang web thực sự sẽ khiến bạn sử dụng thời gian trực tuyến của mình hiệu quả và thông mình hơn. Bạn có đang mệt mỏi với việc lãng phí thời gian vào việc xem những đoạn video nhàm chán hay lăn chuột vô thức liên tục trên bảng... Read More

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Diamond Plaza, 34 Le Duan
Ho Chi Minh City
Other Education in Ho Chi Minh City (show all)
Tư Vấn Du Học Mainstream Tư Vấn Du Học Mainstream
18 Hoa Phượng

Tư Vấn Du Học Mainstream Education - tư vấn du học chuyên nghiệp đến các nước Canada, Mỹ, New Zealand, Úc, Singapore. Website:

Công Ty CP Giáo Dục Và Công Nghệ Việt- Edu Công Ty CP Giáo Dục Và Công Nghệ Việt- Edu
12 Trần Thiện Chánh, P12, Q10
Ho Chi Minh City, 700000

Đào tạo các khóa học Kế toán, văn thư, du lịch, sư phạm, đấu thầu, an toàn, giám sát, Khai hải quan, thư viện, thiết bị trưởng học...

Trung tâm luyện thi môn vẽ - dạy vẽ thiếu nhi Trung tâm luyện thi môn vẽ - dạy vẽ thiếu nhi
549 Kha Vạn Cân, Phường Hiệp Bình Chánh, Quận Thủ Đức
Ho Chi Minh City, 720000

Trường Đoàn Lý Tự Trọng Trường Đoàn Lý Tự Trọng
03 Dân Chủ, Phường Bình Thọ, Quận Thủ Đức
Ho Chi Minh City, 70000

Trường Đoàn Lý Tự Trọng, TP. Hồ Chí Minh

UCMAS Quận 12 - Hồ Chí Minh UCMAS Quận 12 - Hồ Chí Minh
Ho Chi Minh City

Chương trình phát triển trí tuệ tốt nhất cho trẻ từ 4 đến 14 tuổi

Sugar cuisine Sugar cuisine
132 Bến Vân đồn Q4
Ho Chi Minh City, 084

Sugar Cuisine là đơn vị chuyên cung cấp giải pháp TOÀN DIỆN cho các doanh nghiệp ngành Fnb nhằm : Tối ưu hoá hệ thống quản lý và vận hành của Doanh Nghiệp . Kết nối cộng đồng người đam mê ẩm thực

TOEIC  IELTS Tiếng Anh Giao Tiếp - STARS TOEIC IELTS Tiếng Anh Giao Tiếp - STARS
Ho Chi Minh City

Trung tâm ngoại ngữ STAR nơi nâng tầm tiếng anh của mọi người. Chào đón tất cả học viên mới tiếp xúc với ngoại ngữ, đang ôn luyên toeic, ielts.

Center for International Education Center for International Education
10-12 Đinh Tiên Hoàng Street, Dist.1,
Ho Chi Minh City

____Creativeness - Innovation -

Tiếng Anh Orest-Đào Tạo Giao Tiếp Tiếng Anh Xuất Chúng Tiếng Anh Orest-Đào Tạo Giao Tiếp Tiếng Anh Xuất Chúng
180/45/11 Nguyễn Hữu Cảnh, P22, Quận Bình Thạnh
Ho Chi Minh City, 70000

Sau khoá học, bạn sẽ giao tiếp tiếng Anh lưu loát. Vui lòng liên hệ Ms. Huyền: 093. 828. 4917 Mời bạn truy cập vào: or Do Thi Thuy

45 Dinh Tien Hoang Ben Nghe Ward
Ho Chi Minh City, 700000

VLS English programs of ECA are designed for those who want to possess English language competence and skills to function at an English environment.

Arkki Arkki
25/7A Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm
Ho Chi Minh City, QUẬN 1

Trường giáo dục Tư duy sáng tạo cho Trẻ em thông qua kiến trúc, đã được Bộ Văn hóa và Giáo dục Phần Lan công nhận là chương trình ngoại khóa sáng tạo cấp Quốc gia.

Gia Sư Dương Minh Gia Sư Dương Minh
219/19 Mai Xuân Thưởng, Phường 6, Quận 6
Ho Chi Minh City

Trung tâm gia sư Dương Minh nhận dạy kèm tại nhà các môn Toán Lý Hóa Văn Anh từ cấp 1 tới cấp 3, đảm bảo uy tín chất lượng.

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