La Boulangerie Française - HCMC

La Boulangerie Française - HCMC


🗣️ Van Trinh is a French-Vietnamese who is the School Director of the French Bakery La Boulangerie Française - HCMC which is a vocational training center funded by a French NGO called IECD.

🤝 They’ve already trained over 60 young Vietnamese from a vulnerable background through this non-profit initiative.

🥖 They also sell their amazing pastries around Saigon! 🥐🥐🥐

🔈 Do you want to support them and have a delicious pastry with your coffee at the same time?
Order now at:
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In this episode:
🎙️ How Van transitioned from working at traditional corporate industries to a social enterprise
🎙️ How La Boulangerie Francaise can sustain the free vocational training for young Vietnamese students
🎙️ The future the bakery provides for their students

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❤️ This podcast is made with love by:
🌻 Moni Le - Career Purpose Coach
🎯 Tue-Si Nguyen Specialist, Life and Business "Coach-sultant" for young professionals
Thanks everyone for joining oir Community Hangout yesterday evening despite the heavy rain 🌧🤗😍

It was so awesome to see familiar faces and new ones in such a diverse group with different areas of expertise: alternative energy, PLASTICPeople, non profit Fulbright University Vietnam, social enterprise La Boulangerie Française - HCMC, software development NashTech Vietnam, fashion brands Stay Fabulous Vietnam and Sofí, legal, supply chain and catering service. We all came together with the same mindset of doing good and giving back to the community! 💛💛💛

Also, the french baguette and cozy Hue dinner afterwards were sooo yummy 🥰

See you at our upcoming EARTH DAY Market 2022 - Sustainability & Animal Welfare on 23rd and 24th April at R House 🛍🌍🌿

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Looking forward to tonight's meet? We're excited to introduce our guest speakers for the event.

⭐ Ms Than Nguyen | Principal | School of Hope Trường khiếm thính Hy Vọng Bình Thạnh
School of Hope was established in 1986 by a group of parents whose children are deaf, with the aim of improving the lives of students with disabilities. Ms Than, Principal of School of Hope, will join us along with Vice Principal Ms Diep. Ms Diep joined SOH in 1987 and assists with communications, public relations, fundraising & outreach.

⭐ Mr Van Trinh, Project Manager & School Director, La Boulangerie Française - HCMC
As a French national, Van Trinh spent over ten years years working to open up new markets in various industries – from cars to medical devices – in Canada, Europe, China and now Vietnam. He first learned about the international NGO IECD and its project La Boulangerie Française when joining a volunteer job fair. The volunteer photographer resolutely became the Project Manager in 2018 and joined the “We Bake for Change” mission of the project.

⭐ Ms Thuy Tran | Cofounder & Coordinator | VYAC - Vietnam Youth Action for Choice
Ms Thuy saw many vulnerable young people who were stigmatized and marginalized due to sensitive issues. She felt driven to empower these young people to speak up. For this reason, she founded VYAC with two other youth activists to empower youth and give them accurate information about sexual and reproductive health, enabling them to be confident and responsible for their choices.

⭐ Mr Brian Lindfield | Trainer & Manager | An Rê Mai Sen Training Center
After gaining 50+ years experience in the Hospitality & Service Industry with market leaders in Europe, Middle East and Asia, Brian moved to Vietnam in December 2014. He began working with An Rê Mai Sen Hospitality Training Center in 2015 as a professional hotelier. Mr Lindfield is also the co-founder of Blue Focus Vietnam, which offers services to support Vietnam's business community.

📅 WHEN: Wednesday February 23, 6-9 PM
📍 WHERE: Inspire Hub 2
🏡 Address: 122 Đường B2, An Lợi Đông in Sala Park

🌻 PRE-REGISTER ONLINE: 200,000vnd (bank transfer or pay at door)
🌻 AT DOOR: 300,000vnd


Learn more about our event here 💛

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Next up for our special guests at the February networking event: La Boulangerie Française - HCMC 🧑‍🍳

🥐 Since 1999, La Boulangerie Française has been serving authentic, hand-crafted and responsibly made French baked goodies to bread lovers while helping hundreds of vulnerable youth have a sustainable career through their high-quality training program.

🥐 La Boulangerie Française operates as a social enterprise. Their bakery sells the best products made by students during their practice sessions to cover their accommodation, food and training expenses.

🥐 Besides being socially responsible, La Boulangerie Française takes sustainability into account in their daily operations. They prioritize using quality local ingredients whenever possible. They also strive to have an eco-friendly production and delivery process to minimize single-use plastic and their carbon footprint.

We're looking forward to hearing more stories from students of La Boulangerie Française, and trying some of their baked goods 😍

Join us on Wednesday for inspiration, empowerment, and networking opportunities!
📅 WHEN: Wednesday February 23, 6-9 PM
📍 WHERE: Inspire Hub 2 in Sala Park

🌻 PRE-REGISTER ONLINE: 200,000vnd (bank transfer or pay at door)
🌻 AT DOOR: 300,000vnd

🎟️ Ticket proceeds go to SCMN Covid Orphans Charity to provide tuition fees & laptops for kids who lost their parents to the pandemic.

Learn more about our event here 💛

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Do you know what day it is today? 🤔
🎂🎂IECD's birthday🎂🎂! #IECD turns 33 years old 🥳

Thank you for being part of this journey and for supporting IECD in its mission with vulnerable #youth and small #entrepreneurs.

#Thanks for your trust and your support, crucial to the continuity of IECD's action since 1988!

🥂 Here's to many more years of allowing the IECD to continue developing tailor-made human, economic and social development projects in the countries where it operates.
#happybirthday #ngo #solidarity
IECD-Syria IECD - Lebanon Gde-ci Iecd Institut Européen de Coopération et de Développement - IECD Vietnam IECD - Institut Européen de Coopération et de Développement Maroc Transform Cote D'ivoire La Boulangerie Française - Hue / Banh mi Phap - Hue La Boulangerie Française - HCMC IECD Liberia IECD Egypt - المعهد الأوروبي للتعاون والتنمية
9 December was the last day of our pedagogy training for hospitality educators on digital learning techniques facilitated by Taylor's University.

Let’s check out what are the main learnings from trainers of Bayon Pastry School Coffee Shop , HCTC - Passport : School, Restaurant & Hotel , La Boulangerie Française - HCMC, PSE - Pour un Sourire d'Enfant - Cambodia from this four-month journey?

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🥐🍞🥖 Rất vui được chào đón IECD - MSE Việt Nam - La Boulangerie Française - HCMC

Hiệp hội này đào tạo các bạn trẻ làm bánh theo phong cách Pháp và sản phẩm được bán trực tuyến!
Để đặt bánh, hãy truy cập : 👉


🥐🍞🥖 Un grand plaisir de recevoir l’IECD - la Boulangerie Française.

Cette association qui forme à la française des jeunes à la boulangerie et qui vend en ligne !
Pour commander une galette rendez-vous sur ce lien : 👉
⏰ Dernière ligne droite pour nous aider ! 😲➡️ ⬅️ La Boulangerie Française - HCMC au Vietnam soutenue par Institut Européen de Coopération et de Développement - IECD Vietnam a l'honneur de faire partie des 8 finalistes du grand Prix du Public 2021 de la Fondation Raja-Danièle Marcovici 🎉.

Il récompense des actions en faveur de l’autonomisation des femmes en France et dans le monde 👏. La dotation pour l'association ayant récolté le plus de votes est de 15 000 €.

Pour nous aider à remporter ce prix, c'est tout simple ! Il vous suffit de voter ici ➡️ ⬅️
Fin des votes lundi ⚠️

Nous comptons également sur vous pour partager cette publication à votre entourage personnel et professionnel : c'est ensemble que nous pouvons y arriver ! 💪

Un grand merci par avance au nom de toute l’équipe #IECD et #laboulangeriefrancaise 💖

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Votez🗳, partagez et encouragez votre entourage à voter pour La Boulangerie Française - HCMC, qui forme des jeunes issus de milieux vulnérables au métier de boulanger, qui alternent formation technique et stage. Une formation soutenue par l'#IECD
Voter ici : Merci🙏
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Support La Boulangerie Française - HCMC, a non profit vocational training for vulnerable Vietnamese that trains them in artisan French Bakery for a safer and more stable future, for themselves and their families.
Vote 🗳 for La Boulangerie Francaise 👉 Thank you 🙏
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Institut Européen de Coopération et de Développement - IECD Vietnam

La Boulangerie Française is a social enterprise dedicated to training vulnerable youth to become highly-skilled bakers.

Operating as usual

Timeline photos 26/05/2022

Thank you ASSET H&C for highlighting why Hao loves La Boulangerie Française - HCMC.

Xin cảm ơn Hiệp hội Doanh nghiệp Xã hội dạy nghề Nhà hàng - Khách sạn Đông Nam Á (ASSET-H&C) đã tìm hiểu vì sao Hào yêu mến ngôi trường Lò bánh mì Pháp mà bạn theo học.

Hào hiện là Nhân viên bếp bánh cao cấp (Demi Chef - Tổ phó tổ bếp) sau hơn 1 năm rưỡi làm việc tại Vinpearl Phú Quốc. Những kỹ năng và kinh nghiệm chuyên môn về bánh, đặc biệt là dòng bánh ngọt cổ điển, bạn học được ở trường là một bước chuẩn bị tuyệt vời để bạn làm việc tốt, nhanh, hiệu quả và phát triển nhanh trong nghề chỉ sau một thời gian ngắn ra trường.

Lò bánh mì Pháp rất tự hào về Hào và tất cả các bạn đã và đang theo học tại trường, đang và sẽ đóng góp những giá trị thiết thực nhất cho cuộc đời qua nghề bánh, và quan trọng nhất là các bạn đang sống với đam mê và tự tin làm chủ cuộc đời mình.

As an alumnus of Class 02 (2028-2020) from La Boulangerie Française - HCMC, a member of ASSET-H&C in Vietnam, Mr. Hao Huynh is now working for VinPearl Resort in Phu Quoc island. Discover what he loves the most about his school.

“I started working as a professional baker 1.5 years ago. Our customers here are mostly local tourists, and viennoiseries are the main product line. It was a great advantage because I was trained and had practiced making these products quite well during my 18-month training and internship program.

Thanks to my trainers and the high-quality French bakery and pastry curriculum, I was able to process the dough properly, shape the pastries beautifully and bake them following a standardised process with touches of experience here and there. It wasn't long before I was assigned to transfer my skill to colleagues as well as to closely guide newcomers. My effort was recognized, and I have just been promoted to Senior Pastry Chef (Demi Chef).

The profound knowledge and professional skills that I acquired from my school allowed me to have such a great start for my career in bakery, and I am very grateful for this.”

Photos from La Boulangerie Française - HCMC's post 25/05/2022

Fougasse, a beautiful savory artisanal bread and a very popular French party starter & finger food, is now added to our menu. Try them and impress people joining your next parties!

150k for each (400gr) in different flavors of your choice:


Lò bánh mì Pháp - Huế chỉ còn 8 suất học nghề bánh nội trú, miễn phí, bao ăn ở cùng giảng viên Việt và Pháp. Các bạn nam ở khu vực miền Trung muốn tham gia học nghề bánh và thay đổi tương lai, hãy nhanh tay đăng ký nhé.

La Boulangerie Française - Hue / Banh mi Phap - Hue is still recruiting 8 students for the free boarding bakery training in Hue city. Follow the link and register!


We sold out at Oliver's Pizza x La Boulangerie Francaise 2nd Edition breakfast time yesterday! Thank you all for your support!

Các em bán hết bánh tại sự kiện Bữa sáng vị Pháp tại Phạm Viết Chánh. Xin cảm ơn Oliver's Pizza, các em học viên và quý khách hàng đã ủng hộ!

‎What about Vietnam - Traveller Insights: What About Vietnam - S4-2 - Fine dining Vietnam on Apple Podcasts 21/05/2022

‎What about Vietnam - Traveller Insights: What About Vietnam - S4-2 - Fine dining Vietnam on Apple Podcasts

Thank you Mr. Raj Taneja, Country President of La Confrérie de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs in Vietnam for mentioning our effort to nurture young Chefs and talents to contribute to Vietnam's Fine Dining & hospitality in his recent Podcast (from minute 08:00).

The Confrérie de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs™, established in Paris in 1950, is the oldest and largest food and wine society in the world, originally aiming to promote the tradition of the royal guild of goose roasters and now the finest of dining and life experiences.

Check out this Podcast on "Fine Dining" in Vietnam and learn about talented Chefs' style of cuisine through:

‎What about Vietnam - Traveller Insights: What About Vietnam - S4-2 - Fine dining Vietnam on Apple Podcasts ‎Show What about Vietnam - Traveller Insights, Ep What About Vietnam - S4-2 - Fine dining Vietnam - 9 May 2022


Cựu sinh viên Khóa 1 | Alumnus of Batch 1
Phụ bếp bánh | Commis tại Bakes Saigon

Mình là Y Lệ, đến từ Kontum. Mình là sinh viên khóa 1 của trường Lò bánh mì Pháp và được trường gửi đi thực tập ở Bakes vào năm 2019. Sau 6 tháng thực tập, mình được nhận vào làm chính thức tới nay là được 2 năm rưỡi rồi. Mình thích công việc hiện tại vì nhiều lý do và dự định sẽ gắn bó dài lâu với tiệm để học hỏi thêm và tích lũy tài chính cho tương lai.

Gia đình mình đông con, có 9 anh chị em, và mình là con út. Cha mẹ mình làm rẫy, kinh tế cũng khó khăn nên cấp 3 mình được gửi vào trung tâm Poussières de Vie với các Sơ để được tiếp tục học hết lớp 12. Sau khi Tốt nghiệp, mình không có định hướng gì cho tương lai cả. Mình tiếp tục ở lại phụ giúp Sơ chăm sóc các em nhỏ, hái cà phê. Sau đó, mình được trung tâm giới thiệu vào học tại trường Lò bánh mì Pháp.

Lúc mới vào trường, mình cũng khóc vì nhớ nhà và thỉnh thoảng không theo kịp chương trình học. Nhưng may thay có các bạn mình, đặc biệt là Y Liêng, đã cùng động viên và giúp mình vượt qua giai đoạn khó khăn. Có gì không hiểu, mình hỏi lại sau giờ học, mỗi ngày tay nghề lại lên một chút nhờ thầy cô và các bạn. Và trong suốt 1 năm ở trường, điều tuyệt vời nhất là mình đã có thể nghe, hiểu và giao tiếp được tiếng Anh trong môi trường bếp bánh. Kỹ năng này giúp mình hoàn toàn tự tin trong công việc hiện tại với bếp trưởng người nước ngoài.

Ở trường mình được dạy và thực hành nhiều ở mảng bánh mì Pháp, và chỉ học một số bánh ngọt cơ bản nhất. Khi thực tập và đi làm ở đây, mình phải học thêm nhiều loại bánh ngọt mới. Nhưng nhờ có kỹ năng về bột, tạo hình và nướng bài bản cùng khả năng hiểu tiếng Anh, mình vẫn thích nghi được với môi trường chuyên bánh ngọt tại Bakes. Hiện tại, mình đã làm được nhiều loại bánh ngọt khác nhau như mousse dừa, làm bột và bánh tart, macaron, trang trí bánh bằng sô cô la… Nếu làm ca sáng, mình sẽ tạo hình và ra bánh để tiệm bán đúng giờ. Làm ca chiều, mình sẽ chuẩn bị bột, mousse và nguyên liệu sẵn sàng cho ngày hôm sau.

Mình thích nhất ở đây là tiền lương (cười). Có tiền lương mình có thể tự lập, giúp đỡ gia đình phần nào và tiết kiệm cho tương lai. Ngoài ra, mình rất yêu quý, gắn bó với môi trường làm việc và đồng nghiệp - là những người bạn thân thiết nhất của mình. Thỉnh thoảng mình cũng đi cà phê giải trí, cảm nhận cuộc sống nhộn nhịp của một thành phố lớn luôn chào đón và dành cơ hội cho tất cả mọi người - TPHCM.

Cũng như các bạn, mình mong muốn được về gần nhà hơn và mở một tiệm bánh nhỏ. Nhưng khi đi đã làm ở một tiệm bánh, mình hiểu hơn rằng cần nhiều vốn và kỹ năng để mở và duy trì một tiệm bánh lâu dài. Do đó, mình vẫn sẽ kiên trì tiếp tục đi làm một thời gian nữa, học hỏi, tích góp để thực hiện ước mơ của mình một ngày nào đó.


I'm Y Le and I came from an ethnic minority in Kontum province (Central Highland of Vietnam). I'm an alumnus of Class 01 of the French Bakery School. I was sent to Bakes Saigon for internship in 2019 and after 6 months, I have been officially recruited for 2 and a half years now. I like my current job for many reasons and plan to work here for a long time to learn more and save money for the future.

I came from a big family of 9 brothers and sisters, and I am the youngest. My parents are farmers and the family economy is not very stable. So from high school, I moved to the Poussieres de Vie center with the nuns to continue my education until grade 12. After graduating, I had no direction for the future. I continued to stay at the center to help take care of the children and harvest coffee beans. After that, I was introduced to study at the French Bakery school.

When I first joined the training, I cried a lot because I was homesick and sometimes I couldn't keep up with the curriculum. But fortunately, my friends, especially Y Lieng, encouraged and helped me through the difficult times. I would ask them again after classes if there were something I didn't understand. My skills improved a little day by day thanks to my teachers and friends. And during 1 year at school, the best thing I acquired was the ability to listen, understand and communicate in English in the kitchen environment. This skill helps me to be completely confident in my current job with a foreign Chef.

At school, I was taught and practiced a lot of ​​French breads, but only learned some of the most basic pastries. At work, I got to learn many new types of pastries. Thanks to my skills in preparing dough, shaping and baking, as well as the ability to understand English, I can still adapt to the Bakes’ product lines specializing in cakes and pastries. Currently, I have made many different kinds of products such as coconut mousse, tarts, macarons, and chocolate cake decorations. On the morning shift, I will shape, bake and decorate cakes for the shop to sell on time. On the afternoon shift, I will prepare the dough, mousse and ingredients to get things ready for the next day.

What I like the most here is the salary (laughs). With this monthly income, I can live independently, support my family and save for the future. In addition, I love and get along very well with the working environment and my colleagues - who are also my closest friends. Once in a while, I also go to coffee for entertainment and enjoy the bustling life of a big city that always welcomes and offers opportunities for everyone - Ho Chi Minh City.

Like my friends, I want to move closer to my home and open a small bakery. However, working at a bakery helps me understand that it takes a lot of investment and skills to open and maintain a bakery for a long time. Therefore, I plan to continue to work, learn and accumulate finance as well as skills to fulfill my dream someday.


Lovely custom-made pack of pastries for birthdays, anyone?

Có ai muốn mua gói bánh sinh nhật tự chọn dễ thương như này không ạ?

“We Bake for Change”

La Boulangerie Française is a cooperation program between IECD (European Institute of Cooperation and Development) and TDC (Thu Duc College of Technology).

La Boulangerie Française - HCMC aims to enable Vietnamese vulnerable youngsters (18-23 yo), through a 16-20 months training, to become highly-skilled and responsible adults, socially well integrated with the capability to become agents of their own development.

To ensure its economic sustainability, it operates as a social business and, thanks to the sale of the products made by the apprentices, it aims to self-finance more than 90% of its operating costs.

Videos (show all)

Switch off for Earh Hour 2021
Our Bake House is back to operation




Pain au chocolat
Pain au raisin
Chocolate rolls
Traditional breads
Small Breads
Burger buns
Savoury selection for parties

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53 Vo Văn Ngan, Linh Chieu, Thu Duc
Ho Chi Minh City

General information

La Boulangerie Française - HCMC aims to enable Vietnamese vulnerable youngsters (18-23 yo), through a 16 months training, to become highly-skilled and responsible adults, socially well integrated with the capability to become agents of their own development.
To ensure its economic sustainability, it operates as a social business and, thanks to the sale of the products made by the apprentices, it aims to self-finance more than 90% of its operating costs.

Opening Hours

Monday 07:00 - 18:00
Tuesday 09:00 - 18:00
Wednesday 07:00 - 17:00
Thursday 07:00 - 18:00
Friday 07:00 - 18:00

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