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Beer Asia’s mission is to celebrate local beer culture. We exist to hero Asia’s best bars, brewers and breweries who share our passion for better beer.

We want to be the platform for Asia-based craft beer enthusiasts. From celebrating the region’s emerging craft breweries and launches of new beers (particularly styles adapted to the region’s tastes and climate) through to helping building awareness of emerging beer festivals and new venues, we hope you enjoy the ride!

Mission: To celebrate beer, craft beer and anything beer-related around Asia-Pacific.

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The Rise of Craft Beer in India

🍻🇮🇳 A wonderful, upbeat documentary on the growing craft beer culture in India.

Bangalore in particular seems to be thriving, with a diverse eco-system of local brewers churning out some highly rated and diverse beer.

If you are interested in learning more about India’s craft beer scene, search for the Friends of Froth Facebook Group.

The craft beer industry in India is making rapid, eye-catching strides. This trend is quite prominently visible in Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Goa, and the Nati...

BrewDog Singapore

🍻🎄Merry Christmas from the Beer Asia team to all of you, our kickass community! We hope you have a great celebration with friends & family over a local brew or two.

Merry Christmas everyone! Remember to always "Live Fast, Drink Slow", unlike Santa...

Craft Beer in Saigon Guide (December 2019) - Beer Asia

🇻🇳🍻 We are excited to share we have recently released a 'beta version' guide to craft beer in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City).

Our Beer Guides are designed to be easy-to-use, user-friendly tools to help you discover a wider range of craft beer.

Better yet, they're constantly evolving with input from our community.

Please let us know in a comment or over Messenger any bars & restaurants with a wide range of great quality craft beer on draft that we're missing. More than 30 bars selling fresh beer and an ever-growing home delivery service available just a click away - fresh in cans or growlers!

333 Beer

🤔🧐One of Vienam’s oldest brews 333 Beer is rebranding. What do you think of their new packaging design and marketing?


Nhấn like ngay cho bộ ba tinh hoa đã làm nên hương vị huyền thoại của Bia 333 nào anh em ơi! Với vị ngon đầy đặn cùng hương thơm nồng nàn, Bia 333 chính là thành quả hoàn hảo từ sự giao hòa giữa hoa bia Hallertau Đức, công thức trăm năm của Pháp và tài năng ủ bia của các nghệ nhân Việt Nam. Một sự kết hợp mang lại hương vị vô cùng hài hòa và tinh tế.

#Bia333 #Triple_the_Excellence #3_Tinh_hoa #1_Huyền_thoại

🇺🇸🇳🇿 Behemoth Brewing Company's ImPEACHment Sour Ale is on its way to become a collector's item! Kiwis, time to start hoarding cans in your fridge...

Interview: Andrew Strugnell (Riel Brewing)

🇰🇭🍻 'The craft beer scene in Cambodia is finally waking up. Andrew Strugnell from Riel Brewing and Distilling shares his experience on craft beer in Phnom Penh.' The craft beer scene in Cambodia is finally waking up. Andrew Strugnell from Riel Brewing & Distlling shares his experience on craft beer in Phnom Penh.

Smith Street Taps

🇸🇬 You know what to do, Singapore! 🍻

The sale you might not have known but have been waiting for is about to start 😉

$12 drinks all night long on all our 20 taps for the next two days.. the only you’re waiting for is for us to open 😏 see you in 2 hours, clock’s ticking 🍻

Southern Cider Stories

🇻🇳 'In the south of Vietnam, two cider brands are changing the craft landscape. We talk to Saigon Cider and Bazan Brewing on the state of craft cider in Vietnam.' Two brands of cider in Vietnam are changing the craft landscape. We talk to Saigon Cider and Bazan on the state of craft cider in Vietnam.

Touring Shenzhen's Bustling Craft Beer Scene

🇨🇳 The bounties of flavorful brews that can be found in Shenzhen are plentiful, with breweries churning out new products regularly.

If you're planning a trip to Shenzhen soon, don't forget to check out these recommended bars for a 🍺 or 🍻
📌 NBeer Craft Brewing
📌 Glass Hammer Brewing Co.
📌 Craft Head Brewing Company That's columnist Chris Foste is a bearded beer fanatic whose frothy pint glass of knowledge flows over with wisdom on the wetting of one's whistle.

Craft Hops in Hanoi: From Bia to Beer

🇻🇳 While Vietnam’s capital city may have been a little late to the scene, brewers within the country are in agreement, Hanoi’s crafty future is looking bright. 🍺 When we opened our first spot in 2015, finding craft beer in Hanoi was as hard as getting your hands on a proper burger. But all has changed: the capital’s craft beer scene has made a name for itself, and it’s just getting started… Whether consumed on a small stool with ice on the street, …

A beer baptism with Pasteur Street Brewing Company’s beautiful God Water Lager? Count us in!

One day only, 10 December 2019 with Pasteur Street Brewing Company
#pasteurstreetbrewing #lagerday #godwater #smiteyourthirst #winstonsphuquoc #winstonsburgersandbeer #phuquocdrinks #phuquocfood

Ramen Master Ivan Orkin Is Just as Obsessed with Beer

If you were to match ramen with the absolute perfect beer, what would it be? 🍜🍺 The chef shares his thoughts on pairing lambics, goses, and ice-cold lagers with noodles.

🇹🇭 Parallel Universe Of Lunar 2 On The Hidden Moon! Yes, that is the real name of one of the most legit craft beer bars in Chiang Mai.

The bar’s proprietor, Cheewasat Polpisit, was an absolute legend. Warm and friendly, he was an excellent host including sharing a special beer with us.

Besides the usual range of local and imported craft beer common in Thailand, this was the first time we had the chance to try craft beer from the People’s Republic of China! 🇨🇳

🇻🇳Craft beer lovers in Saigon are in for a treat: The Best of the Best!

Hosted by BiaCraft Artisan Ales & Beervana Vietnam, 20 brewers have entered 𝘽𝙚𝙨𝙩 𝙤𝙛 𝙏𝙝𝙚 𝘽𝙚𝙨𝙩 to find out who has the best beer in Vietnam 2019!

According to @biacraftartisanales: ‘The people will drink, the people will vote, the people will decide what they love to imbibe!

Join us during the Best of the Best and for the great price of 250k VND you will receive 20 pours of the best beers available in Saigon. May the best beer win!’

Available at BiaCraft Le Ngo Cat (1 Le Ngo Cat, D3) until 𝗗𝗲𝗰𝗲𝗺𝗯𝗲𝗿 𝟬𝟳, 𝟮𝟬𝟭𝟵.

Building a Chinese beer brand from scratch: A Q&A with Beijing's Prodigy Brewing

🇨🇳🍻Of all the craft beer scenes we follow, China's is perhaps the most frenetic and exciting.

For context, the United States has around 7,500 craft breweries with an approximate population of 327 million people.

China’s population stands at 1.3 billion people with 350 craft breweries in the entire country. With a burgeoning middle class, this number will only continue to increase for the foreseeable future. This column was provided by CODO Design, a branding firm based in Indianapolis, IN. They’ve worked with breweries across the United States and around the world, on naming, positioning, branding and rebranding, responsive web design, and package design. If you’d like to discuss your brewery’s b...

Kirin aims to become Japan's top brewer with jump into craft beer

In April 2015, Kirin opened its first SPRING VALLEY BREWERY restaurant in Daikanyama. The chain now has branches in Ginza, Yokohama and Kyoto, and has served more than 1 million customers. Company closes in on No. 1 Asahi with new tastes and tie-ups

Growing The Indonesian Craft Beer Scene With Beervana’s Aaron Grieser

As Beervana International continues to grow its curation of craft beers and expands in Indonesia, founder Aaron Grieser shares its mission for Asia to lead the beer world in the next two decades. We had a quick chat with Beervana founder Aaron Grieser on their mission for Asia to lead the beer world.

Saigon’s craft scene is gearing up for change

Just three years after the first craft brewers launched their first beers, there are now up to 20 brands such as Tê Tê Craft Beer, Fuzzy Logic Brewing Co., Rooster Beers, Pasteur Street Brewing Company and Heart of Darkness Craft Brewery empowering the craft beer scene in Saigon today. A year ago, BeverageDaily took a look at the beer category in Vietnam and marvelled at how the craft scene there had been developing. Today, it's impossible to miss craft beer's impact on bars and restaurants.

What sets Taiwanese craft beers apart?

Thanks to craft breweries, beer is morphing from a thirst-quencher at lowbrow eateries under scorching summers into a product that’s part of a finer lifestyle in Taiwan. Brewers not only bottle exotic flavours but also stir in stories or humour in concoctions and on labels to lure younger generations

[11/21/19]   Whether you're looking for a fun night out, homebrew workshop, or somewhere to spend Thanksgiving, check out what's brewing at an event near you wherever you are in Asia -

🇸🇬 Trouble Brewing Tap Takeover 1:1 x Summerlong
🇵🇭 Made in Belgium Beer Festival
🇻🇳 Tap Takeover: 7 Bridges Brewing
🇭🇰 Make Beer, Not Waste
🇹🇼 CraftConAsia 2019 國際啤酒節 International Taipei Craft Beer Festival
🇨🇳 Thanksgiving at Jing-A

CraftConAsia: Taiwan Craft Beer Festival

'🇹🇼 Since the Taiwanese government deregulated the craft beer industry in 2002, the island nation has experienced a “craft beer renaissance”.

Some notable Taiwanese craft brewers like 臺虎精釀 Taihu Brewing, 吉姆老爹啤酒工場 Jim & Dad's Brewing Company and Redpoint Brewing Company 紅點手工鮮釀啤酒 have built a broader reputation beyond the island’s shores.

Which is why the team at Beer Asia jumped at the chance to support the country’s largest craft beer festival: CraftConAsia 2019 國際啤酒節 International Taipei Craft Beer Festival!' 🇹🇼 Taiwan isn’t one of the first countries that comes to mind when one thinks of craft beer in Asia. But the country, like many others in the region, is host to a thriving domestic craft brewing scene. Since the Taiwanese government deregulated the craft beer industry in 2002, the island nat...

New Belgium to be Acquired by Kirin-Owned Lion Little World Beverages | Brewbound

🇺🇸 Huge and unexpected news from the United States: New Belgium Brewing is being acquired by Australasian beverage conglomerate Lion.

While the deal still needs to be approved by New Belgium's stock-holding employees and regulators, the deal is particularly notable as the craft brewer was part of the original resurgent vanguard of craft brewing in the United States and has consistently been a proudly independent, progressive voice in the world of beer. Another member of the old guard of craft brewing sold today when Kirin-owned Lion Little World Beverages announced a “definitive agreement” to acquire 100% of New Belgium Brewing Company in an all cash transaction.

🇹🇭🍻Chiang Mai’s burgeoning craft beer scene is a hidden gem in the beautiful northern Thai city.

Our first stop on our craft beer quest in the city was My BEER Friend’s Market Flagship Cafe.

The venue’s retro decor, low key ambience, and solid range of both draft and bottled craft beer was a warm welcome to the city.

Local brewer My Beer Friend’s Pale Ale and NE IPA were the highlights of the draft selection, while the fridges had Beer Sivilai and a range of other solid domestic and international beers.

We will be sharing a few more stories about our adventures in Chiang Mai’s craft beer scene in the coming weeks, including a guide to the city’s best craft beer bars. Cheers!

#BeerTalks Interview: Tim Scott (BiaCraft & Quán Ụt Ụt) 🇻🇳

🇦🇺🇻🇳 'I’m from Brisbane, Australia. I left Australia before craft beer had become a big thing, but in my return travels I have found a soft spot for Stone & Wood Brewing's Pacific Ale.' Beer Asia interviews Vietnam craft beer pioneer Tim Scott, co-founder of BiaCraft & Quán Ụt Ụt.


Too many questions about what promos we are having for this event, well here it is! 😁😁😁

Also watch this space for your chance to win Pasteur Street merchandise!🍻

#beerkaki #tapsbeerbar #craftbeer #pasteurstreet #kualalumpur

With 8 rotating taps plus 35 different bottles and cans, Embargo is the latest addition to the craft beer bar scene in Phnom Penh, Cambodia 🇰🇭

🍺 Drop by to sample local craft beer from Riel Brewing and Distilling, Himawari Hotel Microbrewery, Cerevisia Craft Brewery and Fuzzy Logic Brewing Co. Don't forget to check out their retro video games set up on the upper floor!

Day Off Eve Bar Hopping
Stop 2
We found you! Embargo!
Choose a tap and let them pour you a glass!

5 brand new craft beers you should be looking for this Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest may be over, but the growing local craft beer scene in Manila continues! 🇵🇭

Check out these 5 brand new craft beers that stood out at the Resort World Manila Philipines’ October Fiesta. 🍺 These are the best brews we sampled at Resort World Manila’s October Fiesta.

Cathay Pacific brings back Betsy Beer for long-haul passengers – Business Traveller

Craft beer on a flight? Why the hell not! 🍻

Betsy beer is an ale designed for altitude, brewed specifically to be enjoyed while you are cruising above the clouds. Now available on selected Cathay Pacific flights from Hong Kong! 🇭🇰 Cathay Pacific’s Betsy Beer now returns with a new look and new flavour, and is available to all long-haul passengers

What’s Brewing in Cambodia? The Ultimate Guide to Phnom Penh’s Craft Beer Scene

Whether you are living in Phnom Penh or just passing through, the growing craft beer scene is a must-see (and drink) when in 🇰🇭's capital city! We meet the brewers bringing craft beer to the capital - and reveal the city's best spots for a cheeky pint.

Great news for PJ folks in 🇲🇾

Check out HOP BEER BAR's grand opening at The Square in Jaya One on Wednesday, 6 November and be their first 100 page fans to redeem a free beer! 🍺 🍺 🍺

SAVE THE DATE. As we want to celebrate our special day with all of you this coming 6th November. You don't want to missed the good live music, quality beer with awesome promo and of course the free beer for our first 100 FB page fans 🎁 ! Hugz ! 🤗


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#手工啤酒 #吃喝玩乐 #手工精酿啤酒

#beertalks - Avi Yashaya (Thailand Craft Beer) - Beer Asia: Craft Beer In Southeast Asia and Beyond

Avi Yashaya (Mahanakhon Brewery/Beer Sivilai) on the future of Thai craft beer: '"I think a lot will change in 2020, hopefully Thailand gets some love on the world stage. But we will primarily continue to focus on getting Asian craft beer a bigger platform. We recently knocked out a beautiful beer in collaboration with Pasteur Street Brewing Company from Saigon, would love to keep the ball rolling with some other regional breweries that inspire us!"' Craft beer in Thailand is an odd subject. Despite restrictive brewing regulations, high import duties and an oligopolistic market, pioneer beer brewers defy the odds and strive on.

🇩🇪🍻 Prost, 7 Bridges Brewing Company!

🍺🇩🇪🍺🇩🇪Sometimes you really need a traditional, old fashioned 🍺🇩🇪🍺🇩🇪. Our Bavarian Weizen brings a true to form Hefeweizen to Vietnam, brewed meticulously to old 🇩🇪German 🇩🇪recipes. This 50% wheat 🌾 🌾 beer is all about the yeast, Munich Classic, carefully fermented to lift up banana base notes and end with tangy clove notes. ABV 5.5%, IBU 12, 120k in a 500 ml Weizen glass 😍😍😍 #7bridgeshanoitaproom #7bridgesbrewingco #craftbeer #germanbeer #hefeweizen #weizen #danang#vietnam #witbeer #wheatbeer #weissbier

Persuading Malaysians to drink craft beer is an uphill task

🇲🇾 As the craft beer scene blossoms in Southeast Asia, Malaysia continues to lag behind its neighbouring countries due to its duopolised market by Heineken and Carlsberg.

Alvin Lim, the co-founder of TAPS Beer Bar and MyBeer beer distribution, has spent the last decade striving to popularise craft beer. 🍺 As the craft beer scene blossoms in Southeast Asia, one holdfast nation continues to lag behind its neighbours.

How nights out in Singapore inspired Myanmar’s first microbrewery

🇲🇲 As Myanmar emerged from the relative darkness of long-time military rule, the opportunity to start a microbrewery began to grow for founders of Burbrit Brewery.

Today, The Burbrit Taproom in Yangon proudly boasts 12 craft beers on draught at any time. Cheers! 🍻 YANGON: Friday nights in the late 90s were a ritual for Htin Lin and his friends - finish work or study and then start drinking beer. At ...

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Ho Chi Minh City, VIỆT NAM

Edulife sẽ cùng bạn "học nữa, học mãi" và tạo dựng tương lai

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Là cty chuyên chăm sóc mẹ và bé sau sinh tai nhà uy tín chất lượng nhất tại Tp.Hồ Chí Minh. Dịch vụ chính:Tắm bé.massage bầu và làm đẹp cho mẹ sau sinh

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