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[12/06/16]   Can you can your own sentences with these phrases?

to propose solutions (n)
servere penalties (n)
to offend traffic regulations
Advocate of …argue that…
to ignore the law
to play a major role in…
to be imprisoned…
It is highly likely that…
to commit offences…
residential areas (n)

IELTS Listening Tips -Read the questions carefully, try to build a mental structure of what you are going to hear. -Plural -There can be many answers but write the one you hear -Regarding types of something, but choose…

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Nature Is Speaking – Harrison Ford is The Ocean | Conservation International (CI)

Julia Roberts, Harrison Ford, Kevin Spacey, Edward Norton, Penélope Cruz, Robert Redford and Ian Somerhalder all join forces to give nature a voice. Watch th...

[02/25/16]   1. What role do you think traditional constructions play in society?
They are certainly a symbol of ancient culture and society, which helps to educate younger generations as well as attract tourists to come and visit the place.
2. Do you think it's important to protect traditional constructions?
Definitely. There are buildings which are thousand years old and play a valuable role in the community's spiritual lives. It makes people remember the good old days and feel happy.
3. How important are traditions and cultural relics?
Traditions and cultural relics are of vital importance to people of a country. It's what make people of a country distinctive from other races. Therefore, the government should devise ways to help traditions and modern ideas co-exist.
4. What has been done to preserve the cultural and historical relics in your country?
Museums have been established to collect and preserve cultural relics. In addition to that, traditional buildings are restored and maintained. Cultural customs such as folklore singing, traditional festivals has been protected and encouraged to develop.

[02/25/16]   1. Why are there a lot of big stores?
I think it is because business is getting more and more competitive. it is then vital for entrepreneurs to offer various products with most reasonable price. And this can only happen when they invest into big stores.
2. What are the main differences between small stores and big stores?
Well in my point of view, big stores can offer a wide range of products and the price is more competitive than small stores. Also, there is often sales programs to attract customers when you come to big stores.
3. Do you think small stores will disappear in the future?
I'm not sure about this ideas as big stores are commonly established in major cities. For underdeveloped areas, small stores are more prevalent and yet they have enough commodity to meet the demand of local residents.
4. What do you think is the best way to advertise?
Internet is, in my opinion, the best means to advertise a commodity. It's widely available and cheap. With a rapid increase in the number of Internet users, Internet is obviously the most promising and efficient medium for marketing.
5. What are the differences between men and women when they go shopping?
Men have a tendency of choosing practical items, things that they need, and care more about the quality and functions, while, for women, they love buying stylish products and things that are on sales even though they may not need to use it in near future.
6. What do you think of online shopping?
e-commerce is definitely the trending form of shopping. It's convenient and insanely available to customers anytime and anywhere. Yet customers need to be careful with possible difference between the advertised product and the reality one.
7. What do you think of the use of credit card?
It's really convenient and safe to use credit card. You dont have to bring a large stack of money with you when going out. However, if one abuses its convenience and buy things that are out of their financial reach, they can soon be in serious debt.

[02/25/16]   1. Why do you think people flood into big cities?
It is very certain that they're searching for job opportunities and better education. Big cities are always leading in training and offering jobs with favorable conditions like high salaries and promotion.
2. What problems does it cause?
Overpopulation and pollution are the main consequences. many large cities in Vietnam, HCM for example, are over-crowded, which induces crimes and low living standards.
3. Do you think the government should prevent people from rushing into big cities?
I don't think it's right for the government to do that as it may affect the freedom and lives of their citizens. In a civilised socitety, people should be allowed to make their own decisions to choose where to live and work.
4. What do you think the government should do to improve the situation?
The authorities should have plans to move large factories and educational organizations to the suburbs to relieve the stress and burden on the city center. In addition to that, the government ought to invest more in underdeveloped areas to make people have stable lives.

[02/25/16]   1. Do you like your hometown city?
Yes, I like it a lot. it is a growing tourism city with good quality infrastructure and full entertainment facilities.
2. Is there anything you don't like in your hometown?
Everything is nice but the price. Tourists are often charged with cut-throat price if they don't know how to buy the right thing at the right place.
3. Do you prefer the life in the big cities or in the countryside?
I think life in rural areas is more suitable for me. I hate being stuck in traffic congestion and I definitely can't stand the pollution and extreme noise in the city.
4. Have there been any changes in your hometown recently?
Yes. The most noticeable feature is that the streets are widened and upgraded. High rise buildings are mushrooming. There are also more bars, coffee shops and chains of hotels and restaurants.
5. What is the change that interest you most?
I think that is the more educational organizations are being established. That means education is properly and increasingly invested, which is a good sign for the future development of my city.
6. Is there any change that you don't like?
Well, to my mind, I don't think it is a good idea for the government to let new factories built near the city center as it can cause serious noise and water pollution. This disturbs the natural and peaceful lifestyles of the citizens.

[02/25/16]   1. What are the main functions of parks?
Well, it depends on the type of park you're talking about. If it is a wildlife park, the visitors are given opportunities to watch wild animals in close distance. And if it is an amusement park, it offers the local residents a community place to meet up friends, exercise and unwind after long tiring hours of working or studying.
2. Do you think the government should build more parks in the city?
Definitely. Cities, especially large ones, are getting more and more polluted. Therefore, it is of vital importance for the government to establish more parks which act as green oasis providing fresh and healthy atmosphere.
3. Do you think parks should be free to all visitors?
Yes, why not. Parks should be a free-of-charge place for the local community to come and enjoy in their free time. They pay taxes and therefore, they have every right to enjoy the public facilities.
4. Do you think it's good to establish many amusement facilities in a community park?
I am strongly against this idea. Park should be a green and peaceful place for people to relax. Too many entertainment facilities make it noisy and more like a game center than a park.
5. Do you think people should be encouraged to go to a park or the suburbs to relax?
Yes, i think so. they are all great places with picturesque landscapes and therefore, favorable for unwinding after wearing hardworking hours.

[02/25/16]   1. Do you often go to the park?
Yes, certainly. In my view, it's a great place to enjoy the fresh and peaceful atmosphere. It helps me to rewind and feel energetic again.
2. Do you think it's necessary to have a park in the neighborhood?
Definitely. It can act as a community place to the local residents to come and enjoy their spare time. It makes people relaxed and enjoy life to the fullest.
3. Is there a park or garden in your neighborhood?
Yes, we're fortunate enough to have one not very far from where I live. It provides us with a green and relaxing space so that everyone can enjoy their spare time.
4. What do people usually do in the park?
Well, park visitors can take a brisk walk around the park viewing beautiful scenery. In some parks, there are playgrounds for children and even free-of-charge sport facilities for adults.

[02/24/16]   1. Would you like to give a handicraft you make to friends as a present?
I would, definitely. I think it's a good idea to do that. Your friend should be moved by your action. Your special gift show that you really mean it by exerting your efforts in making the present. That makes your present unique and meaningful.
2. What are the differences between handmade things and mass products?
Hand made products reflects personal style and taste of the maker. They are often delicate and durable and require a longer time to finish. On the other hand, mass products are produced by machine and more affordable.
3. Do you think it's good for children to make handicraft?
Yes, I totally agree with the idea of letting children make handicraft. First, it gives them a sense of accomplisment. Then it trains them to be clever and hardworking. finally, by making their own product, children have the chances to be imaginative, creative and independent.
4. Why DIY so popular today?
Well, I think people are bored with mass products having common patterns and styles, so they have a tendency to make their own things which suit their personal taste. Another thing is that making things by oneself has nowadays become a leisure activity and it's more economical.
5. Do you think advertisements are useful to popularise the products?
In my view, it's a great way to inform customers of their new commodities. Seeing a products advertised with celebrities, people will form a positive feeling for that goods.

[02/24/16]   1. Why do you think people buy furniture?
People buy modern and attractive furniture to decorate their new houses or make it look more appealing to homeowners. Another motivation can be that it helps impress guests coming to visit the houses.
2. Do many people send a lot of money on decorating their house?
Certainly. Every homeowner wants to impress their visitors with luxurious and shiny pieces of furniture and they are ready to pay high prices to buy valuable items to make their place of residence more appealing.
3. When are people likely to change furniture?
When it is old, broken, when people move to a new place and when they want to redecorate their home.
4. What are the differences between contemporary furniture and antique furniture?
They are beautiful in different ways. Antique furniture is classic and make people, especially the elderly, nostalgic. It also arouses romantic and cozy ambience. Modern furniture, on the other hand, looks more stylish and colorful.

[02/24/16]   Talking about a piece of furniture.

I'd like to share about my family's wooden salon in the living room. It's an antique one. My parents bought it for about 20 years ago. What makes it endurable and stand still with the time is that it is made of hard wood and resistant to decay. I have many sentimental attachments with the furniture since it is where I usually sat on my mother's lap when I was small listening to people talking and laughing. it's closely connected to my childhood. Seeing it just makes me nostalgic. It is a piece of fine, shiny and smooth furniture with engraving on each leg. Despite its being out of fashion, it seem to be invaluable and timeless to my family. Guests visiting my family always give praise for its antique beauty. We're very proud of it and wouldn't sell it for anything in exchange.

[02/24/16]   1. What's the influence of reading on people?
- Reading is a great way way to learn and relax. it enriches one's knowledge, encouraging imagination, creativity and critical thinking skills. Above all, books make readers always active and smart.
2. What's the difference between electronic media and traditional media? Electronic media is always timely and easier to be updated. It's always accessible and available as long as you have a smartphone or a computer with internet. Traditional media, on the other hand, is printed and the information is more reliable and the electronic one.
3.Do you think electronic media will replace traditional one? Yes, I think so. Nowadays, technology and internet is developed more than ever before. And it is comprehensible if readers tend to choose the affordable and more convenient type of media in the future.
4. What's the reading habit like nowadays?
- In my experience, people spend less time reading books nowadays. Instead, they prefer to read news and information on Facebook and online websites.

[02/20/16]   1. What do you think has led to the growth in tourist industry? In my point of view, the beauty of the natural landscapes is the first thing to be mention. Without it, visitors will be less likely to be attracted. The development in various means of transportation is another worth considering factor. Traveling is much more affordable now than in the past.
2. How do people tend to choose a destination?
It totally depends on the types of the holidaymakers and the purpose of the traveling trip too. Those who want a peaceful and tranquil vacation will tend to visit off the beaten track area.
3. People sometimes say flying is the most glamorous form of travel. Do you agree?
I am not sure about this opinion. Having to queuing up at the check-desk, going through passport control, sitting for ages in the departure lounge are not favorable to me. One last thing, flying economy can be quite uncomfortable.

[02/20/16]   1. Do you see your friend very often?
Actually,no. after graduation, most of my close friends had moved to Saigon for good job opportunities. We just contact each other on social network like Facebook or Zalo.
2. What do you like about your close friends?
they are people whom I can trust and confine in. my friends are all very supportive and I can count on them to ask for advice and help.
3. Have you known each other long?
We are old friends. having been friends for over 10 years, we share many things in common. Despite being far away from each other now, we always meet up and have some beer on public holidays.

[02/20/16]   1. What kind of holiday do you like?
I like visit countryside and visit my relatives there. thanks to being off the beaten track, It has a peaceful and tranquil ambience, which is just right for me to rewind and feel energized again.
2. What do you like to do when you're on holiday?
I'd love to do all of the things offered at the place of interest, from extreme games in the park to going on a boat trip to an island. Exploring and experiencing new things is always tempting to me. Having said that, going sightseeing and taking photos are also the most frequent activity that I take up when I am way.
3. Do you have many tourists in your country?
I must say that we surely do. Thanks to possessing many picturesque and tranquil landscapes, Vietnam attracts millions of arrivals of both domestic and foreign holidaymakers.

[02/15/16]   Talk about something you or someone you know collects.
You should say:
- How many pieces there is in the collection
- How the collection is stored
- How quickly the collection is growing
And say what kind of person would enjoy collecting that thing, and why (IELTS Dalat)

[02/14/16]   Describe an activity you like doing.
You should say:
- Where you do it
- Who you do it with
- Why you enjoy it
And say what kind of people you would recommend that activity to, and why

[01/27/16]   what is the advantages and disadvantages of Internet?

[11/04/14]   1. transition
2. (to maintain) status quo: the present situation
3. the shift-away from...
4. in one way or another
5. to become increasingly difficult
6. the elimination of...
7. transform: change completely
8. enhance = improve the quality of
9. the impact of .... on ....
10. alter the way we think of...
11. adapt to: change to suit the new environment
12. adjust to...: become more familiar with a new situation

[10/26/14]   IELTS Writing Task 2 - Essay Writing - IELTS Da lat

Topic: In today's job market it is far more important to have practical skills than theoretical knowledge. In the future, job applicants may not need any formal qualifications. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Practical skills are very important and it could be argued that they are as important as academic qualifications when it comes to getting a job. Nevertheless, it is unlikely that academic qualifications will ever become unnecessary.

There are certain manual jobs such as cleaning and labouring where formal education are less important. Employers in these industries are more likely to employ people with a good working knowledge of the job and what it entails. However, even in these jobs it is important for people to have a minimum level of education, especially if they want to rise above the lowest working level. How can a person without good writing and mathematical skills balance a budget or manage staff? How can such a person make informed decisions about which products to use and safety issues in the workplace?

Having said this, a student graduating from university with the highest level of qualifications, but limited practical skills, still have a great deal to learn. None of us would expect or want a doctor without many years of practical experience and training to perform an essential operation. Students from all disciplines need to understand that entering the job market with a degree in management, for example, does not automatically qualify them for a managerial role.

Clearly, education is important in teaching the theoretical side of any profession. This theoretical knowledge forms an important basis for practical skills which are also essential. In truth neither one nor the other is dispensable when it comes to getting a good job.

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