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Tiếng Anh Nocole Đà Lạt truyền lửa đam mê cho các bạn yêu thích tiếng Anh - ngoại ngữ thông dụng nhât thế giới, giúp các bạn tự tin bước vào tương lai và hội nhập toàn cầu.

Mission: Đào tạo tiếng Anh thành ngôn ngữ thứ 2, phục vụ học tập, công việc và giải trí trên toàn thế giới.

[10/01/14]   Vocabulary for education speaking:

to attend classes: to go to classes
bachelors degree: an undergraduate course which usually lasts 3-4 years
boarding school: a school where pupils live during term time
distance learning: a way of studying where tuition is carried out over the Internet or by post
face-to-face classes: as opposed to distance learning the traditional way of studying in a classroom with colleagues and a teacher
to fall behind with your studies: to progress less quickly than others
to give feedback: to offer guidance on a student’s work
a graduation ceremony: an event where a successful student receives his or her academic degree
higher education: education, usually in a college or university, that is followed after high school or secondary school
an intensive course: a course that offers lots of training in order to reach a goal in as short a time as possible
to keep up with your studies: to not fall behind
to learn something by heart: to memorize it
a mature student: a student who is older than average and who has usually returned to education after a period at work
masters degree: a period of study which often follows the completion of a bachelors degree or is undertaken by someone regarded as capable of a higher-level academic course
to meet a deadline: to finish a job or task in the time allowed or agreed
to play truant: to stay away from classes without permission
private language school: an independent school run as a business concern
public schools: exclusive independent schools in the UK
a single-sex school: a school where only boys or girls attend (as opposed to a mixed-sex school)
to sit an exam: to take an exam
state school: a school paid for by public funds and available to the general public
subject specialist: a teacher who has a great deal of knowledge about the subject they teach.
to take a year out: to spend a year working or travelling before starting university
tuition fees: the money paid for a course of study
to work your way through university: to have a paid job whilst studying to support yourself financially

- Truong Anh ngu Da Lat - Tieng Anh Da Lat

[08/14/14]   Job ads vocabulary:
- Basic: minimum salary
- talent and drive
- develop a rewarding career
- work in close-nit teams
- maintain and develop relationship with diverse range of clients
- a good knowledge of (computer)
- have a strong desire to (succeed)
- fit the description: have these qualities mentioned above
- seek a lucrative career in (sales)
- dynamic and fast-moving (industry/profession)
- look to work in..
- paternity = maternity leave
- perk = benefit
- job satisfaction
- holidays entitlement : number of days you can take as holidays
- increment = rise = increase
- hit/reach a glass ceiling : no more promotion
- overworked and underpaid: work too much but with low salary

[08/11/14]   Everyday idioms:
- Basically,... = the important thing is...
- fall out of love: love someone no more
- in any case,... = anyway,..
- I dread to think that...= it will be worst if...
- that's easier said than done
- I'm easy. I'll have what you're having. = whatever for me is ok
- not to mention: it is when we don't count ... yet.
- let's me see = give me some time to think
- whatever happens, ...
- to be honest, ...
- I hate to think..
- As a matter of fact, ..
- For God's sake,...

[08/08/14]   Learn English vocabulary with Tieng Anh Dalat
Heart attack:
- major cause of (heart attack)
- circulation of blood
- take steady and regular exercise
- check blood pressure
- cut down the amount of fatty food
- a form of exercise
- eat sensible diet
- shed excess pounds
- push yourself to unrealistic target
- put a patient in semi-recumbent position
- blood cot obstructing an artery
- fast/weak/irregular pulse rate
- indigestion

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