Bequia SDA Primary

Bequia SDA Primary


I am Higman Peters and I have prostate cancer. Many people don't understand how painful it is, but at times in my crisis, I can't lie down, sit, stand because of chronic pain. I am hypertension and with diabetes.

So with the pain my pressure would rise causing me to be hospitalized. It's a hard life with cancer. When we as cancer patient asked for financial assistance it's because we need the support. My family don't have the resources to meet my needs medically plus changing diet is quite expensive.

So I am asking you to support my GoFundMe campaign organise to help offset my medical expenses. You can donate by clicking the link below.

I welcome your support. If everyone can donate US5, $10 or $20 it would go a long way in helping me to stay alive. It's not easy to be in constant pain and wasting away in your bed just waiting to die.

I believe I can beat this cancer with your generosity and support. Please, I am appealing to you to help me survive this and together, I believe we can do this together. May God truly bless your generosity. Thank you!
The staff at the Bequia SDA Primary is the best ... thanks to you my son feels at home
AUDITIONS! This Thursday... Show us your talent

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Operating as usual


Green Grenadines Put the Litter in The BIn Final

Students of the Bequia SDA Primary School participates in local Environmental video! Let us continue to keep Bequia clean!!!

Learn from Bequia children how to keep our island clean


Bequia SDA Primary


Registration continues today!!!!


The Bequia SDA Primary School will like to inform interested persons that Registration and Interview for Persceptive students for the upcoming Academic Year 2020/2021 will begin next week.


Modern Problems require Modern Solutions! In a world of video conferencing, Learning Management Systems, worksheets, powerpoint, videos and chat rooms and groups the Bequia SDA Primary welcomes you to it's E- Classroom. Bequia SDA Primary- Preparation for time and eternity!


Tips to Support your Elementary Child with Online Learning

Great tips to support your elementary child . Click on the link and take a look.

During the school suspension period, it can be challenging for families to balance the demands of their child's online learning with their busy lives. Here a...

[04/14/20]   The Bequia SDA Primary School would like to take this time to encourage all teachers, students and parents during this unorthodox period of our Educational journey to say safe and virtually connected!! 02/04/2020

Slim Goodbody

A Kid's Guide to COVID-19

I started thinking that If adults are afraid of this pandemic, what effect must it be having on children?

They may not know the details of the situation, but they can certainly pick up on the worried “vibes” all around them. In light of the current crisis I’ve felt called upon to respond.

As a public service I’ve just produced a non-threatening but informative video titled, “A Kid’s Guide to COVID-19” which is now airing on my YouTube channel.

Here's the link:

I use animation, photos, diagrams, illustrations and age-appropriate language to explain what the coronavirus is, how it spreads and a variety of ways kids can keep safe. Here is the link:

I hope this video will in some way help you and your children navigate these troubled times.

With sincere affection,
Slim Goodbody America's Health Hero! Educating children about their bodies and how to care for them. Teaches self-esteem and how to deal with peer pressure.

[03/17/20]   Greetings Valued Stakeholders,

Please be informed that the Bequia SDA Primary School will be closed until next term as of Tuesday 17th March 2020. We would like to take the time to thank you for your support throughout this term and we look forward with great anticipation to serving you in the final term of this Academic Year. Contributing efficiently and effectively to the holistic development of our precious boys and girls continue to be our top priority. Let us remain faithful and prepare for God's return.

Yours in Service

[03/15/20]   Greetings valued Parents and Guardians,

Please be advised that there will be NO SCHOOL for all students of GRADES K-5 tomorrow Monday 16th March 2020. We humbly encourage you to make the necessary arrangements for your child/children. Thank you for your consistent support and we look forward to continue serving our precious children in the preparation for time and eternity.

Yours in Service,



Thank you to the Koven Family Foundations for providing eye checks and glasses to school children!!! The look of kindness!!! 28/02/2020

This Virginia Teacher Dresses As A Different Famous Black Figure For Each Day Of Black History Month - The Shade Room This Virginia teacher dressed as famous black figures throughout the month of February to teach her students about new black figures.


The Bequia SDA Primary School hosted it's first ever Heads of Pre-School Seminar under the theme- Satisfying the Social Needs of the 21st Century Child. The seminar that was a success allowed for the beginning of a needed dialogue for our little island. We were happy to create a platform for this group of Change-makers. The conversation has started and preparing these precious children to be the best they can be is the ultimate aim! Special thank you to certified Social Worker Mrs. Andrea Charles our presenter!!


Are you hearing the sweet sounds? Music has officially been integrated into our offerings as a co-curricular activity!! We are thankful to Bequia Initiative( formally known as Bequia Mission) for responding to our call with recorders and Mrs Christine Burstine who brings a burst of excitement as our music instructor!!!! Bequia SDA Primary- Training for Time and Eternity!!


Just in case you missed us that morning! We are in the business of preparing for time and eternity!!! #evangelism #priority #JesusLovesYou #HonkHonk 07/02/2020

You should always teach respect ❤️ 06/02/2020

Tiny Cork primary school makes brilliant rap video on climate change This West Cork national school has some very talented kids.


Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure Science- Edwin Hubble.
Grade 5 little scientists!! Levna Peterson Portia Quashie Kenita King Maria King


Creating leaders one child at a time!! #bequiasdaprimaryschool #preparationfortimeandeternity


Strategy always begins around a table! Sit- Plan- Execute! #lunchmeeting #strategicplanning #team


Children are worth our investment!! Bequia SDA Primary-training for time and eternity!!It's all about their smiles!!#christianeducation #welovelittlepeople #smile


Madam Principal and her students at church on Sabbath


Bequia SDA Primary


The Journey of a Lifetime starts with the turning of a page! The students of our school began a new journey yesterday at the historic official opening of our Library Resource room. Thousands of worlds are now open to them and a wealth of power await each child. The excitement on their faces show that they are ready and packed for the journey! Their hats off to reading was a perfect way to commemorate the event! At the Bequia SDA Primary School we believe to cope with a 21st century reality we much harmoniously use both modern and TRADITIONAL resources! A good book never gets old! Bequia SDA Primary School Preparation for Time and Eternity! #handsacrossthesea #readingisfun #newworld #adventure


We are so excited about this year's event! Proceeds will go towards educating children at the SDA Bequia Primary School. Tickets are limited, so get your ticket soon.


The SDA Bequia Primary School is so pleased to inform you that the Spring Hotel will be hosting our annual Gala. It will be a night to remember! The Country Relative Band will reunite to sing their sweet country tunes while you enjoy a 3 course meal in the ambience of the beautiful Spring Hotel. So save the date as tickets will go on sale shortly and seating is limited.


Bequia SDA Primary


This week the Bequia SDA Primary School for the first time took part in the National School's Science and Technology Fair with their entry- One man's Garbage is another man's Treasure. This project essentially was the upcycling of glass bottles. The waste bottles were sourced from renowned Macs Pizzeria ,waste cloth from Wadada and crushed bottles from Action Bequia. By combining the waste materials from 3 of Bequia's top entities our children was able to turn them in treasures. A table cloth was also made from dated Compass Newspaper sourced from their office and the display stand was an empty rope wheel from Doc Side Marina. Our Reseach question was " Can Environmental waste on Bequia be upcycled into something useful". Our project clearly supports the affirmative. Take a look for yourselves. Rayma, Jeniah and Nikki our Vincy Diamonds who were our representatives did an excellent job executing their project. Look out Bequia get ready to get your piece soon!!!

[11/17/19]   The Bequia SDA Primary School would like to say a GIGANTIC THANK YOU to ALL who made " No longer a Slave" a marvelous blessing. Thank God we are now liberated! Free Children of God!!!


Bequia SDA Primary




Thank you to everyone who supported our Heritage Food Festival! Professional Chefs, volunteers and hungry community members all came out to share the love.



Good morning to all the little people be affirmed!

"I am smart. I am blessed. I can do anything." This little boy's affirmations went viral — see why. 😍 (Via Thrive Global)


Thank you to everyone who found us at our new rain-proof temporary spot at Chameleon Cafe today. Tomorrow, Oct. 22nd, the guest chefs will offer some great fish dishes, jerk chicken, fish broth as well as some special extras local desserts. Support your heritage, support school children and support all those who work hard to treat your taste buds.


Prepping well on its way for the Heritage Food festival Tomorow and Tuesday. Monday- Local Dishes Tuesday- Regional Dishes

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Grades K and 1 got it so right! 9-10 He is coming again! Bequia SDA Primary training for time and eternity!!#Sabbathmess...
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Teaching is about giving them the tools they need to make something amazing for themselves!!! Our little Scientists in t...
In case you didn't hear, one student will give you a thank you on blast.
Malik sharing his talent with us
Grade K & 1 Performance for A.J.Y
Grade 4 Student sharing his favourite bible text



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