Chaney High School's "The Westerner"

Chaney High School is located in Youngstown, Ohio. The school newspaper "The Westerner" has been aro

Operating as usual


i miss you!!


aint been on her much... hows it goin?


like this if you have journalism this year


so.. how bout them cowboys?


like this if your schedule is messed up


so how was everybodys first day back? and who is working for the westerner this year?


i wanna wish everyone the best of luck at school tomorrow.


the school year is starting in a few days and i will not be there but i want to wish everyone the best of luck and i hope everyone has a wonderful school year... (2011)


"is it just us or....?"


hey everybody i hope you are having a good summer..this page will soon have a new admin being one of the new editors or a friend i have on staff at the westerner.. i will not be at chaney next year to continue as editor.. the only editor that has been decided so far is Anthony Durkin. i wish him and the rest of the westerner staff the best of luck next year and i cant wait to see what you make of it


the paper should be sold tomorrow or monday... anyone who is part of nthe staff needs to get the stories for the senior edition typed and saved... thank you! 04/24/2010

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boy today was tryna mess with CHS... he got shutdown by 3 cowboys! hahaha


happy easter


"how do you document real life when real life's getting more like fiction each day?"


did anyone get anypicks of the play that was on friday?


i stongly believe that there are crab people returning to chaney! i heard them in the walls! lol... sadly when i heard it and they teacher asked what it was i answerd crab people and nobody had a clue what i was talking about


we have officially reached 100 fans! btw there will be no feb. paper. the one that i started will become the march issue...


Did work on the paper today.... need a lot more(about 6 or 7) decent stories DECENT ONES!!! i hope people saved some today. i dont mind sometimes when there is nothing to do for it but IT NEEDS DONE!!! im sick of having last minute papers... this month is understandable cuz we missed so much school but it happens every month! type ur stories when she grades them and dont rely on me to type because its not my job....


i am glad to see so many people becoming fans! i will try post updates about chaney and put pics up from events that are covered by The Westerner.... i try to cover all events that take place.... if anyone has photos from any chaney event you are able to upload them... thank you all for your support!


ATTENTION ALL WESTERNER WRITERS!!! -----> stories are needed typed ASAP.... and no more valentines day stories.... its not a valentines paper... ===> if we are lucky we will finish this paper soon if not done by monday or tuesday there may not be a paper this month.... it would have been finished if we didnt miss almost a week of school due to snow....


i honestly don't think that there will be a feb. issue of The Westerner. It could have been done but we missed so much school and i would have about a week to finish it, if i do get it finished it should come out at the end of next week. i will keep you all updated!! =D


thank you to all the people who became fans of The Westerner!!!


hey few fans that are on this page.... suggest to your friends who are a part of the westerner!!!






731 S Hazelwood Avenue
Youngstown, OH

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