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Youngstown, OH

General information

In 1966, when the Youngstown University became the Youngstown State University, a separate, private, non-profit corporation known as the Youngstown Educational Foundation was formed under the auspices of Dr. Howard Jones and 37 community leaders. Dr. Jones had been president of Youngstown College and Youngstown University for 35 years. The name of the Foundation was changed in 1983 to its present form, the Youngstown State University Foundation, without affecting the private sector ownership or independent operation of the corporation.

The Foundation is devoted to the support, expansion and development of educational programs at Youngstown State University deemed useful to the student and beneficial to the community. In the beginning, the Foundation provided only scholarships, loans, and grants-in-aid for students at YSU, but as the University's commitment to community service grew, the Foundation's commitment was broadened also.

A continuous effort to augment the Foundation's resources is needed because of the ever-increasing costs of education and demands for financial assistance. Gifts or bequests from individuals or organizations provide the Foundation with funds to support these growing needs. Under the tax laws, the Foundation is classified as a "public charity" because it is operated in connection with the University. Gifts and bequests to the Foundation are deductible for Federal tax purposes to the fullest extent permitted by the tax laws.

The investments of the YSU Foundation are in government securities, corporate bonds, and common and preferred stocks. The focus is long term with an eye on increasing income. Prudent investments in common stocks will show dividend increases and thus, total income far out producing those of fixed income securities.

Separate funds can be maintained to show the growth of each account. Funds are held by various Youngstown banks and because of the size of the Foundation, we enjoy most favorable treatment. The investment committee is selected from interested board members with various backgrounds. All members of the committe serve, as do all Foundation Trustees, without remuneration.

Other Education in Youngstown (show all)
Youngstown State Alumni - Lgbtq+ Alumni Chapter Youngstown State Alumni - Lgbtq+ Alumni Chapter
One University Plaza
Youngstown, 44555

We are the LGBTQ+ alumni and allies of YSU. All alumni and allies are welcome to engage with our group through events, conversation, and fellowship that uphold a safe and inclusive space.

Kenari Adaptive Learning Inc. Kenari Adaptive Learning Inc.

Kenari guides students through the critical skills of English Language Arts, including reading comprehension, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and composition.

Youngstown Rayen Early College Youngstown Rayen Early College
20 W. Wood St.

Youngstown Rayen Early College High School is a high school that services Mahoning County.

Hult prize YSU Hult prize YSU
One University Plaza
Youngstown, 44555

Hult Prize at YSU is an international competition open to any YSU student with a social entrepreneurship idea which brings you the chance to compete in Regional and Global Finals and win USD 1 million.

Summit Academy Summit Academy
1400 Oak Hill Avenue
Youngstown, 44507

Center for Transportation and Materials Engineering Center for Transportation and Materials Engineering
Youngstown, 44555

Visit Joann Esenwein in room 2440 at Moser Hall (next to the Civil Engineering Office)

Black Boys Read Ohio Black Boys Read Ohio
Youngstown, 44485

Black Boys Read Ohio is the online home of Black Boys Read, an initiative started by Rev. Todd Johnson to encourage literacy and reading comprehension in young African American males.

Steel Valley Birdcam Steel Valley Birdcam

LIVE Bird Feeder cam in NE Ohio Uses 2 5MP, ONVIF, POE, Home security cameras streaming via XSPLIT s

Kingdomites Biblical Dance Academy Kingdomites Biblical Dance Academy
3722 Belmont Avenue Suite #7
Youngstown, 44502

Kingdomites Biblical Dance Academy's purpose is to provide an educational service based on a Biblical understanding and revelation on how dance advances the Kingdom of God.

YSU Summer Honors Institute YSU Summer Honors Institute
1 University Plz
Youngstown, 44555

The YSU Summer Honors Institute is a one-week summer program for incoming high school juniors and seniors held by the YSU Honors Program on the campus of Youngstown State University.

Covenant Covering Connections Covenant Covering Connections
Youngstown, 44512

CCC-We are an Organization that is designed to form Covering and Accountability for Ministries and Churches & Businesses within the Body of Christ.

Operation Learning Community Program Operation Learning Community Program
Youngstown, 44511

Operation Learning Community Program is a non-profit based in Youngstown, OH that focuses on early childhood education and cultural enrichment.