York County Literacy Council

York County Literacy Council is a human service organization dedicated to advancing adult and family literacy in York County.

ProLiteracy America states 1 in 6 or 14% of the adults in America are illiterate- 40,000 in York County. County Literacy Council provides classroom instruction as well as one-to-one tutoring. Client services are provided confidentially and free of charge to York County residents regardless of race, creed, color, sex, national origin, or socio-economic status. YCLC is a private, non-profit, 501(c)(3) educational organization, an affiliate of ProLiteracy America and a United Way of York County member agency.

Today, YCLC serves over 900 students in York County including our Hanover Branch. We offer Adult Reading Programs for native-born, English speaking adults and English as a Second Language Programs, including our Pre-GED classes. Both programs provide classes and one-to-one tutoring as well as access to our computerized language lab. In addition YCLC has a Literacy in the Workplace program tailor-made for companies seeking to improve literacy comprehension, understanding and communications among their employees. All instruction includes components of workplace, health literacy and financial literacy training.

Mission: The mission of York County Literacy Council is to empower adults and families with functional literacy skills, in English, that enable them to participate productively in the home, workplace and community. All client services are provided confidentially and free of charge to York County residents regardless of race, creed, color, gender, national origin or socioeconomic status.


Reopening York County - Prepared York

York County is 2 days away from moving to the yellow phase. This will begin at 12:01 am on Friday May 22th.

This phase change will relax some labor and social restrictions. Visit a new website created by York County Economic Alliance https://www.preparedyork.com/reopen to help our community navigate these new policies.

A great feature on their site is a translate button on the bottom right hand side when you open the page. Once you click on it, search by a country flag for your language preference.

preparedyork.com The green phase eases most restrictions by lifting the stay at home and business closure orders to allow the economy to strategically reopen while continuing to prioritize public health. While this phase will facilitate a return to a “new normal,” it will be equally important to continue to moni...

Continue to stay on top of you and your families health/well being.

Seek Medical Attention Immediately if:
• You’re having difficulty breathing
• You have persistent chest pain or pressure
• New confusion or disorientation
• Your face or lips have turned blue.

Former students like J are Forever Grateful for the services they receive from #YCLC. Read below her thoughts and reflections on her experience with us.

"I would like to take a moment to thank everyone at the Literacy Council for all the help I have received.

First, thank you to Mrs. Melody Patton for contacting me while I was at the Women and Children’s shelter. Mrs. Patton did not give up on me even though I was afraid to take the first step in getting my HiSET (GED). She kept in contact and helped me get over the fear of not being prepared, first of all they have all the help I needed right there. The pretest to getting classes to get me ready to take the real test, and whatever needed, even as far as to help me obtain a tutor.

I believe this is one of the greatest programs that is provided to people young and old in York, Pennsylvania. I was driving every night to deliver papers for work and now I am one step away from going back to obtain a degree in HR/Business Management to further my horizon and get the job I have always wanted.

In all, I just want to thank everyone that has taken the time to donate time, funding, and materials to help this program exist. Keep up the great work!"

Our Literacy Empowerment Campaign is still happening and you can contribute by texting YCLC to 855-915-4338 or clicking

👩‍⚕️Continue to do your part👨‍⚕️

If someone in your house is sick, it is best to stay home.

Make sure to clean surfaces often and monitor symptoms!

DON’T run errands, touch your face, nose and mouth, or have visitors in your home!

From life challenging experiences to taking control of her future. Student ACK shares her story.

"We did not have much growing up. We were poor, homeless a few times and my parents were not positive influences by any means. The summer we moved to York, PA, my oldest brother passed away and home life went further downhill. In my 11th grade year of high school I met my husband, we got pregnant and shortly after we married. When my daughter was born I dropped out of school to concentrate on being a wife and mother. I love every moment of it but I always felt inadequate because I never graduated. Money was always tight and life kept us busy with 3 kids, bills to pay, and dead end jobs. I felt like I didn’t have the time or money to go back to school. My husband and I were married 15 years and have 3 children together. We both worked hard to provide a better life for our children. Unfortunately in June of 2018 my husband passed away and it left a void within our little family that cannot be filled.

Yet, in the same sense, it freed me to pursue my education and career dreams. After the orientation at York County Literacy Council and I had met my teacher all my fears disappeared, because all I saw and felt from the staff and teachers was nothing but understanding and compassion for each individual person they crossed paths with.

I am grateful for every staff member I encountered because I got nothing but good vibes and helpful information. The staff boosted my confidence in more ways than they know. My teacher explained foreign knowledge to me in a way that I could understand it. She encouraged us all to do our best and to be positive. Without all of their encouragement, and just their smiles I am pretty sure I would not have made it this far with my education.

My plans for the future are pretty clear for me considering that I love kids. I plan on pursuing a career in early childhood learning. I feel as though young children are very impressionable and are like sponges. I would love the opportunity to make that impression and to feed those sponges with knowledge. I’ve always wanted to be a kindergarten teacher and I plan on making that dream come true.

The Literacy Council has an outstanding and very supportive staff regardless of your past only you can control your future."

Our Literacy Empowerment Campaign is still happening and you can contribute by texting YCLC to 855-915-4338 or clicking


Governor Tom Wolf and PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced that Pennsylvanians will be protected from foreclosures or evictions through July 10.

Renters and homeowners are required to continue making monthly payments. If you are a Pennsylvanian struggling to make your monthly payments, you should contact your landlord or mortgage servicer immediately.

✔️Reminder...Registered voters can apply for a mail-in ballot for the June 2 primary election.

✔️While in-person voting at polling places will remain available, mail-in ballots are available to all registered voters.

✔️If you prefer to vote from the convenience of your home, please apply today using the link in the graphic or call
1-800-VOTES-PA (86837-72)

✔️Mail-in ballot applications will be accepted through Tuesday, May 26, 2020.

In the United States, Mother's Day is celebrated every year on the second Sunday of May. This year it's today.

But did you know that Mother's Day is celebrated all over the world? Just on different days. In addition to the U.S., Great Britain, Canada, Costa Rica, Samoa, Georgia, Australia, and Thailand all have designated celebrations to honor their country's mothers.

It's Teacher Appreciation Week!

The first full week of May is designated as a special time to honor the men and women who lend their passion and skills to educating our students.

Teachers change the lives of millions every day. With the abrupt cancelation of our physical classes, our teachers have done even more to continue education with virtual classrooms and learning at home lessons.

Comment below as we would 🥰to hear how a #YCLC instructor or tutor has changed or impacted your life.
#literacy #ESL #adultlearner #citizenship


What are some of the little wins you've had recently?

Tear jerker alert:
Not all difficulties are outwardly visible, and change doesn't happen overnight.

Tell us: What are some of the little wins you've had recently? What skills are you working on? Who have you helped lately?

Tag @ProLiteracy and use #ProLiteracy #SupportAdultLiteracy #GivingTuesdayNow today!


We asked, and you delivered!

We asked, and you delivered!


When the state of Pennsylvania starts to gradually and cautiously reopen from the COVID-19 stay at home order. Make sure you are current on the below guidelines and phases that will be in place to make things a smooth and safe process.

Together, we raised $22,356.25 for York County Literacy Council during Give Local York 2020!


THANK YOU! YCLC's Bridge Construction is Complete 🚧

Together, we built the bridge to help adults in our community achieve self-sufficiency and success.The donations raised today will help empower adults with the literacy skills needed to reach their educational and workplace goals!

Also, a special thanks to Gary Fissel and Howe Wood Products for making this project possible!

We hope you've been enjoying M. J. McCluskey, Author video--Captain Dargo Born to Serve.

🐶👮‍♂️We are thrilled to share that Captain Dargo was a part of #YCLC 2020 #BuckABook assemblies!👮‍♂️🐶

When a student achieves U.S. Citizenship-the whole class celebrates!

Be a part of the progress and make a contribution today by going to https://www.givelocalyork.org/organizations/york-county-literacy-council-b1ef4e12-8944-4180-837e-e9bddc68a276 OR Text YCLC to (855) 915 - 4338 to donate

We got this! #YorkCountyStrong

We have a new goal... 2019's total, we're coming for you.

Less than 2.5 hours to go. And we're not done yet.

$22,000 raised! This is the final push - let's keep it going!

Your Give Local York donations help us bridge the gap of literacy and adult education in York County!

THANK YOU to all our supporters who helped get us this far.

Next Step Coordinator, Peggy Baker says: "If I had $1000, I'd donate it to the York County Literacy Council because they help immigrants improve their English. "

Click here https://www.givelocalyork.org/organizations/york-county-literacy-council-b1ef4e12-8944-4180-837e-e9bddc68a276 OR Text YCLC to (855) 915 - 4338 to donate before Midnight tonight!

Un Cuento para Dormir

We're all tuckered out here at YCLC. Time to hop into bed and listen to Brittany Haines, ESL Assistant, read a bedtime story - El Músico Maravilloso.

It is always a great celebration and accomplishment when our English as a Second Language students are able to achieve U.S. Citizenship!

The behind the public scene, the staff at #YCLC have been able to get to know these hard working students and it has been a joy to watch their progress!

✨M. B. attended YCLC's Citizenship classes, passed the test and took the Oath of Allegience.

✨M.R. passed the test the 2nd time and took his Oath of Allegiance.

✨H.L. who worked with a YCLC tutor on citizenship and English, passed the test and has achieved U.S. Citizenship!

Be a part of our student accomplishments by supporting us on Give Local York day https://www.givelocalyork.org/organizations/york-county-literacy-council-b1ef4e12-8944-4180-837e-e9bddc68a276 or Text YCLC to (855) 915 - 4338 to donate

You still have time to support #YCLC on GiveLocalYork/BigGiveDay - MAY 1, 2020 before heading to bed.

You've got till midnight to donate on line https://www.givelocalyork.org/…/york-county-literacy-counci… OR Text YCLC to (855) 915 - 4338

#StudentSuccessStory... here's Cory's

I dropped out of high school when I was 17 years old because I was out of control and my mom couldn’t handle me anymore. She moved to New Mexico and I wasn’t allowed at my dad’s house because of my step-mom.

I got a full-time job at a cabinet making factory and so started a long 20 years plus working. I always wanted my diploma but never made time for it.

Thanks to the Literacy Council of York. They worked with my schedule and helped me achieve my diploma.

4 hours to go for Give Local York Big Give Day. Support #YCLC students by texting YCLC 855-915-4338 OR https://www.givelocalyork.org/organizations/york-county-literacy-council-b1ef4e12-8944-4180-837e-e9bddc68a276

Thank you Chynia for sharing your #StudentSuccessStory--
and it's wonderful to hear that you passed your last HISET module in February 2020.

"School wasn’t always the easiest for me due to being diagnosed with clinical depression, ADHD, & anxiety at a very young age. As I got older, the motivation to finish school quickly faded away. In my last year of traditional school which was in 2017, I gave school one last shot.

Unfortunately it didn’t work out due to a conflict between another student and I, and ultimately I was removed from school. When I asked about how I could just obtain my GED, I was told I would never pass the GED due to my 9th grade education leveI and mental health issues. I became very discouraged and decided to just work until I figured out what steps to take next.

After working for a few months, I decided to attend an adult education program at VOTECH. I failed there miserably. It was no interaction, no one on one, nothing that was accommodating me in order to be successful. I stopped going. I felt like I would never be anything in life.

One day on my lunch break, my mother sent me a flyer for the York Literacy Council’s adult education program. I made the call quickly and got into the classes. I was 18 turning 19. I missed graduating with my friends, senior prom, homecoming, all of the great things that came with being a traditional senior. I was determined to get this done.

When I attended the classes, I immediately knew I had made the right decision. From Ms. Shana’s teaching skills to the eagerness to help you succeed, I can honestly say this is the best place for ANYONE to obtain their diploma. They will help you every step of the way regardless of your personal situation. I went from having a 9th grade education to completing 4 out of my 5 test on the first try.

When I obtain my diploma I want to continue my education in nursing or Human Resources. I hope my story helps others to know that it’s never too late, you just have to want it and put the work in for it."

If you haven't done so and are able, you can make a donation for Give Local York by texting YCLC to (855) 915 - 4338 OR https://www.givelocalyork.org/organizations/york-county-literacy-council-b1ef4e12-8944-4180-837e-e9bddc68a276

We're only 1 HOUR away from our Virtual Slumber party for donors! Donate before 8pm for details on how to access.

We're showing an animated classic, Gulliver's Travels (1939). Fun for the whole family!

Over $17,000 raised so far! Wow!

Help us as we provide health, workplace and financial literacy skills to adults in York County to help them build the bridge to SUCCESS!

Sweet Tips for Job Seekers

Ready for a Next Step in your career?

Peggy Baker, YCLC Next Step Coordinator, is here to give you some Sweet Tips for Job Seekers.

Don't forget to bring your own dessert!

Learn about #YCLC student Marlo and her #StudentSuccessStory

"When I was 15 years old I became a mother. Being very young with the responsibility of now having to take care of a baby was too hard. I dropped out of high school in my sophomore year at William Penn Sr. High. I always felt that I wanted to be a writer when I became an adult.

As the years went by, other things became more important than me returning to high school to finish my education. I always thought I would go back to school to my diploma or GED, however, I never did. I did always find jobs that never required you to show proof of a diploma.

Commuting back and forth to Maryland for work. My friend told me about the Literacy Council of York County. This program I have been a part of since March 2016 has helped me, pushed me, and encouraged me to not give up.

The Literacy Council has provided me with tutors in math. I am very excited and proud of myself. I know that I could not have come this far without York County Literacy Council. The staff are very caring, patient, and empathetic people."

UPDATE--Marlo is currently working in Harrisburg for the National Recovery Agency as a Client Service Representative. She loves her job and has again expressed her profound gratitude to YCLC and how her tutors and staff helped her achieve this accomplishment.

She stated how grateful she is that she no longer has to worry about how not having a High School Equivalency Diploma will limit her job opportunities.

Please consider a donation if you are able by texting YCLC to (855) 915 - 4338 or https://www.givelocalyork.org/organizations/york-county-literacy-council-b1ef4e12-8944-4180-837e-e9bddc68a276

We can do it!


Together, we can build this bridge and help York County adults take their Next Steps!

Learn more about #YCLC student Gage....he recently passed the last module of his HISET testing and is anxious to move forward. Congratulations Gage!

I went through a lot of personal problems during my high school career. I faced addiction and not having a constant place to sleep and I dropped out due to such circumstances.

I had a hard time finding a decent job that kept me, and trained me. But, I found my boss at papa John's and hes worked very hard with me to help me accomplish getting this done.

The literacy council helped me so much by giving me the free classes with Carol to study my mathematics and time of the day I needed to get prepared to get things done I should've gotten done a long time ago. With the help of the yclc and helping me pass my tests by studying and by helping me pay for my tests.

Hopefully when I receive my diploma I can get back to a tech school for working on vehicles or other related materials. Not having my diploma at 18 made it really hard to find a good job but with the help of them and teaching me I will be able to finally progress farther in my careers.

Be a part of helping our students move forward https://www.givelocalyork.org/organizations/york-county-literacy-council-b1ef4e12-8944-4180-837e-e9bddc68a276 OR Text YCLC to (855) 915 - 4338 to donate

Our Story

Today, YCLC serves over 1,000 students in York County including our Hanover Branch. We offer Adult Reading Programs for native-born, English speaking adults and English as a Second Language Programs, including high school equivalency classes and citizenship classes. Both programs provide classes and one-to-one tutoring as well as access to our digital language lab. All instruction includes components of workplace, health literacy, and financial literacy training. The Next Step Program helps students take their next steps through employment opportunities, continuing education, and personal goals. In addition, YCLC has a Literacy in the Workplace program tailor-made for companies seeking to improve literacy comprehension, understanding, and communications among their employees.

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Un Cuento para Dormir
We can do it!
Keep up the great work!
Lunch with YCLC
$11,000 RAISED





800 E King St
York, PA

General information

In addition to our classes and one-to-one tutoring for both native born English speaking adults and English as a Second Language students, YCLC now provides a Pre-GED class! The Pre-GED class is just began in 2011 and already we are experiencing success for our students. A number of students have past sections of the GED and now have renewed confidence to continue their studies!

Opening Hours

Monday 08:30 - 17:00
Tuesday 08:30 - 19:00
Wednesday 08:30 - 17:00
Thursday 08:30 - 17:00
Friday 08:30 - 15:00
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