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Charles Water Karate


Is there any way i can buy a T-Shirt , i woukd love to iwn & wear 1 😬🙏🏽👍🏽
I'd luv to come but my body is so broken 😂🙌🙏 40's suck God Bless You All stay safe strong and positive especially for our Children 🙏💪♥️
Seems like a lifetime ago!
Coloring by Zach Maiman
Satori Alliance Member Charles Water Karate showing some star students. Ossu!

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Aidan Grego practicing the Tiger, with the help of Anthony Grego, at the Magic Kingdom, in Orlando, Flordia 2019.
Students multitasking class , then homework !
Our students are focused on excellence
The "calm" Promotion Saturday
For our beginning students coming to their first class!!
Look who came to visit john Wallace
New master belt getting broken in with some sweat

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Operating as usual


Our amazings!


Can’t wait to get our sparring equipment on


Leadership Club. Learning how to find the end of a sentence.


Tip Week rocks!


Leading the clap out at the end of class.

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Focus & Abundance are prevalent this week in the karate studio

Photos from Charles Water Karate's post 06/02/2022

Loving Tip Week!


Winner of our Facebook Challenge! We are going to Adventure Land!


I’m a star!


I’m a star!


Karate is amazing!


Black Tips. Invited to Presentation Saturday for new belts.


Sweaty hugs!


Sportsmanlike completion



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Are you sitting on the couch? Come on down!

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Learning beginning karate skills


Remember and Honor.


Celebrating our freedoms by remembering.


This is a blast!


Chigong & Health, 05.26.22. When the mind and body is naturally working on a higher level, our immune, digestive, cardiovascular, lymphatic, muscular, nervous, renal and reproductive systems maintain the ability to work the way they should.
Join my quest and welcome good health, freedom of thought and freedom of will.
Master Charles Water Moving Mindful Technologies


Karate pushups!

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Partner cooperation


Dear Parents,

Behavioral issues can be one of the most challenging situations a parent can face. You love your child and know they have a kind and wonderful heart yet there are those occasions that they just frustrate you by completely being off their game.

I am going to discuss just one strategy for working on the challenge of ‘Behavioral Issues’. There are many things that could be causing this, but this is one that can really help, and I have found it effective through my 32+ years of teaching Martial Arts to children.


Consistency is extremely important in a child’s growth and yet I sometimes see families where the rules and consequences change based on what’s happening at the time. As Adults, we can deal with these constant changes, yet I have found that for children it is confusing and unsettling. Constant Changes seem to create a situation where children are not quite sure what the rules are and often test their parents to see if there are any boundaries or if they will get away this time without consequences. Sometimes they just don’t feel grounded and secure.

Have you ever been in a situation where you aren’t sure what was going to happen and felt very uncomfortable because of it? Well, children who don’t have consistent boundaries and consequences feel this way most of the time. Consequently, they act out to try and find where the boundaries are as they crave a sense of stability.


Create consistent rules for your family and stick to them.
Have consistent and reasonable consequences for breaking the rules.

Lastly and extremely important always talk to your child afterward and assure them that you love them but that the behavior is not accepted.

Hope this helps.

- Master Quintano


Chigong & stress, 05.23.22. The main pillars of Chigong are body, breath, and mind. When your body is relaxed your breathing will slow down. When your breath is slow, you will feel more centered, more calm. It harmonizes the mind and body to help relax the nervous system and improve focus. It has the ability to create a peaceful and energized state of being.

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I graduated Red Pants Instructor College 101!


Welcome to Red Pants Instructor College!


While my face does not show it, I am loving this!


Can you believe what I accomplished today?


Chigong & intuition, 05.18.22. One of the best ways to harness your intuitive abilities is through practicing Chigong. Chigong is a powerful energy-based practice designed to align, balance, and expand the energy centers throughout your body through mind, body, and spirit. You learn to listen to everything around you, even in silence, deepening our intuitive skills through mindful practice.



Activities and sports like Hockey, Baseball, Soccer, Gymnastics, Girl/Boy Scouts etc... are all great hobby’s and pass time activities and I let my kids choose whatever activities they want.

I categorize swimming lessons differently; swimming is a life skill and non-negotiable in my house. Sooner or later my children will be exposed to water, (be it a pool, lake, river or ocean) and not having basic swimming skills and confidence around the water will hold them back and could be potentially fatal. They don’t need to be Olympic swimmers but they need enough basic skills to tread water and survive but ideally are competent enough that they don’t have to be nervous or fearful around water.

Now apply that same filter to martial arts.

It’s a great sport, with all the benefits of traditional sports, but it also teaches self defence which is an essential life skill. In your child’s lifetime, they will almost certainly face the threat of physical violence (often unavoidably and through no fault of their own).

When you are attacked, just like in the water, it doesn’t matter how hard you try, without proper training and technique you will panic, thrash & most likely drown. We put our kids in swimming lessons to prepare them, so they can be in the water without fear and tread water if they get in over their heads.

The day your child gets confronted by a bully ask yourself; have you given them the tools & confidence to stay calm, protect themselves and survive or have they been thrown in the deep end to fend for themselves?

Martial arts is a mandatory life skill.🥋


Thanks Kyoshi David and Kyoshi Edward for an amazing Arnis clinic!


Tuesday energy


Developing confidence skills.


Girl power!

We Prepare You For Life

We Offer The Best Karate, Martial Arts And Self Defense In Nassau County

Plus Bully Prevention, Karate Birthday Parties, & Our Very Own Customized Curriculum We Call Our "Black Belt Success System." Classes For Kids, Children, Teens, Adult Men & Women & Seniors!

At Charles Water Karate & Fitness you will learn our proven Black Belt Success System. We are dedicated to providing our members with elite martial arts instruction. We are also committed to helping you develop the attitudes and behaviors required to reach BLACK BELT EXCELLENCE - in all areas of life. Our goal is for all our students to become focused, self-disciplined and confident individuals who have the utmost respect for themselves and others.

Hello, my name is Master Charles Water and I am the owner, founder and chief instructor of Charles Water Karate and Fitness. We have been running our school in Williston Park for over three decades. We pride ourselves on being a school of the highest quality martial arts, character development and moral integrity, as well as being one of the pioneering martial arts schools on Long Island. We teach children from the age of 4½ to adults of any age.

Charles Water Karate and Fitness, you will never feel intimidated or physically vulnerable. We do not tolerate nor welcome individuals with negative intentions. Our “ego-free” team atmosphere is contagious and one-of-a-kind – just ask any of our students or parents of the children who train with us.

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122 Hillside Ave
Williston Park, NY

Opening Hours

Monday 1pm - 8pm
Tuesday 1pm - 8pm
Wednesday 1pm - 8pm
Thursday 1pm - 8pm
Friday 1pm - 6pm
Saturday 10am - 2pm

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