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Online educator with 20+ years experience teaching online. Teaching expertise includes many areas within philosophy and humanities, research methodology and statistics in the social sciences.

Recipient of 5 teaching awards; peer reviewer for accreditation I am a professional philosopher whose academic specialty is the history of early modern philosophy. My Ph.D. is from the University of California at Berkeley; I also have degrees in philosophy from the University of Oxford and Amherst College. I love online teaching and learning and since 2001 I've devoted 100% of my teaching time to

Operating as usual 02/25/2015

Today Is ‘National Adjunct Walkout Day.’ Will It Make a Difference?

On many campuses, today is a day of action in support of better working conditions for the adjunct faculty who comprise the majority of faculty (and a larger majority of new faculty hires) in American Higher Education.

The online adjunct labor market is very different from the labor market for "freeway flyers" at traditional institutions, and I am able to make a prosperous living doing what I love by teaching online.

However, working conditions on many brick-and-mortar campuses are poor, and I hope that those of you are on a campus with teach-ins, informational displays, or speeches, will pause to learn about how your campus treats its adjunct faculty -- and that you will join others in supporting improving that treatment if you come to believe that is important. An academic-labor historian considers whether the day’s actions will strengthen adjuncts’ hopes for improving their working conditions. 02/20/2015

Professor Mentor Resume for Andrew N. Carpenter, Ph.D., B.Phil., B.A.

I am pleased that I am working with the Babb Group to offer personal mentoring services to professors in a variety of areas related to careers in academe, higher education leadership, and online teaching.

I'm excited by the prospect of helping educators! For more on the services I'm offering, please visit URL Gain insight and inspiration through personal mentoring in higher education teaching, leadership, and careers by award-winning educator Andrew Carpenter. 02/11/2015

Ten Drivers Raising the Cost of Accreditation Merely staying accredited is pricy. Annual accreditation dues rise regularly, and there are substantial fees and expenses connected with re-accreditation visits. But there are also less visible factors affecting costs: Staying on top of accreditors’ shifting policies, procedures, and expectations. A… 02/09/2015

Reflections on 'Grade Grubbing' When it comes to questions about grades, almost always the right question for students to ask is "What can I do to improve the quality of my work?"This thought came to my mind during a recent discussion in an forum for professors about boilerplate syllabus language University of Maryland U… 01/08/2015

Philosophy teachers, do we overvalue self-knowledge?

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philosophers on religion - Opinionator -

Philosophy teachers, will use use the NYT's 12-article series of "Philosophers on Religion" in your classes? The Stone Oct 5 7:30 pmOct 5 7:30 pm Can Wanting to Believe Make Us Believers?By Gary Gutting The Stone is a forum for contemporary philosophers... 10/09/2014

Why I Don’t Like Rubrics

Philosophy teachers, do you use grading rubrics? Why or why not? There are good reasons to use them, but helping students understand what it takes to succeed in my course isn’t one of them. 09/13/2014

A Liberal Decalogue: Bertrand Russell’s 10 Commandments of Teaching

Philosophy teachers, what do you think of Bertrand Russell’s commandments for teaching? "Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric." British philosopher, mathematician, historia 09/13/2014

Steven Salaita and the Myth of Academic Freedom | Yasmin Nair

Philosophy teachers, what lessons do you take away from the Steven Salaita affair? This week, academics across the country are stepping up their efforts to agitate for or against Steven Salaita, whose case has become a flashpoint... 09/12/2014

Journal Writing for Graduate Students | GradHacker @insidehighered

Philosophy teachers, do you ask your students to maintain writing, reading, or research journals? Justin Dunnavant is a PhD student in Anthropology at the University of Florida. You can find him on Twitter @archfieldnotes or at his blog... 09/12/2014

Making Top Colleges Less Aristocratic and More Meritocratic

Philosophy teachers, to what extent are your institutions either 'aristocratic' or 'meritocratic'? It’s not just the wealthiest colleges that can afford to be economically diverse. And government policies could also make a difference. 09/12/2014

Ohio State to Revise Policies on Harassment After U.S. Finds It Violated...

Philosophy teachers, do your institutions and departments comply with Title IX? September 11, 2014 by Nick DeSantis Ohio State to Revise Policies on Harassment After U.S. Finds It Violated Title IX Ohio State University has... 09/12/2014

The Two Things Students Want From Professors More Than Anything Else

Philosophy teachers, do you give students the two things they really want from their professors? Excerpted from Excellent Sheep: The Miseducation of the American Elite and The Way to a Meaningful Life by William Deresiewicz. Out Aug. 19, from... 09/12/2014

Twitter Dominated by Educators

Philosophy teachers, do you benefit from the 'domination' of twitter-space by educators? Educators are among the loudest groups on Twitter, a company account executive told edSurge. Of the 500 million tweets sent every day, 4.2 million... 09/12/2014

AUDIO | Look in the Mirror to Improve Higher Ed for First-Generation...

Philosophy teachers, how can we best support first-generation students' learning? Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have... 09/12/2014

The 10 Most Unique Place to Study and Live Abroad

Philosophy teachers, do many of your students benefit from studying abroad? Gap years and erasmus exchange programmes are becoming increasingly popular today as university students look to add a little spice to their CV... 09/12/2014

A Letter From the Underground of The Castle

Philosophy teachers, does assessment of student learning bring a 'Kafkaesque darkness' to your institutions? As another academic year begins The Castle's shadow is bringing more and more Kafkaesque darkness to university campuses. That shadow continues to... 09/12/2014

New College Rankings Remind Us Of What's Wrong With American Higher...

Philosophy teachers, what is your favorite criticism of the much-hyped college rankings? US News and the New York Times released new college rankings today. Both should remind us of the problems lower and middle income families face in... 09/12/2014

Wesleyan U. fires university librarian after disagreement with provost...

Philosophy teachers, how can college and university libraries best support the liberal arts? Wesleyan University last month fired its head librarian after a prolonged debate over the role of a library at a liberal arts institution. 09/12/2014

Getting Less Than 5 Hours of Sleep Leads to False Memories

Philosophy teachers, do you get enough sleep? Did Descartes? Losing out on sleep can affect your memory, a study shows





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