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Is your Child Gluten Intolerant? — Tutor Doctor


tutordoctor.com Gluten intolerance or Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity (NCGS) affects 1 in 10 people. Sadly, due to the long list of symptoms, many of these sufferers go

tutordoctor.com 01/12/2015

Brilliant Study Tips to Cut Study Time and Improve Grades — Tutor Doctor


tutordoctor.com Feed your brain properly, get enough rest and convert information to the best form for you, and you’re going to be surprised at just how much you can remember.

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How to Resolve Teacher-Student Disputes — Tutor Doctor


tutordoctor.com With parent teacher conferences approaching, you may be tempted to address concerns about conflict in the classroom, but be careful of making the situation

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Go to University… For Free! — Tutor Doctor


tutordoctor.com Try out free online university and school courses from top school with these helpful free online university courses.

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Ten Tips to Hassle-Free Homework — Tutor Doctor


tutordoctor.com Some families have daily homework struggles that can be mitigated with a few steps from the pros.

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Encouraging Girls to be Leaders — Tutor Doctor


tutordoctor.com Great tips on how to create a culture where little girls are free to lead. Encountering your daughters to become leaders is key.

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Healthy Haunted Halloween Treats — Tutor Doctor


tutordoctor.com Healthy Halloween snacks that will thrill your kids while reducing the amount of sugar they consume. Great homemade Halloween snacks for kids of all ages.

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5 Signs Your Child Needs a Tutor

Concerned about your kiddo? We can help!

Tutor Doctor is a one-to-one tutoring company that tailors to the needs of your child. All of our tutors have completed extensive background checks and are matched to your child based on their specialty.

Get a free educational consultation by calling us at 443-974-6577.

pgeveryday.com Know how to read the signs that your child might need academic help. For more great reads, visit P&G everyday today!

[08/27/14]   During the first week:
• Leave plenty of extra time- The first week is always hard for you and your child when trying to get back into the swing of things. Plan for your child to take 10 minutes to get out of bed, 20 minutes to get ready and always plan for extra time if the morning schedule changes.

• Send a brief note to your child's teacher- Sending a note makes the teacher aware that you are interested in getting regular feedback on your child's progress. Find out how teachers prefer to keep in touch with parents, whether by notes, e-mails or phone calls.

• Prepare outfits for the entire week- Help elementary students get ready quickly in the morning by preparing their outfits for the week on Sunday evening. Spacesavers.com has a great "children's weekly clothes organizer" that hangs in a closet and makes it a cinch for kids to utilize.

• Model organization skills- Don't expect even your middle schooler to automatically know how to organize his schoolwork right away. Sit down with your children every day after school and show them how to develop a routine. Check their planners and make sure they are utilizing it to its fullest potential. If your children are lucky enough to have teachers who put the weekly agenda on his/her website, encourage your children to print them off each week. Teach them how to keep papers organized in their binders. Encourage them to empty their backpacksof any notes and place them in the Communication Station.

• Download Apps-Studies show that mobile phones are enhancing the learning process for children. Smart phone applications can support learning by allowing for quicker information access, aiding in social peer learning and creative production. Mobile Apps such as Evernote, MyHomework and gFlashPro are a few applications that provide kids with instant access to the scheduling, notetaking and flash cards.

[08/15/14]   Come join Tutor Doctor at the Baby/Child Expo Saturday August 16th from 10-4pm at the Sykesville Fire Dept located at 6680 Sykesville Rd, Sykesville, MD 21784. See you there.

[08/07/14]   Come join Tutor Doctor at the Women's Festival Run in Frederick MD Sat Aug 9th at Frederick Community College. FCC is at 7932 Opossumtown Pike, which you can get to by going north from the motter ave exit off of rt 15. Go north on motter, and it turns into Opossumtown. Take the 2nd (north) entrance into FCC, and follow the signs.





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