The Institute for Arts Integration & STEAM Video November 4, 2020, 4:00pm

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2021 Summer Arts Integration and STEAM Conference

Arts Integration Certification Virtual Open House

Exploring Viewpoints Routine Example

K-5 Lesson Packs for Teachers

Printing with Found Objects: Accelerator Preview

Force Field Strategy

The Adding-On Strategy

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Why this Remote Teaching online conference is a must for K-12 Teachers

1x5 Creative Thinking Strategy

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How to Make Agamographs with Students
Use the technique of agamographs to create meaningful student learning targets.

Basic Watercolor Techniques
Watercolor is a great medium to use in the classroom because it connects with so many other subjects: science, math, lit...

Scriptwriting for Literacy
Do your students struggle with writing? Try integrating some theatre with this scriptwriting technique!

Collage Techniques
Explore a variety of techniques for using collage in your classroom.

For thousands of years, the Arts have been a way to bring people together. And when all this is over, the Arts will be t...

Paper Mouth Puppets with Karen Konnerth
Join guest teacher Karen Konnerth from Calliope Puppets and make your own Paper Mouth Puppet! It doesn't take much to ma...

Andrew Goldsworthy Activity
Spring is here! And that means it's a perfect time for your students to create art with items they find outside. For ton...

Water Reflection Project
Tonight's #CreativeCampfire features Jill Gillen from Toadstools and Fairydust. She's demonstrating how to make a water ...