Joshua's Journey

Joshua's Journey


Joshua came home with candy from his teachers for doing well in class. After eating a whole pizza while he got ready for religious ed, he tells me "Dad, you can go ahead out and get the car started for me." Gets good grades in school and lots of praise from teachers and now he thinks he runs the joint! LoL!!
Josh is growing up. Today had breakfast that his Mom brought him; ate that on the way to sign-up for bowling. Then got a free hot dog and drink at bowling alley for signing up. Then ate lunch (hot dog and fries). Comes by a little bit ago and says what's for dinner?

So we head to Sakura and get some sushi. Josh got his usual miso soup and plain fried rice, but then he asked to try the sushi. He ate 6-7 pieces of sushi (shrimp,tuna,mango,cucumber,crab,scallops), which if you know Josh sushi is usually not on his menu!

It's getting easier to cook for him and restaurant selections are much broader now. We are proud and happy to see this progress.
Michele, don't know if you've had a chance to read, sign and share this.... please take a look at this WHO petition,... every signature helps!! :-) here's the link - and info below...
We aim to give vestibular / neurovestibular patients a better chance for swift and accurate diagnosis, a cure or appropriate treatment. We ask for a worldwide agreement on education of medical students, further training for existing specialists and the establishment of medical guidelines regarding vestibular conditions / disorders.
Josh using new words (for him anyway): extraordinary and metaphor and used them appropriately.
Josh last night asked to try some of my sushi; he ate 2 pieces of it and said it was ok. Big step for him; a couple of days ago he ate a small helping of shrimp and cooked peas.

He's slowly starting to try new things; very proud and happy to see him willing to try new foods, which he wouldn't before.
I am Sharing as a parent of SN children as well as a 10 year advocate. If you are in need please contact my firm so that we can help with due processing the Iep process private and public school placement. I work with children teen transitioning and adult IPs The first meeting is free. pm me or email me at [email protected].
He is a special kid with a special family :)
The Link Between Asthma and This Chemical
thank you. My son is six and just had an eye test that he did very poor on. Making an apt. W local optomatrist asap. He has adhd,.asbergers,odd,and severe seperation anxiety. Alot of headaches and used to go crosseyed alot. Best wishes
Found you through tales from the autism side :) wanted to say hello from
Hello!!! From Loorducation, stop by and share!!!

Joshua had strabismus eye surgery at 22 mos. the Ophthalmologist neglected to inform us about Vision Therapy, a less invasive approach. 4 years later we found Vision therapy which gave Joshua the quality of life he deserves.

Joshua's Journey is based on a true life story of my son, Joshua, who at 22 mos. had strabismus eye surgery in both eyes, was not meeting his developmental milestones, speech, etc. Went on to to be part of a KKI/JHU Study to Explore Early Development (SEED) study and at the end found out he had many developmental delays other than speech. He was diagnosed with PDD-NOS Moderate Autism and having m


Wishing you the best birthday ever! You have come so far in these past 16 years and I love you very much! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ Mom


HIP HIP HOORAY! 🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊Joshua made 3rd Q Honor Roll
straight As! Woot Woot! So proud of you! ♥️♥️♥️

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Joshuas last Corollary Bowling 2019-2020 WMHS. He did great! So proud of this young man! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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2019 Spring Break in New York City! I am so proud of Joshua for all the strides he has made..... no headphones or ear plugs needed, no meltdowns, used multi-sensory skills, used multi-tasking skills, looked out for both of us and was a complete gentleman. The bonding between us grew ♥️😘🎁💡😇🌏👩‍👦💐🏙🌆




Congratulations Joshua on a great report card! You are doing wonderfully at your new school and I couldn’t be more proud of you! ♥️♥️🙏🏻🙏🏻😇😇


One proud momma! Joshua is now in a new school this year and is doing a great job! Their report cards are not the same as public school but nonetheless he is successful and received a great report this semester! As, Bs and a C! The As and Bs were in subjects that surprised us the most! So blessed and happy! ♥️😊🎁🙏🏻 congratulations 🎉🎊🎈

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Bowling Christmas party. Joshua loves to bowl and improves each time. So very proud of you Joshua!!


OMG this has never happened before Great things are taking place. Joshua is actually wanting to read!!!! He’s actually happy with smiles on his face and the sound of laughter is a complete joy!!!!! Feeling so blessed and with much gratitude to God! So much to be thankful for! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️😇😇🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻



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Happy 14th Birthday Joshua! YOU ARE MY HERO! You have overcome so much in 14 years and persevered.


Today is a HUGE day forJoshua!


You have weathered this summer with great stride, positive outlook, and magnificent attitude.

You have endured THREE 2 week sessions of intensive auditory processing therapy that ends today!

Two weeks of sensory learning program in Tucson, AZ then finishing up the 30 day program with the remaining 18 days of at home therapy.

A whirlwind of 4 days of being re-evaluated with the VTOD from the slp along with other self care days in between.

Your summer was not a vacation by any means whatsoever but you persevered, overcame obstacles, and are now seeing the fruits of your labor.

We are so very proud of you and your accomplishments. Now take a seat and sit back and enjoy the years to come!

Thank you Cassie for all your hard work with Joshua. It means the world to Joshua. You are such a an amazing and wonderful big sister!

Tom thank you for rearranging your schedule to do what needs to be done
for the family.

Oma thank you for making this possible and allowing me to take care of and do what needed to be done.

To the family support folks that have been there along the way - THANK YOU!!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️

To the Drs and therapists that have helped Joshua on his journey. Each of you hold a very special place in our lives and hearts.

It sure as heck hasn’t been easy but has it been totally worth it! HELL

Still have some minor challenges and we will see them through.



Thursday, August 9, 2018, me and my two children had the pleasure of going to Dr. Peter L. Guhl’s office for their 30 day check ups since starting the sensory learning program on July 8, 2018, at Dr. Amy Thomas OD’s office in Tucson, AZ.

I am only going to touch base on a few points and not go into detail. All I can say is WOW! MIRACLES happened right in front of my very own eyes!!!!

Joshua age 13 and 8 months, was evaluated in May 2018 and had numerous vision issues along with other issues. He went through the sensory learning program too alongside his sister and again WOW NOTHING SHORT OF MIRACLES!!!! My son’s visual fields have totally opened up, some sensory issues have dissipated, auditory issues are better and being worked on through intensive Apd therapy this summer as well and Autism behaviors have lessened!

I now have a totally different son in my household and the relationships and daily changes just keep getting better and better!

The heavy heart that I have felt for almost 12 years now bc of a strabismus surgery that left my son with every vision issue known including double vision is now gone!!!!!! Yes he had 20/20 “vision” for 4 years and was seen every 3-6 mos during that time and had 20/20 “vision”! 😡😡😡

My heart ♥️ is very blessed and filled with joy tonight as I write this post. My shoulders are light because I am now less stressed with worry of how they will now go about loving daily life.

Functional and quality of life is where it’s at folks! 😊😊😊😊😇♥️

Here are visual field results from May and now August 2018. Other tests were done and we have a little more VT to go but not much.

A very special shoutout to both VTODs offices and the many members in this group who contributed the information in making Joshua’s life so much better and allowing me to piece together the puzzles! — feeling relieved.

Photos from Joshua's Journey's post 06/08/2018

WOW!!!! Nothing short of a miracle is occurring in less than a week ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Joshua had a full comprehensive vision exam along with visual field testing earlier in May. The results we received were what I had thought all along. 😔. I was wondering how after being in vision therapy for years (with good results), sporadic syntonics sessions, many lens changes (with good changes), minimal reflex integration sessions, speech for 9 years why was he not progressing? Why were things so hard for him? Why were there so many stumbling blocks? All of these whys and more!

We stumbled across cst when his sister had a concussion and that improved his speech and hearing to a degree..... the 2/2017 VT eval left us with nothing! 😔 I (we) felt let down with no where else to look. Throughout 2017 and up until 5/2018 I soul searched within myself and the fb group I co-created(Vision Therapy Parents Unite) for answers. I left no stone unturned and delved into what I thought would be great additions to help Joshua. I wanted to do these things last year however I did not plan on being in a car accident that left me unable to drive or walk for months! Those plans had to be put on hold 😔. Always in the back of my mind I researched what I could do here locally and a friend told me about Myofascia Release work and I decided to try it! Low and behold this has been such a powerful and healing journey for both Joshua and I. Feeling I needed to “prep” his internal systems for what is to come he went and has been so open to this therapy and as Gail says he is being guided and knows exactly what to do and when. Joshua will use me as a guide in these sessions as well! She and I are blown away with what he does and what he knows he needs where and when! Between the cst and mfr work that has been done over the past year has been so helpful to him to heal and dig deep to get him where he needs/wants to be.

I spoke with an out-of-state VTOD with whom I’ve had many conversations with throughout the years. After I contacted him and we spoke he agreed to do a two day very intensive comprehensive vision exam which resulted in a different lens prescription. Right in front of my very own eyes I saw how Joshua’s posture straightened, he was happy and smiled, was excited as well.

The glasses and lenses had to be ordered and shipped to us. We received them last weekend and since last Sunday morning the changes in Joshua have been tremendous! Posture straighter, gait is better, he’s more mature in thoughts, less “goofy”, bowling averages are consistent, more compliant to do school work, home chores, less fussy, cooperative, more expressive, says he hears better and sees better. Says he doesn’t need a hearing accommodation now at school. ALL OF THESE IMPROVEMENTS IN BEHAVIOR BECAUSE OF VISUAL

There will be more to share to Joshua’s journey come September. Have a very busy summer ahead and hoping it will prove to be fruitful!

This momma is able to breathe a little better at night and relax a little more at night knowing we are on the right track with what we have in place and searching for people who have and will continue to impact his quality of life! A ray of light at the end of the tunnel....

Darren, Dr. Peter, Dr. Amy, Michelle and Lisa u all are playing huge roles in Joshuas life!!!! How can I thank you enough!!!!

God is awesome! He’s answering my prayers ♥️🙏🏻

School performance bridled by poor vision, visual disorders 05/18/2018

School performance bridled by poor vision, visual disorders

School performance bridled by poor vision, visual disorders

School performance bridled by poor vision, visual disorders There's more to it than simply not being able to see the board; poor vision in the classroom can hurt kids' development and scholastic performance, but the solution can be right in front of their eyes.




Primitive Reflex Lead Magnet for OTs

Download our FREE checklist and guide to help you assess your patient for retained Primitive Reflexes. It will teach you how to test for the Moro/Startle Refelex, the ATNR, TLR, STNR, Palmar/Grasp Reflex, Rooting/Suck Reflex, and the Landau Reflex.

Primitive Reflex Lead Magnet for OTs


Someone’s proud of themselves for working in the school system for 41 years stopping children from getting much needed services. Glad I m not on that side of the line....... I couldn’t live with myself knowing I couldn’t help people. What a racket the world we live in is..... I sleep well at night with my conscience.

This will come back to bite them bc more and more kids need accommodations and days to come and how’s the school gonna provide devices to the general education is most of them are on iep and 504s?

You heard it here first folks.


Tomorrow is another infamous IEP Meeting. Last time they ripped to shreds an independent evaluation on APD and OT. Wanted to do it their ok I consented to them doing their own APE test.....results same DAMN thing! So let’s see what they have to say after fraud, waste and abuse of taxpayer money they could have agreed in the first place to do what was stated! A teacher could’ve gotten a raise with the money, time and effort spent on that iep meeting and the testing. It’s such a shame when they could’ve just done the RIGHT thing in the first place! They will never learn will they? and they do it at the expense of a child who needs assistance. Shame on you and others who just commit fraud, waste and abuse. No wonder the government is in such debt! Smdfh


6 years ago we started on our vt journey. Joshua’s come a long way and still has more to go but the results have been nothing short of a miracle or amazing.


Replay (YouTube) | Broken Brain

If U haven’t seen the broken Brain docuseries u can view it all here for just this weekend only for Free. It is absolutely wonderful! It is very telling and needs to be shared so please share away.

Replay (YouTube) | Broken Brain You Asked, And We Listened! Due to OVERWHELMING Demand, We Have Decided to Present a FULL Encore Screening of Broken Brain, Just In Case You Missed Important Information For Your Health! Wow. So here's what happened... After we closed down Broken Brain on Thursday night, things got a little crazy. N...


UPDATE: 1/21/2018

so Joshua has been on hiatus from therapies for a while now. He needed a much needed break after going solid for 9 years.

We’ve just done AO work and still working on CST which both have been beneficial.

This year we are concentrating on APD and Sensory Learning Program.

As I’ve been listening to the Broken Brain docuseries, which has been awesome, it is everything I’ve been saying for years now. Yes people think I am crazy so let them! I am very happy knowing that Have been actually on the right path to help Joshua. I will be looking into other things along the way.

I just wish the system was actually for people with abilities. If they were there wouldn’t be such a fight to provide assistance to what these people actually need.

I love u so much buddy! Your big sister is pretty awesome too! Hear’s to a good 2018!

The Broken Brain Documentary Series 01/19/2018

The Broken Brain Documentary Series


Anyone watching this docu series Broken Brain? If not, u should n watch episode 1 if u can. Functional medical And other holistic therapies have changed my life as I knew it for 49 yrs of Aspie life. I will always have aspergers And life has gotten so much better because if this information I’ve now known for years! Forget the labels now ask why? It’s hard when others press u for the labels but we in society are pushed for them it’s bc the professions don’t know different. Change your way of looking at issues so others have to change because of u. B THE CHANGE FOR U, YOUR FAMILY AND SOCIETY!

The Broken Brain Documentary Series An exclusive invitation to our free premiere screening of The Broken Brain. Discover how you can prevent and overcome brain disease. Watch The Broken Brain absolutely FREE.


Yay Joshua! Great job!

East Middle School recognizes November’s Distinguished Bulldog Award winners. Distinguished bulldogs are selected by their team teachers for demonstrating respect, responsibility, and resilience in some manner that sets them above and beyond their peers. These students receive a certificate outlining their recognition and are eligible for a gift card drawing at the end of the month. Congratulations to November’s Distinguished Bulldogs!

Josh Hillman


Yes we have to enjoy every moment no matter what it is.

I can relate to this as Joshua,13 now, was a lot like this years ago. Was originally dxd with moderate autism pdd-nos 3 years later after vision rehab he now has aspergers.

You’ve come a long way Joshua and this momma is so proud of you! Lots of hard grueling work that most take for granted, blood, sweat and tons of tears on both sides. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️


Joshua received another distinguished bulldog learning award today ♥️♥️♥️♥️ 5th one in middle school 😊😊😊 WTG buddy! So proud of you! Luv u much.


This is how Joshua saw for 4 years of his life until we saw a vtod. Kills my heart because all along a pediatric opthamologist said he had 20/20 vision. 20/20 IS NOT ENOUGH!!!!

This post shared by Michele Hillman tugged at my heartstrings because this is how my son saw his first 7/8 years of life. And he is one of MANY.

We can't let this continue, can we? I'm asking anyone who is willing and has a few minutes of time to spare when you can, to join FB groups for ADHD, learning disabilities and dyslexia groups to please spread the word about Vision Issues that go beyond 20/20 and get missed during most basic vision exams.

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Westminster, MD

General information

Learn more about Vision Therapy and how it can help a loved one by going to or outside the USA go to Also, another FB group Vision Therapy Parents Unite has lots of useful information and there are Dr.'s, therapists, loved ones, parents, etc. who are happy to share their wisdom on VT.

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