Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs, Etc.

This page is a compilation of health related advise. combined with vitamins, minerals and herbs consulting and referral. This page is designed to inform the public of health trends, research and consulting ideas in the world of vitamins, minerals and herbs.

There will be periodic seminars on health related topics. We offer some vitamins consulting and referrals. Please Join!!

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Hey VMHE!! I know many of you have concerns about digestive health and may even need to make adjustments to improve that health area. Digestive/Gut health has a tremendous impact on the overall health of your entire body.
There is a FREE webinar next week that will dwell on this topic, the causes of some digestive issues and some HEALTHY remedies to improve your digestive health. If anyone would like to log in, here is the information for that webinar. There will be a team of health professionals with excellent advice on this important topic. It's really worth a listen... Here's to good health... CW....

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How to add more fiber to your diet

Making sure you have enough fiber in your diet from multiple sources in a very healthy choice. I do recommend sources of insoluble and soluble fiber as they have different benefits in the system. Here's a good read on fiber and I do have a few supplement sources I use if anyone would like to supplement the fiber from a quality source that is pre-measured to match some of the recommended RDA for fiber. Dietary fiber offers many health benefits. Here's how to include more in your diet.


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New Role for Macrophages During "Molecular Housekeeping" For social smokers who consider their cardiovascular health to be in good status because they aren’t smoking every day, an unfortunate reality check


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Hello VMHE fans,

I wanted to give a loud and thunderous SHOUT OUT to Elizabeth Jacobs whom I've worked with for the past 9 months on weight loss. She is an excellent example of what YOU can do if you focus your eyes on the prize!! Here's to awesome health, Liz... Thanks for being a true champion in pursuing your goal. What an amazing accomplishment!!!!! (She is down 70.4 lbs as of today and still going...)


Just a reminder.... Keep going with your good intentions.


Etc..... "She came, she saw, she conquered!!! (And still is..)" If anyone is seeking a program(help) for weight loss that is all natural, without the yo yo and the trendy hype, then let me know. I can point you in her direction..... Here's to good health!!!



One tree nut allergy doesn't mean needing to avoid all types of tree nuts, experts are saying.


Tech Insider

Here’s what the liquid on top of your yogurt is — and why you should stop pouring it out.


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Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs, Etc.

Soil depletion is a huge factor in whether or not you can get ahold of still nutrient packed foods on the shelves of your local super market. All the more reason to supplement and grow your own garden. 02/24/2017

Dirt Poor: Have Fruits and Vegetables Become Less Nutritious?

Soil depletion is a huge factor in whether or not you can get ahold of still nutrient packed foods on the shelves of your local super market. All the more reason to supplement and grow your own garden. Because of soil depletion, crops grown decades ago were much richer in vitamins and minerals than the varieties most of us get today


One potential solution or remedy for leaky gut syndrome is that you just need to modify a few dietary sources. For instance, making sure you are getting enough fiber on a regular basis so that you have the intestines being stretched by the fiberous bulky content. It helps with good gut health by providing the needed elements in a diet to help balance good and bad bacteria in the microbiome arena of growth for bacteria in the body's digestive tract. You seem to need a bulky dose of good and bad bacteria to have a strengthened immune system as well. So balancing the digestive tract is very important for the balance of the whole body once the physiological processes take over with ingested nutrition. A high quality good absorption tested multivitamin with complimentary qualities like probiotics, balanced vitamins, synergized absorption, raw and natural. And maybe some added things like fish oil, evening primrose oils, healthier oils in general in your diet. Try not to take any antibiotics unless you absolutely need to. It will probably weaken your immune system because in the process of killing infection it will kill off some of your good and bad bacteria. Another idea is to avoid refined sugars, artificial sugars and too much sugar in general. Try to keep sugar consumption at a low rate to keep your insulin response level at a low rate to maintain and therefore less stress producing on the taxing of the human body... A diet rich in fruits and vegetables, some good carbs, fats and sugars but in lower quantity when trying to regulate weight by diet... A lot of the artificial sweeteners kill good bacteria, at times, and this can therefore be thought of as a weakening of the immune system if prolonged deprivation occurs with essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes.
To Good Health... Hit me up anytime to supplement information. CW......


Kale Vs. Spinach... As it seems, they have a varying effect on the body and both seem to have a different collection of vitamins, minerals or oils that would be complimentary to a healthy diet. Not high in sugars, carbs or fats with a rich mix of vitamins and Omega-3s in Kale. I think a combination of the two of these in any diet would be a healthy move and not just eating one of them, thinking one has better value over the other.


Good Morning Facebook Friends,

There is a great webinar on Heart health on Wed, Feb. 15th from 8-8:30pm. I can send you a link if you are interested. With that in mind, please try to take care of your ticker all year round and be conscious of what you are adding to your bodies with every biteful. Happy Heart Month!!! 02/11/2017

9 All-Natural Sources of Healthy Probiotics

9 All-natural Sources of Healthy Probiotics. Don't want to splurge on expensive probiotic supplements? We’ve got the scoop on which all-natural foods with probiotics are best for your gut. 02/10/2017

Understanding Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Understanding Omega 3 Fatty acid.


Health Benefits of Omega 9s


Supplementation of vitamins and minerals can seriously reduce your chances of developing chronic illnesses related to deficiencies in diet. It can also help to reverse previous effects such as the reversal of Type 2 diabetic conditions to normal conditions through supplementation and diet adjustments.


Phytonutrient Examples.


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So it seems that you need a good balance of Omega 3s and 6s to ward off inflammation easier or to avoid it altogether. Or in the long term without using it much of paying attention to the balance, you could catch a few of these things on the way.... An Omega 6, GLA seems to be very beneficial in the immune system maintenance. Supplementing, GLA in some fashion is well recommended for these reasons.


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Good sources for Omega-3s.


You could save yourself some money by avoiding what is there to take you out if you don't have the right nutrition... It's good to take a quality, probiotic multi that can nourish, protect and cleanse before you need medical treatment in the end by avoiding. As always, we recommend a quality diet as well but know you can't get all you need from diet alone. Along with exercise and positive vibes flowing amongst the masses.


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Pharmaceutical Grade Vitamins vs Store Grade Vitamin Supplements . . . No Comparison! Pharmaceutical Grade Vitamins have it over the Store Grade Vitamin Supplements any day. You will learn the difference and the why behind this statement after reading this article . . .


Examples of foods with high, intermediate and low glycemic scores. If you are dieting using the LOGI approach or Low Glycemic (Sugar)/Low Insulin production then pick items with LOW glycemic scores from this chart.


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Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs, Etc.


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