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Holistic personal training and certified health coaching in Westminster's first and only private studio setting. It's time. Let's FLIP YOURS®!

Operating as usual

So bright and beautiful, I had to share. The photo. I ain’t sharing any bites. Unless you ask nicely. 😜
Spinach and kale, seasoned ground beef with onions, slaw of beets carrots & Brussels, and some pineapple for the win.
Get in my belly!
I am grateful for this bright and beautiful food.

I don't like the word pivot. As in: "The coronavirus pandemic forced me to have to 'pivot' to online and reworked business models to continue to provide vital and awesome wellness and training support to Flip Yours clients." (Haha. See what I did there? Shameless plug. Shameless.)

Pivot. It's inaccurate, that word. It's simplistic. And it sets up a false narrative.

I didn't pivot due to coronavirus. I spun 127°. Then back 235°. Then around again, several times until I was dizzy. I spent so much time on my computer trying to figure out how to keep a thriving training studio thriving. How to keep a growing wellness lifestyle retail store seen and viable.

Did I pivot? Maybe. Maybe I did in the midst of bobbing and weaving and ducking and side-stepping. And puffing up my chest and banging on it like King Kong. And shrinking back into my shell like a threatened tortoise.

So, yes, I may have pivoted. But it wasn't intentional.

What was intentional was being willing to...and then actually putting the work into...doing whatever it takes. In any direction. In any position necessary. To stay in business as a small business. As two small businesses. And, more so, as someone whose utmost concern was less the businesses and more so the clients and customers those businesses serve. And the team those businesses employ.

You did it too. And you still are. And I am too. Now. Today. Still. We are.

Bobbing and weaving and ducking and side-stepping. Steps forward. Steps back. And, yes, maybe a pivot.

Let's stop, though, with the inaccurate story, the too-simplistic narrative of pivoting in one clear-cut different direction to figure out how to handle this stuff. This sh*t is hard. To sustain so untethered for so long. To feel so siloed by. To plan within.

This is hard. It is affecting every single one of us in so many obvious and so many nuanced ways.

I continue to believe in us. To believe that we're all doing the best we can. There is no one who is breezing along amidst this. And, no, not a single one of us actually, simply pivoted.

Keep on spinning and ducking and dodging, my friends. Spin. Duck. Dodge. But also smile. All of our gyrations have us dancing together, my friends. And dancing is joy.

Happy Labor Day. Here’s a virtual 👊🏻 fist bump in recognition of your efforts to contribute to commerce and community and the continuity of our days. Enjoy your day! Make it a great day. That’s up to you. #flipyours #changeyourthinking #changeyouractions #changeyourlife #wellnesscoaching #habitchange #19libertystreet #personaltraining #fitness #healthcoaching #wellness

Stopping. Stopping the eye on the clock. Stopping the to-do list. Stopping the routine. Stopping the shoulds. Stopping the do for others. Stopping the noise. Stopping the frenetic energy. Good stuff. #stopmore #dolessmore #flipyours #goodstuff #allthefeels #actuallylivelife #collectmomentsnotthings #wellnesscoaching #habitchange #19libertystreet #personaltraining #fitness #healthcoaching #wellness

A few conversations recently have demonstrated just how true this statement is. Our health care system has catered to individuals deferring their responsibility of self care to doctors and prescriptions. In this time of COVID, we had a period where general medical care became harder to get for various reasons. With eased restrictions, there’s still a sense of not wanting to go to doctors offices. I get it. Sure, if you have a progressed medical issue that requires forever medical care and follow up, make and keep those appointments!! Please!! But if you’re among the millions teetering in the zones of “wait-and-see” diagnoses, take back your power, your accountability, your life!! If you’re having virtual conversations with your doc along the lines of, “let’s give it three more months and then if your cholesterol/blood sugar/blood pressure/weight/pain/bloating...(fill in your own whatever here)...hasn’t improved, we’ll put you on (insert name of multimillion-dollar-brand prescription drug here). That’s the equivalent of being told that I understand the edge of your gas pedal is stuck under the floor mat and you’re barreling around the Beltway at top speed, but try to manage that sh*t-show-waiting-to-happen scenario for a while and then if you can’t get it unstuck, neither can I, but I’ll install an emergency brake that you can pull to try to slow things down even though we can’t temper the accelerator at all. Ummm. No. I’ll make the lifestyle changes, thank you very much. Need the support, motivation, and guidance of a professional, certified health coach to jumpstart your efforts? I know a place! #flipyours #changeyourthinking #changeyouractions #changeyourlife #wellnesscoaching #habitchange #19libertystreet #westminstermdhealthcoaching #letsdothis

Finally a mask that truly fits me! Thank you @rachellang526 !! It takes one to know one! 👊🏻🔥😍

His and hers waffles for breakfast. Yes, I eat waffles or pancakes every once in a while. On this overcast Saturday, waffles sounded like the perfect choice. And they were! Used a clean, gluten-free mix by Simple Mills. Added a couple of scoops of Designs for Health protein powder and substituted coconut oil and coconut milk (instead of vegetable oil and dairy milk) to better macro balance the meal and make better quality ingredient choices. Topped with a little (a lot on his😉) pure maple syrup! So delicious.

I absolutely for-real LOVE every Flip Yours member. They work hard. They care. They have fun. They are badass not for what they do but for who they are. And then, yes, what they do session after session just puts the dry erase marker cap on their badassery! #flipyours

Meal prepped with my man...4 hands, 2 knives, 5 dishes, 4 fruits, 90 minutes...BOOM. Ready for the week with Tico beef and chayote squash, herbed and oiled spaghetti squash, roasted zucchini and onion, cabbage and carrot slaw (plus some shaved Brussels), roasted Brussels, and ready-to-eat cantaloupe, honeydew, grapes, and pineapple. Sat down to a super satisfying and delicious bowl of the beef, slaw, spaghetti squash, and zucchini. Cooking up some pulled chicken and sweet potatoes tomorrow to give us a couple more options. Making healthy meals convenient for ourselves through like Wednesday/Thursday will have taken us about 2 total hours when I account for tomorrow’s add-on cooking. Good stuff! #wholefood #plantbasedeating #gottadotheprepwork #eatallthecolors #macronutritionforlife #micronutritionforthewin #flipyours @ Flip Yours Fitness & Wellness

Say you do all your laundry with a bright red sock in every load. So, yup, every load comes out pink. Who knows why you keep throwing that red sock in there. You just do. I mean, well, your Mom did, so you do too. Or maybe you saw the red sock thing on all those Leave It To Beaver or Sponge Bob episodes you watched growing up.
The point is: it’s laundry time and you’re adding the red sock. Again.
But what if you’re tired of wearing pink clothes. I mean, how much pink can one person wear?
So, all pink clothes. And they just keep getting pinker with every washing.
Your clothes are getting so saturated from the repeated washings with the red sock that now your skin is being irritated. But you keep putting the red sock in every load. It’s what you do.
Now you’re having pain. Daily. And you know its from the pink clothes. From the red sock.
Now you’re straight up sick. And the “cure” the doctor tells you is to take this pill. This prescription.
But that’s not enough so now the doc adds another prescription.
Your skin irritation kind of still remains. Your pain isn’t really gone fully. Your sickness is barely improving. And you’re taking pills. And you’re tossing that red sock in the laundry. Load after load.
You’re frustrated. Why won’t your skin heal? Your pain go? Your sickness clear?
Ready to be done with the red sock habit? You know what it is for you. Let’s start there.

I don't come on here very often to post my thoughts. To share my knowledge. Or even to promote my incredible training studio and the locally unparalleled quality and extensiveness of coaching we offer.
I don't share because there's so much noise in my industry on social media. I don't because I really don't like social media and don’t appreciate being on my phone or computer. I don't because I'm not a fan of shining the spotlight on me or what I'm doing. I don’t because I work a lot of hours in service to my clients and customers and they are always my primary why.
So every once in a while I post a lift I did so you know I’m fit. Woohoo. But then I don’t post for months again. And I sooo want you to know all the amazing things we're doing here, but then...crickets. I want you to know that your chronically tight neck doesn't have to be a daily burden. I want you to know about the nutritional supplementation protocol I've been toying with to give you a boost out of deep stress. I want you to know that there is relaxed breathing that supports you actually feeling better. I want you to know that you can lose those 40 pounds or those last 5...for the last time. I want you to know that you don't have to punish yourself in a gym to get results.
I want to tell you all these things. To share what I've amalgamated and refined through my intensive continuing education, client experience, and the science I continue to follow. I have such a desire to learn. But I have an even stronger desire to put that knowledge into practice. The dozens of clients at Flip Yours benefit from this. The loyal customers of Change Space benefit from this. But beyond these walls…crickets.
So here's my pledge. Because I want to keep my businesses viable, yes, and above the fray within the fitness space, for certain. But more so because you deserve to hear a clearer message within my industry. I pledge to continue to use my voice to synthesize. To weed out. To shout over when necessary. To actually SHARE my thoughts and knowledge.
There is a ton of sh*t you have been sold and are being manipulated with... (to the comments)

It’s going down. I almost exclusively eat our home cooked food in bowls because I endlessly mix up various things when we’ve done meal prep. Tonight’s bowl: bok choy sautéed with peppers, leeks and carrots, black beans, ground turkey cooked with onions. And hot sauce. Always hot sauce! #mealprep #cleaneating #goals #flipyours #onechoiceatatime


Monday! Badass board! Game on for this new week! #flipyours #badassisamindset #19libertystreet #wellness #fitness #holistichealth #wholeisticchange

In my happy place to enjoy the last of this week’s prepped foods...grilled chicken, orange watermelon and onion salad, roasted butternut squash, beet and berry salad, and cabbage and carrot slaw. Happy. So happy. #mealprep #healthyeating #wellnesslifestyle #summerproduce #happyplace #flipyours

😎You’re a badass. And you’re a badass. And you’re a badass. So bright. 😎 #flipyours

Building back. 183# 1x5 to end the lift. Felt like I left 20# on the table today so I’m happy with that. I worked out at home with our members during the shutdown so I’m feeling new in the studio again and remembering to honor my body that shows up that day and to meet myself where I am. #goodstuff #flipyours #changeyourthinking #changeyouractions #changeyourlife #whenyougonnaflipyours

Badassery. Every day.

Happy monday, badasses! Go do your badass thing! 😘

Unicorn full of flowers feels 🥰 The studio is open, baby! It’s a magical day! 🦄 Thank you for the love today @jbittner261 ❤️ #flipyours

We never get bored of the badass board! Happy to be reunited with it!!

Two words: WELCOME HOME! #enoughsaid #flipyours #findyourfitnessfamily #personaltraining #trulypersonal #wellnesscoaching #sportsnutrition #19libertystreet #downtownwestminstermd #changeyourthinking #changeyouractions #changeyourlife

My Dad is the original male example of a badass in my life. Here’s to all the men who love us and uplift us, who listen and laugh, and who grind to be an example of strength and good. ❤️

You ready?!


When the sky is your ceiling, all things are possible! We’re happy to be getting our sweat on together. And sooo ready to go inside where all the toys are! #flipyours #19libertystreet #fitness #wellness #holistichealth #personaltraining #smallbusiness

Starting to see the light back at (almost in) the studio! We made the parking lot our playground today!! #flipyours #19libertystreet #downtownwestminstermd #fitness #wellness #getyoursweaton

A day late and 3 months of regular gym revenue short (haha...get it...but, seriously, thanks Rona!! 😝) we’re back to our Monday Badass Bright Spots postings! Make it a great day!

My version of Tico beef. MY version. Would love it if it had that delicious real lizano salsa and chayote squash. But I’ll settle for onions, peas, and a buttercup squash. 😜

It’s not an open gym but, to us, it’s the next best thing!

You get it. A visit to Change Space always feels like a gift! 🎁 During the past two months of the physical shutdown of our space, we thank you 🙏🏼 for your continued purchases and for your dedication to our shared meditation practice. Today, we look forward to seeing you IN PERSON 😀 for both!
Good, clean retail therapy 9-1. Meditation at 12.

You can bet your bad ass that we’ve been working hard to maintain our badassery the past 6 weeks! So much so that we are soooo overdue in shouting ourselves out! So we return with our badass bright spots! Hope you’re making it a great Monday!

[05/03/20]   Our 19 Liberty Street location turned 2 today!
We had cake...GF, dairy-free, sugar-free cake.

Need workout gear? We would LOVE for you to shop with us! Head online to check out a variety of wellness and health items:

Our garden is growing. Faith & hope blossoms. Still.

No surprise in this statement. There shouldn’t be! I share it as a reminder. And while we’re getting closer to knowing our emancipation date here in Maryland, I encourage you to have a plan. We cannot go back. You cannot go back. I cannot go back. Perhaps we finally see that we have to act for change to happen. The last thing any one of us needs is more information. Not really. Clarification, yes. But not more. It’s not hidden in a diet. In a workout style. In a supplement. Or a piece of equipment. The answer to you finally achieving a better health status for yourself is in action. Don’t jump from diet to diet. Adhere to one. Don’t jump from fad workout to fad workout. Commit with consistent effort to strength training. Don’t ignore the need to eat vegetables. Remember what your quarantine body felt like with more sleep. Feel how a pause in our go-go-go societal pace rewarded us. So what is your plan? And, equally important, would you like our help in motivating you. Guiding you. Making sure it’s actually fun and not a grind. Flip Yours is your badass community eagerly waiting to close the social distance between us! Introduce yourself! Let’s Flip Yours!

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