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Flip Yours Fitness & Wellness


The 2021 Carroll County Passport for Small Business Saturday has been distributed to the following Downtown Westminster locations. Remember to #ShopSmall at our #SmallBusiness retail and restaurants this holiday season and all year long!

84 East Woodfire Kitchen & Bar
Ain't That A Frame
American Ice Co. Cafe
Ballard Bunting Boutique
Birdie's Cafe Coffee House
Board & Brush Westminster, MD.
Buckingham Auto Repair, Inc.
Carroll Arts Center
Change Space @ Flip Yours Fitness & Wellness
City Park Gaming & Brew Room
Coffey Music
Country View Tuxedo & Wedding Accessories
Flourish Beauty Studio
Flowers by Evelyn
Fusion Mind Body Spirit
JeannieBird Baking Company
Johanssons Dining House
Kountry, Kafe and Catering
Life is Pizza
Lost Lion
LUX Boutique
Mediterraneo Ristorante
Mercer Floor & Home Carpet One
Molli's Cafe
Off Track Art
O'Lordans Irish Pub
Paradiso Ristorante
Pomeroy Jewelers
Rafael's Westminster
Rare Opportunity Bakehouse
Rudolph Girls Books
Run Moore
The Shop at Cockey's (Historical Society of Carroll County)
The Spa on West Main
Tim Thai Restaurant Westminster
Downtown Yoga
Ying Thai Cuisine

Our next PM Connections Networking Event is happening THIS THURSDAY (1/23) and will be hosted by Chamber member Flip Yours Fitness & Wellness + Change Space!

Attendees will enjoy the positive Change Space energy with the opportunity to pop into Flip Yours Fitness & Wellness to see their unique semi-private personal training in action!

For more info, visit the event page or call the Chamber at 410-848-9050.

As we near the end of 2019, we wanted to give everyone a preview of some of the Chamber events happening in early 2020!

⭐️ Startup Portal + Tomlin Technology, Inc.'s Grand Opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony
⭐️ A PM Connections networking event hosted by Flip Yours Fitness & Wellness + Change Space
⭐️ Annual 'State of the County' meeting at Carroll Arts Center
⭐️ The Carroll Biz Challenge Kickoff Event
⭐️ A PM Connections networking event hosted by BGE
⭐️ Carroll County Chamber of Commerce's Outstanding Teacher Awards
⭐️ Member Luncheon at the Springdale Preparatory School

Stay tuned for detailed announcements about each of these upcoming events and be sure to keep an eye on our Calendar of Events in the New Year!
Cari Pierce from Flip Yours Fitness & Wellness kicked off our Active Aging Week celebration with an inspiring message to our residents! It's never too late for change!
"Attitude is absolutely everything. In life. In the workplace. At home. At the gym When you look in the mirror. Always. Everything." Thank you Cari!

During Westminster at Midnight—Midnight Madness:

7:00 PM-Midnight ~ Free gift w/ purchase at Change Space
7:00 PM-Midnight ~ BOGO 1/2 OFF class pass deal at Downtown Yoga
7:00 PM-Midnight ~ Super cool VW Bus The Drifting Dreamers photo booth...free
7:00 PM-Midnight ~ Check out Flip Yours Fitness & Wellness!
7:30 PM - 9:30 PM ~ Live music outdoors by Blind Monkey
8:00 PM - 10:00 PM ~ Gorgeous henna tattoos...also free!...by Bhavna Naik
8:00 PM - 11:00 PM ~ Free mini acupuncture treatments by Let It Be Acupuncture & Wellness
Getin’ a little SIJ refresh today! Flip Yours Fitness & Wellness Turf Valley Resort #alwayslearning #gettingoodatstuffiscool #painpaingoaway #flipyours
We love our girl Cari over at Flip Yours Fitness & Wellness 💕
Today I experienced a special exercise at Cari’s Change Space. Acupuncture with guided meditation. Peaceful, healing and spiritual. Great people in the session. Team work between Cari ( the coach) and Jamie Schmidt ( acupuncturist) was something to experience again and again. Love and peace to all.
🤔 Hmmmmm

Holistic personal training and certified health coaching in Westminster's premier private studio set Holistic personal training and certified health coaching in Westminster's first and only private studio setting.

It's time. Let's FLIP YOURS®!

Operating as usual


Ready to go beyond the same old, same old. Change your thinking. Change your actions. Change your life. The Flip Yours motto. Simple words to define a complex but complete path. The old adage: keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll keep getting what you’re getting rings true still today. Want different. Do different? To do different, start by taking your chronic narrative and flipping it over, examining it deeply. Within the what lies the why. We are each so incredibly empowered. Our lives are defined by what life unfolds to us and by our choices…including our choices about how we receive, perceive, appreciate, and grow from the things life presents in our path each day. Wellness is complex. Work with coaches and wellness-support providers who honor you by honoring that reality.

This is hate — Flip Yours Fitness & Wellness 02/24/2022

This is hate — Flip Yours Fitness & Wellness

This is hate

This is hate — Flip Yours Fitness & Wellness I am heartbroken. This is hate. The innocent people of Ukraine are in the line of fire of entitlement, judgment, and narcissism at the grandest level, in its most devastating form, war. This headlining, heartbreaking event of Russian invasion is a macrocosm spotlight on what is plaguing us as humans

Saying it aloud; letting it go... — CHANGE SPACE 02/08/2022

Saying it aloud; letting it go... — CHANGE SPACE


Saying it aloud; letting it go... — CHANGE SPACE (Just so you know…I did not proofread this. I sat and typed stream of consciousness and hit publish. Judge that. Appreciate that. Do you. Today, I honored me by going with this flow and saying f**k it to a need to review and edit and craft and hone, etc. Let it go was the intent…so here goes…)...


It’s fun when you stay curious and keep trying. Food. Exercise. Relationships. Life. All good stuff. Here’s a try…salted and peppered baby butter leaf lettuce with leftover ground beef and onions, tossed with leftover roasted Brussels sprouts and baked sweet potato, topped with guacamole and Tabasco sauce. Can’t wait to dig in and learn what it’s all about. Happy Sunday.

If you're not curious, you're wasting the gift — Flip Yours Fitness & Wellness 01/13/2022

If you're not curious, you're wasting the gift — Flip Yours Fitness & Wellness

Finally using my voice as I have been called to do. Grateful for whomever wants to hop in and buckle up. You are the community I have been seeking and for whom I have been working to create space! Let's joy ride together!

If you're not curious, you're wasting the gift — Flip Yours Fitness & Wellness personal development, spiritual development, growing, changing, real love, communication for unity, the meaning of life, total wellness, meditation, awareness, flip yours, change space


Making it convenient! Two hours and I’ll eat for the week! Cannot wait to feast on the Badger Flame golden beets and the organic Bratwurst…which I will buy whenever I see it! The chopped celery leaves will give a nice fresh hit to all varied combo bowls I create. #flipyours


We’re one week into the new year! Did you find your fitness home? Did you do your price shopping and pick the cheapest option? If you’re ready to look at it another way…to flip your thinking…we’d love to show you a different way. But it will cost you. You’ll spend consistency on it. You’ll invest effort into it. You’ll commit time to it. And, yes, a monthly fee commiserate with the skilled and knowledgeable training you deserve and the caring, individualized coaching that will really help you FLIP YOURS. If you’re done looking at it the same old way…if you’re done doing the same long-term ineffective thing…we invite you to change your thinking, change your actions, change your life. With priceless support, it’s time to FLIP YOURS. DM us today to schedule your intake assessment.


I’m here for it. We’re here for it. The hard work. Change. Struggle. Triumph. Achievement. Growth in all the ways a human can grow. Make this the year you own your sh*t and flip yours. If you don’t fully know what that means or how it can truly change your life, DM me to schedule an assessment for studio membership and all the good stuff that goes along with our brand of personal training! #thehardstuffishard #togetherwecan #realchange #goodstuff #flipyours


Merry Christmas! From a little studio of big effort and big heart!


Gratitude: RPE 27

Photos from Flip Yours Fitness & Wellness's post 11/15/2021

A month of badassery! 👊🏼💪🏼😍@flipyours

Flip Yours Fitness & Wellness updated their business hours. 11/15/2021

Flip Yours Fitness & Wellness updated their business hours.

Flip Yours Fitness & Wellness updated their business hours.


We love our members and celebrate their efforts not because they’re our members but because celebrating the efforts of others is badass human behavior. Period. Flip Yours Fitness & Wellness exists to give home to folks who are looking for authentic community. A community of real emotions and real communication. And real work…not just on our deadlift, but on our personal development. Lasting physical changes to our bodies nests within real changes to our ways of thinking and to our habitual actions. #changeyourthinking #changeyouractions #changeyourlife #forreal #maybeweareyourcommunity #flipyours


Ready for your own badass bright spots to make our board? Let’s Flip Yours! #

Photos from Flip Yours Fitness & Wellness's post 09/16/2021

Catch up. Never give up. Perfect is a false construct that leads us away from our true potential. Make it a great day. That’s up to you! 😘


Waking up this page with a wake-up reminder. We limit ourselves. It’s no secret I believe in our capacity for change. In our ability to change. Change your thinking, change your actions, change your life. Boom. Not a novel concept. But thinking isn’t enough. Amassing info isn’t enough. We must act. Do. And keep doing. Consistent effort over time. And when we’re experiencing the magic of our efforts, then it’s awesome to be an awesome human and want to share that awesomeness with others. By planting seeds. By leading by example. By being willing to influence when asked to do so. I’m all for a positive mindset. I’m all for the Universe’s flow. I’m all for God’s plan. But I’m totally going to be proactive. Every day. Whenever I can. Living life is not passive. OK. Now about the pizza. Want pizza but keep demonizing it because it doesn’t fit your body comp goals or calorie goals or whatever diet you’re trying? Change your concept of pizza. Here’s a clean cauliflower crust with sauce, lots of dried pizza-y spices, ripped fresh spinach and kale, leftover cooked zucchini and squash, chopped fresh cherry tomatoes, leftover cooked Lima beans, and 5 ounces of cooked ground beef, also leftover from this past week’s meal prep. No cheese for me. Drizzled with olive oil when it came out of the oven. Boom. Veggie- and protein-rich pizza that was awesome. Just like me. Just like you. Act. #limabeanwisdom #weirdthattheresnohashtagforthat #act #action #magic #flipyours


Badass is a frame of mind that is expressed in action. Be badass! 😎Do badass! 👊🏼And make it a great day! That’s up to you!


Good morning! ☀️ Every day there are bright spots. In our day. In yours. Find the joy and make it a great day. That’s up to you. You badass! 💪🏼😘

Photos from Flip Yours Fitness & Wellness's post 07/12/2021

That holiday brain when two weeks become one and you don’t know it’s Friday because it’s Thursday. And then suddenly it’s Wednesday again. But in a new week. And then… 😜🤪


Happy 4th of July!


It’s been quite some time since we shared our badass moments with all of you! Missed ya! 😜


Whomever you are, if you’re loving and supporting those around you with consistency, strength, and fairness, thank you. Maybe you are a dad. Or maybe you’re a guide, role model, or helper of another sort. With gratitude for you today. ❤️


We always swing the big hammers. Nutrition. Exercise. Boom. And boom. It’s what we know. And though they’re more familiar tools to grab, they often evade us, like trying to hold a cloud. It’s not that they’re not concrete and powerful tools. They are. But their full effect and lasting potential in consistent-effort-over-time use comes when we acknowledge our own value. Work to appreciate it. Commit to nurture it. We take care of the things we value, that which we love. Often our thought is, I’ll like myself so much better when I’ve lost 20 pounds or my arms don’t jiggle. What if loving ourselves today, really doing that personal development work, is where we start. And then we nourish our bodies and we meaningfully move them because we’re taking care of ourselves. Out of love. Not for the result (which will come), but because self-love is the motivational energy. Guess what helps us step into a space of self-love, of self-value? Communication and connection. Those are the Mack daddy jackhammers that bring the light of life to our embrace. Now when we talk about lifting heavy sh*t, you may realize there’s a double meaning there! 🏋🏽‍♀️


Sitting with gratitude for lives given for my freedoms and opportunities


For every heart that listens openly, loves unconditionally, and wants the best for others...thank you. Mothering is not the act of giving birth. Or a title. It is choice of daily action. 💛


This is it. Love. Love is everything. I believe a day will come when all people will fall into love. To choose love over a need to be “righter.” To strive for love instead of to win. To use love to hear your struggle instead of judging you for your pain. Love will never find us putting another down to elevate ourselves. If only we could communicate. Express. Allow feelings. And differences. And listen to understand, to not just tolerate but accept. To embrace real empathy, true compassion. Oh, wait. We can do those things. By loving. We give those gifts and make those efforts by practicing love. Even when it is the harder path. We can choose to make enemies. To act ugly. Or we can keep loving. Keep communicating. Keep practicing acceptance. Love never tires. Love is never not enough. Love is always in style. Always fits. We can choose to doubt. To believe what we believe and close ourselves off. Or we can love. Divisiveness is not love. Anger is not love. Love is growth. Healing. Our anchor and our way forward. Love is our teacher. It is the lesson. It’s the answer. Love is my responsibility. And yours. Love is us. I will never back down from love. Never turn my back on it no matter how uncomfortable or hard the circumstance. I vow to love. To promote love. To be love. #loveaboveallelse

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What is this all about?
Jungle Lift
Christmas excitement got us all jump(rope)ing with childhood joy! #justmovelikebrandon #madjumpingskillz #santascoming #...
Boom...erang! 👊🏻 @annabavettta @kalwclmom @flipyoursfit
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building back in...
Gettin’ after it at my home away from my Flip Yours home 👊🏻 #noexcuses #200movinglikechildsplay
Finding the depths of her inner badass!
Was moving 240# easily for reps this week...heading back toward 280, then on to 300! Fired up! 💪🏻😜
First lesson tonight and she flipped ours with a concert! Blown away!! Way to go Rebecca...our Becca!



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