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This is it. Love. Love is everything. I believe a day will come when all people will fall into love. To choose love over a need to be “righter.” To strive for love instead of to win. To use love to hear your struggle instead of judging you for your pain. Love will never find us putting another down to elevate ourselves. If only we could communicate. Express. Allow feelings. And differences. And listen to understand, to not just tolerate but accept. To embrace real empathy, true compassion. Oh, wait. We can do those things. By loving. We give those gifts and make those efforts by practicing love. Even when it is the harder path. We can choose to make enemies. To act ugly. Or we can keep loving. Keep communicating. Keep practicing acceptance. Love never tires. Love is never not enough. Love is always in style. Always fits. We can choose to doubt. To believe what we believe and close ourselves off. Or we can love. Divisiveness is not love. Anger is not love. Love is growth. Healing. Our anchor and our way forward. Love is our teacher. It is the lesson. It’s the answer. Love is my responsibility. And yours. Love is us. I will never back down from love. Never turn my back on it no matter how uncomfortable or hard the circumstance. I vow to love. To promote love. To be love. #loveaboveallelse


New. Year, moment, goal, you. Whatever. Each discovery, action, experience forever weaving the fabric our our lives, one stitch at a time. Each new. Each important. The messy stitches. The perfect ones. The easy ones. The pokes with the needle that cause us to bleed. Almost daily in the studio, I say, “I’m new here. It’s my first day.” It sounds silly probably. But it’s my reminder to show up curious not just for work but for life. To question things so I keep learning. To strive for growth. To maintain an appetite for change. Granted, there were MANY moments of 2020 when it felt like I was being force fed the whole elephant in a single bite. The calendar flipping last night doesn’t inure me to our continued and current pandemic restrictions and challenge, and to the weightier energy our world still presents. But, like each morning, I woke up again this morning with gratitude for that moment of awakening and for the opportunity of the joy I will see and the lessons I will learn today. I’ll never not do the hard work. THAT is where life happens. I may often get tired, sometimes overwhelmed, and occasionally detoured, but I will always dig into my toolbox of authenticity, truthfulness, outspokenness, and optimism. I’m new here. It’s my first day. Consistent effort over time is how the magic happens. Whether we’re losing weight, gaining muscle, healing old wounds, discerning a sense of belonging, or surrendering to happiness. (Those are almost all the same goal by the way of you’re digging in holistically.) Happy new moment, day, month, year, perspective, goal, you. Same weaving to be done, friends. #flipyours


Merry Christmas! Strength, hope, and love be yours today and every day.


Every. Single. One. Of. Us. Struggles.

We all feel the weight of various struggles at any given moment. And we all handle those feelings differently.

Some of us bottle it up. Everything is fine. Fine. Just fine. 😬 If we don't mention it out loud, don't acknowledge it to another human being then it's minimized. It doesn't have power. We don't give breath to it.

This can feel isolating.

Some of us lose oversight. Extra alcohol. Extra nicotine. Extra cheese fries. Extra negative self talk. Extra judgment of others. Extra hours in the gym. Extra buying. Extra extra-ness. 🍻

This can feel destructive.

Some of us disappear. We stand in front of people and look quite the same, but our spark is diminished. Some of our "old self" is missing...or hiding. 👥 We're less interested in our previous loves. We're less interested, period.

This can feel disheartening.

Some of us lose our filter. We boast our opinions about everything to everybody. We cry because it's Wednesday. 💦 We rage because our shirt is itchy. We tell our feelings to the clerk at the post office.

This can feel turbulent.

Struggle. It is real. But it isn't necessarily negative.

In fact, it is beautiful. A tool. A gift.

It can bind us. Connect us. It can uplift us. Build opportunity. It can infuse us. Nurture us. It can tether us. Connect us into source.

Struggle is our teacher. Our path. Our energy. It is not evil. Not a trespass. Not a burden.

It is life. It is breath.

It is isolating and destructive and disheartening and turbulent when reflected against the backdrop of how uncomfortable our society is with anything considered negative. Or feeling-based. Or maybe even expressed. Anything that isn't bubbles and butterflies and post-able.

"How are you?"

Do you REALLLYYY want to know? Or are you just saying "hi" because "hi" is the polite expectation of greeting another?

The little toddler falls, hurts her knee, and begins crying.

We swoop in, assuring "you're OK. You're not hurt." Though she's feeling real pain. Real surprise. The realness of her tears.

We've demonized feelings. We shy away from hurt. We've weaponized the idea of struggle.

We attach faithlessness to expressions of fear. We attach weakness to expressions of pain. We attach distain to expressions of insecurity. We attach our own discomfort to the expressed feelings of anyone not blowing bubbles and riding rainbows.

The next time someone expresses any kind of struggle to you, in any form, listen. Just listen. I'll say it again...listen. Hear what that person is expressing. Fear. Isolation. Pain. Loss. Insecurity. Lovelessness. Turbulence.

Listen. Then act. Don't solve. Don't fix.

Listen, then gift the ultimate gift that struggle presents us: connection. Specifically, interconnectedness.

We ALL struggle. So it's not for you to fix another. Our role, in our interconnectedness, is to take the hand of that person, hold it to our heart, and show them love.

Uplift. Don't fix. Reaffirm. Don't judge. Thank. Don't ignore. Love. Don't disdain.

Someone sharing their struggles with us is a gift. It's an expression of authenticity. Look at me. I mean, look at ME. This is what I think about. This is what I chew on. This is my depth. This is my landscape.

I have built my whole professional environment around our innate hunger, our broadening need, for the vital breath of true connection.

Members at Flip Yours get results. From the programming, yes. And more so from actually following the nutrition and lifestyle coaching guidance offered them.

The real magic happens, though, when they feel the feeling of what they've connected into. Our community. Our consistency. Our connectedness. It's real. Palpable. Unmistakable.

Struggle is real. It's as real as joy.

Maybe with a more emotionally developed approach to interacting with one another, we could view them as the same thing.

Just thinking out load today, folks. Hope you're making it a great day. That's up to you. xo


Happy Thanksgiving!


😐 Hey, ya’ll. Find the joy! It’s Friday!! There a start! 😃😘


Everyone doing OK out there today? Just wanted to take a moment to remind you that you’re awesome. And truly we’ll talk about accountability and responsibility soon, but I decided this week, the messages just need to be love. And you are. Love. And loved. xo #interconnectedness #lovingkindness #compassion #acceptance #gratitude #andyeslove

[11/01/20]   Hello! Happy Sunday. Happy "oneth" of the month as my Dad would say.

This week, I'll be talking about accountability versus responsibility, both here and on the Change Space platform. Good stuff. Stay tuned.

Make it a great day!


Here’s the secret! 🤫 Where do you struggle? Staying with it. Reaching the appropriate intensity. Giving time...time. Big changes are made up of so many wee little shifts in a desired direction, compounding get-it-done-ness, and more time than we ever want to give it in our right-now world. Several clients have expressed to me this week how excited they feel about their changing bodies and their changing minds. It’s super dope. No new diet or information or iteration of what “they say on the Internet” is going to usurp good ole do what you already know to do and really dig in and keep on keeping on. You got this. #flipyours #changeyourthinking ##changeyourlife #wellnesscoaching #habitchange #19libertystreet #personaltraining #fitness #healthcoaching #wellness


I was saving our badass board post for later in this week because I was chewing on something a bunch over the past several days.

Every week (except when I forget 😜), I post a picture of the studio’s badass board. It is certainly a place for posting our members’ successes, funny moments, breakthroughs, triumphant returns, and more.

I think a lot about us as humans. I study us. I’m curious. We are such strange and complex animals. Yet we are so amazing. These bodies. These brains. Wow. We are exquisite.

It is truly badass to appreciate the badass-ness of this vessel that we’ve been given to travel around in for all the days we are gifted to live.

Badass is not just what our body physically can do in the studio. That might be the more BOOM, muscle-flex highpoint moment of dopamine-fueled watch-this-ness.

Badass is not just how miraculous our internal physiology is. That might be more of the wow, That’s Incredible (if you remember the television show in the 80s…if you were alive in the 80s!!) wonderment of just how complicated our bodies are.

(Side note: I once cut the top 1/4+ inch of my left thumb off. Completely off. Gone. And do you know that my body grew the top of my thumb back?! Ummm OK!!! Or have you ever stopped to acknowledge, like REALLY marvel at, the reality that a woman’s body can actually grown another human being inside of it??!!)

Our physical being is badass, for certain.

But do you know what is really badass? What is really beautiful about our badass-ness as humans?

It is our capacity for emotional intelligence. Not just having emotions because so many species of animals have emotions.

As humans, though, we have the opportunity to feel a feeling, acknowledge what that feeling is, communicate it to others, experience the feeling of connecting with another human in that context, gain perspective through those feelings, and thus become more evolved beings.

Emotional intelligence is absolutely freaking badass!

But it’s not a given.

When it comes to emotions, if you can name it, then you can claim it, then you can dispel of any shame in it, then you can game it.

So what does that mean?

So many people think that having…and maybe, more so, expressing…a range of emotions is a sign of messiness. Of weakness. Of brokenness. Of being needy.

Quite the opposite is true. We are designed to have a wide scope of emotions and a deep cognitive connection to those emotions.

It is badass to have emotions, feel emotions, and share emotions.

It’s even more badass to be connected with other badasses who will deeply listen when we share, who will empathize, and who will, in turn, share with us as well. Our ability to communicate the scope and depth of ourselves is strength. Real strength. It’s growth. It’s emotional maturity.

It’s totally badass.

Think of the very best relationships you have. Those are the ones where you’re comfortable being yourself. Your crying self. Your zany self. Your confused self. Your confident self. We are not one-speed automatons. We are complex beings. We can be all things at all times. Crying. Zany. Confused. Confident. How cool. Whole beings have all the emotions.

In my own appreciation of my emotional development, my scope and depth of emotions are what make me a whole person. What allow me to understand great suffering. What open me up to great compassion. What have been my greatest teachers. Among my richest blessings. And, yes, at the core of some of my heart’s most pained moments.

My scope and depth of emotions is at the heart of my badass-ness. And your badass-ness. If you’re open to and on the path of emotional intelligence.


Just a girl. And a dream. A dream to help people. Like REALLY help them. By guiding. Coaching. Anchoring. Leading by example. Holding space until they figure it out. Laughing. Crying. Being authentic. Allowing my broad shoulders and all of what I’ve learned and experienced—professionally and in my own personal development work over the past 30 years—to support their growth, their development, their falls, their achievements. To keep silent when they haven’t gotten it yet but also can’t hear the same words from me anymore. To share huge celebrations for the big and the small successes. To just keep digging in. To never give up. Every single client I have EVER trained still gets my best. Still. Always. They get my directed positive vibes...even if they were challenging...and, honestly, especially if they were. My loving regard...even if they no longer keep in touch. My enduring appreciation...for trusting me and being willing get to a place of readiness for actual change. I have never been more sure of myself. My days are long and full and exhausting. But I see the signs all around me of just how beautifully I am placed within my vocation. Perspective. Being mindful to see the sign or signs. Good stuff. #flipyours #changeyourthinking ##changeyourlife #wellnesscoaching #habitchange #19libertystreet #personaltraining #fitness #healthcoaching #wellness


Badass is accomplishments, yes. It’s successes. Progress. But at the foundation of badass is showing up for yourself each day. #showupforyourself #flipyours #changeyourthinking #changeyouractions #changeyourlife #wellnesscoaching #habitchange #19libertystreet #personaltraining #fitness #healthcoaching #wellness


You’re a badass. And you’re a badass. And you’re a badass. So go on with your badass self! 👊🏻 #flipyours #changeyourthinking #changeyouractions #changeyourlife #wellnesscoaching #habitchange #19libertystreet #personaltraining #fitness #healthcoaching #wellness

baltimoresun.com 10/04/2020

An Eye for Art: To Westminster business owner, wellness is an art form

I'm sitting in this spot right now. It's a place of confusion. Loneliness. Frustration. Exhaustion. Heartbreak. Confinement. And I look up, out of my own lap, away from my own hands folded in front of me. And I see your face. Your eyes.

And because of compassion. Of understanding. Of work I have done. Of perspective I have gained. I see you. I SEE YOU. And I see your confusion. Your loneliness. Your frustration. Your exhaustion. Your heartbreak. Your confinement.

And I look over your shoulder, away from your hungry face that reflects mine, yet looks so unique, looks so you, so different than me, and I see our community. And beyond that, our country. And our world even more at a distance. And I see confusion. And loneliness. Frustration. Exhaustion. Heartbreak. Confinement.

We are tired. This is enough. White-flag-waving time anyone?

But because of the time I've spent sitting in meditation. And in therapy. And in church. And in personal development work. In vocational evolution. In the time I've spent living and trying, experiencing and learning. Praying. Asking. Seeking. Giving. I see, despite our divisiveness and our finger pointing, we are beautifully connected. We are interconnected with such harmony.

Harmony, by definition, is the combination of simultaneously sounded musical notes to produce chords and chord progressions having a pleasing effect.

But we only know when notes sound right because we can't ignore when they're played flat, or too loudly, or at the wrong time. Harmony exists because there is disharmony.

I see that interconnectedness between the two. I feel it actually. It is my heartbeat. Mine. And yours. This duality. This cacophonous sound that at the global distance resonates as a single perfect tone.

I recognize the interconnectedness because I can look into myself, and into your eyes, and over your shoulder to the great beyond and, while sitting in this sh*tty feeling, this overwhelming tiredness, that equally, I feel the trust. And belonging. Ease. Zest. Love. Openness.

An opposite, a pole, exists because of...well, its opposite. You're experiencing it too. It's how we laugh during grief. Cry amidst joy. Keep breathing when a pandemic is suffocating us.

Grotesque is known because there is beauty; fear exists because we have faith. Interconnectedness. The play of opposition. We behold beauty because we've seen grotesque. We have been introduced to faith because we have experienced fear.

We need duality. But absolutes are not where we live. Despite our staunch efforts to fly our flags in a polarized camp, we live in the tension between absolutes. And that has become my personal mantra. My daily base of operation. My constant remembrance.

Our work, our shared responsibility, is to embrace our interconnectedness. To long for it. Grow it. Celebrate it. Live it.

Yet we are complex beings...such strange, challenged creatures...and because there are soooo many of us, we are trying so hard to find our special place. To stand out. To show our uniqueness. Our individualism. To chase fulfilling our own need lest it not be met.

It's the easier, softer way to attach to the fight over how right is our rightness. To be so tied to our divisive views. So tethered to our siloed persuits. We get so twisted up in the tornado of our own need that we forget that we are carved out of the same cloth of humanity.

We think us versus them. We say my belief over yours. We espouse that with which we're comfortable and eschew that which challenges our way.

Our gobble-it-up-for-myselfness flies in the face of remembering that we are more the same than we are different. We forget that our needs are more aligned than they are askew. We forget that our me-ness exists because of our we-ness.

At the base of our human existence, our survival, we need the validation of others, we need the acceptance of others, we need to be wanted by others. Anyone who argues otherwise is not acknowledging their own humanity.

It is not weakness to be insecure. It is not brokenness to be emotional. We do not have to understand to validate. We do not have to agree to accept. We do not have to belong in the same camp to hold space for others.

Here's a nice article from today's Carroll County Times about me and my businesses. It sounds like I have it all together. I am grateful for the narrative presented. but let me assure you that together is an absolute. And I have not arrived at my final destination in my personal and professional development. In fact, I am just somewhere along the continuum of my life's unfolding.

I am writing this post to say that I am proud of myself and what I have created so far. And what I do. Who I help. How I help. I am so grateful for my journey to this point. Its addiction path. Its mistreatment path. Its sickness path. Its challenge path.

I am writing this post to thank those who have taught me. Believed in me. Encouraged me. Blessed me. Loved me.

I am also writing to say that I still know very little. And I show up each day saying this is my first day on the job. I am new. Wide eyed. Curious. I have so many questions. I am eager to learn. I'm excited for the future.

I'm also writing to ensure that those of you out there who need to hear this message hear it: I sit in a spot today that is tired. Tired from emotion. Tired from COVID-related extra-ness. Tired because I am an energy-sensitive person absorbing this divisiveness and promoted polarity on levels of national and global issues as well as in my own struggling friendships and my own business challenges. I am in need.

And an overwhelming expression of need is all around us, my friends.

I sit in a spot today that is tired. Yes, because COVID sucks, but also because we are pulling apart. Authenticity is being mistaken for brokenness. Communication is being confused with complaining. Emotional expression is being reflected back as weakness. So many people, in their space of tired, are gobbling up the trust and space of belonging and zest and love and openness of others because they need it for themselves yet are too preoccupied by me-ness to yet do the actual work of personal development, of taking personal accountability, of recognizing the onus of their contribution to our interconnected responsibility.

Are you feeling the duality too? Perhaps you feel emotionally and physically eroded as well. Or maybe you're the one with the pick axe in hand. Perhaps you're not being heard. Or maybe you're the person ducked down with your fingers in your ears. Perhaps you're lonely. Or maybe it is you who is ostracizing others.

Holding space for others is part of a coach's job. But, truly, it is the responsibility of us all. We must, despite all else, give what we seek to get. Make deposits into the collective versus keep all of our riches for ourselves. We must make room for everyone.

Every day is a for-real, most precious gift. So is the body we've been given to travel the steps of each day within. So is the mind that directs the daily actions of the machine below. If we are not grateful daily then we are squandering our gift. If we are not eager to keep changing, then we our squandering our opportunity. If we are not contributing to the greater good, using our gifts and opportunity to create abundance for all, then that may actually be the most wasteful.

What we want for ourselves starts by giving what we seek to get. Personal accountability is the root of collective responsibility. And collective responsibility is the ultimate expression of personal accountability. Me because of we. We because of me.

Let's learn to talk about feelings. To tap into emotion. To express our humanness and relate more deeply with one another because of our shared sameness. Let's examine our actions to determine how we can better contribute. Let's allow ourselves to be more vulnerable. More open. To share more.

So, yes, enjoy this article. And this post. Maybe after reading them you'll be interested in coming in for some awesome personal training. Or maybe you'll want to come buy a cool sweater or wellness item from a great store. Perhaps, still, you want to give meditation a try.

Ultimately, I hope you come away from reading this article or this post with a willingness to examine how you can shift your words and actions in a direction that recognizes others, that gathers us to each other, that builds bonds, that fosters lovingkindness, that shares realness.

Penultimately, the art of Wellness is in recognizing that there is but one single canvas and we are all equally tasked and gifted to paint the masterpiece. Together. https://www.baltimoresun.com/maryland/carroll/lifestyles/cc-lt-eye-for-art-100420-20201003-jhwhyb5itrcfje6lbbwe52hp24-story.html

baltimoresun.com Cari Pierce is a certified health coach, certified sports nutritionist, certified functional strength coach, and certified personal trainer in Westminster who specializes in the art of wellness.

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