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Flowing big water out of a double 2.5 hydrant
A couple of photos from our 2015 seminar in Wentworth, NH. Twin, Kochek Holley Transfer Pipes in use moving water at a 3-dump tank operation. The worked just fine....only disadvantage is that the dump tanks need to be fairly close together. #gotbigwater
On April 15 in the early hour we were sent to a large pole shed fire. We ran 5 drop tanks and a engine pumping to an engine, a tender pumping to a engine. And running 6 tender shuttle. Same location as the large barn fire in January.
This is from a recent mutual aid we responded to. Our tower and engine on one set of ponds and another depts engine on a second set. Looking back we could have improved the layout between the engines and the Tower. What are the best practices for discharging 1500 GPM? In this case we were connected straight into the waterway on the Tower.
Several depts involved in the 16hr rural water supply class participated in this 16hr+ incident yesterday into early this morning
For our new friends at GBW we had a do over last night and you missed out, shockingly it is flammable liquids live fire day and more spring in Alberta
From a few years ago in Western new York.

In business for more than 15 years, we specialize in all aspects of fire protection water supply with emphasis on training, consulting, and design.

Operating as usual

Photos from GBW Associates LLC's post 03/03/2022

What's on Your Tanker? #29 - Hartland, VT - Tanker 1

Going through some old files we found some photos and info on a tanker that participated in our 2011 rural water supply operations seminar in Hartford, VT. Tanker 1 is a 2010 Dingee Machine (now representing Sutphen) 1500 gallon tanker equipped with a Hale AP50 500 gpm pump. The rig is built on an International chassis and powered by a 330 hp International motor. What caught our eye was how the rear end was designed. Spotting a Dingee rig is generally limited to the New England area...we liked this one and it did a nice job of hauling water at our drill....easy to load, easy to maneuver, and easy to dump.

Photos from Midwest Fire's post 02/28/2022

From the factory social media page.

Photos from GBW Associates LLC's post 02/27/2022

What's on Your Tanker? #28 - Brierfield Tanker 206

Last weekend we had the great pleasure of attending the dedication of Tanker 206 in Brierfield, Alabama. The new, 2500-gallon tanker was built by Midwest Fire and was funded in part through the AFG process and local Alabama grants. For those who follow our work you know that our travels have taken us to the Brierfield area about 18 times over the last decade or so and the folks there have worked really hard to improve their automatic mutual aid efforts (Shelby County First Battalion) as well as their water supply delivery methods. Shelby County First Battalion is one of our 1000 GPM Club Members!

Anyway.....Tanker 206 replaces a 30-year old tanker that Brierfield Fire Rescue got from a Pennsylvania department a number of years ago. The new tanker has a 1250 gpm pump, a 4-inch front discharge (really nice) and carries twin, 2000-gallon dump tanks. And....if you follow Brierfield Fire Rescue's social media you will see that the new rig has already been put to work at a number of structure incidents since the first of the year.

Congratulations on bringing the tanker project to fruition! A really nice tanker at a cost that does not break the bank!

Midwest Fire


What is the purpose of the metal disc?


A lot of hard work by some really good folks.

Photos from GBW Associates LLC's post 02/20/2022

Proud to be part of today’s dedication ceremony.

Photos from GBW Associates LLC's post 02/19/2022

Dry Fire Hydrant Design #47 - Trappe Church Road - Maryland, MD

Back in December 2021 we completed another DFH design and install in Harford County, Maryland as part of their County-wide effort to improve access to water at bridge crossing locations. This time it was Trappe Church Road at the bridge over Hopkins Branch. Water was plentiful and lift only about 11-feet; the resultant flow was 1119 gpm during the performance certification test. The design used the GBW Angle-MOunt Bracket System and ETT suction head and stream strainer.

Cavitation in a Water Pump and Valve - Excellent Visual and Audible Demostration 02/16/2022

Cavitation in a Water Pump and Valve - Excellent Visual and Audible Demostration

An interesting 4-min video demonstrating pump cavitation. Watch the video and think about ways that your pumper can have this situation occur and how do you remedy the problem short-term and long-term.

Cavitation in a Water Pump and Valve - Excellent Visual and Audible Demostration Cavitation in pumps and valves, a common occurrence caused by rapid pressure drop and flashing of fluids, is sometimes difficult to describe. This video prov...


Simple siphon system that you can make yourself

An interesting demo on how to make a homemade siphon. Not "exactly" FD-water supply related but certainly has application to lowering a pond level in order to do some type of dry fire hydrant work.

Photos from GBW Associates LLC's post 02/05/2022

Dry Fire Hydrant Repair & Maintenance #14 - Defective Head Replacement at a Quarry

In December 2021, we completed the repair of a leaking dry fire hydrant in Harford County, Maryland. The head was on a rather interesting installation at an old marble quarry. The defective head was a swiveling type and was leaking at the swivel. A new, fixed-position head (ETT 6-inch female) was installed and positioned a bit on an angle so that a pumper could better position and reach the connection using the driver side suction inlet. The dry fire hydrant system was designed to anchor to the side wall of the idle quarry. Water quality was great and water quantity incredibly large.


Another "Play along if you want." What is going on here and which way is the water flowing?

Photos from GBW Associates LLC's post 01/29/2022

Humat Valve in the Rural Hitch

Many thanks to one of our Members and long-time water supplely enthusiast Joe Guyther for sharing the results of some recent flow testing work done using a Humat valve as a supply point appliance for a "rural hitch" operation. Joe is the Water Supply Officer for the Mechanicsville VFD located in St Mary's County, Maryland and he along with Bay District VFD Water Supply Officer Keith Fairfax and Technician Steve Wurtz spent some time in December 2021 examining flow and friction loss through a Humat valve. All three of those folks are really good guys with a passion and knowledge for what they do and we are pleased that they took time to share the efforts of their work with us. All three guys have had a huge impact on rural water supply operations in their respective departments/areas.

In addition to reviewing the test report take a few minutes to visit the Water Supply page of the Mechanicsville VFD....Joe Guyther had a lot to do with that. Enjoy.

Mechanicsville VFD Water Supply Info

Drain Sleeve Placement 01/24/2022

Drain Sleeve Placement

A short video clip from our friends at Fol-Da-Tank demonstrating the use of the drain sleeve. We posted a News Story a few days ago talking about knowing how to stow your dump tank's drain sleeve....this video will help out Fol-Da-Tank owners.

Drain Sleeve Placement Josh explains how to set your drain sleeve before you fill your Fol-Da-Tank and how to unclip the holder and pull the strap to drain it. This feature is un...


An nice overhead "drone" photo from our November 2021 seminar in Carroll County, MD. The folks worked on using four, rectangular dump tanks in a "single-lane" arrangement. The 1500 gpm pumper drafted using triple, 6-inch intakes, supported a 1200+ gpm flow to an attack pumper, and supplied four jet siphon transfer devices. Every tanker hauling water dumped from the side, thus the spacing of dump tanks was very important in order to accommodate two tankers dumping simultaneously. (Photo by Cary Henry)

Photos from GBW Associates LLC's post 01/22/2022

Dump Site Operations #25 - Dump Tank Drains - Know How Your's Secures

Twenty-five years ago pretty much everyone's dump tank drains stowed in the same fashion using a piece of rope and a dog leash clip. Not true today....actually for the better. Dump tank manufacturers have worked hard to improve the means by which the drains are secured so that leakage is minimal when the tank is full...while at the same time being easy to release when it is time to drain the tank.

However, because there are now subtle differences in how the drain sleeves are secured that means folks have to be good about stowing the drains and tanks in the proper manner. Otherwise, a "drain crisis" might occur at the next emergency incident. In the photos shown in this news story, the tank drain was not secured as designed and created a bit of problem....not a disaster....but also not easily fixable on site.

Make sure everyone knows how to secure the drains on your dump tanks before stowing them for the next use.

Timeline photos 01/18/2022

What's on Your Tanker? #27 - Bringing More Than Water to the Game

A simple photo but it tells an important story. Tankers need to carry more than just water and a dump tank, they should bring a lot of "stuff" to the game: suction hose, jet siphons, suction strainers, fittings and adaptors, etc. All the stuff shown in this photo (plus a hidden jet siphon) arrived on one tanker at this dump site. Building a supply cache at this 1200 gpm, 4-dump tank operation was an important task in the logistical support of the operation. Oh....we forgot to mention that the tanker brought two dump tanks to the game as well.

Photos from Brierfield Volunteer Fire & Rescue's post 01/12/2022

A long time in the coming for our good friends in Shelby County, AL and one of our 1000 GPM Club members. We are looking forward to seeing this new rig in action.


When running a tanker shuttle involving traditional gravity off-load tankers it is best not to wait for every last drop of water to off-load before leaving the dump site for the fill site. Every tanker has is its own Critical Dump Time and that time does NOT allow for the tanker to wait until all of the water is off-loaded. We find that rigs equipped with an A.H.Stock 10" Newton dump valve the Critical Dump Time generally equates to about a 2-inch water level coming out of the dump chute. The Critical Dump Time for the tanker off-loading in this photo has long passed....that rig needs to be on the road to the fill site. If you are in charge of this dump site then you need to get this rig back on the road.

Photos from GBW Associates LLC's post 01/08/2022

Ponds for Fire Protection #02 - Site Assessment - Maryland

A lot of our work involves the inspection, flow testing, and trouble-shooting of dry fire hydrant systems. This work often takes us to ponds where we find all kinds of conditions. Dry fire hydrants installed in ponds can really end up being problematic for a number of reasons...but most often due to lack of care and maintenance and/or substandard design. We recently replaced a leaking suction head at a local pond and shot a short video clip to show some of the pond's features...we hope you enjoy it. Feel free to contact us with your fire protection pond questions. Happy New Year!

Photos from Harford County Government's post 01/07/2022

The fruits of our work!

Photos from GBW Associates LLC's post 01/06/2022

When possible, it is best to install a dry fire hydrant's suction head at a height less than the suction inlet of the pumper(s) expected to use the system. When a DFH suction head is higher than a pumper's suction inlet then a small air bubble can form in the head which can create drafting issues. Also, when using 45-degree heads without stanchion support, the lower the head to the ground the less force applied to head from the attached suction hose when loaded with water. The head shown in these photos is a replacement head for a defective 4-1/2" one. We made the height about 24-inches on opening center.

Photos from GBW Associates LLC's post 12/25/2021

Dump Site Operations #24 - Simple a Pinch

During our October 2021 seminar in Stockport, New York we came across a couple of spring clamps being used to hold a dump tank drain in place during a water supply drill. Nothing fancy to see here....just a simple use of a couple of simple clamps to address a somewhat common issue with dump tank drains. The clamps worked quite well...especially with the drain sleeve on the inside of the tank. The water pressure kept the sleeve against the tank wall and the clamps kept the edge of the drain sleeve draped over the tank frame.

Photos from GBW Associates LLC's post 12/24/2021

Cob Pile Fire - Hauling Water With A Purpose In Indiana

During our 16-hr Rural Water Supply Operations Seminar we spend a bit of time discussing "campaign" style water supply events. Sometimes it is a onion warehouse on fire, or several commercial buildings downtown on fire, or perhaps a huge log pile on fire at an oriented-strand board factory: for the past week it has been a very large corncob pile (with some straw bales included) on fire in Windfall, Indiana. The folks from the Wildcat Twp VFD and the Duck Creek Twp VFD (plus others) have been working around the clock with County officials to bring this fire under control.

You may remember the names of these fire departments from our 2018 seminar hosted in Windfall by the Wildcat Twp VFD. Participants became members in our 1000 GPM Club that weekend; and clearly....campaign water supply events can and do happen in small communities....that is why we focus on "big water" operations in our programs.

At this corncob pile fire, water supply operations have been in the form of a tanker shuttle using number of tankers and a couple of water sources. Check out the news story link to see today's update from Channel 13 news.

Hopefully the fire goes out soon. All of the photos posted in our story were provided by the Wildcat Twp and Duck Creek Twp Volunteer Fire Departments. Thanks for sharing the photos.

Channel 13 News Update 12/23/21

Photos from GBW Associates LLC's post 12/21/2021

Keeping it simple....from our 2014 LDH/Relay Pumping Seminar in Bristol, NH....a little Jaffrey Z-Valve work.


The front end in use.


What is it?


What is the issue and how do you fix it without swapping out the strainer?

Got Big Water

GBW Associates, LLC is a small, privately held fire protection training, consulting, design, and installation firm dedicated to water supplies for fire fighting. In business since 2003, our work has taken us to 40 States and 3 provinces and we have shared best practices in fire protection water supply with more than 6,000 students.

We are know best for our rural water supply training seminars, our bridge-mounted dry fire hydrant designs, and our water supply master planning services. All members of our staff are credentialed in their field of expertise.

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