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Writer, photographer, & mentor. Wife, grateful mom, Kingdom-minded, old-soul, encourager, & community builder.

Writer, branding photographer, and mentor for women in business. Community director at Oh freebird fly. Located in Westminster, MD.

Are you dealing with anxiety? If so, a simple yet profound key 🔑 I’ve experienced in overcoming anxiety and experiencing peace is the Word of God. Just this evening I was scrolling and felt the swirl and the knock at the door of my heart and mind to open to anxiety. I closed my eyes and up out of my heart poured out “do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.”
‭‭(Philippians‬ ‭4:6‬ ‭ESV‬‬)

I felt peace wash over me and anxiety was shut out. We are instructed to guard our hearts and the best weapon to do so is The Word. I encourage you to search out any scripture on anxiety and peace to discover for yourself the rich promises that The Word offers us. #jennawrites

Heartbroken and hopeful. A message to The Church in the wake of the heartbreaking death of George Floyd.

I’ve haven’t shared anything publicly about the death of George Floyd because I’ve been quietly listening to Holy Spirit and every time I’ve sat to write my kids have needed me (hashtag momlife). I’ve also been a little fearful of sharing anything as a white middle-class woman, feeling as if my voice doesn’t matter (I know that’s not true because silence speaks volumes). My heart is to respond with care and not react. I ask that anyone reading this would extend gentleness to me because I’m sure I may not say all the right things or cover every angle that deserves to be covered. But I can’t stay silent.

I’m the wife of a wonderful police officer who has been on the job for almost 8 years. I can without hesitation tell you that police officers are not taught to detain anyone the way that the officer detained George Floyd. If they are taught correctly, they are taught how the body works and know which holds and maneuvers will cut off oxygen and which ones won’t. They are taught to never have their hands in their pockets because of the need to use them. I’ve watched several of the cell phone and surveillance videos to educate myself on what happened. They were very, very hard to watch. I don’t know why he ended up on the ground, but regardless of the reason, he did not have to be and should not have been detained to the point of death. The death of George Floyd, along with others, break the hearts of police officers who put on that uniform to serve and protect. It breaks the hearts of their loved ones who support them and sacrifice for them to do what they are called to do and believe wholeheartedly in that calling. I felt the need to share that as a police wife, but most importantly I want to share this with anyone who follows Jesus Christ…

My heart breaks for America.

My heart breaks for African American men, women, and children and other minorities that face racially driven abuse of all kinds. It’s wrong, it’s from hell, it’s sin. My heart breaks because of the division. My heart breaks because so far The Church has not been the authority that She should be in America. I wish that we could all see the spiritual realities at play. I’m not “devil-focused”, but I feel the need to share this to possibly help open the eyes of some. The enemy desires to divide and doesn’t care how he does it. He will divide with race, politics, religion, economics, education, gender, age, etc. At the root its people on ALL sides coming into agreement with division. Both kingdoms - the kingdom of the world and the Kingdom of Heaven are empowered by agreement. We need to take a serious look at our beliefs. If we are agreeing with anything that empowers division, we need to repent, which simply means to change our thinking.

I am hopeful.

How can I even say that at a moment like this? Believe me, I was nervous to even include this because I know that many are hurting so deeply. But, it’s times like these that we need hope the most. We, The Church, are called to be a LIGHT. That means we have to go into dark places and not just stay huddled together. Light brings clarity, joy, and comfort.

“Your lives light up the world. Let others see your light from a distance, for how can you hide a city that stands on a hilltop? And who would light a lamp and then hide it in an obscure place? Instead, it’s placed where everyone in the house can benefit from its light. So don’t hide your light! Let it shine brightly before others, so that the commendable things you do will shine as light upon them, and then they will give their praise to your Father in heaven.” - Matthew 5:14-16

I am hopeful because the things that are screaming for us to divide even deeper - race, politics, religion - are showing the rotten fruit of the kingdom that they serve and more people are waking up to it and doing something about it. More people are speaking up, listening to the hurting, serving, healing together. When the world is in deep darkness, The Church has an opportunity to carry the Spirit of God into our communities and be a catalyst for healing.

“Look carefully! Darkness blankets the earth,
and thick gloom covers the nations,
but Yahweh arises upon you
and the brightness of his glory appears over you!” - Isaiah 60:2

My heart for The Church, especially in this time, is that we would carry the “brightness of his glory” into a dark and hurting world by finally believing our identity and BEING the Bride of Christ! We have access to ALL the solutions for EVERY problem we are facing or will face in the future. The Bride has access to her Groom’s resources. When Jesus was on earth the one prayer he taught us to pray was…

“‘Our Father, dwelling in the heavenly realms,
may the glory of your name
be the center on which our lives turn.

Manifest your kingdom realm,
and cause your every purpose to be fulfilled on earth,
just as it is fulfilled in heaven.

We acknowledge you as our Provider
of all we need each day.

Forgive us the wrongs we have done as we ourselves
release forgiveness to those who have wronged us.

Rescue us every time we face tribulation
and set us free from evil.
For you are the King who rules
with power and glory forever. Amen.’” - Matthew 6:9-13 TPT

If you are a Christian/follower of Jesus I encourage you to pray that prayer and ask God for specific and unique revelation for YOU in how you can partner with the Kingdom of Heaven and fulfill His purposes on the earth.


When I was younger I was taught by well-meaning leaders that I couldn’t trust my heart because it was “deceitfully wicked”. They simply didn’t understand that once you’re in Christ you’re a NEW creation and made ONE with him. But, what this unfortunately caused was for me not to trust the voice of God because I primarily heard in my heart and perceived. I mistook His voice as my own thoughts for a long time and didn’t trust what I heard because I was taught not to trust myself. I’m so thankful to be FREE through the Truth (the truth will make you free!). If you can relate at all or simply desire to discover or grow in hearing God’s voice for you, I invite you to join our free 6 day devo in the Oh Freebird Fly Community. #HeSpeaks Oh freebird fly


This is my Pappy and I. He passed 5 years ago from cancer just a couple weeks shy of Caleb being born. I was, and still am, sad that he never got to meet Caleb or Joanna on this side of Heaven, but I know that he would absolutely adore them just like Mimi does. And I eagerly await the happy reunion we will all have in Heaven one day! Growing up I’d see Pappy almost daily since he worked on the farm with my parents. His favorite place to be was either on a tractor or watching his grandkids play sports. I was his first grandchild. Every year on my birthday when he would see or call me he’d tell me the same story. He’d tell me how excited he was when he received the call I was born and that I was a grandDAUGHTER. He always emphasized that. Then he’d recount how many years ago it was and how it felt just like yesterday. He’d say, “How is it that ___ years have gone by already?!” He’d frequently take the long way home just to swing by our old house and “toot” the horn or wave to let me know he was checking on me.

He was a warm and friendly man and loved to shoot the breeze with fellow farmers and friends. He and Mimi laid a strong foundation of supporting and championing their kids’ and grandkids’ dreams and callings. It took me probably three solid years after he passed away to not look for him at places that I was used to seeing him. Like his seat at the table when I’d come into their house at mealtime. Or the bench outside where he’d put on his boots. Or in the seat of a John Deere tractor I’d pass on the road between his house and my parents’. The waves of grief don’t come as frequently these days, but they still come.

I feel like there’s this unsaid thing out there that can pressure people to not grieve very long or talk about their sadness in the absence of older family or friends because “they had a full life” or “What do you expect, for them to live forever?”. I feel like it’s unsaid, but is communicating that older loved ones need to be let go and we need to “move on” more quickly than maybe from the loss of a younger loved one. Or even that the more that you talk about it, you’re looking for sympathy or attention. If you can relate, I want to encourage you that it’s okay to talk about how you’re feeling and the memories of those that you love whether they were young or old. If that’s how you best process, you’re free to do so! Grief and sadness are uncomfortable no matter the age that someone dies. Yes, absolutely, depending on the age and your relationship to the person who passed it can be felt and experienced differently.

As followers of Christ, we do not mourn like those who have no hope (1 Thess. 4:13). But, we do still mourn and experience sadness. Just because we have a joyful hope of reuniting with them for eternity in heaven, it doesn’t negate our current circumstances of missing them here. It’s kindof this strange yet beautiful thing where we hold joy and one hand and sadness in the other. They can both exist simultaneously. We are also called to “Celebrate with those who celebrate, and weep with those who grieve.” (Romans 12:15) What it comes down to is that we were not created to die. When sin entered the world so did the curse of death. That’s why death doesn’t “feel right” no matter the age that someone dies.

I’m very thankful for the 25 years I had with Pappy and I honor his memory today. #JennaWrites

I’m led by God’s voice in my business and life.

How does that statement make you feel? Maybe you are, too, so you want to high-five or hug me. Maybe a longing is being stirred up in your heart for the same thing because you’re feeling lost and uncertain.

What if I told you that you already hear from God even if you don’t feel like you do? God is always speaking, the question is whether we are paying attention or tuning into the way He is speaking to us.

If you want to grow in hearing His voice or discover hearing God I want to invite you to join me for a free 6-day devotional from Oh freebird fly called #HeSpeaks. I’m honored to be one of the collaborators along with the rest of our #OFBFteam. Each day we will have live video to engage on that topic inside of the free facebook community, too!

Sign up to join us at #ohfreebirdfly

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Silence can be heartbreaking. I imagine two siblings that the parent always came to the defense of one, but rarely, if ever, to the defense of the other. I can only imagine the heartbreak caused by that silence, the conclusions that would naturally be drawn. I’ve been intentionally seeking what to say. In a situation like the tragic loss of Ahmaud’s life, words feel like they fall short. I can’t stay quiet. I don’t want to be quiet on this issue, but I also know that I don’t need to speak publicly on every single issue that arises. This is different. This isn’t about me or my opinion, this is about honoring a life taken and so much more. Ahmaud’s life mattered. It’s also about speaking up to be sure that my brothers and sisters know that they are safe with me. I can’t begin to understand, but I do promise to be a safe listening ear. I need my brothers and sisters to know that no matter the color of your skin, or your nationality, or the amount of money in your bank account, or your life experiences, that you are safe with me. My heart hurts. I pray for justice and for healing. I pray we love, honor, and respect each other the way God designed us to.
“Peter said, ‘Now I know for certain that God doesn’t show favoritism with people but treats everyone on the same basis. It makes no difference what race of people one belongs to. If they show deep reverence for God, and are committed to doing what’s right, they are acceptable before him.” Acts 10:34-35 tpt. #jennawrites

This photo caught my eye tonight as I was browsing photos on my phone while simultaneously praying silently, asking God some questions. I felt Him highlight this photo and say, “That’s prayer. The way your son has his ear tucked close to your heart. He’s close, happy, and at peace. How do you feel when he’s tucked in close?” My reply, “so happy!” God: “Me, too.” 😭 💙
#nationaldayofprayer #jennawrites #hearingandpartneringwithgod

[05/06/20]   “But the one who always listens to me will live undisturbed in a heavenly peace. Free from fear, confident and courageous, you will rest unafraid and sheltered from the storms of life.”
‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭1:33‬ ‭TPT‬‬

That is a promise available to all who listen to God’s Wisdom. Did you know that heavenly peace is available here and now no matter the circumstances?! I’m so thankful! We can fully rest in God because we are safe when we are led by His Wisdom.


Have you ever felt like you aren’t creative? Or maybe you do believe you’re creative, but are wondering if creativity is limited to the arts?

I have some pretty amazing news for you, it’s not! We are all made in the image and likeness of God (Gen. 1:26) which means that each of us expresses the creativity of our Father. We are all creatives through and through.

Right now in the Oh Freebird Fly Community we are going through a powerful 5 day devotional called Creatively Advancing. For day 1, my friend and #OFBFteam member, Tracy Erwin, asked us to ask God to reveal to us the ways that we are creative.

When I asked God I heard a few things, but one was this: I am creative in the traditional sense, but also in the non-traditional sense. I love to build businesses. I love to bring structure to ideas and dreams, both mine and other people’s. I create structure from disorganization. This is one way that I uniquely express the nature of my Father because He brings order from disorder. His voice took the earth, which was once “without form and void” to having form and flourishing with life. Embracing this truth about my creativity empowers me to advance with God as He leads me to creatively structure and build.

Are you desiring to discover your creativity or encouragement in creating and advancing with God in this time? If so, I invite you to join me for #CreativelyAdvancing a free 5 day devo from Oh freebird fly. Sign up here:

And once you’re signed up, be sure to join us in the free Oh Freebird Fly Community for live videos from each of our team members each day that will encourage and equip you to create and advance with God.

#ohfreebirdfly #jennawrites

Today I was thinking about how I can rest in the truth that God is all-knowing and faithful to lead us. He knows what’s coming a moment from now, years from now, and everything in between. He’s faithful to lead us to solutions before we ever encounter a problem if we will talk with Him, listen to Him, and partner with Him.

A while ago I heard God tell me to demo our small master bathroom. It came out of nowhere and wasn’t even on our radar because we couldn’t afford to renovate it. I did question Him, but ultimately just trusted and said “okay”. I talked to Justin and said I felt very strongly we were supposed to demo it so he did.

Shortly after I discovered one of the copper pipes had sprung a tiny leak behind where the vanity once was. We would’ve never heard or discovered it if the vanity was still there. The leak would’ve caused water damage in our kitchen below and possibly the downstairs ½ bath that Justin had just finished remodeling not long before.

Maybe today you need to hear that you don’t need to anticipate and plan for everything. You can listen to our Good Father, simply obey and partner with what He says, and He will lead you to a solution before you ever encounter a problem. (Click through for photos of the Demo’d bathroom and the 1/2 bath that could’ve gotten ruined)

#HearingAndPartneringWithGod #JennaWrites

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My name is Jenna. I'm a photographer since 2007, a writer, photographer, and a mentor for creative women entrepreneurs. I'm also a wife and grateful mom of three, Kingdom-minded, old-soul, encourager, and community director at Oh freebird fly.

Located in Westminster, MD.

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