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Writer, photographer, & mentor. Wife, grateful mom, Kingdom-minded, old-soul, encourager, & community builder.

Writer, branding photographer, and mentor for women in business. Community director at Oh freebird fly. Located in Westminster, MD.

Our love isn’t flashy or exciting by the world’s standards. Our love is quiet, steady, reliable, gritty, long-suffering, selfless (mostly, we are growing 😉). Our love is full of simple joys - the kind that money can’t buy. Our love is rooted in Righteousness, carries Peace, and produces Joy because our love begins in Jesus. We disappoint each other and hurt each other sometimes, but we are learning the Perfect Love of God that we have in us that enables us to love each other and others like Him. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love.

Also, photos of JoJo added for extra Valentine's Day cuteness

I sat down to write what I hear God saying to me and feel that it is an invitation for all of us. Here’s an excerpt from my blog post. You can find the rest at the link below...

We get to live FROM the Kingdom, not FOR it somewhere far off in the distant future. Jesus himself said when he walked the earth that the "Kingdom of heaven is at hand." (Matthew 3). We don't need to continually wander through life. We can actually live from the place of Jesus' victory and walk with clarity in this life with Jesus.

It's time to see Jesus clearly and rightly. We have always been invited to see Jesus clearly and rightly. But, many, including myself, have listened to and read The Word and not responded to all of it. We have chosen to embrace what is comfortable and created belief systems that allow us to reject what makes us uncomfortable...

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📷 Janet Ramos Photography for Oh freebird fly #WIDEAWAKE2020 Vision Workshop | Graphic by me.

That look on my face pretty much sums up how I feel about the Oh freebird fly #WIDEAWAKE2020 Vision Workshop! Watching it all unfold and having the honor to be a part of it is leaving me in awe and wonder of our Father. I learned so much and came back home changed. My prayer for each woman who joined us is that you’d say “yes” to each step of the vision he’s giving you. It’ll be a wild ride!
📷 Uche Brand Imagery

[01/17/20]   If you're not having fun partnering with God you may want to be sure you're actually partnering with Him. Joy is 1/3 of the Kingdom!

"For the kingdom of God is not a matter of rules about food and drink, but is in the realm of the Holy Spirit, filled with righteousness, peace, and joy." Romans 14:17

#HearingAndPartneringWithGod #JennaWrites

I’m so excited to be a part of the second annual Oh freebird fly workshop this upcoming weekend in Tampa, FL! This year’s theme is WIDE AWAKE 2020 Vision.

Oh freebird fly exists to equip, empower, and encourage women with the resources they need to see their dreams realized. You’ll find entrepreneurial, leadership, and spiritual foundations and resources through us.

We hope you’ll be able to join us either in person or through the live stream! It’s going to be two days full of VISION, hearing God’s voice, how to overcome doubt & unbelief, writing & publishing a book, video & social media presence, branding & fine-tuning your message, leading yourself, courage to run with the vision, and more!

Tickets can be found at

#wideawake2020 #ohfreebirdfly

It's time - Jenna Shriver Photography

"This post is a declaration that I’m coming out of a past season of preparation for this new season. I felt like I was in hiding for the past few years, but really God just planted me in a new place and my roots have been growing deep in Him during that time. At the very beginning of all of this, God gave me this scripture to hold onto…"
I'm writing & blogging again! Check out the full post here: Pruning isn’t punishment. Fruit trees are pruned so that they will yield the sweetest and healthiest fruit, not too much that the weight of it would break its branches.  In 2017 God invited me to allow Him to prune me. He took away some things from my life that were weighing me down and about …

Seven. My first baby turned seven today. I feel that we both are turning a page in this new season. He’s crossing the threshold of “little kid” to “big kid” and I... I feel like I’m thankful for the seven years of mothering experience, but that I know so little. It’s like the more I know, the more I know that I don’t have it all figured out. Seven years of snuggles, seven years of kisses, seven years of loving our Noah Emmanuel (“The Comforter”, “God With Us.”). #jennawrites #jennashriverphotography

How do you like to wrap up a year and plan for the next one? Are you a “word of the year” person or not really? In the past God has given me words over my year and they have ended up being something I needed in that season. A few years ago He spoke to me “simplify” and I went on a journey to discover what that looked like. (#JennasJourneyInSimplicity) For 2019 I didn’t get one and that has been okay. I did start something last year that I’m continuing this year that is bringing me a lot of joy and freedom. Instead of making a grand to-do list over the upcoming year, I’m ending this year with a “Thankful List” and then writing down a “Dream List” for 2020. I love this little practice already because I’m starting by thanking God for all the amazing things He’s done in my life over the past year. His Word says, “You can pass through his open gates with the password of praise.
Come right into his presence with thanksgiving.
Come bring your thank offering to him
and affectionately bless his beautiful name!”- Psalm 100:4. When I dream with God I want to bask in His presence. I don’t want to try to dream apart from Him. So by starting out with thanksgiving I’m moving into a place of connection with Him so that I can dream with Him for the upcoming year. What is one thing that you are thankful for in 2019? What is one dream that you have for 2020? I encourage you to boldly speak it out! #jennawrites #2020
photo: Uche Brand Imagery

Before Christmas I had a fun little afternoon photo shoot with JoJo in our living room. It felt so nice to pick up my camera again. Her first Christmas was full of joy! We are so thankful for family time, good health, and of course our loving God who became Emmanuel - God with us. #joanna_elizabeth #jennashriverphotography

Her smile is pure joy! I’m so glad I set aside some time this afternoon to play dress up with her and photograph her in front of our Christmas tree. I almost didn’t because our living room is dark even on a sunny day, the carpet is old and “well loved”, and I have so much to catch up on after being sick for nearly a full month (a yucky virus that morphed into another one). When I was pregnant with Joanna I dreamed of dressing her up in cute outfits and photographing her. Even though there are challenges in this season of life, it’s the sweetest and an absolute dream come true! Today I was able to just stop, be present, and have some fun with my girl. Thankful beyond words to God who gives good gifts and is present with us in everything.

A personal invitation to YOU - dreamer, business, and ministry woman - to join us for our second annual Oh freebird fly workshop! Last year God spoke CONNECTION and dreaming with Him. He showed us beforehand that He would speak to the women uniquely and personally. And, goodness did He! (We have some stories up on the Oh freebird fly YouTube channel.) This year He is speaking WIDE AWAKE - Vision and the courage to run with it! You’ve dreamt with Him, heard from Him, now is the time to receive clear vision and the tools and courage to run with that vision. Grab your ticket today at & use promo code BLACKFRIDAY through 11pm EST for the lowest price on the workshop tickets. 😁

Oh freebird fly
Oh Freebird Fly Community
photo by Janet Ramos Photography

Today is the last day of my 20’s. Reflecting back on all that happened both visible and invisible the only word that I can describe how I feel is Thankful. God gave me my best friend, Justin, in my 20th year. We married a year later. He gave us our three beautiful children in this decade. When sickness tried to take me out, Jesus came through as my Healer. We’ve lived in two homes, changed careers, and shifted with the seasons of life. Of all the challenges I’ve faced over the last ten years, God has never let me down once. If I can share anything from my experience it’s that: If it’s not good, it’s not the end. God works ALL THINGS for the good of those who love Him, but He doesn’t cause all things. I’m expectant for what my 30’s will bring. God has shown me over and over that there are new and grand adventures ahead. I’m thankful to adventure with our family of five. #jennawrites #HearingAndPartneringWithGod

[11/04/19]   "You bring the fuel, I'll bring the fire." - God.

What is God inviting you into? Show up and simply just do it. Trust Him. #HearingAndPartneringWithGod

Hey there, mama, I see you. I see you holding your dreams close to your heart while patiently and lovingly raising your little ones. You’re taking baby steps right along with them towards your dreams. You’re soaking up every precious second of their early years, willingly slowing down in other areas so you won’t miss it. You may catch yourself feeling like there’s not enough time in the day to ‘do it all’, but you remember that the slowing down is worth it. I see you showing your children what it means to work hard towards something important, while also showing them that they are most important. Hear Father God telling you: “You’re doing great! Your kids know they’re loved. You’re making great progress towards your dreams, both inside your family and outside of it. Let the guilt fall away because there’s no such thing as a ‘one-size-fits-all’ for what motherhood and work looks like. Tuck your ear close to My heart daily and ask Me what today, this week, this season will best look like for you and your family. Trust Me and go with it.” #jennawrites #HearingAndPartneringWithGod
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Something pretty neat happened last week that I want to share with you. On 10/22 in my last IG post, I posted for the first time publicly that I’m writing a book. After I shared it I thought, “Oh goodness! What did I just do?!” There was a mix of excitement that it was out there so that I can be held accountable and also some fear of failing. God in His kindness sent me signs the rest of the day that He had this message of “Hearing and Partnering with God” planned for me all along and that He’s with me. First, I saw the time shortly after posting was 11:11, which spoke to me the end of a transition season and a clear vision for the future. Second, there was a spontaneous fall rainstorm that ended in a gorgeous sunset double rainbow (scroll for pic & video). Anyone who knows me knows my love for sunsets. The rainbow felt like a visual reminder that He promised me I’d write and publish books and now is the time. Lastly, an article on our paper popped up in my FaceBook feed about a local family who’s children are blind and were able to test out a Braille version of Uno. This is so neat because I worked with the boy about ten years ago when I was an early childhood ed student in college. I was asked if I could help provide some childcare for him and his sister and at the time I wasn’t able to. I felt that my friend Hope would be a great fit and gave her name as a reference. Hope would tell you that not only was she a great fit for the family as a childcare provider, but caring for these two fantastic kids who happened to be blind helped prepare her to eventually foster and adopt her sons with special needs. (She’s my hero, by the way!) When I saw the article and Hope’s comment I felt Holy Spirit whisper, “See. You were listening and partnering with me even back then before you really knew what you were doing.” My heart as I’m writing this book is to equip you in the many ways we can hear from God and encourage deeper intimacy and partnership with Him. But, most importantly I want to show you that you already hear from God. It’s the primary reason we were created after all - for relationship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. #HearingAndPartneringWithGod #jennawrites

Recently I had the honor of sharing about hearing and partnering with God with a group of women at The Well Gathering. This first photo is evidence of hearing God’s voice on so many levels. Our daughter is in this stroller. The daughter God spoke to me about for years before she was conceived. The daughter that was prophesied. God told me I wouldn’t need to leave my family behind in the new thing that He was calling me to do. Joanna watched me talk the whole hour. She cooed and talked back to me some, which the ladies loved. 💕 God told me I’d be invited into places to begin teaching what He’s been teaching me and leading other women into freedom. I can’t think of a greater freedom than being empowered in our oneness with Christ, our ability to hear God for ourselves in a multitude of ways, and equipped to partner with Him in our everyday lives. Grateful, excited. Here’s to a new season. 💙 #hearingandpartneringwithgod #jennawrites

Recently I had the honor of sharing about hearing and partnering with God with a group of women at The Well Gathering. This first photo is evidence of hearing God’s voice on so many levels. Our daughter is in this stroller. The daughter God spoke to me about for years before she was conceived. The daughter that was prophesied. God told me I wouldn’t need to leave my family behind in the new thing that He was calling me to do. Joanna watched me talk the whole hour. She cooed and talked back to me some, which the ladies loved. 💕 God told me I’d be invited into places to begin teaching what He’s been teaching me and leading other women into freedom. I can’t think of a greater freedom than being empowered in our oneness with Christ, our ability to hear God for ourselves in a multitude of ways, and equipped to partner with Him in our everyday lives. Grateful, excited. Here’s to a new season. 💙 #hearingandpartneringwithgod #jennawrites

When God speaks discouragement leaves and peace takes its place... Yesterday I was talking with Holy Spirit about a book I’m called to write. God began to show me about four years ago this message that I carry. I’ve started writing it, but have found myself a bit discouraged that I’m currently unable to completely flesh out this message. But, this morning God told me that it’s okay that there may be one or more books that come before this one. He reminded me that it’s okay if accomplishing the thing that’s in my heart takes longer than I would have liked. He’s molding me into the vessel that can carry the message that He’s giving me and that He isn’t rushing me. Hearing that from Him lifted all the discouragement and pressure I’ve been putting on myself and freed me to look to what’s right in front of me that I am ready to write about - the message I am ready to carry now. Hearing from God brings freedom. Partnering with Him brings Heaven to earth. #hearingandpartneringwithgod #jennawrites
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Adventure. This thought came to me while I was speaking Saturday on hearing and partnering with God: the greatest adventure in my life is hearing and partnering with Holy Spirit, both for my life and for others. There’s overflowing joy in tangibly feeling God’s love for a stranger. There’s unparalleled thrill in taking the risk to step in faith on what I heard or felt. I told the story of when God gave me a word of knowledge for my grocery delivery guy. I was driving to the store when God told me to turn off the music and that He wanted to talk to me about my grocery delivery person. So I did and heard nothing the rest of the drive. When I saw him come out to the vehicle next to me, he reminded me of a friend who owns a franchise restaurant in town. I asked Holy Spirit why he reminded me of this friend and I heard, “Because he’s an entrepreneur.” When he came out with my order I nervously asked him if he wanted to start a business. His reply was, “Yes, actually. I want to be a barber and have my own shop.” I was relieved I had heard correctly and I immediately felt overwhelming God-love for this young man, as if he was my own son. I could see not just his potential, but his DESIGN. I told him he needed to do it, that God loved him so much that He showed me this about him, hugged him, and blessed him. It was THE COOLEST feeling to leave that experience knowing that I had the opportunity to speak identity into him and convey the deep love of The Father to him. As I was thinking about this adventure with Holy Spirit my generation came to mind. Millennials, more than most, crave adventure. I believe that the deep desire for adventure in our generation was placed there by God Himself. If you have that “extra dose” of a desire for adventure it’s because He desires for you to partner with Him, fulfilling your need for adventure in the everyday, ordinary moments and in the extraordinary moments in your life. The greatest adventure is partnering with Holy Spirit in everything. It’s with you on your trip around the world, it’s with you in your trip to pick up groceries down the road, and everywhere in between. #hearingandpartneringwithgod #jennawrites

Welcome, friend!

My name is Jenna. I'm a photographer since 2007, a writer, photographer, and a mentor for creative women entrepreneurs. I'm also a wife and grateful mom of three, Kingdom-minded, old-soul, encourager, and community director at Oh freebird fly.

Located in Westminster, MD.

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