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M.S. Electrical Training provides National Electrical Code classes for continuing education, master and journeyman's exam preparation classes as well as grounding and bonding, energy conservation(IECC), Arc Flash/NFPA 70E, and many others. Join our email list, https://www.mselectricaltraining.com/contact_us.php

Mission: Train electrical contractors and electrical professionals in the National Electrical Code and electrical safety.


Attention all electrical licence holders in Virginia: Similar to Gov Hogan's waivers in MD, Gov Northam has extended all licenses to 30 days after the pandemic is lifted.

Pursuant to the authority granted to the agency head by Amended Executive Order 51 (2020), I hereby extend the validity of licenses, certifications, registrations, and other authorizations issued by regulatory boards under the Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation that would otherwise (i) expire during the state of emergency and (ii) be eligible for renewal or reinstatement during the state of emergency under applicable regulations, until the 30th day after the date by which the state of emergency is lifted.

The entire order can be found here-http://www.dpor.virginia.gov/uploadedFiles/MainSite/Content/Boards/DPOR%20COVID-19%20Credential%20Expiration%20Waiver.pdf



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Yes we do webinars, but, live in-classroom training still provides the best results. Enjoy


🤣I literally laughed out loud! I love this video! What an oldie but a goodie! If only we would have perfected ”the art of the conference call” before...

New Line Electric LLC

New Line Electric is proud to announce the graduation of two of our electricians from
the Electrical Apprenticeship Program at Carroll Community College.

Matt Seibel and Jesse Karaffa began the apprenticeship with New Line 4 years ago. Its an honor to be part of their growth and we are so proud of how far they have come.

Please help us in congratulating them on this big accomplishment.


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June 15, 2020, Ellicott City, MD. Approved for ceu's in MD, VA, DE, NC and PA. PDH's approved for MD.

search.google.com Fire Alarm Systems- 5 Hours


Changes to the National Electrical Code, 2020 - 10 Hours - Timonium, MD

August 18 & 19, 2020. Approved for ceu's in MD, DE, NC and PA. PDH's approved for MD.

mselectricaltrainingllc.regfox.com Join Marty as he guides you through the important changes in the 2020 National Electrical Code. Marty is one of the most dynamic code presenters in the country. His passion and public speaking skills define his classroom success. Register now or contact us at [email protected]caltraining.com


Pass & Seymour Recalls Commercial-Grade Electrical Receptacles

ecmweb.com Recall initiated due to potential burn risk

Uniontown Bible Church

Celebrate with us this Easter Sunday morning at 9 or 10:45 am, and Uniontown Kids Sunday school after the 9 am service. Livestream will be available at utown.org and on Facebook Live: Uniontown Bible Church



Delaware license expires on June 30 and will need to be renewed on time since it is an online renewal process. If necessary, your ceu requirements will be granted an extension of 60 days after the state of emergency is lifted.




What is UFER GROUND? What does UFER GROUND mean? UFER GROUND meaning, definition & explanation

A pretty good history lesson of the Concrete Encased Electrode and the associated rules in the NEC.

✪✪✪✪✪ http://www.theaudiopedia.com ✪✪✪✪✪ What is UFER GROUND? What does UFER GROUND mean? UFER GROUND meaning - UFER GROUND definition - UFER GROUND explanat...

Electrical Classes and Licensing Update

Marty Schumacher Classes Update


The Case of the Deadly Arc Flash

This story should speak to most electricians.

ecmweb.com How defective test equipment coupled with lack of training led to tragedy for electrical workers at a shopping mall.


M.S. Electrical Training LLC on Google

search.google.com Fire Alarm Systems- 5 Hours


Maryland fire officials on 'Outlet Challenge:' Don't do this

TikTok strikes again.

wbaltv.com Another social media challenge is making the rounds, and this one has the attention of the Maryland State Fire Marshal's Office.

Enjoyed speaking on the 2020 electrical code changes for the IEEE/IAS engineer chapter in Baltimore last night. Great group with over 100 attendees!!


6 Habits of happy people: Habit #1 Practice Gratitude

Don't confuse the title with money. "Rich" means so much more than money itself. Our faith, relationships, careers, family, church and much more can all be filled with riches. I encourage you to read Georges' blog and reflect and move on your "blue collar" career.

Happy New Year and may the Lord be first in your life and career ~ Marty & Trish

bluecollarrich.home.blog Practicing gratitude on a daily basis helps change the way we view adversities in our lives. So in my second blog post I named the 6 habits of happy people and #1 was gratitude. I will dedicate thi…

Trish and I would like to wish all of our friends and colleagues a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year. Marty & Trish.
Matthew 1:21. And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name Jesus: for he shall save his people from their sins.

Yes, it's a long document, but worth reading:

This American Gas Association fact sheet provides an
overview of the requirements for the electrical bonding of
fuel gas piping systems to the electrical grounding system
based on ANSI Z223.1/NFPA 54, National Fuel Gas Code -
2015 (NFGC). The bonding requirements in previous code
editions, in local jurisdictions or in specific situations, may
This fact sheet is not intended to replace knowledge of
applicable local and national codes or address specific
situations. The user should consult a competent professional
and be thoroughly familiar with all applicable local codes,
specific manufacturer’s installation instructions and the
National Electrical Code (NEC®)1 before attempting to bond
any fuel-gas installation.
An electrical bond is an intentionally installed electrically
conductive and continuous path from the gas piping to the
grounding electrode system.
Bonding is provided primarily to prevent a possible electric
shock hazard for persons coming into contact with the gas
piping and other metal objects that are connected to the
grounding system, but which may be energized at a different
level of electrical potential. Gas piping can become
energized by an electrical fault in the branch circuit of a gas
appliance connected to the piping system. Nearby lightning
strikes can also result in an unbalanced voltage build-up and
a resulting high electrical potential difference. That potential
can cause an electrical arc between the gas piping and
another nearby metallic system such as the copper water
piping or electric wiring or structural steel. The arc may
cause damage to certain gas tubing systems.

The NFGC requires bonding to help reduce possible electric
shock hazard and potential tubing damage. The specific
requirements in the 2015 NFGC are contained in Section
7.13 as follows:
7.13 Electrical Bonding and Grounding.3
7.13.1 Pipe and Tubing other than CSST. Each aboveground
portion of a gas piping system other than CSST that is likely to
become energized shall be electrically continuous and bonded to
an effective ground-fault current path. Gas piping other than
CSST shall be considered to be bonded when it is connected to
1 NEC and National Electrical Code are registered trademarks of the National
Fire Protection Association.
2 The 2015 Editions of the International Fuel Gas Code contain extracts of the
same bonding requirements. 3 © 2015 NFPA/AGA
appliances that are connected to the appliance grounding
conductor of the circuit supplying that appliance.
7.13.2 * CSST. CSST gas piping systems and gas piping systems
containing one or more segments of CSST, shall be bonded to the
electrical service grounding electrode system or where provided,
lightning protection grounding electrode system. The bonding jumper shall connect to a metallic pipe, pipe
fitting, or CSST fitting. The bonding jumper shall not be smaller than 6 AWG
copper wire or equivalent. The length of the jumper between the connection to the gas
piping system and the grounding electrode system shall not exceed
75 ft (22 m). Any additional electrodes shall be bonded to the
electrical service grounding electrode system or where provided,
lightning protection grounding electrode system. Bonding connections shall be in accordance with NFPA 70,
National Electrical Code®. Devices used for the bonding connection shall be listed for
the application in accordance with UL 467, Grounding and
Bonding Equipment.
7.13.3* Prohibited Use. Gas piping shall not be used as a
grounding conductor or electrode.
7.13.4* Lighting Protection System. Where a lightning
protection system is installed, the bonding of the gas piping shall
be in accordance with NFPA 780, Standard for the Installation of
Lightning Protection Systems, 2008.
The NFGC bonding methods can utilize the appliance
grounding conductor (the third or grounding wire) of any
connected appliance, or it can be made using a direct bond.
A direct bond consists of a listed grounding clamp and
separate conductor run from the gas piping to the grounding
electrode system. The 2015 NFGC requires a direct bond
whenever Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing (CSST) gas
piping is installed.
Appliance Grounding Conductor for Other Than CSST:
NFGCsection 7.13.1 specifies when and how the bonding of
gas piping other than CSST is to undertaken. When a gas
appliance has an electrical connection, that appliance may
energize the gas piping system, and a bond is required. The
NFGC does not require gas piping other than CSST to be
bonded where there are no electrically connected appliances
on the system.
The appliance grounding conductor for the circuit that is
likely to energize the piping is considered sufficient to meet
the bonding requirement for gas piping other than CSST.
This type of bond provides an effective, low-impedance,
electrically conductive current path to the over-current
protective device (typically the circuit breaker), and is
designed to protect people from ground faults within the
electrical system. The bonding conductor is sized based on
the electrical power requirements of the appliance branch
circuit. The NFGC and the appliance manufacturer’s
instructions require that the appliance’s grounding conductor
be installed and sized in accordance with the National
Electric Code and Table 250.122.
Direct Bonding: NFGC Section 7.13.2 requires all CSST to
be directly bonded using a properly sized conductor. A
direct bond may also be used for gas piping other than CSST.
The conductor is to be connected to the grounding electrode
system, options include:
• Electrical service enclosure, or
• Grounded conductor at the electrical service, or
• Grounding electrode conductor, or
• Any installed grounding electrode.
The bond is achieved by attaching a conductor from a
segment of rigid gas pipe or CSST fitting to any one of the
options listed. The conductor length is limited to a
maximum of 75 ft. A clamp listed to UL 467 is required and
can be installed anywhere on the gas piping system. For
CSST systems, this bond is intended to provide a means to
minimize the difference in voltage level between the CSST
and other metallic systems in close proximity caused by a
line surge or imposed by an indirect lightning strike. NEC®
Table 250.66 contains the minimum size for the bonding
conductor which may be larger than the NFGC’s minimum
requirement of 6 AWG. The NEC’s specified bonding
conductor size should be installed; however, the conductor
may not be smaller than a 6 AWG copper wire. NEC®
Section 250.70 describes the various methods for making this
The option of bonding to any installed electrode is contingent
on the additional electrodes being bonded to the electrical
service grounding electrode system or where provided,
lightning protection grounding electrode system.
Where a lightning protection system is installed the bonding
of gas piping must be in accordance with NFPA 780.
The direct bonding of CSST systems is required regardless of
the type of appliances connected and is in addition to the
bonding that results from the use of the appliance grounding
conductor on electrically powered gas appliances.
Regardless of the bonding method selected, the gas piping
system must be electrically continuous in order to bond an
entire piping system from a single point. Metal pipe and
tubing joints that are threaded (including those using joint
compounds), flanged, welded and brazed are considered to
provide an electrically continuous connection and do not
require bonding jumpers to maintain this continuity. When
appliances are connected to the gas piping system using a
flexible metal gas appliance connector, the connector has
been found to provide an adequate electrical connection
between the appliance and the gas piping, and are considered
sufficient to meet the NEC® requirements for bonding
connectivity. Additionally, the dielectric isolation fitting
between the underground utility service line and the above
ground customer-owned piping must not be bypassed with a
bonding jumper. The isolation fitting is necessitated by the
NFGC/NEC® requirement that prohibits using the
underground metallic gas piping as a grounding electrode,
and also prevents stray currents from energizing the piping in
the premise.
Under no circumstances is any underground metallic gas
service (utility) piping to be used as a grounding electrode
because grounding electrodes are intended to carry large
currents. This can expose the piping to the possibility of
sparking that can create a hazardous condition if the service
piping is undergoing any type of maintenance.
The NFPA 70, National Electrical Code requires all above
ground metallic piping (water, gas, electrical conduits, etc.)
be bonded. Article 250 in the NEC® contains extensive
coverage for the grounding and bonding of electrical and
other metallic systems. The specific types of grounding
electrodes and acceptable methods of bonding gas piping
systems to them are found in Sections 250.52, 250.70 and
250.104(B). The NEC® requires that all separate grounding
electrode systems (including lightning protection systems)
be bonded together to establish an equal potential state
between these systems.
NEC® Section 250.104 (B) requires that any metal piping
including gas piping that is likely to become energized be
bonded to the grounding electrode system. The NEC® also
states that bonding of metallic systems, as a general practice,
will provide additional safety.
The following terms and definitions are commonly used to
describe technical requirements:
Bonded (Bonding): Connected to establish electrical
continuity and conductivity.
Bonding Jumper: A reliable conductor to ensure the
required electrical conductivity between metal parts required
to be electrically connected.
Grounded (Grounding): Connected (connecting) to ground
or to a conductive body that extends the ground connection.
Grounding Electrode Conductor: A conductor used to
connect the system grounded conductor or the appliance to a
grounding electrode or to a point on the grounding electrode
Grounding Electrode System: The NEC® describes the
grounding electrode system and its installation in Sections
250.50 to 250.53. Electrodes can be a metal rod/pipe/plate
driven into the ground; the metal frame of a building; buried
metal water piping; a ground ring of copper wire; or a
concrete encased foundation electrode. Buried metal water
piping can not be used as the sole grounding electrode, but
must be bonded to a second grounding electrode such as a
driven rod (250.53).
Page 2


PROXXI band alerts workers to high voltage - OHS Canada Magazine

ohscanada.com Warnings are highly intrusive, consisting of strong vibrations and audible alerts


Here's Why Your Kid Should Go Into the Trades


inc.com Skilled trade positions are currently the hardest to fill in the United States and around the world.

[11/25/19]   IAEI Chesapeake Chapter


Plan to attend our Meeting and Program – NO FEE for this program.

DATE: Monday, December 2, 2019

TIME: 7:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. (Board Meeting at 7:00 p.m.)

LOCATION: BGE Energy Sales & Service Building, 7225 Windsor Boulevard, Woodlawn, MD 21244

NOTE: Door to BGE building is locked at all times. Please call 443-472-3821 if no one is at the door when you arrive for meeting.

Representatives from Eurofins MET Labs will discuss who Eurofins is and how the acquisition since January of 2018 has had a direct positive impact on the Field Services group. They will discuss the developments they have in adding additional resources for inspectors and review the NRTL panel questions that were covered during the IAEI Section meetings this year. There will be an open Q&A at the end of the meeting.

Carley Faulkner, Eurofins MET Labs Field Services Business Manager, joined Eurofins E&E in March 2019 and manages the daily operations for, and continued growth of, the newly created Eurofins E&E Field Services department. Faulkner brings a wealth of experience in the Industrial, Hazardous Locations, HVAC, and Field Services sectors to her new role. Faulkner previously held management positions at Intertek and is a member chair of IAEI.

Robin Millerd, Eurofins MET Labs Business Development Executive Field Services, joined Eurofins E&E in June of 2019 and manages new business development for the Eastern and Southern sections of the United States and Eastern section of Canada for Eurofins E&E Field Services department. Millerd brings a knowledgeable and diverse background of regulatory experience in international QMS Business Assurance, ICT, Industrial and Field Services to the team. Millerd previously held management roles at Intertek and NSF and is a member of IAEI.

Mike Baldwin, Follow Up Services Manager with Eurofins MET Laboratories located in Baltimore, has been at MET Laboratories since 1971 primarily in the Product Safety Laboratory. His current responsibilities include managing the worldwide operations of Follow Up inspections of MET Listed Products under the Federal NRTL program and the Canadian Certification Body Accreditation Program. He also serves as the Field Services Technical Advisor for the team of inspectors that perform Field Evaluations of uncertified equipment. A 30-year member of IAEI and a member of the Electrical Section of NFPA, Mike resides in Harford County, Maryland.


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M.S. Electrical Training, LLC provides National Electrical Code classes for continuing education, master and journeyman's exam preparation, grounding and bonding, as well as energy conservation(IECC), Arc Flash/NFPA 70E, and many others. We can come directly to your business and provide onsite training anywhere in the USA and most parts of the world. Each year, over 2000 attendees attend a public or private seminar. Let us know how we can help you. Join our email list, https://www.mselectricaltraining.com/contact_us.php Marty

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Electrical Classes and Licensing Update
Journeyman's Electrician Exam Prep





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