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This is where I store most of my reviews, and videos on any home, automotive, or electronic repair I do.

Operating as usual 03/30/2020

Tattu U3S UV Flashlight 365nm Black Light Torch Rechargeable Blacklight 10W Ultraviolet LED Lamp with Micro USB Charging Cable

Alright. Please read the entire following message on what you MAY do for the corono virus.

I have ordered a UV flashlight to kill germs on surfaces without the need for cleaners. I can't speak about effecdtivness first hand because my microscope (yes I ordered one) has not come yet.

However, It says is puts out a wavelenght 365nm. I found out through my reading that 200nm to 400nm wavelengths are highly effective at killing germs.

You have to use eye protection. You do not want to shine that light directly into your eyes.

It is about 60 dollars...

when my microscope comes I will try to test this. Do you want to wait for the results though? One use is cleaning incoming mail Technical Parameters:Brand: TATTUMaterial: High quality Aluminum alloy, endure long time daily using.Brightness: 100 Lumens.Emitter Type: LED.Emitter Color: UV(Ultraviolet) Light, 365nm range.Emitting Modes: High/Low/Strobe/SOS.Number of Emitters: One.Lifespan: 100,000 hours.Switch Type: Press.Sw... 03/03/2020

Slice 10495 Every Day Carry (EDC) Folding Knife, Ceramic Blade Lasts 11x Longer than Steel, Finger Friendly, Durable, Right & Left Handed, Compact, Convenient, Built to Last, Easy Easy Blade Change

Hey folks. So I have quite a few things to review.

I have some cool stuff to review though! I will put the reviews on both The Suburban Experimentalist and The Suburban Man pages!

I have a Dell All in One computer, that has a 27" monitor, an i7 processor and 16 gigs of ram that I can process 4K video on for the first time in 10 years.,

An Epson EF100 laser projector that is almost HD that comes with Android smart TV that I had been watching movies on my ceiling with,

An electronic measuring device for radon in your home that you can use without paying for a test.

Finally yesterday, I got something I find very innovative. Something Slice calls an every day carry, which it is someone who opens boxes a lot.

It is very small and is folding, so it fits right in your pocket. It has a ceramic blade that won't cut you, but cuts boxes right open. It is small and it is awesome! if it had blades that would cut rope and other things, it would be an everyday carry for a camper, or prepper. It is totally awesome! Looking for an EDC Folding Knife that can withstand the rigors of every day use? Our EDC Folding Knife is a sleek, modern interpretation of the classic folding knife design. A rugged, thoroughly functional EDC knife, it can tackle routine cutting tasks on a wide variety of materials, from corruga...


Gettysburg Back in The Day Part IV

Gettysburg for a group of good for nothing teens....


Inexpensive, lightweight backpacking chair by Rock Cloud

This makes a handy chair for events like fireworks, picnics are where ever else you would like to sit down.


Trying to keep condensation from building up in my wall from the OAK

I probably should have used high expanding foam, and not worried about it.. Of course, I didn't want to bow out the wall, but there is a lot of area in there...


Could you use this when you build something with wood?

I think these inexpensive contour meters are a good idea! This is the , ProChosen Contour Gauge. For around 20 bucks it could save you some head ache...


An inexpensive bit they anyone should have in their drill bag!

This could be a very useful tool for less than 10 dollars!


Should you buy this car tire infiltrator?

You can see in the review that I had problems...


Could this save your life?

Use the Gecko Equipment 7-in-1 Tactical Pen - Stay Ready in Every Situation for your safety. I like this idea. I think it is neat, and if you don't have anyt...


Inexpensive tactical flashlight- Are they really worth it?

How good are these inexpensive high power flashlights? Let's find out using the Soonfire MX Series Tactical Flashlight! It offers 1060 Lumens. Built-in a fas...


A cheap way to add some security to Air BnB or your hotel stay

This is a pretty inexpensive way to add some additional security to your Air BNB or hotel stay.


The Suburban Experimentalist


Is your shower or faucet leaking behind the wall?

The PrvnPro Digital Pin-Type Moisture Meter Tool with Backlit Display is the tool I used. Full Disclosure, I was sent this item for review. I had a use for i... 12/29/2019

Apparel & Collectibles

Radio Shack apparal! For us 80s nerds....


A Woodstove for Camping Part 2 - Starting the Build

In part II of my Wood Stove Series, I discuss the basic tools needed, as well as the top, baffle and door construction. DISCLAIMER: This project involves mac... 12/25/2019

DOCTOR: Burger King's 'Impossible Burger' Has 18 Million Times More Estrogen Than Regular Whopper - National File Burger King's Impossible Burger may cause men to grow breasts.


World's First Protosaber! (REAL BURNING LIGHTSABER)

This is probably as close as I have seen anyone come to a real Light Saber!

Subscribe now to Origin Access Premier and play Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order and tons of other great games! ► #sponsoredbyEA Check out ...

[12/25/19]   Merry Christmas!


Fixing a pellet stove that won't feed pellets!

I have had this Harman Accentra for over 10 years. I was getting "log jams", where wood pellets were getting stuck before the auger and weren't feeding prope...


A great inexpensive USB microphone for Youtube voice overs!

I like this AKG Pro Audio Lyra Ultra-HD Multi-Mode USB Microphone (C44-USB). I have never really had a voice over microphone, and this is a quality one.


How to trim those pesky long eyebrow hairs as we age...

I like this Wahl Mustache and Beard Trimmer with Bonus Trimmer #5537-420. It is currently 12 dollars, so it won't break the bank, and makes you look moderate...


What in the world is wrong with my Snow Thrower III-Will it run?

I have had this Ariens 520 Snow Thrower for 10 years. I broke it, and had to fix it. I had no compression. Will it run?


Transparent Metal Glass - What is Tesla Armor Glass?

In the Tesla Cybertruck reveal we all saw the horrible Tesla Armor Glass fail. But what is transparent metal glass? Why did Tesla make Tesla Armor Glass in t...


Craftsman CMMT57569 Impact Swivel Set Review

I like this Craftsman CMMT57569 Impact Swivel Set. If I have any problems as they age, and I used them, I will be sure to update you!


The Mavic Mini has a LOT of problems with wind!

This Mavic Mini is quite prone to being blown around by the wind. Maybe we should expect that, being how light it is, but I wanted to call it like it really ...


Craftsman Ratcheting 26 pc Screw driver set Review

Nice inexpensive gift for Christmas!

I like this Craftsman 26 PC, ratcheting screw driver set! As I say in the video, normally, I don't like ratcheting screw drivers because they are short and f...


Should you put an Outdoor Airkit on Your Wood Pellet Stove?

As I said in the video, I put this OAK on my wood pellet stove probably before last winter. I did so, to keep the factor smell outside of the house. I didn't...


What in the world is wrong with my Ariens snow thrower- Part II

I have had this Ariens 520, Electric Start Snow Thrower for about 10 years. Recently, I did a compression test on it, found zero compression, and then it wou...


Craftsman 47 Piece Screw Driver Set review-(CMAF1247)

I like this Craftsman 47 Piece Screw Driver Set. I threw it in my drill bag, and I am going to use it, and it will keep my bits from floating around like the...


Morepro Smart Watch-With ECG Review and Feature Demo

For 40.00 I really like this MorePro, ECG Smartwatch! It monitors BP, Heart Rate, ECG trace, Sleep, time, Stopwatch and has a Cellphone find function.


Mind Reader SSSBAG2-BLU Reusable bag Review

I like these Mind Reader re-usable and washable silicone bags! They make a LOT more sense than zip lock bags you use once or twice and then throw in the trash


Zippo Insert Arc Review

I like this Zippo Arc insert. It is pretty durable, and as long as you have the ability to charge something via USB, you have a lighter without the need for ...

[11/28/19]   Happy Thanksgiving!


Nerf Rival Perses MXIX 5000 Review-With Point Blank Use

I found this Nerf Perses MXIX 5000 to be very technologically advanced. There is no perceptible arc in the projectiles, and they come out with a lot of veloc...


First Drive of 2020 Corvette Stingray Convertible Z51 - Jay Leno’s Garage

Jay gets an exclusive first drive of the highly anticipated 2020 Corvette Stingray Convertible with Executive Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter. » Subscribe: htt...

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Literacy Council of Carroll County,  MD Literacy Council of Carroll County, MD
255 Clifton Blvd Ste 314
Westminster, 21157

Our tutors are dedicated and trained to work with students in mastering a variety of subjects, from developing their reading and writing skills to taking GED and work readiness courses. We have three classrooms available for sessions.

North Carroll Infant Massage Education North Carroll Infant Massage Education
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This page is to offer the following professional service: Infant Massage Education to parents of new infants.

Fruits of Finance Fruits of Finance
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Fruits of Finance is dedicated to Educating, Equipping and Empowering Individuals Seeking to Develop Extra-Ordinary Finances.

Carroll County 4H Hotshots Club Carroll County 4H Hotshots Club
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Carroll County 4-H Hotshots - a youth club dedicated to teaching and improving life skills through the sport of target shooting.

Piano Keyboard Services Piano Keyboard Services
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Piano lessons for children and adults in the Westminster Area for over 10 years. Professional expertise and product reviews of pianos and electronic keyboards, Professional Studio Pianist/Keyboardist.

Westminster High School Class of 2016 Boosters Westminster High School Class of 2016 Boosters
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Official WHS class of 2016 Boosters page. Please send photos to [email protected]

Carroll County Coalition Against Underage Drinking Carroll County Coalition Against Underage Drinking
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The Coalition is a volunteer organization addressing underage drinking and other drug prevention to adults and youth.

Joshua's Journey Joshua's Journey

Joshua had strabismus eye surgery at 22 mos. the Ophthalmologist neglected to inform us about Vision Therapy, a less invasive approach. 4 years later we found Vision therapy which gave Joshua the quality of life he deserves.

Geared Up Training and Accessories, Inc. Geared Up Training and Accessories, Inc.
19 N. Court St.
Westminster, 21157

We are a small woman owned and operated company with lots of accessories and fi****ms for all your shooting and hobby needs. We offer training classes as well as advanced classes for experienced shooters. Don't forget we also offer one-on-one training.

Carroll County Extension Carroll County Extension
700 Agricultural Center Drive
Westminster, 21157

This institution is an equal opportunity provider. Accommodation request, contact your local UMD Extension Office.

The Kids on the Block Educational Puppets The Kids on the Block Educational Puppets
9 Westminster S/C #344
Westminster, 21157

The Kids on the Block puppets originated in 1977 in direct response to US Public Law 94-142, which required that children with disabilities be educated in the least restrictive environment. To date there are more than 1,000 local troupes worldwide

Carroll Association of School Employees, CASE Carroll Association of School Employees, CASE
60 Aileron Court - Suite 6
Westminster, 21157

CASE represents Secretaries/Clerical, Instructional Assistants, Paraprofessionals, Security Monitors, Student Support Assistants and Licensed Practical Nurses employed by the Carroll County School System.