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The liberty movement in general and the Libertarian Party specifically should know this…

Did you know that despite a “record turnout” in last year’s national election, according to the two-party news media, approximately 80 million eligible Americans didn't vote? More Americans voted in 2020 than in any other presidential election in 120 years. About 67% of eligible voters cast ballots last year, but that still meant a third of this country did not. That amounts to about 80 million people who stayed home.

To better understand what motivated these nonvoters, National Public Radio (NPR) and Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism commissioned Ipsos, the Independent Polling System Of Society based in France, to conduct a survey of U.S. adults who didn't vote this year. The Medill school's graduate students did deep dives into various aspects of the survey for NPR.

Nonvoters' reasons for not voting include:
• Not being registered to vote (29%)
• Not being interested in politics (23%)
• Not liking the candidates (20%)
• A feeling their vote wouldn't have made a difference (16%)
• Being undecided on whom to vote for (10%)

They are disengaged, disaffected and don't believe politics can make a difference in their lives. They are also more likely to be Latino, younger, make less money and have lower levels of education than voters. Difficulty voting doesn't appear to be a major reason why they don't vote. Three-quarters said they think it's at least somewhat easy to vote. It's more that these nonvoters feel a sense of alienation and apathy. They are generally detached from the news and pessimistic about politics, the survey found.

A majority also said they believe it makes no difference who is elected president and that things will go on just as they did before. Nonvoters were 29 points more likely to say that than people who voted. These 80 million Americans are also less engaged in their communities and have less confidence even in their local governments. They're also less likely to volunteer or to be civically engaged — doing things like sending letters to the news media and elected officials or participating in marches, protests and demonstrations.

Nonvoters are also more likely than voters to say that traditional parties and politicians don’t care about people like me; the mainstream media is more interested in making money than telling the truth; the American economy is rigged to advantage the rich and powerful; success in life is pretty much determined by forces outside our control; and to feel that most issues discussed in Washington don't affect them personally.

Nonvoters also mostly shunned news of the presidential election. For example, only 38% said they followed stories about the presidential and congressional campaigns in 2020 at least fairly closely, compared with 79% of people who voted. And they were far less likely to have watched the debates or conventions. Less than a third watched the presidential debates, compared with almost two-thirds of voters. What's more, two-thirds of nonvoters said they didn't watch the presidential or vice presidential debates or either the Republican or Democratic conventions.

There are strong socioeconomic correlations between voting and not voting. Nonvoters tend to make less money, have lower levels of education, be less likely to own their home or are less likely to be married. While only 21% of voters made $50,000 a year or less, 43% of nonvoters did. Just over a quarter of voters had a high school degree or less, but a majority (52%) of nonvoters did. 60% of voters said they were married, but just 44% of voters did, which impacts economic power in a society when dual-income households are becoming increasingly necessary in more expensive parts of the country.

Nonvoters were also more likely to be young and Latino. Thirty-five percent of nonvoters in this survey were between the ages of 18 and 34, compared with 24% of voters. And notably, a quarter of nonvoters were Hispanic, compared with just 7% of voters.

Latinos tend to lean Democratic, and voter-registration efforts with Latinos in most presidential years are key for Democrats. That was hampered in this year of the coronavirus, and Democrat Joe Biden wound up underperforming in some heavily Latino areas such as South Texas and South Florida.
Latinos are also more likely than other groups to say they are not interested in politics and most haven't voted in any other recent elections. The top reason Latinos give for why they don't vote is that they don't care much about politics, but another is that they have never been registered.
Only 52% of Latinos surveyed overall said they were registered to vote. That compares to 80% of white respondents and 78% of Black Americans. But three-quarters of Latino nonvoters surveyed are not registered. Overall, 70% of nonvoters said they were not registered to vote.

For the complete online article from NPR, go to:
In the news: Unemployment benefits are running out right now. How could something as important as these benefits have been left to a multi-industry conglomerate that shuts down over fiscal mismanagement as frequently as the government? It is beyond me.

It reminds me of one of the conglomerate’s subsidiaries headquartered in Springfield, Illinois that always seems to be on the verge of financial collapse and starts closing down its historical and recreational lands for a lack of funding.

How could otherwise reasonable “stockholders” and “employees” support such a lack of competence with their taxes? It boggles my mind.

Maybe it’s time for sensible management to take complete control of these valuable unemployment benefits and make sure they are there for the jobless when responsible persons need them. Let’s hope so.
Patrick Byrne is the founder of and very wealthy. He is also libertarian, and claims to never have voted for D or Rs. He has a web site which does go back quite a number of years. His current concern ('concern' here is not a strong enough term) is over the Nov 3 election. His team has identified MASSIVE (but, interestingly, NOT WIDESPREAD) voting fraud. That is, it was highly targeted at the big cities in the swing states. Importantly, his teams' effort predates the Nov 3 election, as his team was warning earlier in the year about voting machines and the opportunity they create for fraud. His fear, stated unequivocally, is that if this corruption is not exposed during this cycle, there may never be fair elections in US again. Every US citizen with concern for the future of free society and representative government, should examine the arguments presented on this site. Again, his organization's perspective is not partisan, neither D nor R, but, happily, Libertarian.
Dr. Jo Rally in Milwaukee, WI
OCTOBER 23, 2020 @ 5:00 PM

Dr. Jo Jorgensen, Presidential candidate, is addressing the issues that matter to supporters like you on her ‘Real Change For Real People‘ tour. She will be stopping at Hart Park in Milwaukee on Friday, October 23.
Come hear Dr. Jo’s innovative and revolutionary vision for America and remember to bring a friend! Following remarks she will take your questions.
Rotary Stage at Hart Park
7300 Chestnut St
Wauwatosa, WI 53213
Doors: 5:00 pm
Event time: 5:15 pm – 6:15 pm
When you select the VIP Individual add-on, you will get one-on-one time and a selfie with Dr. Jo, an autographed photo, and priority seating and VIP line, where possible.
VIP Group add-on for up to 5 participants will include a group selfie with Dr. Jo, three autographed photos, priority seating and VIP line, where possible.
Please arrive on time. This event will not last more than one hour.
We recommend you keep an eye on weather and plan to bring an umbrella if there’s a chance of rain. Restrooms may not be available, so plan accordingly.
Notice: this event might be recorded through both video and photography.
In consideration of all participants’ safety and in following local guidelines, please wear a mask and socially distance yourself; six feet is recommended. Face masks and hand sanitizer will be available for attendees. If you are not feeling well, please stay at home.
You can volunteer to help make this event happen. Select the “volunteer” ticket option when you RSVP.
Questions? Email: [email protected]

Want to help the Jo Jorgensen Campaign without using social media, or going outside? Go here, sign up, and follow the checklist! The campaign needs a lot more help.
SATURDAY 10/10 FROM 11:00 CDT-13:00 CDT
Get Your Jo Swag!
Busse Woods, Rolling Meadows

Need a yard sign? We got em! Want bumper stickers to show your support? Come get em. T-shirts? Yeah those too.
Join the Illinois for Jorgensen-Cohen Campaign team on Saturday morning at Ned Brown Preserve (Busse Woods), at the northwestern parking lot by the North Pool, off of Higgins Road, Rolling Meadows, IL

Tell your friends! Share the event with other Jo supporters, and your LP chapter members. Stacks of bumper stickers need to go out and get on cars. The sooner, the better!

Co-hosts are: Libertarian Party of Illinois, Chicago Libertarian Party (LP), Cook County LP, DuPage Libertarians, Fox Valley LP, Lake County LP, McHenry County LP, & the LP of of Dekalb County
Do you supper the Freedom to Choose?

I don't trust the government, the Dems, the GOP, the Green Party, many voters, ministers, or Libertarians.
But I'm a cheerful optimistic guy and not pessimistic or paranoid. I am an older guy who is a lifelong reader and student of history, sociology, and politics. I have learned that (beings in nature and) humans are largely self-serving and greedy.
I believe strongly in Darwinian economics and sociology.
By this I mean: any human seeks to keep themselves, their immediate family, or peer group fed, healthy, wealthy and SURVIVING.
This is why less regulation in a Libertarian mind thought just trusts humans too much.
If government is corrupt, and it is, some of the libertarians elected will be corrupt.
Ideally Libertarian concepts offer more freedom and less control, but the strongest (money is strength) member of that society would use their wealth to create a quasi feudalism with their immediate group as royalty.
But it's the same under Dems or GOP.
Here is a statement that in a nutshell describes my view.
Humans are beings who are motivated under survival and procreation paradigms.
A percentage or share of humans are corrupt.
Those humans surface in every kind of government or society.
All Libertarian politicians cannot magically become non human benevolent beings, they remain mostly creatures motivated under the same Darwinian paradigm.
All that being said, I am not sure a libertarian society would work horrendously worse that social liberal democracy, or a compassionate conservative republic.

Fox Valley Libertarians is an award-winning group of libertarian activists who have been actively defending liberty in Kane & McHenry Counties, and the surrounding area, since 1995.

Julie Fox is current Chair We are a group of dedicated libertarian grassroots activists from Kane and McHenry Counties who have been defeating tax referenda, educating the public about the benefits of limited government, fighting TIF districts and other misuses of taxpayer funds, and working to elect libertarians in local, state-wide, and national elections for 20 years. Our monthly meetings inclu

Operating as usual

2021 State Convention | Libertarian Party of Illinois 06/16/2021

2021 State Convention | Libertarian Party of Illinois

Early bird registration is now open for LP Illinois' 2021 convention! A platinum ticket will provide you with a seat next to either Justin Amash or Spike Cohen. Those are going fast. Early-bird discounted rates end July 11th. Sign up today!

2021 State Convention | Libertarian Party of Illinois Libertarian Party of Illinois annual convention featuring keynote speakers Justin Amash Spike Cohen, workshops and more.

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It’s just politicians picking their voters in Illinois, there’s nothing to worry about!


If you think Edward Snowden was a traitor, you may take issue with guys like Thomas Paine, Samuel Adams, and James Otis - historical whistleblowers that exposed British tyranny.


What if...

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It Is Important To Remember:

1. Gov't Funded = Taxpayer Funded

2. If The Gov't Isn't Directly Stealing Your Money, The Fed Is Stealing The Value Of Your Money Everytime The Solution Is To, "Just Print More Money."

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Well, that’s one way to give a wake up call, isn’t it?

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"We have all seen the knee of injustice on the neck of Black America. Now is our opportunity to make real progress."

-Joseph Biden 4/28/21

We're going to hold you to that Mr. President.

You have a lot to make up for in this area.

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[04/23/21]   Fox Valley Libertarians will be hosting the Northeast IL LP picnic this year. It will be held on August 21st in the Deer Grove forest preserve in Palatine. More details to follow soon.


Thank you to FairVote and FairVote Illinois for all the hard work they do to try and bring ranked choice voting to our state and country!

[04/15/21]   Dekalb County LP members are holding a donation drive to help Dekalb County residents in need. Donating the types of items listed below will help Dekalb County individuals and families who are most in need. It also lets the public know that Libertarians truly do care. If you are able to donate any of the items listed below, please drop them off on the front porch of Bill's and my home in West Dundee by Friday, April 23rd.

Please email or text John Mathey and Chase Renwick if you'll be dropping off. They can provide you with our address.

John Mathey: 815-762-3520 [email protected]
Chase Renwick: 815-901-1380 [email protected]

Items in need:
- Health products such as Vitamin D supplements, herbal teas, hand sanitizer, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and shampoo.
- Clothes
- Canned goods

Please help if you can. Thanks in advance!


When police regularly interact with people who have harmed no one, tragedies happen.

Daunte Wright was pulled over for expired tabs, harassed for a hanging air freshener and police attempted to detain him due to warrants for carrying a pistol without a permit and previously fleeing from officers.

None of these "crimes" have a victim, but because these laws exist, police got involved and now Daunte is dead.

We are the only party to consistently advocate for ending all laws creating crimes that have no victim.

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Federal Power: The Court v. Madison | Politically Incorrect Guide to the Supreme Court

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Meanwhile in Illinois...

[04/03/21]   Thank you to Evan McMahon for a great instructional talk at last Wednesday's meeting on how to run a successful campaign!

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The recent $1.9 trillion dollar bailout provides a $1400 stimulus payment that's hiding massive levels of wasteful spending. The bailout gives billions to states with proven track records of horrible budgetary problems and mismanagement. Illinois will receive $13 billion!

Analysis finds eliminating incentives for Illinois businesses will raise costs, lower wages 03/29/2021

Analysis finds eliminating incentives for Illinois businesses will raise costs, lower wages

Analysis finds eliminating incentives for Illinois businesses will raise costs, lower wages (The Center Square) – Closing “unaffordable corporate loopholes” used by Illinois businesses would result in higher costs for local consumers and lower wages, according to an analysis of the proposals.

Half Illinois school districts serve only 1 or 2 schools 03/29/2021

Half Illinois school districts serve only 1 or 2 schools

Half Illinois school districts serve only 1 or 2 schools The Classrooms First Act aims to reduce Illinois’ 2.5-times-the-national-average spending on “general administration” costs by consolidating 25% of the state’s 852 school districts. Nearly half serve only one or two schools.

A Simple Way to Tell if Something Is Truly a Right | Lawrence W. Reed 03/29/2021

A Simple Way to Tell if Something Is Truly a Right | Lawrence W. Reed

A Simple Way to Tell if Something Is Truly a Right | Lawrence W. Reed Rights are at the very core of the American experience. Remove rights from the equation, and America is just one of countless countries—past and present—in which individuals possess nothing more than what those in power decide to give them or allow them to have. But what defines a right?


Andrew Cuming, a member and big supporter of our chapter over the years, has opened his most recent business venture, Vern's Tavern, in downtown Elgin. We plan to meet there for one of our upcoming planning meetings. Please help support Andrew's newest venture!

If Deficits Don't Matter, Why Bother with Taxes? | Peter St. Onge 03/26/2021

If Deficits Don't Matter, Why Bother with Taxes? | Peter St. Onge

If Deficits Don't Matter, Why Bother with Taxes? | Peter St. Onge On March 18, Joe Wiesenthal of Bloomberg Markets had MMT economist Stephanie Kelton on the show. If you’re not familiar with modern monetary theory, they think governments should print more money because deficits aren’t a big deal.

Mass Shootings Are a Horrible Way to Understand Gun Violence | Jon Miltimore 03/25/2021

Mass Shootings Are a Horrible Way to Understand Gun Violence | Jon Miltimore

Mass Shootings Are a Horrible Way to Understand Gun Violence | Jon Miltimore The odds of dying in a mass shooting are extremely low, not much higher than being killed by a random blast of lightning. Unfortunately, evidence suggests intense coverage of mass shootings may be encouraging them.

Opinion | Incredible Shrinking Income Inequality 03/24/2021

Opinion | Incredible Shrinking Income Inequality

Opinion | Incredible Shrinking Income Inequality Its rise is an illusion created by the Census Bureau’s failure to account for taxes and welfare.

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Bill Bergman-Government Finances
Germinal G. Van speaks on The Fallacy of Equality of Opportunity...
David C. Jahntz talks about Original Intent...
Chris Chaffin talks about his experience with West Dundee and AirBnB


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Voice & Piano "live" In-Class lessons and/or Online. An iWave-R air purifier has been installed on the house/studio which inactivates SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) in just a few minutes! Starting package of 4 lessons for the price of 2. Covid - Discounts!

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