Math & Science Clinics

Our commitment is to establish a math and science (mainly information technology) clinic in Aburi vi We hope to graduate 300 students in coming years.

Our goals are to provide the youth and children of Aburi and Ghana in general math and science clinics to enable them become proficient in mathematics and science (information technology). We make this possible by constructing classroom facilities across the country and stocking it with computers and other teaching resources.

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Did you know? The reason why honey is so well digested is that the bees had already digested it while preparing it.


Did you know? Cats never meow to each other. The sound is created by cats specifically for humans.


Did you know? Laugher is good for your health. Did you know why?
- Laughter strengthens the immune system
- Laughter reduces stress and fear
- People who laugh frequently have 40% less probability of getting heart attacks
- Laughter prevents the appearance of wrinkles



Did you know? Gold in its pure form, without any impurities is so soft that it can be knead by hand.


Did you know? In ancient Egypt as a sign of mourning for the dead cat the owner shaved off one eyebrow.


Did you know? The hummingbird eggs size is close to Tic Tac candy, and the slot with all the eggs of this bird can fit into a walnut shell.


Did you know? The shark is the only fish that can blink with both eyes.


Did you know? Every minute mobile operators earn $ 812,000 thanks to text messaging.


Did you know? Cats jaw only moves up and down. The jaw of dogs can actually move in all four directions.


Did you know? In ancient times Chinese used tickling as torture to be able to get answers.


Did you know? Cats sleep around 70& of their life.


Did you know? 20-second hug makes women release oxytocin in the brain, which makes her trust more the person who hugged her.


Did you know? Kangaroos cannot jump if their tail is not placed on the ground.


Did you know? First chips ever were cooked in the restaurant Moon Lake Lodge on August 24 of 1853 as a humorous response to a complaint of a client about the potato slices being too thick and not well fried. Then the chips became the most popular specialty of that restaurant.


Did you know? Women have bigger pupils than men do.
The famous idea of men and women seeing the world differently is not fully a metaphor. Women have a larger pupil size: the average diameter of men's pupil - 3.5 mm, and women's - 3.8 mm. This means that women's eye gets a little bit more light than men.


Did you know? There is such a disease as Hypopituitarism - a rare one that doesn't allow a person to feel the rapture of love.


Did you know? That's how the climbers sleep. :)


Did you know? If you put an egg into the glass with vinegar for two days, the egg shell will dissolve and become elastic. The vinegar makes the shell of the egg dissolve and disappear in the form of gas bubbles. It turns out to be a pretty funny egg that looks like jelly. If you change the experiment and use a boiled egg, it becomes elastic like a rubber ball.


Did you know? A passionate kiss causes the same chemical reaction in the brain as skydiving and a process of gun shooting.


Did you know that you use 14 muscles to smile and 43 to frown? Keep Smiling!


Did you know? The owner of this lizard spent 3 months teaching the pet to lie on the couch to be able to take that picture.


Did you know? The fly sees 300 frames per second, when a human being sees only 24!


Did you know? The smallest horse in the world lives on a farm in St. Louis (USA, Missouri). Horse named Tambelina is just a horse, not a pony, but the size is even smaller than average ponies. Her height is only 44.5 cm, that is three times smaller than the average horse. Tambelina weights only 26 pounds. This record is listed in the Guinness Book of Records in 2006 and still no horse could beat this record.


Did you know? In Germany there is a law that recognizes pillow as a weapon.


Did you know? 100 years ago, on the night of 14 on 15 of April of 1912, the Titanic sunk.

1517 people died that night...


Did you know? Over an hour of typing on the computer makes our body lose about 105 calories.

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Timeline Photos


Did you know that? Cats "wash" themselves daily due to the fact that it has to lick a certain amount of a substance containing vitamin B from its hair. If the cat wont go through this procedure, it will become stressed and may even die.


Did you know? The pupil expands to 45 percent when a person looks at something pleasant or someone important.

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Timeline Photos


Did you know? An English mathematician Abraham de Moivre in old age once discovered that the duration of his sleep is growing 15 minutes every day. Having made an arithmetic progression, he calculated a date when it would have reached 24 hours - November 27, 1754. On that day he died.


Ghana has the largest amount of churches in West Africa.


Q is the only letter in the alphabet that does not appear in the name of any of the United States! 04/08/2012

Eating cruciferous vegetables may improve breast cancer survival

Breast Cancer News A study by Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center and Shanghai Center for Disease Control and Prevention investigators reveals that breast cancer survivors who eat more cruciferous vegetables may have improved survival. The study of women in China was presented by postdoctoral fellow Sarah J. Nechuta, Ph.D...


To***co takes over 400,000 American lives each year.12.5% of these death are those exposed to second hand smoke.





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