W-SR Wave Droids

An FTC Robotics Team based out of Waverly, Iowa.

Operating as usual

[03/01/20]   Unfortunately, the Wave Droids, nor the Shell Bots, will be advancing to the FTC (World) Championship, thus concluding our season.

Thank you to everyone for supporting us this year!

[02/29/20]   The Wave Droids finished 14th today with a record of 3-3. Unfortunately we were not selected in alliance selection, but the Shell Bots were selected by the second place team in their division, Void Robotics. Good luck everyone!

[02/29/20]   As we exit lunch break, the Wave Droids are 1-3. With two more matches to go, we are hoping to turn stuff around!

[02/29/20]   Day 2 of the FTC Iowa Championship! Good luck to everyone competing today!

[02/29/20]   Day 1 of the FTC Iowa Championship has completed! Excited for tomorrow!


The Wave Droids' Pit is set up! Come say hi!

[02/28/20]   Today is the first day of the FTC Iowa Championship! The Wave Droids are incredibly excited and would like to say good luck to all of the other teams competing!


The competition is complete and the Wave Droids won the Connect Award! The Connact Award is advancement criteria number 10 and the first 12 advance, so the Wave Droids advance to the State Championship! Additionally, the Shell Bots also advanced! Congratulations to all teams!

[02/01/20]   Today has been a rough day (0-6) for the Wave Droids due to a series of unfortunate robot problems. However, the Shell Bots are 4-2 and we wish them luck on getting selected for an alliance!

[02/01/20]   Today is the Super Qualifier! We are the ones hosting, so we would like to say thank you to everyone for attending! Good luck all teams participating!

[01/12/20]   Unfortunately, the RoboCats Black/Shell Bots/Wave Droids alliance lost in the Finals, but we got 2nd Place for the Inspire Award and will be advancing to the Super Qualifier on February 1st! Congratulations everyone and thank you to Denver for hosting!

[01/11/20]   Team 11252 RoboCats Black have invited both the Wave Droids and the Shell Bots to be in their alliance. Onto Top 4!

[01/11/20]   The Wave Droids are currently 2-0 at our League Championship! Keep it up team!

[01/11/20]   Today is the Kashyyyk League League Championship! Thank you to Denver High School for hosting and best of luck to all teams participating.

[12/14/19]   Sadly, due to some significant issues with the team's robot, we went 0-6 today. However, we were able to make something out a robot that couldn't turn at the beginning of the day, so that is good. Thank you to Peet Jr. High School for hosting!

[12/14/19]   After our 3rd match, the Wave Droids are, unfortunately, 0-3. Hopefully we can turn it around for our last 3 matches.

[12/14/19]   Today is the Wave Droids' 4th League Meet at Peet Jr. High School in Cedar Falls! Inspections are done as well as the practice presentation! Good luck to all teams participating today!

[12/07/19]   After an incredibly close final match, the Wave Droids went 3-3 and got 8th. Additionally, the Shell Bots went 4-1-1 and got second! Thank you to Starmont High School for hosting!

[12/07/19]   The Wave Droids are currently 2-3 and their next match is coming up soon! Hoping to get one last win!

[12/07/19]   Today is the Wave Droids 3rd Competition at Starmont High School! Good luck to all Teams competing today!

[11/16/19]   The competition in North Linn has concluded, and the Wave Droids finished 4th with a 3-3 record! Additionally, the Shell Bots finished 3rd with a 4-2 record! Great work teams, and thanks again to North Linn High School for hosting!

[11/16/19]   The competition is now half way over and the Wave Droids are 2-1! Hopefully we can keep it up!

[11/16/19]   Today is the Wave Droids' second competition at North Linn High School! Hoping to keep up the momentum from last competition! Good luck to the other teams, and thanks to North Linn for hosting!

[10/26/19]   Today was the first League Meet of 2019-2020 for the Wave Droids. They had an astounding 5 wins and 1 loss, placing second! Additionally, our sister team, the Shell Bots, also had 5 wins and 1 loss! Fantastic work to both teams, and thank you Wapsie Valley for hosting!

livestream.com 10/21/2019

Knight Vision News (October 18, 2019)

Recently, members of the Wave Droids as well as members of the Shell Bots were interviewed for Wartburg College's Knight Vision about our teams. Check out the story at the link below. Thanks again to Wartburg College for this opportunity!

Our story starts at 9:02: https://livestream.com/wartburgknightvision/KVNews/videos/197935611

livestream.com Knight Vision News (October 18, 2019) by Wartburg Knight Vision on Livestream - Livestream.com


SKYSTONE presented by Qualcomm

Last night was the team's first meeting post-kickoff! The game this year looks like it might be a bit challenging, but fun nonetheless!

Here is the reveal video:

We're excited to launch this year's FIRST Tech Challenge Game, SKYSTONE presented by Qualcomm. Get all the game details: https://www.firstinspires.org/resour...

[02/09/19]   The Wave Droids will unfortunately NOT be advancing to State. Thank you to Iowa City West for hosting! Good luck to the teams who advanced to State!

[02/09/19]   The Wave Droids finished 2-4 today. Given that we couldn't power our robot on for the last hour of practice last night, we consider this a significant improvement. Good luck to the finalist teams!

[02/09/19]   The Wave Droids won their second round, but had some extreme Robot issues round 3 and the robot wasn't even able to be present.

[02/09/19]   The Wave Droids unfortunately lost their first round due to some Robot issues, but we can bounce back! #ftciowa

[02/09/19]   Today is the Super Qualifier! We are super excited to be attending for our second year in a row! Good luck to all of the teams participating!


Thank you to Union High School for hosting the League Competition today! It was beautifully put together!

We would also like to give a shout out to the Shell Bots for being a fantastic sibling team! We are so proud of you for making it to the Top 4 as well as winning the Motivate Award!

Lastly, the Wave Droids are proud to announce that we won the Connect Award and got 2nd for the Inspire Award! This means that we will be advancing to the Super Qualifier!

[01/12/19]   The Wave Droids are unfortunately 0-2 today with some unfortunate mechanical issues. Hopefully we can pull back!

[01/12/19]   Today is the day of the Armstrong League Championship! We are super excited to be competing today at our second League Championship ever! Good luck teams!

[01/06/19]   The Armstrong League Championship is only one week away! We are excited to play in our second League Championship ever and look forward to showing what we can do!



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