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Printing in RAINBOWS! - Tronxy Multi-Color Filament Review

Want multi color printed? Check out my review of the Tronxy rainbow filament! https://youtu.be/alrL430Gweg

Today I'm reviewing this Tronxy Multi-Color (Rainbow) PLA filament! This filament switches colors about every 100 grams and produces some visually exciting r...


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Wanna see my reaction to the Tronxys new XY-2 Pro preview? Check out my video here! https://youtu.be/BJij9vDlqkc



Wanna see my reaction to the Tronxys new XY-2 Pro preview? Check out my video here! https://youtu.be/BJij9vDlqkc



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Happy Easter! From Rick Robotics!


Just got carried away with 3D printing Easter eggs, so I made an Easter Bunny and strung together a quick stop-frame animation. This is my FIRST EVER attempt...


Best 3D Printer Under $300?! Tronxy XY-2 3D Printer Testing and Review!

Hey everyone! Finished my review of the Tronxy XY-2! (tried posting this earlier, but it wasn't linking properly, so I'm trying again!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3RXrLKIcvA&fbclid=IwAR0tC63Uyp6V11I7Lhq-DU_3JTIPubiXe0XBU-i8dvZliai5S69L8HQz8jE

Today I'm reviewing the Tronxy XY-2 3D Printer! I Unboxed this on my live stream and ran ito a bit of a problem when I tried to turn it on. You can check tha...



Just finished my review of the Tronxy XY-2 printer! Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3RXrLKIcvA


youtube.com 04/05/2019

Rick Robotics

Hey everyone! Just got my Tronxy XY-2 today! I'm doing a live stream on youtube of the unboxing and setup! (the full review will be in a later, more refined video.) Come watch me set this up and hopefully get it started!
My channel is here:

I'll start the unboxing at 8:15 (Central-US time)
(15 minutes from the time of this post...) Feel free to comment, I'll try to keep up with the chat!

youtube.com Greetings and Welcome to my Channel! Here I show my videos about the production of my robots as well as other cool projects that I am inspired to create! I a...


3D Printing with Wood! - Tronxy Wood PLA Filament - Review and Test!

Just finished testing WOOD filament from Tronxy! Check out my review!

Today I'm reviewing this Tronxy Wood PLA filament! Wood filament is a modified PLA, made from 30% REAL wood flour that smells and feels like wood! It took me...


Cheap Walmart $5 LED Strip with Remote - Testing and Review - Worth the money???

Just bought these cheap $5.00 LED strips at Walmart! Are they worth it?! Check out my review!

Today I found some cheap (Monster Basics) LED strips at Walmart for $4.99 and thought they might be worth a try! This set comes with a remote to control the ...


Playing GTA Vice City- DIY Mini Games - 2018 recap - and celebrating 200 Subs!

Finally hit the 200 Subs mark! Thought I would play some GTA Vice City and show my DIY mini-games while doing a quick 2018 recap.

If you're interested in seeing more vintage games, leave a comment!

Check out the video here!

I'm playing GTA Vice City, just for fun, to give me an excuse to show my DIY mini games I like to play when I'm bored. I'm doing my 2018 recap and talking ab...


Mysterious Robot - 70 years old and still UNSOLVED! - Tati the Cybernetic Dog

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
Here's a special video I've made. It's a little different than my usual videos. This is a short bio of the 70 year old cybernetic dog Tati!
Sooooo clever and mysterious! Check it out here!!!

This is Tati, the 70 year old cybernetic dog! It was found in a French antique shop and adopted by Dr. Daniel Dennett, Professor of Philosophy at Tufts Unive...

ebay.com 11/13/2018

Cat 6 Cable RJ45 2.1 meters 7 ft plug to plug 10GHz shielded TX6 Blue | eBay

Here are the Blue cables. 7ft Cat 6 RJ45. If interested, leave me a message!

ebay.com Cat 6 Cable RJ45 2.1 meters 7 ft plug to plug 10GHz shielded TX6 Blue | Computers/Tablets & Networking, Computer Cables & Connectors, Networking Cables & Adapters | eBay!

ebay.com 11/13/2018

Cat 6 Cable RJ45 5 meters 16.4 ft plug to plug 10GHz shielded TX6 Gray | eBay

I have some extra networking cables I'm trying to get rid of! Here's the eBay listing!
(I am currently only allowed to sell 10 items a month on eBay, so I have to wait for my "Apply for more" goes through. That being said, I have a total of 12 of these (10 listed here) and 12 blue ones that are 7 foot cables. If you're interested, let me know before I list them!

ebay.com Cat 6 Cable RJ45 5 meters 16.4 ft plug to plug 10GHz shielded TX6 Gray | Computers/Tablets & Networking, Computer Cables & Connectors, Networking Cables & Adapters | eBay!


Tronxy P802MA 3D Printer Part 4 - Critical Upgrades!

Finally finished the Tronxy Upgrades video! Check it out here!

These are 5 critical upgrades for the Trinxy P802MA 3D printer (Prusa / Anet A8 Clone). In this video, I take you through each upgrade and the steps involved...


Brain in a Jar - Awesome Halloween Project! - DIY

Check out my AWESOME Halloween project! The full video is FINALLY ready! https://youtu.be/LxrffrETSLI

For my Halloween project, I was inspired to create a DIY Brain in a Jar! I've wanted to do this for years! Ever since I saw the movie RoboCop 2 and it's disp...


Happy Halloween from Rick Robotics!
New video coming soon!


VLog #008 - The "Real" Workshop Tour and Halloween Project Preview

VLog #008 is ready! Check it out here!

It occurred to me that my first VLog of my workshop tour, wasn't completely honest, in that, it was cleaned all nice and shiny for you all to see. Well, this...


VLog #007 - Channel Updates and some Humbling Admissions

VLog #007 is ready now! Check it out here!

I've been considering what does and doesn't work for my channel and have decided to postpone a couple of projects n order to focus on quality and getting my ...


GENESIS Mark I - Testing (Original, Enhanced video, with Subtitles)

Thought I would re-post an ORIGINAL video of the GENESIS Mark I! This is the original prototype robot created, oh so many years ago! This is one of the only videos that I still have of this robot, from back in the day. Hope you enjoy!

This one of my only surviving videos of the GENESIS Mark I. This is the original robot I created, that is the prototype for the Mark II (current) project. It...


VLog #006 - Halloween Project Preview !

Vlog #006 is Ready! Check it out here!!!

What a busy week! I have been trying to finish my next Tronxy video, with a few minor set-backs. I'm still making parts for the big "secret project" as well ...


VLog #005 - 3D Printing, Halloween Project Sneak Peek and Kitten Update!

VLog #005 is ready! Check it out here! https://youtu.be/aUyLaqBKKcM

My printer has been working overtime this week! I have been making some parts for the big "secret project" as well as my Halloween project and some things fo...


JLC PCB Circuit Board Review - Great for Hobby and DIY Electronics!

Just got some AWESOME circuit boards from JLC PCB! Check out the review here!

I just got my new custom circuit boards form JLC PCB! I designed them start-to-finish with the Easy EDA software and it was so easy! Today I'm reviewing thes...


VLog #004 - Circuit Boards, 3D Printing, and My Movie Career

VLog #004 is ready! Check it out here:

I finally got the parts to get my printer up and running again, my New circuit boards arrived this week and now I'm back on track to work on my robots again!...


Is this $50 Camera Better than a GoPro? - Vivitar DVR914HD Action Camera Review

Just finished another product review for the Vivitar DVR914HD Action Cam! Check it out here!

Is this $50 camera as good as or better than a GoPro?!!! Today I'm un-boxing and reviewing the Vivitar DVR914HD Action Camera and comparing it to a GoPro Her...


VLog #003 - Printer Problems and New Video Previews

VLog #003 is ready! Check it out here!!!

Had a printer break down this week, ordered some new circuit boards, tested a camera, and even found a new friend! Keep watching for all the details! This VL...


Tronxy P802MA 3D Printer Part 3 - Bed Leveling

Thought I would share my bed leveling technique for the Tronxy P802MA 3D Printer. Check it out here!!!

Here's my method for Bed leveling on the Tronxy P802MA. This method should also work for most Cartesian-style (XYZ) printers, but I use this specifically for...


VLog #002 - Up-Coming Videos and this weeks events

Vlog Ep 2 is ready! Check it out here!

It's my goal to upload a new video at least once a week. Sometimes it takes me a lot more time to plan, prepare, and edit videos to feature my projects than ...


VLog #001 - Work Space Tour

Check out My new VLog series! Part 1 is ready now!

It sometimes takes me quite a bit of time to plan, prepare, and edit videos to feature my projects. To help fill in the gaps between videos, I thought I woul...


DIY Mannequin - Under $25

Thought I would finally post this video! It's an older project and wasn't completely satisfied with the video/audio quality, but thought it might be entertaining for some people anyway! So here it is: Jeff getting wrapped in duct tape!!! https://youtu.be/I1ReOi6fZdI

In this video, I'm documenting how I made my DIY mannequin! This is a very low-budget project that uses only a bit of plastic wrap, shopping bags, some spare...


Rick Robotics - GENESIS Robotic Platform Part 3 - Neck

GENESIS has a new neck! Check out the latest video here!!!

In Part 3 of the Rick Robotics GENESIS Robotic Platform, I've re-designed the neck to use 3 axis, instead of the original 2. This allows for much better "emo...


Rick Robotics

I'm Starting a side project with my nephew Tyler! We're building a "Jim Henson - style" character puppet with some animatronics and having a blast doing it! Check out Part 1 of our "Danger Dog" build here!!!

My 8 year old nephew Tyler joins me today as we attempt to build a "Jim Henson - style" animatronic puppet! We've gathered some raw materials from our local ...

[06/22/18]   I'm considering yet another 3D printer to add to the collection! What kind of 3D printers are you all using? I'm trying to decide between the Creality cr 10 and the Prusa i3 mk3 and possibly the delta SeeMeCNC Rostock Max v3. Thoughts? suggestions? Price is about the same, so the $200-300 difference isn't important as much as reliability and quality.

theironsuit.com 06/04/2018

Ironman Armor Costume | The Iron Suit: Build Or Buy The Iron Man Suit

I'm STRONGLY considering building my own Iron Man suit!
This has got my brain stirring!!
Click Here!

theironsuit.com Now you can be a real Tony Stark and create your own Iron Man suit with fiberglass.


In The Know Innovation

This is so inspiring!

Meets the guys working out of a backyard shed to give free 3D-printed prosthetics to kids around the world ❤️️

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G1 (coming soon): The first production model of the G.E.N.E.S.I.S. android platform! This fully customizable, expandable, and user friendly robotics kit comes either fully assembled, partially assembled, or completely disasssembled according to the customers request at the MOST AFFORDABLE PRICE ON THE MARKET TODAY!
Custom Robotics: Have a custom robotics or animatronic need? Contact us for a consultation and we'll help made your needs our biggest priority!


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