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Georgetown's Asian American Student Association (AASA) promotes and provides cultural and political a

Founded in 1996, the Asian American Student Association (AASA) is a political, educational, and cultural organization that aims to serve the Asian American community at Georgetown University. AASA acts as a platform through which those who are interested in Asian American affairs can exchange ideas and experiences. Through our events and programs, we hope to explore the Asian American narrative, e

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Photos from Georgetown AASA's post 05/30/2020

To our AASA members and Georgetown community,

We would like to express our heartfelt sadness and anger in response to the murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and many other Black individuals who fell victim to police brutality, institutional violence, and systemic racism. As an organization, AASA condemns the brutal attacks and murders of members of the Black community.

As a cultural organization and Asian affinity space, we must not stay silent—to be neutral is to side with the oppressor. Historical narratives of Asian Americans are used to perpetuate the mentality of the model minority myth, but this concept is a false narrative, dangerous in the face of injustice, and weaponized against other racial communities.

Too often, our own Asian community fails to take accountability in combating racism against the Black community, even sometimes perpetuating it ourselves. Although the police officer who murdered George Floyd was white, two of the three officers on the scene who failed to intervene were Asian. Their complicity reinforces how important it is for us to address anti-blackness in our community, as silence and complacency only enable white supremacy. As fellow minorities in the face of an oppressive system, we cannot allow this to continue. Now, more than ever, we believe that it is important to show solidarity and strength––for progress is made when we fight together, for each other.

As allies, we must address the systemic inequities. We can no longer remain idle. We can no longer fail to recognize the privileges we have. We can no longer take part in oppressing other communities. This entails educating ourselves and holding each other accountable. Systemic racism can no longer prevail. It is not enough to be not racist, we must actively be anti-racist.

We demand justice for those whose deaths have been allowed to pass unchecked by the American public and government. We ask the members of AASA and our greater Georgetown community to reflect and educate themselves. We ask that you challenge racism, spread awareness, and stand in solidarity with . To take action, we have listed several links to sign petitions and donate to support funds.

With love and solidarity,

AASA Board

Black Lives Matter

Justice for George Floyd Petition

George Floyd Memorial Fund

I Run With Maud

Justice for Breonna Taylor Petition and Fundraiser

Black Visions Collective

North Star Health Collective

Minnesota Freedom Fund

Louisville Bail Fund

Columbus Freedom Fund

Atlanta Solidarity Fund

Brooklyn Bail Fund

National Bail Out Fund


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ConnectED partners with the nation's largest 4G LTE (5G) network to offer premium family plan prices to individual students who are otherwise restricted from access without a credit score or a SSN. It's currently the largest growing phone provider at over 25+ leading universities (UPenn, Columbia, Harvard, Stanford, etc.).

Press about ConnectED:


The outgoing AASA board is excited to announce the newly elected 2020-21 AASA Executive Board!

Congratulations to these members for their elections and selections! We are so excited to see what AASA plans next!


POLLS ARE CLOSED❗️❗️ We'll be reviewing results right now to ensure all votes are active members and will have results announced ASAP!

Photos from Georgetown AASA's post 04/06/2020

We're back with another Why Join AASA Board post! Wanna Learn more about running for AASA Board? Join us for our Board Interest meeting on TONIGHT at 9:00 PM via zoom! Submit your interest form now at !
Check out our co-president, Bryce Badger & Julia Lo + VP, Audrey Zhou!
"AASA is truly something special. The people in it, the events we put on, the family we become. Being on board means you get to have direct influence on all of that, you make some of your best friends and best memories by being on board!" - Bryce Badger, Co-President 18-20

"This experience is so vital in personal and professional development. AASA board teaches you how to be a leader and how to impact students on this campus. Also - you will become so proud of your Asian American identity as you surround yourself with amazing people and meet so many new best friends :)" - Julia Lo, Co-President 19-20

"If you enjoy being a part of AASA and have ideas on how to make it even better then you should definitely join the board! We don't take ourselves too seriously and support open dialogue so as long as you have the drive to establish a new event, you have the full support of the board behind you. AASA Board is definitely not a light commitment so if you are ready to have us take over your social life, we welcome you" - Audrey Zhou, VP 19-20


We're back with another Why Join AASA Board post! Wanna Learn more about running for AASA Board? Join us for our Board Interest meeting TONIGHT at 8:30 PM EST via zoom and remember co-chair apps close TONIGHT at 11:59 PM!


Meet our singing king, our mans who's always booked and busy but still makes time for us, our programming co-chair Nam Vu!

"Joining aasa board is a great opportunity to meet and bond with people in your year as well as other years!"


We're back with another Why Join AASA Board post! Wanna Learn more about running for AASA Board? Join us for our Board Interest meeting TOMORROW at 8:30 PM EST via zoom and remember co-chair apps close TOMORROW at 11:59 PM!


Meet our favorite boujee queen, the cutest snaxa employee, our pdi co-chair Ivy Tsui!

"You get to be a part of a dynamic, culturally driven community and have the opportunity to shape the experiences of other members."


We're back with another Why Join AASA Board post! Wanna Learn more about running for AASA Board? Join us for our Board Interest meeting THIS WEDNESDAY at 8:30 PM EST via zoom and remember co-chair apps close THIS WEDNESDAY at 11:59 PM!


Meet our resident voice editor, favorite aegy, co-chair of pac Leina Hsu!

"You should join AASA board if you want to be a voice for a particular perspective, background, identity, or issue. We will give you the support and resources to vocalize!"


UH OHH! Back again! All of these people I'm badder than (sorry social distancing is hitting hard right now) Hear a little bit about who they are, why they LOVE AASA, and why they joined board!


Meet our favorite vegan, responsible RA but seems like a friend, our pac co-chair Gina Kang!

"As a board member, you can play an integral role in representing the Asian American community on campus!"


What's that? ANOTHER ONE! Hear a little bit about who they are, why they LOVE AASA, and why they joined board!


Meet our resident blue bottle expert, the girl whose name is where she's from, our pdi co-chair Sydney Yin! Why should you join the AASA Board?

"You have the platform to make what you care about, value, and want to implement happen. It's also really fun!"

"Join AASA Board to surround yourself with the best, most woke group of people in the GU community!"


Hello everyone! We're just a couple of weeks away from the next co-chairs being selected and the Executive Board Election!

Over the next couple of days, we'll be posting our outgoing board members. You'll get to hear a little bit about who they are, why they LOVE AASA, and why they joined board!

Up first, the queen of programming, the twitter legend, our programming co-chair Jana Renales! Why should you join the AASA Board?

"Join AASA Board to surround yourself with the best, most woke group of people in the GU community!"

COVID-19 Off Campus Housing Database 03/14/2020

Dear Seniors,

As you are beginning to make plans for the rest of the year we wanted to bring this resource to your attention provided by GUSA. Many of you may choose to return home over the next few months, if you are living off campus and would be interested in having someone sublet please fill out this spreadsheet.


This will allow other students who wish to remain in DC this semester to find a place to stay and alleviate the burden of the next few months of rent on you! Wishing you all the best and safe travels in the months ahead!

COVID-19 Off Campus Housing Database West Georgetown GUSA COVID-19 OFF CAMPUS HOUSING DATABASE - West Georgetown Address,House #,Singles,Doubles,Bathrooms,Furnished?,Netid to Contact for Landlord Info (ex: abc123),Price (roughly),Notes

Photos from H*yas for Choice's post 02/21/2020

Asian America must be in solidarity with Black survivors. Learn more about the Black Survivors Coalition and join their sit in next week.

Surface vs. Tension in Mitski's New Album 02/19/2020

"Beyond 'Your Best American Girl,' much of Puberty 2 is evocative of classic Americana; gazing at a secret lover through a rearview window, the lilting 60s-era style of Timi Yuro and Bernadette Carroll in “Once More to See You,” fireworks filling the sky on a warm summer’s evening. But embedded in each of these images is the repeated reminder that Mitski’s participation in this culture is at best marginal, and at worst destructive." — Emma Trone

Surface vs. Tension in Mitski's New Album by Emma Trone On Mitksi’s fourth studio album, Puberty 2, critical favorite “Your Best American Girl” is a standout in part because it’s the rare, empowering, Mitski song. While the seething anger …

Multicultural Graduations 2020 Thursday, May, 14th Registration Form 12/22/2019

Multicultural Graduations 2020 Thursday, May, 14th Registration Form The Multicultural Graduations are part of the official Georgetown University commencement schedule and are a way to bring students of color together for a final ceremony before graduation. In 2013, the Office of the Provost began financially supporting the graduation ceremonies and officially charge...

Timeline photos 12/20/2019

Today is the last day of the Swipe it Forward Food Drive! Even though Vital Vittles is closed, you can still use your flex to purchase goods for the Hoya Hub and donate at the following link until midnight tonight:

Remember, flex doesn't transfer over to next semester – if you don't use it, it's gone!

Georgetown Giving 12/12/2019

Georgetown Giving I just donated to Georgetown University! Join me in supporting Georgetown’s students, faculty and community experience using this short online gift form.


Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from the AASA Board!

We'll see you at our study break with MOSAIC this tuesday and then again in 2020!

Peace, Love, AASA,

The Rise of 88rising 12/06/2019

"The pan-Asian identity emerged from these artists is one of strength and pride. This representation shows their potential to be a powerful mobilizing force for the Asian American community and to engage in the larger questions of belonging and prosperity."

- Judy Jiang

The Rise of 88rising by Judy Jiang The American music industry has been so influential that you might find a store in China playing Ariana Grande’s “Thank You, Next.” Meanwhile, regardless of the broad Asian audience w…

Students, Faculty Urge GU To Work To Return Liu Siblings to US 11/24/2019

Students, Faculty Urge GU To Work To Return Liu Siblings to US Georgetown University students and faculty deliberated over strategies and encouraged the university to attempt to accelerate the return of Victor Liu (COL ’21) and his sister, who are being prevented from leaving China, at a Nov. 17 event.  Chinese authorities barred Liu and his sister, Cynthia ...

An Asian American Perspective on Affirmative Action and Legacy Admissions 11/15/2019

"This narrative is both flawed and dangerous because it shifts focus away from the fact that the higher education system is stacked against all minority and low-income Americans––black, Latinx, or Asian American––due to institutions like legacy preferences that seek to propagate existing social hierarchies." - Darren Jian

An Asian American Perspective on Affirmative Action and Legacy Admissions by Darren Jian One of the most high-profile legal cases in higher education today is Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard, the lawsuit alleging that Harvard University unconstitutionally engages…


Statement from the Francis-Olvera Administration Calling for Action by the US Government On Behalf of Victor and Cynthia Liu.

To learn more about what to do and how you can help, please attend Georgetown AASA's event on Sunday, November 17th in the Arrupe Multipurpose Room at 5:30 PM.

ADD 2019: Building For The Future 11/12/2019

Asian Diversity Dialogue Conference


Thank you to everyone who attended Fall Ball!

Special Thanks to: AASA Programming Committee, our MCs David & Leina, & the AASA Board for their support!

Feel free to tag whoever's in the photos if you want them to see it!

EDIT: So sorry for the delay for the rest of the photos!!! It's worth the wait though ;))

Photos from Georgetown AASA's post 11/09/2019

Meet two of our panelists: Linda Akutagawa & Christine Chen!

Linda Akutagawa is the President and CEO of LEAP (Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics), an organization committed to achieving full participation and equality for AAPI through leadership, empowerment, and policy. A passionate social entrepreneur for over 25 years and beneficiary of LEAP’s leadership programming, Ms. Akutagawa is an advocate for diversity and believer in the value and urgent need for diverse, equitable, and inclusive leadership.

Christine Chen is the founding executive director of APIAVote and served as the national director of the Organization of Chinese Americans, one of the leading APIA civil rights organizations in the country. Her work of mobilizing civic participation for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders has contributed to her status as a trusted coalition builder and leader of change. Profiled by Newsweek magazine in 2001 as one of 15 women who will shape America’s new century, she is one of the strongest voices of the APIA community.

Photos from Georgetown AASA's post 11/08/2019

Meet two of our panelists: Jane Liu & Shabab Mirza!

Jane Liu is the legal director for NAPAWF and a second generation Taiwanese-Japanese Asian American. She has extensive experience in litigation of class actions in state and federal courts, including class actions on behalf of Medicaid recipients seeking to enforce their rights under the Constitution and federal Medicaid law. Prior to joining NAPAWF, she was a partner at Terris, Pravlik & Millian, LLP, a public interest law firm in Washington, DC, and has argued before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit

Shabab Mirza is a research assistant for the LGBT Research and Communications Project, where she works on homelessness and housing policy; data collection on sexual orientation and gender identity; and the impact of anti-LGBTQ discrimination. Prior to joining American Progress, she worked at the National Center for Transgender Equality and was a Young Leaders Institute fellow at South Asian Americans Leading Together.

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