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Videos by JollyPlace Montessori School in Vienna. JollyPlace is an accredited & certified Kindergarten with pre-school located in Vienna VA

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JollyPlace students are shining bright in the primary classroom! 🌟 They're putting in their best effort as they dive int...

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JollyPlace Montessori School Students celebrating Martin Luther King Jr.

JollyPlace Montessori School Winter Around the World Recital 2022

JollyPlace Montessori School is wishing everyone Happiest Holidays and wonderful New Year in 2023! JollyPlace Recital 20...

Earth Day Celebration at JollyPlace
Earth Day is a day of celebration and making promises. To make happier, healthier and greener planet for our young Jolly...

JollyPlace Winter Recital 2021
JollyPlace Montessori School is wishing everyone Happy Holidays!

JollyPlace students reading stories while waiting for friends to finish washing hands.
JollyPlace daily classroom schedule is filled with transitions. Providing creative and fun ways to help young children t...

Hansae Kwon & Yustine Park Performance
Music JollyPlace students listen to a performance of "Love's greeting" & "Shall we tango" performed by Jollyplace Music ...

JollyPlace Students sending their mommies a virtual wishes!
"The moment the child is born- the mother is also born" Thank you to all Mothers for your support and appreciation to J...

JollyPlace Montessori School Science Fair

JollyPlace Montessori School Mothers Day