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Aries New Moon is today at 1:23 pm.

This is a new beginning type of time.
•Spring Equinox (yesterday)
•Aries ♈️New Moon 🌚
•Pluto moves into Aquarius ♒️ after 15 years in Capricorn ♑️ (Thursday)

Link in bio has more details

Also, I’m hosting a zoom tonight to set intentions focused on Aries ♈️ and we will do a tarot spread to support us this Moonth. DM me for link.


Pisces ♓️ New Moon Tarot Spread.

Pisces is focused on dreams, hopes, and fantasies. Pisces approaches situations with the tools of Water: emotions, imagination, art, and spirituality. When Pisces is around there is a need to commit oneself to a dream and adapt to make it happen. The tarot card associated with Pisces is The Moon.

I also chose The Moon as my Pisces ♓️ seed card because I’m working at n cycling out of Pisces is focused on dreams, hopes, and fantasies. Pisces approaches situations with the tools of Water: emotions, imagination, art, and spirituality. When Pisces is around there is a need to commit oneself to a dream and adapt to make it happen. The tarot card associated with Pisces is The Moon.

I chose The Moon as my seed card because I’m ready to cycle out of my “therapeutic isolation” as Donna Cunningham put it in Healing Pluto Problems.

All this astrological year Aries 2022 ♈️- Pisces 2023 I’ve consciously picked my new moon seed card based on the zodiac sign the moon is in, it’s planetary ruler, or it’s element and mode correspondent. I wanted to consciously work with those energies. It turned out to be a rewarding and at times challenging experience as I had to face things I wasn’t exactly wanting to confront.

The Sun and Moon in Aries ♈️ next Month starts the new astrological year and I decided to choose at random which is why a minor arcana Two of Cups showed up as my Aries ♈️ seed.


Happy Aphrodite’s Day
aka Valentines Day

I read a post by (thanks for sharing) talking about reclaiming Valentine’s Day as Aphrodites Day. She says “Aphrodite, whose focus is on the life-affirming joy, sanctity, and pleasure of the erotic.” I so resonate with focusing on pleasure and life-affirming joy over romantic love.

Don’t get me wrong, I totally love romantic love but I need someone else in order to have it. I only need myself for the “life affirming joy” Aphrodite offers.

The post also talks about Aphrodite being seen as a maiden although she is a mother because she is
“free of ties to marriage or relationship, and is not dependent on a lover or husband for Her power, identity, or security." It also reminds us that “Aphrodite is well known for Her love affairs, which were numerous and rather spectacular, and resulted in many offspring”

All in all I love the idea of taking a moment to think about how joy, pleasure, and the erotic play a role into designing life affirming joy into one’s life.

The picture was taken by at the NYB when the cherry blossoms 🌸 were in full bloom bringing me great joy 🤩

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The card from Todd Alcott’s is my favorite.

The headlines read:
Part man
Part woman
All Angel!

One foot 🦶🏼 in the water
One foot 🦶🏼 on land!

The book says:
14 TEMPERANCE. Temperance is an angel, dedicated to the concepts of balance and moderation. Temperance stands half on land and half in the water, half grounded and half in the flow, pouring liquid from one cup to another, always seeking that perfect balance. Temperance is half male and half female, and suggests that all balanced people are, as well. The big crown glowing in the distance suggests a spiritual goal, and the golden path leading to it is the higher path.


Aquarius ♒️ New Moon Spread
I consciously chose the The Fool as it corresponds to Uranus in tarot and I wanted this Moonth to be about leaps of faith instead of hope and grace (hope and grace are great but I want to move things along).

How are you going into the Aquarius Moonth?

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Libra ♎️ Waning Moon
I think of the waning moon as a time to reflect and release. I ask myself what am I releasing resistance to.

While reviewing try New Moon Journal I realized I have a huge resistance to doing meditation and movement. It was one of my intentions for the Capricorn new moon and I’ve done very little. Perhaps I’ve got to get back in a yoga or something class. Time will tell. What are you releasing resistance to.

In the meantime may the phases and cycles of the moon inspire you to design and live the life you want.

The Aquarius ♒️ New Moon is on January 21st. If you don’t have a new moon practice that is a good time to start. You can use any notebook to keep your intentions and tarot spreads but if you want a workbook get one from my Amazon shop. Link in bio.

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The collective theme for 2023 is The Chariot. I had a Chariot year in 2022 and Direction, Progress, and Action surely felt like themes to me! This year I’m having a Strength year. Conviction, Patience, and Persistence. How about you? What’s your Tarot theme?


Top memories according to IG likes.
2022 was filled with all kinds of good times.

Top Row
•Wild Unknown Tarot preview
•1909 Circular Tarot preview
•Farming at a rooftop farm at Essex Crossing
Second Row
•Talking about Friday the 13th
•Me in a Happy Place Upstate NY
•Summer Solstice Celebration at Flower Power
Third Row
•Mullein encounter in the East Village
•Daffodils, Tarot, and Me at NYBG
•Announcing my first Full Moon Circle at Flower Power

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The last few days have been just what I needed to end 2022. Friends, Tarot, Great Food, Tea, Spa time, Museum Time, and best of all good cheer! I’m excited for 2023.


Capricorn ♑️ New Moon Spread.

My feet 👣 are ready to climb to the top of whatever comes my way.

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It’s Capricorn ♑️ Season. Tis the season to set intentions or make resolutions. Consider making some Capricorn ♑️ inspired intentions. The intention setting energy is strong up until the new year.

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Winter Solstice Tarot Spread

Pull out the Sun ☀️ Card and shuffle your deck while asking:

1: “The deep, dark place I entered this year was _________.”

2 “The shining gift that I received in that place is _________.”

3: “The gift I received has the potential to renew me by _________.”


“If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: so f we did not sometimes taste adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome. -Anne Bradstreet.

Photo from An Illuminated Guide to Wicca by Helena Domenic

Winter 2022 - 23 New Moon Tarot Workbook | YesSpiral 17/12/2022

Winter 2022 - 23 New Moon Tarot Workbook | YesSpiral

The Winter - New Moon Tarot Workbook is a structured and intentional way for you to reflect on your personal growth and set intentions for the winter season. This workbook designed for those who are interested in lunar cycles, self-exploration through tarot, and astrology.

Winter 2022 - 23 New Moon Tarot Workbook | YesSpiral A deep dive into the energetics of the Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius New Moon cycles - an introspective and journaling practice.


I woke up thinking about Yule /Winter Solstice and brought out the books 📚 that discuss it.

Im getting ready for ritual on Wednesday December 22nd at Flower Power at 7:30 pm. Sign up coming soon.


My collection of plants and tarot decks is growing 😁


Sagittarius ♐️ New Moon 🌚 Tarot Spread.

Leo Waning Moon November 16th - November 23rd 16/11/2022

Leo Waning Moon November 16th - November 23rd

Leo Waning Moon

When the moon is waning it is a good time to review your moonth. What went as planned? What went astray? What are you releasing?

Leo Waning Moon November 16th - November 23rd Scorpio Moonth


Current Mood - Gangsta 😂
It been a challenging eclipse (couple of weeks) but I getting through it and I’m feeling pretty proud of myself. How about you?

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Scorpio ♏️ New Moon 🌚 Spread

I decided to consciously choose my new moon seed cards to correspond with the astrological correspondence of the new moon.

In this case I went with Judgement, which corresponds with Pluto, the planetary ruler of Scorpio ♏️.

Judgement goes by many names/titles in different tarot decks. The one I most gravitate towards is Awakening because it symbolizes waking up to a new way of thinking and being in the world.

What title does Judgement card 20 have in your deck?

The Judgement card pictured is from the Tarot of the Divine. A tarot deck inspired by deities, folklore, & fairy tales from around the world.

Picture 2 is from the Tarot of the Divine book and pictures 3 & 4 are from the Gaian Tarot App.


Happy New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse 🌚 in Scorpio ♏️

How are you doing? The past few days have had intense undertones to them. I got some unwelcome and unexpected news, I had a restless night, and I’ve experienced some delays but overall I’m managing to stay positive and see the silver lining in all that comes my way.

The curve balls are offering me an opportunity to pivot from my normal way of doing things.

Also, I’m maintaining my rituals and routines which help to balance out what happens to me with what I choose to do.

In the Scorpio ♏️ New Moon Tarot Workbook I focused on Self-Discipline, Commitments, and Transformation. You can also find more info on this in my blog post.

Here is what .butterfly had to say
“The New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Scorpio will come with an opportunity for a new beginning (New Moon). However this opportunity comes at a South Node cost: we need to close old chapters that no longer serve us, so we can make space for the new.

The Solar Eclipse in Scorpio can also bring very concrete outcomes to our previous actions.”

Stay focused on what you want. See the curve balls as opportunities, and see the silver lining.

Aries Full Moon 09/10/2022

Aries Full Moon

Aries is the inspiring and assertive sign about leadership and self-sufficiency...

Aries Full Moon Moonth in Libra October 9th - October 16th

Photos from YesSpiral's post 03/10/2022

The Libra ♎️ Moonth is already past the first quarter phase and one of the things that begins to grow is my distancing from IG. I’m still doing all the things I usually do I’m just finding it more difficult to post.

Is anyone else feeling this?

Maybe it’s Mercury Retrograde… it stationed direct yesterday… maybe that’s why I’m back here today 😂

The first image is my Libra ♎️ New Moon spread and the second is my Capricorn ♑️ Waxing moon spread.

Capricorn Waxing Moon October 2nd - October 8th 02/10/2022

Capricorn Waxing Moon October 2nd - October 8th

The moon is waxing in Capricorn - Capricorn is the sign of ambition, career, and recognition. It is about making goals and striving to achieve them. In tarot, Capricorn is represented by The Devil. It symbolizes physical pleasures, wild behavior, life out of balance, and materialism. It shows us that wealth and success can either liberate us or enslave us.

Capricorn Waxing Moon October 2nd - October 8th Moonth in Libra

Autumn Newsletter Hola! Checking in with you. 24/09/2022

Autumn Newsletter Hola! Checking in with you.

Here is my autumn check in. What I did this summer and what I'm up to this coming autumn.

Autumn Newsletter Hola! Checking in with you. Central Park and City Views from my new office on 5th Avenue

Libra Moonth 22/09/2022

Libra Moonth

Get ready for the Libra New Moon - coming up on Sunday Sept 26th

Libra Moonth Libra is the cardinal sign of creating harmonious relationships. Libra finds peace and balance in any situation. They see thing clearly and

New Moon Tarot Workbook: 2022 Autumn Edition September 25th - December 23rd 18/09/2022

New Moon Tarot Workbook: 2022 Autumn Edition September 25th - December 23rd

Autumn is coming up and I made a new moon workbook to go along with the New Moons of the Season! Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius. Its available now on Amazon. It is designed to get you on track to design the life you want using the moon and tarot as your guide.

New Moon Tarot Workbook: 2022 Autumn Edition September 25th - December 23rd New Moon Tarot Workbook: 2022 Autumn Edition September 25th - December 23rd

Gemini Waning Moon September 17th - 24th 2022 17/09/2022

Gemini Waning Moon September 17th - 24th 2022

The Moon is Waning In Gemini.
Gemini is the communicative and inquisitive sign about networking with others. In tarot, Gemini is...

Gemini Waning Moon September 17th - 24th 2022 Hola! The moon is waning in Gemini. Gemini is the communicative and inquisitive sign about networking with others. In tarot, Gemini is represented by The Lovers. It symbolizes choice, interdependence, and partnership. The Lovers nourish curiosity and a need to keep busy.

Pisces Full Moon 11/09/2022

Pisces Full Moon

The moon is 🌕 FULL in Pisces ♓️

Pisces is focused on the inner world of dreams, hopes, and fantasies. Pisces is about our need to commit ourselves to a dream and to make the necessary changes to help it happen. In tarot, Pisces is represented by The Moon. It symbolizes our imagination, creativity, introspection, and the cycles of life.

Pisces Full Moon Moonth in Virgo September 10th - September 16th 2022


Come out for cocktails and tarot tomorrow! I’ll be there offering mini tarot readings.

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Virgo ♍️ Moonth Spread
The cards are

Photos from YesSpiral's post 27/08/2022

Life is full of magic 🪄

While on retreat some weeks ago I made a .

We were instructed to choose images that called to us. I fell in love with a colorful glass house. I made it the central part of my collage. “I am she who lives in a magical house in the woods where gems grow on trees”

Less than a month later I came across the house at turns out the houses are part of an exhibit: Light. Color. Architecture. colorful plexiglass and steel houses. They are a part of the ICON series, a collection of public art works designed to make viewers reimagine the buildings and structures around them in a new way by


I made my first Pinterest shuffles. I was inspired by Virgo ♍️ and it’s quest for perfection.

Roses 🌹 have achieved perfection in my book. I put 8 of them for the Eight of Pentacles the card of this astrological time.


Full Moon 🌕 in Pisces ♓️ Circle ⭕️ is open! Link in bio.


I almost forgot to post my Leo ♌️ Moonth 🌚🌓🌝🌗🌚tarot spread.

Back in Aries ♈️ season I decided to consciously choose my seed cards and to have them align with the astrological energy of the particular moon.

So my Leo ♌️ new moon card is the Sun because I want to have a fun, breezy, and happy birthday moonth.

Next Moonth in Virgo I’m working with the Magician (ruler of Virgo) because I want to make more magic with the mundane routines and work that rule most of my life.

The full moon 🌕 in Aquarius ♒️ is about celebrating purpose driven partnership and expansiveness.

And as for the quarter waxing and waning moons I’m bringing in deep connection and releasing resistance to independence and innovation.

Photos from YesSpiral's post 30/07/2022

The Sun and Moon are in Leo ♌️ I’m going into with courage, joy, and determination.

I’m totally a Leo ♌️
I was born when the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Lilith were in Leo ♌️ and even my moon 🌚 was almost in Leo ♌️ ( it’s at 29’11 of Cancer ♋️)

I posted this image last year but I’m still feeling it.

Posted • Coming into Leo ♌️ Season like the Strength card 😁

It’s my Birthday 🥳 Season 🙌🏼

I am especially drawn to Leo because my Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus are all in Leo.

Leo ♌️ is a natural leader with the Sun as it’s ruler. It rules the heart ❤️ and approaches life with enthusiasm, confidence, and creativity.

I created a workbook aligned with the Leo ♌️ New Moon coming up on August 8th. Get acquainted with Leo ♌️ now. Go to link in bio for more info.

Photos from YesSpiral's post 30/07/2022

Thank you to my wonderful teachers! (I would not have had that experience without your “Judgement” call. also thank you to all the participants- there was a teacher in every chair!

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